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Akaibara's Pov

Today is my first day of school at the Kaibara Highschool. "Sigh", let's just get this over with.

I walk into my homeroom.

I hear a bunch of the students go silent, they were staring at me and I tense up.

I looked around and saw an empty desk and sat there.

Then I heard whispers saying.

Who is that girl? Is that her real hair color? She looks weird.

Already getting judged, typical.

The bell rings signaling it is time for class.

Hello everyone, our teacher said. I think Ms. Taki something or another.

Today we have a new student. She looks at me.

Why don't get introduce yourself young lady.

Okay... Hello my name is Akaibara Kitsune Hogosha Williams and I am from America.

Any questions our teacher says. A girl with brown hair raises her hand.

Yes, miss Honda our Ms. Taki said

Where did you live in America ?

Well, I lived in New York City.

Anymore questions can be answered after break. " sigh" this is going to be a long.


Thirty more seconds.

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, and 0.

" Bell rings"

Finally, right as I was about to get up lots of people in my classroom started hovering over my desk.

Then the headache starts. I was bombarded with questions. For example, where in America, Does it have this, is that there, is that your real hair color, and then finally there was a good question.

Why did you come here?

I answered simply. I wanted to explore more, get out of my comfort zone and see new things.

Once they all left I headed towards my next class and looked in to see a boy with orange hair.

He look really annoyed. I then sat down in a seat and class began.

Same introductions, same everything but, I felt weird, like if there was something evil.

I brushed it off.


The lunch bell rang.

As I walked in the hall, I saw two other students. One has white and black hair. The other one is blond.

Huh, funny they look like total opposites. I wonder who they are waiting for.

Why am I even bothering, it's none of my business.

I walk into the cafeteria and sat at an empty table.

As I ate my lunch I looked around. Over on the left side there is those two boys again with the orange head kid and a gray headed kid.

I also see girls three tables away from them glaring what it seems like at the girl.

Oh no...

The girl, something Honda she's coming over to my table. Great another person to bother me.

Hello do you mind in I can sit with you she said shyly. Sure if you like I said with my sweetest voice. No one could ever see through me though and see that I was annoyed.

Then the group came over, dang it.

So Tohru, is she new here I haven't seen her here before. The kid with blond hair said.

Yeah, she is, she came from America.

Wow America cool, he looked over at me. Oh I forgot to introduce myself my name is Momiji Sohma.

Hi I said back shyly. Oh no a Sohma...

Please don't tell me they are all the Sohmas.

Hello there you must be the new student, my name is Yuki Sohma.

Hi, I shook his hand.

This is also Hazuharu Sohma our cousin.

Hi, I said.


He was cut off by the student body president.

Ms. Williams I heard him yell.

Damn it...

I am the captin of the student defense force and I do not approve of that hair.

Why, I ask.


So you had no reason at all of saying that, are just trying to pick a fight huh, with the new kid how pathetic I said with the coldest voice possible.

He looked at me and said is that your natural hair color he asked while trembling.

Mostly but. I was then cut off by him saying.

I knew it he shouted that isn't your natural hair color.

I glared at him and said I wasn't finished.

"Sigh" when I was little there was a storm and lightning was striking right by my mom's and dad's house.

I went outside and lightning struck by me. Enough to send me flying on to the porch.

I was then dragged to the hospital and was examined. I was fine only thing though is that in the middle of my hair went white. He gasped.

So I dye it there to keep it looking natural.

Now don't talk to people about how they look before you even know if it's natural. I hope you learned this time. If not I'll kick your ass. You got it.

Yes, he said.


He walked away.

I sat back down and ate lunch.