In the hidden lair of the Brotherhood without Banners, Sandor Clegane and the leader of newly recruited mountain clansmen, Shagga dropped Ramsay Snow at the feet of Lady Stoneheart.

Sandor Clegane stepped forward. 'My Lady, this accursed man is guilty of a thousand sins and more. He has flayed and killed several hundreds of people. He uses dogs and hunts women for fun. He tortures people. And, he has...hurt Lady Sansa. I say, he should die.'

Lady Catelyn's cold eyes never blinked as she held Ramsay in her venomous gaze. She nodded.

The Hound spared a look of disgust at Ramsay before kicking him savagely in his stomach. 'He's all yours, Shagga.' The mountain man hefted his axe and let out a whoop. 'Shagga will cut off his manhood and feed it to the wolves.'

'NO,' Arya said. 'His punishment must be more severe.'

The outlaws and others present shouted and thumped their weapons in approval. Despite Shagga's loud protests of 'Shagga can make it very painful, girl wolf', Arya refused. She unsheathed Needle and bore down on Ramsay menacingly. 'The Hound has been kind enough to get for me the poison which Oberyn used to kill the Mountain. I hear it can be very...painful.'

The singer Tom began to play, "Wolves in the Hills" as Ramsay began screaming loudly. After what seemed like an hour, Ramsay cried. 'Please kill me. I can't take it any longer.'

Arya towered over him. 'When all your worthless piece of skin is completely flayed and your girls have feasted on your rotting bones, then you have my permission to die.'

A man with his face hidden in a hood stepped forward. 'My turn.' Carrying a cruel looking sword, he asked Ramsay. 'Your hands or your legs. Where should I begin?' Ramsay clutched his hands and tried to retreat away from the stranger. 'Okay. Your hands then.' And, he brought down his blade in a flash of steel. Cradling his bloodied stump, Ramsay whimpered. 'Who are you?'

The hooded man revealed his face. Theon! 'My name is Reek. And, you should know that it rhymes with freak.' Satisfied with his handiwork, Theon nodded meaningfully at Arya.

Arya called out loudly to her direwolf. From a distance, Nymeria let out an answering howl. The huge she-wolf's cry was echoed by a pack of wolves and some vicious dogs as they ran furiously towards the scent of blood. At a signal from Arya, the "Bastard's girls" (the hunting dogs that Ramsay uses to hunt) pounced gleefully on Ramsay Snow and ripped the sobbing mass of blood apart.

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