Numeralshots - Reversed Fortune Arcana: Unfortunate Circumstances

Chapter 1: First Day

A woman sat in the room, closing a book, placing it in a shelf, observing the currently empty shelf that was next to the book she put away. She sat down, conjuring a tome in front of her, looking towards the camera.

"Hello there. This must be your first time in here. Welcome…to the Numeral Room. My name is Edana, a storyteller of the tales of Numeron. I am delighted to make your acquaintance."

She observed the shelves of books around her, sparkling with an odd blue light.

"This room exists between dreams and reality, as well as mind and matter, accessible to those bound by it with a contract. As a resident of this room, I record the history of passing events and tales that our guests encounter. I was succeeded by my mother quite recently, and had seen our latest guest off, by telling them the latest story of the Maiden. With your presence, I can only guess that you are our newest guest, and is beginning a new journey within the tales of Numeron."

As she opened the book, there were many blank pages inside, turning to a specific page, a single line written underneath the unreadable title, handing the book towards the camera, right in front of them with a pen in hand.

"A new path awaits for you, but as an honored guest, I must ask for a little co-operation. First detail, please sign your name."


My name, my name is…

A bunch of symbols then were written on the line, Edana then looking back to the camera, finalizing it as she turned to a new page, part of it already glowing as she leaned back in her chair, glancing at one of the books.

"So, that is your name. It feels rather nostalgic…"

As she reminiscing, she then got a grip on reality again, looking back to the camera.

"My apologies. It is just that your name resonated a familiar echo to me. In fact, I believe part of your story, has already been written by you. How intriguing…In any case…"

She then placed a deck of cards on the table in front of her, the cards all rearranging themselves.

"With that, allow me to predict the future, with these cards. I believe you call this, fortune telling? Let us see what fate awaits for you…"

She closed her eyes, the cards then stopping, turning one over, revealing a broken tower, with a lightning bolt striking it.

"Ah, the Tower Arcana, in its upright position. I'm afraid that this represents a great change of fate will be imminent in your life soon. I wonder…"

She pondered the cards for a moment, a hand underneath her chin in wonder, flipping the third card next to one that was still face down on the table, revealing a crescent moon.

"And the Moon Arcana…also upright. A card that represents the hesitation and mystery of life…very interesting indeed."

The cards then disappeared within the light with a quick swipe of her hand.

"A great misfortune will occur, and will create a series of mysterious events. If these events are not solved, then your future may be forever lost. It is my duty to ensure that it does not occur to our guests, otherwise, their tales of Numeron will also vanish."

Observing the camera, she then conjured a small light in her hand.

"Before I send you off, I have a gift for you."

The light then vanished, where it formed into a familiar shape. The Emperor's key. However, unlike Yuma's, it had contained a ruby center rather than an emerald, and the key itself was made of platinum.

"This, is known as the Relicuos Key. It is a symbol of your contract, and allows you to enter this room at any moment you may need it. Much like one of our previous guests, it is the item that allows you to unlock the door to greater power."

She then grinned, the key now in the hands of the person in front of her.

"We shall go over more details in the coming future. Until then, I bid you farewell…"

"Oi, Yuko."

Suddenly, Yuko woke up from her little nap, shaking her head, as she was looking outside the window, where she was sitting on a bus to arrive at Heartland academy. Yuma and Kotori had to leave early, so she was taking a small nap on the bus, Tryga deciding to sit beside her as they headed there. After yesterday's duel, they were given a brief orientation day, and today would be the day that their classes would actually start. Tryga had shook her awake from her short nap, both of them gathering their things as they exited. They looked around the area, taking in the sight of the school grounds, Celeste appearing next to Yuko as the bus drove away, both of them walking to their class.

"So this must be the 'school' that you were talking about."

Yuko nodded, looking around the area, noticing most people getting caught up with each other, some giving each other hugs and such, until they noticed some clouds gathering above them. Tryga just looked at it with a sigh.


"Yeah, it was supposed to be sunny all day today…damn…"

"Well, good thing I brought an umbrella today…"

They then entered, both of them pondering over the weather as they walked side by side.

"And I heard, that we're going to get some cool new tech and-"

"I know! I heard it was developed from the old X.B.R.A.I.N. System from way back then!"

