Alexander had finally finished fixing the orb. Well with help from his counterpart Alex. All Alexander needed to do now was to find a way to send the sentinels back to where they came from. He knew that Caitlin was still alive and well in another timeline, but the reason why she was there was the key. From what Alex had told them Alexander figured out that when the sentinel had exploded it created a rip in the dimensions and created a portal to a different universe.

" So Caitlin is alive? " Cisco asked Alexander in a serious tone. When Alexander confirmed his answer Cisco almost yelled out in happiness. He had started to think of the possibility of Caitlin being dead.

Alex heard a bang from outside and he saw a sentinel right next to the window. Alexander out a finger to his lips signaling for silence. The other Barry narrowed his eyes at the sentinel and clenched his fists.

" Alex you think you can take it? " Alexander whispered to Alex.

Alexander's counterpart rolled his eyes and suddenly teleported behind the sentinel. The sentinel whirled around and growled before trying to shoot the teen. Alex's hands soon turned aglow with green flames and he jabbed the robot a few times before jumping on top of his head.

" Alright let's head out. " Alexander announced spotting more sentinels.

Caitlin was blinded by a flash of light as Alexander sent her back to her universe. She landed on the ground with a thud. She heard explosions and grunts along with the sound of car alarms. Caitlin opened her eyes and saw that she landed in a graveyard, she had very mixed feelings about this.

She looked to the gravestone next to her. She re-read it to be sure the name on it was actually there. The name on the gravestone didn't change. The gravestone read : Sebastian Allen. Did Barry have an older brother and never mentioned him?

Caitlin was ripped away from her thoughts when someone landed right next to her barely missing the gravestone. It was that other strange Alexander that had tried to save her from the wormhole. The other Alexander got up before seeing Caitlin on the ground. He snorted and helped her up roughly saying, " Well guess who decided to finally turn up! Took you long enough. Come on. " The other Alexander grabbed Caitlin's arm and teleported her behind another building.

Cisco and the other Barry and... Alexander? Wait what? Alexander turned his head and saw Caitlin. " I'm guessing you want me to explain. Well that Alexander that just teleported you here is this universe's Alexander. He likes to be called Alex, we just found out that he was alive. "

The other Barry grimaced and said. " It's a complicated story. " Another explosion sounded far off in the distance. The other Barry ran towards it leaving everyone else behind.

" Alexander has found a way to send back the sentinels to their universe. " Cisco informed Caitlin as the other Barry sped back to them.

" All we need to do is hack into them and order them to travel back to their universe. We need to head back to STAR labs. It has the equipment that we need to hack the sentinels. " The other Barry said dusting himself off.

Alexander nodded and grabbed Caitlin while Alex grabbed Cisco. They were all soon teleported to STAR labs. Caitlin noticed that the other Barry was already there before them. Did that mean that Barry was faster than Alexander whenever he teleported?

" We don't have long until the next gravity anomaly happens. Hurry. " Alexander began to set up all the computers back up. Cisco nodded and began to type vigorously on the computers. The other Barry joined him and his hands were a blur as they typed on the keyboard.

Alex groaned behind them and leaned heavily against the wall. Caitlin rushed over to him and began to look for any signs of some sort of symptom to tell her what was happening.

" Not now idiot. " Alex said distantly. Caitlin crouched down next to him wondering why no one else was doing anything.

" What's happening? " Caitlin asked concerned.

Alexander looked back at her and his counterpart. " This is bad timing. Alex has multiple personality disorder. When the particle accelerator exploded Alex went through a great deal of trauma which pushed him over the edge and caused his mind to split in half. Alexander was unable to express any kind of anger or anything else like it so he created the Alex you know right now. This version of Alex is always impatient, angry, violent, and rude and a lot of other bad things. The other side of Alex is most likely always happy and nervous, uh just basically the complete opposite of the angry Alex. Whenever Alex gets angry he turns into the Alex you know at this point. I'm guessing he's turning back into the other Alex. He has no reason to be angry I guess. "

Alex was silent with his eyes closed. Caitlin decided to reluctantly leave him alone knowing that the teenager was going to be fine.

Alex's eyes snapped open and he immediately cowered away from everyone. He was obviously confused and scared. " W-what's happening? Who are you people? " He stood up awkwardly and took a step back as Caitlin reached out to help him.

Alexander soon began to explain to Alex what was happening and why. When he was done Alex had calmed down and agreed to help them. Caitlin looked at Alexander and asked him, " Why didn't you tell him about the multiple personality disorder? "

" He needs to find that out himself. It would be best. " Alexander began to type on the computer without stop.

