The son of the golden fruit

Author's note okay this idea came to me after reading pikatwig'sstory A world for us all and the world's we build by EstelRacawhich I'm not going to spoil for you so if you want to know where I got the inspiration from I recommend you read them for themselves because there will be no spoilers here for the fan fiction understood, okay, good. also if you are reading my other story Kamen rider OOO meets Kamen Rider Dragon Knight please note that I will be sticking to the show's and my own previously established relationships so I will not be setting up non show fluff apart from the two I set up in its prequel so yeah that is regrettably how it is going to be only because of the fact that I haven't watched dragon Knight in years and that I cannot I repeat cannot write good character moments for the life of me I can't sorry.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kamen rider gaim that privilege belongs to Toei so now then on to the first chapter of this weird thing.

In a Forrest something was wrong there was a disturbance however one might think that in this Forrest that occurrences of this sort might be a regular thing. For you see this was no ordinary Forrest this was Helheim Forrest but this disturbance while similar to the portals that usually opened to other worlds this one was not like a zipper it was jagged and had blue light emitting from it (if you are a fan of Doctor who and can guess what it is good for you). Suddenly the crack widened, it widened enough for someone to step through, which is what happened.

It was a man around about six foot tall in rather peculiar armour. The armour was Apple themed of all things with spikes on the helmet and a grill where the mouth would be on the face on his waist was the most peculiar item of his attire a belt. The belt's straps were yellow but the thing that made the belt stand out the most was the buckle. The buckle had a small knife like object on the right hand side of it and on the left a picture of the man's helmet but in the centre of the buckle was a fruit themed pad lock of all things with the front hanging off of it showing an image of a sliced apple core and on the sliced front showed the weapons which the man was holding. A shield again apple themed with a sword held within it. The man closed the front of the lock seed and removed it from the belt buckle and with the lock seed removed the man's armour dissolved revealing what he looked like underneath. He had the oddest shade of blonde hair and wore armour similar to what he was previously wearing but not as Apple themed. The man looked back at the portal at which he came through and said "don't worry Mom, Dad hopefully now that I have travelled back here hopefully I can make things better."

(Play gaim opening theme-Just live more)

Having left Helheim forest by using one of the random cracks that lead to Zawame City he used his powers to transform his armour into everyday street clothes as so to blend in looking around he saw a group of street dancers performing not just any street dancers team Gaim the team which his parents were apart of all though it seems that his dad wasn't here "I thought he was member but at least mom and uncle micchy is there but where is he?" Suddenly the music that the dancers were dancing to was stopped by another street dancing team, Team baron. Team baron was there to challenge gaim for their stages which lead to an inves battle "I still don't believe that people do this summoning monsters shouldn't be done like they were playing Pokemon" the man thought out loud. As he watched the battle he progress he saw that one of team barons members planning to shoot a sling shot at the member of team gaim who was holding the lock seed so he went to intervene grabbing the slingshot from the baron member and he said "now, now how do you expect to be the best when you use low handed tricks to win" the man said as he snapped the slingshot. At this point everyone turned to notice the man disarming the baron member and one of the members of team gaim, Mai Takatsukasa said to the second in command of Team baron, Zack "really you can't win without cheating, get out of here!" The man then walked up to the stage and said "I would really do as she said." Holding up his lock seed for emphasis. Seeing the unknown lock seed team baron withdrew.

"Thanks for that whoever you are." Mai asked the man who had exposed team baron's cheating tactics. "My name is Yuya and unless I'm miscounting shouldn't there be at least two more members of the team?" Yuya asked. "Our leader Yuya is busy and Kouta-San left the team some time ago." Another member of team gaim mitszuane (micchy) kureshima said. And as if having being summoned Kouta Kazuraba said "looks like you are getting on quite well without me. And thanks for stoping that cheater." "Your welcome, anyway I hate cheaters. If I may ask why did you team gaim anyway you were one of in my opinion one of the best dancers, was medical reasons or something?" Yuya asked kouta "no it was to help my older sister financially." Kouta admitted "ah shame anyway was nice to meet you team gaim is still one of the best in my opinion I'll be seeing you." Yuya said as he turned around and walked away. When Yuya was alone in a alley way he opened a crack to Helheim Forrest and went through it. Once on the other side of the crack which closed Yuya punched a tree in frustration "damn it dad why didn't you tell me you left the team now I need to try harder to make things better for all of us."

Several hours later and after after eating several of the Helheim Forrest fruits to build up his strength Yuya noticed the other Yuya the one who was team leader of team Gaim walking through the Forrest. Silently transforming The Yuya from the future snuck up to his namesake bashed the back of his head with his shield knocking him unconscious and dragging him away from the fruit he was about to eat. After making sure that his namesake had dropped the sengoku driver that his father would use in the place where his father would find/found it. (AN: bloody time travel and its ability to screw up tenses.) Hearing Kouta and Mai wonder through the crack he quietly crept away "right on time." Yuya thought to himself. Yuya then saw kouta almost eat two Helheim fruits but Mai pulled him away. Kouta then picked up the sengoku driver an put it against his waist and then a yellow belt strap wrapped around his waist and the two fruits that Kouta had picked turned into a strawberry and orange lockseed respectively. Seeing this happen Yuya then took control of an inves and sent it to chase Kouta and Mai out of the Forrest. Which he then followed wanting to see his father's first henshin to Kamen Rider Gaim. He followed Kouta only knowing that he would have sent Mai away to buy time for her to escape but he saw something he didn't expect to see.

It was Mai but from the future after the golden fruit had merged with her heart. After instructing Kouta on how to use the belt he then defeated the inves and then Mai from this time frame came round the corner to see Kouta wearing his armour which Yuya had to admit was strange as he was used to seeing Kouta in his Kiwami arms so to see him in his original default form was a bit surreal for him but he had to admit now he might have the chance to make sure that things didn't turn out like they did last time. Yuya then closed his lockseed and ran over to them "Kouta, Mai you two alright. Damn Kouta you look like an Ives got you oh by the way nice armour." Yuya said almost off-handedly. Upon seeing their faces "don't worry I won't tell a soul about your secret you don't tell anyone about mine." Yuya said as he turned around and walked away opening up a crack to Helheim Forrest and walking through it, the crack then closed up as soon as Yuya crossed the boundary.

"Don't worry Mom, Dad I promise you I will save their lives and I've already started." Yuya thought to himself the. He realised something "crap I better find My namesake and take him to a hospital, oh and yaggrassil I know you are watching me so please note professor sengoku I'm coming for you!" Yuya declared as he sliced his lockseed transforming back into his armour.

Author's note: so how do you like those apples this story will continue for around 52 chapters so that includes the movies except for the drive crossover. And if you haven't guessed it by now The Yuya from the future is Kouta and Mai's son from the future and his self-appointed task is to save those who died in the series who didn't need to like for example his namesake. The reason I chose that name is because I thought that Kouta and Mai would want to honour Yuya's memory by naming their son after him.

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