The two students continued gossiping over the subject, a group of overhearing the conversation. There were two other students at their seats, one male, one female. The female had a smooth, short, fiery red hair, wearing the usual Heartland High uniform, while underneath her mini skirt was a pair of short black compression shorts, doodling on her D-Pad, while the boy next to her was a messy olive haired boy, listening somewhat intensely to the conversation near them.

"New machines huh? What do you think Cia?"

The girl just passively nodded her head, not paying too much attention.

"Yeah that's nice Vincent. Could you move to the left, you're blocking my light."

Suddenly, the door opened, revealing the two students from the outside giving a wave to the two at the desks, Yuko bouncing over to Cia.

"Oh hey! You guys are in this class too!"

Cia then glanced up, where Yuko took a look on her D-Pad, giving a thumbs up as Vincent was whispering to Tryga.

"So, what's going on between the two of ya? Yuko looks even cuter, and word on the street says-"

Cia then stood up, jabbing Vincent in the arm with her tablet's pen, causing him to wince while she had an annoyed expression on her face.

"Just stop."

The door opened, where an adult stepped in, causing a whole bunch of people to take their seats.

It was a female, where she had long purple hair, two parts extending down much like Kalan's own bangs, except they reached slightly below her hips, and a third stray bang that went directly in between her forehead. The rest of it was left behind her in a long pony tail, tied together by a gold hairband. She was wearing a white and red Japanese-style outfit reminiscent of an empress, tied with a light blue sash, with a pair of red eyes. She gave a warm smile to the class.

"Welcome everyone to a new semester here at Heartland's Prestigious Academy. My name is Feiht Mille. I will be your homeroom teacher, as well as your school councilor at this school. I am quite glad to have a wide array of students participating in my class. Without further ado, please refer to your D-Pad as we start our lesson…"

Yuko laid back in her seat before taking out her D-Pad, trying to focus her efforts on the lesson at hand, while she could hear some of the students around her talking.

"Oh man, did we land a lucky shot or what? We got a total babe as a teacher!"

"Shhh! Quiet down! I hear she's one of those Ojou type of teachers!"

"Aw seriously? Well, at least we can enjoy having her for the whole year."

Cia just blew a raspberry, silent enough for only her to hear, muttering to herself.


As she proceeded to write her notes, Yuko prodded Tryga's side, giving a sly smile.

"Hey, after this, want to meet Hikari and Koumaru after this for some duels?"

"Again? This is-"

Yuko looked at him with pleading eyes, causing him to reel back a little, nervously looking behind him, where Celeste made the same sly smirk that Yuko did earlier, raising one of her eyebrows in the process. He then sighed, giving in to her demands.

"Fine, we'll go duel after this."

The two then grinned ear to ear, Yuko and Celeste immediately going back to what they were doing, Celeste taking an occasional glance outside to see the rain coming down.

"Thank you for your patience everyone. Normal Lectures will continue as scheduled tomorrow."

The class started moving out of their seats, when suddenly, the loudspeaker above them was heard.

"Attention. All faculty and staff, please report to the boardroom for a brief staff meeting. I repeat, all staff, please report to the boardroom for a brief staff meeting. All students are advised to stay inside their classrooms until otherwise notified."

Everyone then gave a loud groan, the teacher leaving the room as everyone started making a bit of a ruckus. At the same time, a distinct sound of sirens could be heard outside. Some students ran to the side of the window, looking outside with interest.

"Whoa! Something so close here?!"

"I can't see! What's going on?"

Yuko looked at the spirit next to her, where she nodded, flying in the direction of the police sirens.

"Alright, bring it down."

Celeste arrived, where it seems that they were cleaning up the area from what was happening. She looked in both directions, until she saw the crowd of officers and paramedics focused in one particular area. Floating down closer, she was able to distinguish their features.

A man with gray colored hair, a wick of green falling over his forehead and near his neck was at the crime scene, placing his communicator back in his pocket, overlooking the scene of the crime. He examined the body a bit closer, where the man next to him started to lose his cool, instantly vomiting at the sight, running to the corner of the area where it contained a trash can. The younger man had neck-length hair, which was a shade of dark grey, and the edges of hair that reached his neck a shade of silver.

The man with the brighter hair then started chastising the younger man.

"Ryoji! How long are you going to keep acting like you're just a beginner! You've been in the force for as long as some of our highest trained officials!"

The man called Ryoji then wiped his mouth on the sleeve of his shirt, coughing up some of the remaining vomit out on the dirt.