" Almost there, almost there. " Cisco had his face practically touching the computers screen. There was soon a notification that they had succeeded in hacking the sentinels.

Alexander looked over his watch as they ordered the sentinels back to their universe. The gravity anomalies began to stop and the dome around the city disappeared. The group cheered at their victory. Finally all of the chaos was over.

" T-this is good? " Alex stuttered still confused about the whole situation. Caitlin nodded and shook his hands enthusiastically.

The group soon met up with Barry and Iris and exchanged stories. Barry was looking significantly better than be was the last time anyone saw him. Joe had hugged him tightly before settling down on his damaged couch.

Alexander and the other Barry bid their farwell soon after the sentinels departure. Alexander said, " I'm glad that this is all over but we need to go back to our universe before things get even more messed up. " They didn't get to leave without a few hugs and pats on the back.

Cisco honestly thought everything was ending too well. There wasn't a problem since they defeated the sentinels. Well he'll take what he can get.

" Hey Alex don't you want to be back with your mom? " Cisco asked the skittish teenager.

The dark haired teen began to tell them the time he was threatened by Dr. Wells. Everyone knew the story from when Alex had told them from before. But that was the angry Alex, this was a different teen who has no recollection of the past events. Cisco thought the two personalities needed different names. Calling them angry Alex and happy Alex wasn't going to cut it. Maybe he could give the teen a few suggestions. Cisco after all was great at naming people.

" Well that doesn't matter anymore Alex. We will reunite with your mom with no problem. Right Barry? " Cisco watched Barry nod.

" Probably after we tie all the loose ends. That's a priority. " Barry coughed lightly and Cisco remembered that Barry was still recovering.

Barry tried to wave off Caitlin's concerned mothering but she wouldn't give in. Soon after Iris joined with Caitlin's mothering he was ushered to his room to rest.

When Barry was lying in bed Caitlin asked him, " Hey Barry who is Sebastian Allen? " Barry looked at her in surprise but not much emotion came over his face.

" My mother gave birth to two boys on the same day. One was alive and the other was dead when he was born. My mom was heartbroken but she still wanted to give my decreased brother a name. So she and Dad named him Sebastian. When I was a kid I sometimes wondered what would've happened if Sebastian had lived. " Barry answered solemnly.

(Time Skip)

Barry was running as fast as he could. He didn't save his mom, but he did get to say one last goodbye to her. Now it was time to make the Reverse Flash pay. A white flash blinded him and the next thing he knew was that there was a timeline in front of him. It wasn't his timeline Barry knew that because the night that his mother died was different. He could see the images in front of him playing out, he watched as the Reverse Flash grabbed a knife and stabbed his father in the heart.

A wave of realization flooded over Barry. He was in the alternate timeline where his father was murdered instead of his mom. He was in the timeline where Alexander was from! Was this how his universe and the other universe was connected? Alexander had mentioned that Barry in a way influence the other universe's timeline.

There was a flash of light that blinded Bary and he soon found himself on an empty street. He surveyed his surroundings, taking in the similarities and differences. His vision for some reason was all blurry.

Horror soon came over him when he found out that he couldn't feel his legs.

(Explanation: Barry ran through a hole between the two universes after he traveled back in time to save his mom. Basically in Alexander's universe Barry is it's version of Dr. Wells but is a good guy. When Barry traveled into the alternate universe he lost the ability to use his legs and his eyesight was changed so he need actual glasses. He soon became founder of STAR labs with Gideon who helped him. Barry needed the other Barry's speed so he could go back to his universe. Barry had a special time anomaly occur on him which caused him to stop aging in the alternate universe. The other Barry had the ability to have super speed ever since he was born but it was dormant. So Barry had to make the particle accelerator explode to activate the super speed in the other Barry. Barry had to create a fake identity and made a machine to temporarily alter his voice. Barry also grew a beard to cover his face and made his hair darker. Barry's true identity is found out but after a long discussion and a few days he was helped by the other Barry to return back to his universe. In the alternate universe Alexander's parents both die and Caitlin has fallen in love with the other Barry. Alexander lives at STAR labs since his home was unavailable to him. In the alternate universe the Reverse Flash is still there but he didn't create STAR labs. When Barry returns to his universe not much time passed but for Barry years had passed since he entered the alternate universe. Back to the story and sorry for the long explanation.)

