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Warnings: Some spanking scenes further into the story

Morning rose as Kaldur'ahm made his way downstairs only to find his wife still sitting at the dining room table. "Honey, did you stay here all night?" he asks her with a worried tone. "Well, it's not like I need sleep anyway. Might as well get some paperwork done." He senses something wrong, so instead of asking, Kaldur simply takes her by the hand, leading Emmerlia upstairs to their bedroom where she tell him everything about last night, especially the information that Dylan doesn't even know that she knows. Kaldur's face turns from calm understanding to fury at his son's actions. Suddenly, he rises from the bed and storms into Dylan's room. "Get up, son now!" Dylan jumps up, scared at his dad's tone. His father rarely gets angry. Kaldur steps forward. "Now, I am going to try and stay calm but I would like to know what in Neptune's sake were you thinking about when you took your baby sister to a drag race?!" Dylan almost face-palms at being caught. "Damn. Totally forgot about mom's mind-reading powers. She probably knew I was lying the moment I said 'hey'," Dylan thought. Kaldur informs Dyan to be downstairs in 15 minutes dressed.

Later, the family is sitting at the dining table eating breakfast when Dylan comes downstairs. Veronica looks down at her food, while Tim glares at his nephew disappointment coming off him. "Come and eat. Let us get this conversation done with," Kaldur states. "Not hungry," Dylan grumbles. His father looks ready to object, but Emmerlia says, "Good. Tell us what you were doing at a street race." Dylan drinks some orange juice before he tells his story. "My friend Tony told me about this sick race that went on yesterday. He said it started at five if I wanted to get in on it. I told him that I had to pick up Veronica at 4:30pm if I could make it there, so I did. We made it to the race at about 4:50pm and raced til 7:30pm, then I grabbed Veronica some food and came back here." Dylan finishes his orange juice. He saw no reason to lie since his mom already knew the truth. Emmerlia narrows her eyes. "Tell your uncle what you used to race with." Dick looks up, curious. Dylan stops drinking, looking quiet nervous. "I-I used your motorcycle. The black one." He stutters. Dick rises out of his chair. "The prototype. The one that isn't even ready to be tested?" he growls. Dylan meekly nods his head. Both Kaldur and Dick walk towards Dylan who was visibly shrinking in his seat. His father says, "This is not becoming of a young hero. NO son of mine will steal. We expect you to fight crime, not commit it." Emmerlia leaves from the table to ready for work. As the only daughter of Bruce Wayne and the only one to graduate with a master's degree in physics at 20 years old, she was immediately put in charge of running the science division of Wayne Corps. We will discuss more about Bruce and Emmerlia later on in the story. As Emmerlia leaves the table she calls back, "I will leave you two to deal with my children." Veronica stops eating her cereal. "But mami, Dilly took me to the race. I didn't want to go," she complains. Emmerlia looks back at her daughter. "Oh, princess don't lie to mami. I can read every one of your thoughts. You very much wanted to go, suggesting that you even get to ride on the bike, which Dylan thankfully said no. Otherwise I believe he would be very sorry indeed." Veronica looks down guiltily. Nodding, Emmerlia continues up the stairs.

After she showers, Emmerlia starts to get dressed, ignoring the sounds of her children being punished. It always pains her to hear their cries, even when she knows they're not in any real danger. Leaving to room, Emmerlia calls Tim. "Yeah, E.J.?" "Do you want to stay here and train or do you want me to drop you off at dad's house? I'm on my way to work so I thought it would be nice to stop over there." He shrugs. "I'll go back to the manor. It is way too noisy over here." Nodding, the two leave and drive over to their father's home. Emmerlia drops Tim off while honking at Alfred, Bruce Wayne's butler, friend and more important: father figure. Driving off, Emmerlia looks back at the manor. It only seemed like yesterday that she was the one leaving, not returning. Shaking off the thoughts, she focuses on the ginormous building in front of her. "Well, let's start the day on a good note. Right?"