"Sorry boss Kyoji! I'll get that autopsy report done right away!"

The older Kyoji commander just sighed, glancing in the direction of where the body was found, muttering to himself.


The spirit then flew back to where she came from, cringing a little at the sight of the scene.

Back at school, the students were exiting the building, them now allowed outside, an umbrella above Yuko and Tryga's heads as they walked in the rain towards the bus stop. Yuko looked up, giving a small wave to the descending spirit.

"So, what's the situation?"

Celeste turned her head towards the area nearby, a grim scowl on her face.

"Looks like somebody ended up dead here."

Yuko visibly stepped back, shock in her eyes.

"Dead?! You mean someone was killed?! HOW?!"

Celeste made a quick "shh" motion, motioning towards the people around them.

"Let's not make everyone panic. Everyone needs to go home without much worry right now."

Tryga nodded in agreement.

"Indeed. If we shouted it out right here, a ruckus could spread immediately among the people here, and it could cause massive panic."

"Massive panic?! I'M panicking right now!"

"My point exactly. If everyone starts panicking, then it would be almost impossible to calm this many people down at once. However, if we manage to get people into safe zones, like their homes, it would cause less of a panic. Police aren't exactly set up around here just yet, so a sense of security would immediately be destroyed."

The bus then arrived, the boy giving a sigh as he folded his umbrella back up, and the pair entering the vehicle. They then plopped down in their seat, letting slumber overtake them for the moment.

The scene then shifted to the Astral World, a pink Astral being getting a sudden chill from looking towards the Earth.

"Mia, is something the matter?"

She turned around, her husband on the side, looking worryingly. She nodded, her hand resonating an odd glow.

"Can you feel it Astral? My chaos is reacting towards the Earth. I sense a large power brewing there."

He then grasped her hand, a jolt spreading through his body as well.

"Agh! You're right. I too feel this odd power."

"But why?"

They then separated, thinking back to earlier in their lives, when Yuma and Kotori were still teens.

"After chaos had entered the Astral-Barian World Fusion, it immediately attacked us, but we were able to fight it off. Perhaps it is reviving itself already."

They then looked at the Earth, Mia's eyes closed in wonder.

"But the Earth, for a second time?"

Astral shook his head, grasping a fist.

"First things first. We must notify both worlds of the impending threat. After that, we will contact Yuma and Kotori afterwards about the incoming threat."


They then zoomed back inside, quickly notifying the ones that they passed as they tried to reach Eliphas.

Back on Earth:

Yuko was struggling with the first day's homework. She had went over various ways to solve the problem, but ended up lying back in her chair out of exhaustion, letting out a small yell. Celeste was watching from above, not saying a word.

"Dammit! Why does this always have to be so difficult?!"

Celeste then took a small glance at the notes that she had wrote down, instantly pointing to one.

"Well, what you're doing here isn't exactly entirely wrong either. You're just thinking all of these as decimals. If you were to change some of these to fractions, it would be easier to simplify."

Yuko looked at her with a perplexed expression.

"How do you know so much already?!"

"I paid attention."

"Yes, I know, but why?"

Celeste just gave a small chuckle, looking at Yuko from her position in an upside down stance.

"I just thought you might need some tutoring from Big Sis Celeste."

Yuko returned the favor, and playfully tried to punch her in the arm.

"Hey, I'm the older one!"

"Maybe. Maybe not. Now, let's try to finish this, shall we? No cheating!"

The two then talked into the hours of the night, until Yuko had fallen asleep, Celeste doing the same, but observing the windows, watching the rain come down.

"I sense a terrible misfortune about to happen…"

Back In Space:

"Chaos? Rising in the vicinity at such a rapid pace? This is already bad…"

Astral, Nasch, and many other important figures were surrounding a table in the middle of the room, where they were observing the Earth, a large red area prevalent on the map.

"It's very prominent in Heartland too. However, it does not seem to be a significant threat, as this data would suggest."

Durbe then moved a small part of the map, making it bigger, revealing larger areas, which were more scattered around.

"The chaos doesn't seem to staying in one area, rather, it is moving from one area to another in rapid succession."

Mia then opened another hologram, taking a look at one of Heartland's moving pinpoints.

"And there isn't a complete source point either. For now, keep a close eye on the Earth. Switch out for shifts if necessary. The rest who are staying here shall make the observations, while some of us will be out, doing a ground search."