Joe watched as the wormhole began to grow worse. Joe watched everyone around him panic and run away looking for a safe place to hide. Barry was in front of him watching the wormhole as well. Joe noticed that when Barry had returned from the wormhole that the younger man changed in his appearance. Barry had a beard on covering half of his face along with darker hair. Barry still didn't explain what happened yet but Joe knew now wasn't the best time.

Barry ran up the side of the buildings and straight to the wormhole. He was going to save Central City and the world if he succeeded. Well he did succeed but with a great cost.

(Six months later after the wormhole accident.)

Cisco looked at the two items that came from the wormhole. A helmet and a pair of black glasses. The helmet was Jay's but the other speedster couldn't identify the glasses. Cisco was going to test the glasses to see if they had any special property but hadn't gotten around to it. He hesitantly reached his hands towards the glasses. Please no vision, Cisco thought as he touched the glasses. A vision soon came over him.

Cisco was standing in the corner of a room. The walls and floors were white and the room had only one door in it. In the room was a metal table and two chairs on each side of the table. It was an interrogation room.

In both of the chairs there were two men. One was in an army suit with greying hair and a scarred face. The other man was younger with a shaved head and a missing finger on his right hand.

" No matter how long you keep me here I won't tell you a thing. You can try to trick me into slipping up but that won't happen. No one can make me spill. Not even you old man. But hey try your best. " The younger man taunted the army man with a smirk. The younger man leaned back in his chair with confidence.

The army man spoke, " If you won't tell us what we want the easy way I guess we are going to do it the hard way. I guess I'll try my best. Honestly it's the more fun way. " The army man took out a radio-like device out of his pocket and said into it, " Come in and interrogate the prisoner until he gives in. So no mercy. " The army man put the radio-like device away in his pocket and smiled.

The door to the room opened and Cisco gasped. It was Barry! But Barry looked different in more ways than one. First thing was that he was wearing the same exact black glasses that fell through the wormhole. The second thing was well.. Cisco couldn't put his finger on this strange Barry's face but something was different. Something so subtle no one would be able to call it out and tell them what was actually wrong. The third thing was the unnerving look the strange Barry's face had. His face was completely blank, emotionless. Not like the Barry he knew, Cisco never had seen that kind of look on his Barry's face.

The strange Barry walked up to the young man. The young man gave a short laugh and said, " This is who you send in to 'break' me? Pretty boy? " The young man pointed out the strange Barry mockingly. " Man you people must be getting desperate. "

The strange Barry walked up to the table and stood next to the army man. The army man was still sitting down in his chair. The army man looked at the young man and said, " You ready to talk or do we have to use force? I'm giving you a second chance, if I were you I would take it. "

" Ha! I laugh at you old man. I'm nothing like you." The young man spat.

" Yes you are right. You're nothing like me. I would've taken the second chance. Initiate interrogation M3C. " The army man addressed the strange Barry.

M3C looked straight into the young man's eyes. Suddenly the young man started to scream in pure agony. The young man began to writhe in the chair before falling off of it. He started to claw at his face leaving bloody scratches on it.

" IT BURNS! ARRRGHH! " The young man screamed. The young man began to beg M3C to stop but the strange Barry wouldn't stop.

M3C just kept staring at the young man still with the same blank, emotionless face. The young man kept screaming and clawing at his own face in an attempt to fight against whatever invisible foe there was.

Cisco felt himself wake up with a jolt. He just stood there and breathed heavily. He didn't know what that vision meant but he couldn't tell anyone. Cisco backed away from the glasses with fear. He would never touch them again if he had to see such a horric vision.

A miniature wormhole appeared in the air in an empty parking lot. Soon two figures emerged from the wormhole. One of the figure was constantly vibrating effectively making him unrecognizable with glowing eyes. The vibrating figure's name was Zoom.

Zoom had one hand clenched in a young man's shirt. It didn't take much of an effort to get the young man but Zoom wasn't going to take any chances with the young man. The other hand had a device in it that looked similar to a small hand held radio. The young man had on the plaid shirt and jeans that were given to him. The young man was silent and showed no emotion on his face at all.

Zoom pressed the buttons on the radio-like device and the device made clicking sounds. A high frequency that couldn't be heard by normal humans sounded from the device.

" You are now under my command. You will do as I say. I am your new master. ". Zoom growled dropping the young man on the floor. The young man robotically stood up and looked at Zoom.

" You're mission is to hunt down and capture Barry Allen or the Flash no matter the cost. " The young man nodded and turned around to start his mission. Zoom called out after him in a menacing tone knowing that intimidation wasn't needed. The young man was completely under his command. The radio-like device made sure of that.

" Don't fail me Sebastian Allen or should I say M3C? "

The End.