Everyone nodded, some leaving the tables, while other Barians and Astrals were typing away on the keyboards of the holographic earth.

Next Morning:

Yuko rubbed her head, feeling a small headache from the recent events. Stretching her arms and yawning, she went over to her desk, where she then noticed a platinum object on the wood. She observed it for a brief moment, shaking her head, placing it in her bag, getting changed into her school wear. She looked at the kitchen, where she saw Kalan, along with two bagels popping out of the toaster. She gave a half-yawn, half-greeting to her younger brother.

"Morning Kalan…"

Kalan gave her a wave, propping a glass of milk to her right side as she sat down.

"Mom and Dad heard the news about the dead guy, that's why they're gone early again."

As Yuko lowered her glass, she took a bite from her prepared bagel, looking at the crestfallen boy.

"Geez, news travel fast around here…"

Glancing at the clock, she then quickly finished her breakfast, both of them walking to their bus stops.

Later that day:

"Welcome everyone to our newest dueling facility!"

Feiht Mille was greeting the entire group who wanted to duel, the entire crowd outside in a caged up sky arena, giving a warm smile to everyone. She then directed everyone's attention to the control panel.

"With our latest advancements in Solid Vision technology, we are able to create holograms with mass! This means that duels are even more real than ever! Observe!"

She opened up a duel disk, placing a card on the tray, while a couple of cards were inserted into the control panel.

"Come forth, Izanami!"

A woman in a white kimono with black hair then appeared, a large projector device underneath the floor being lit, showering the card's image in light, revealing her full form, while transforming the entire room into a meadow.

"And that's not all! Watch! I summon the Blackland Fire Dragon!"

The greenish dragon then appeared from the rays of light, where she then was mounted on top of it.

"Now my dragon! Demonstrate your flame breath ability!"

Everyone immediately braced themselves, but when the fire was shot out of the dragon's mouth, it managed to not harm them, but it was enough to simulate the flames of an AR duel. Everyone was then clapping, the holograms disappearing in the process. Feiht then bowed.

"Thank you, thank you. If you wish to use this to make your duels even more intense, please ask a supervisor beforehand."

"Excuse me, Miss Mille?"

A woman in an orange tank top with a white lab coat then approached the teacher, talking to her in private while the other students were discussing the properties of the new mechanic.

"Understood. Everyone, I must leave for just a brief moment, so if you have any questions about the device here, please talk to Mrs. Takeda."

The woman then left the room, some students already asking about the device, Yuko and the rest were chiming in as well. Tryga then took a small glance to the side, seeing Vincent observing some of the functions that were pointed out by Tetsuko.

"And finally, this part is very important. There are pain inhibitors on these. This means that the higher the inhibitors are, the less likely that anyone will be grievously injured during these duels. So please ask me or any other supervisor if you want to use these things, because obviously enough, these things are incredibly dangerous."

Everyone nodded, Vincent tapping a few screens, impressing Cia.

"Wow, when did you get so skilled at using this?"

He just grinned in response to her question.

"Aunt Tetsuko has been teaching me, and I kinda was one of people that helped test this thing out! Now how about we get a small test duel running?"

Yuko excitably jumped up and down.

"Me! Me! I am so ready for this!"

Suddenly, a teenager a year older than Yuko stepped in, wagging his finger. He had blue and silver hair, which was combed quite neatly, a pair of blue eyes, and a more formal version of the Heartland High uniform.

"I'm sorry Miss Tsukumo, as much as a good duel sounds right now, the principal has made it quite clear that the device is not to be handled by students or teachers until we patch something up first."

"WHAT?! Then why bother having this thing here at all if we can't use it?!"

Vincent then had something come to mind, where a lightbulb just shone above his head.

"Oh right. They said they were going to fix the issue about the field spell function, right?"

The blue-silver haired boy nodded.

"Indeed. This means that no one should be using any field spells at this time while this here. Although, to make it up to you Miss Tsukumo, I'd be more than happy to provide some sort of-"

"I'll be the judge of that sir Todoroki."

The boy was then lightly shoved to the side, replaced by a boy just a bit younger than both of them, looking directly at Yuko from his position. He had short blonde hair, blue eyes, wearing the first year uniform of their school.

Perhaps a trip to the mall? They have a wide array of dueling areas and shops for visiting."

Yuko then placed her hand on her chin, deep in thought.

"Alright Kaz. We'll duel another time, but you're going to treat me, along with Tryga and Vince here. Got it?"

Kaz nodded, agreeing to the terms.

The scene then shifted to a food court, showing Vincent, Tryga, and Yuko tagging along with Kaz, where all of them had an assorted variety of food on their table.

"Thanks for treating us Kaz."

"No need for thanks Miss Tsukumo, although I would appreciate it more if it was just the two of us."

The girl then looked up from her half eaten rice ball.

"Why? It's fun when we have tons of friends around, right?"

"N-no, that's not exactly what I meant…"

As Kaz was trying to explain, Yuko suddenly noticed a small television hologram next to them that had been active, showing the various subtitles that were on the screen, along with the reporter's voice.

"The body of the victim has been identified as local Television Personality Marizu, a woman who has been under fire of several allegations as of late…"

As the reporter continued to make his statements regarding the incident, Yuko and Celeste were quite intrigued with the broadcast, the others taking notice.

"Hey, that was the woman that was found dead the other day, right?" Tryga asked to the group, whereas Vincent answered him with a mouth full of his food.

"Yeah, aunt Tetsuko said that her husband found it the most inconspicuous of places." He then gulped down the mouthful, speaking clearly again. "Crazy how this happened here of all places. It's not like Heartland's had some crazy events, but we haven't had an actual murder case on our hands in quite some time."

Kaz then nodded from his glance, finishing the sip of his iced tea.

"Let's talk about something else. That kind of stuff can give me enough nightmares for the week."

Yuko then responded half-heartedly towards him.

"Sorry, sorry, my bad. So, the Solid Vision projectors found at school are also going to be placed around every place that is safe to duel?"

Vince nodded, pointing across from their table, revealing one of the Solid Vision projectors on the field, where a couple was having a duel.

"Yeah, but again, we can't use field spells with them because of a programming error of having one in the deck, and all these projectors come equipped with some standard field spells. They're still trying to figure out a safe way to implement them. Although, there's this rumor going around that if you use this mysterious field spell on the projector, duelists will feel even more involved in their duels than ever! It would feel even more real!"

Tryga then raised an eyebrow at the rumor that Vincent was telling.

"Please tell me you're joking."

"Oh but there's more Tryga my man. You see, during a rainy midnight, if a duelist has this unique application on their D-Pad, then they can have visions of what exactly goes on inside these field spells, like a never ending story existing in the duel monster spirit world. No one knows what icon or card that will show up on the app, and supposedly, this mystery field spell's icon is hidden amongst the pre-programmed field spells!"

Tryga simply yawned, placing a hand over his mouth and sighing.

"Yeah, great story there Vince."

"I'm telling ya, it's true! Look, it's going to rain tonight again, so how about it?"

The three boys then started arguing about the logistics about the entire debacle, Yuko opting to ignore them. Looking to the side, she then saw the familiar woman sitting on the side, along with a girl who was about their age, wearing the second year uniform. She had black and brown hair, with a couple of purple tips on her bangs, with some of her hair reaching just above her shoulders. Yuko then walked away from the table she was seated at, giving a small wave to the other two, leaving her hand open.

"Hi! I don't think we've met properly yet. I'm Yuko Tsukumo, first year."

The girl then gave a warm smile, shaking it.

"Haruhi. Haruhi Kazumuki, second year."

"Well, isn't this a lovely surprise?"

Kaz then popped by the area, putting an arm on one of the arm rests for the chair. Where a somewhat annoyed expression was etched across her features.

"M'lady Haruhi, how do you do?"

Haruhi slowly removed the arm from his play.


"And Mrs. Takeda, I was wondering if we could have your permission to use the Solid Vision Projectors for practice tomorrow."

Tetsuko just rubbed the back of her head, before nodding.

"Okay. You guys can use it the next opportunity you get. Just sign this form here."

They all then cheered, hastily writing their names on the form.

Later that night:

Yuko and Kalan were eating dinner, using a kotatsu that the family had moved in recently. Suddenly, the door opened, where the two adults just collapsed a little on their couch, Yuma giving a yawn, Kotori doing the same.

"Sorry we're late guys. Your mom's job just got really, really busy."

The news report they were watching then caught the attention of Kotori.

"Speak of the devil…our defendant."

The two children then turned to look at the TV, where they saw a woman with familiar features to someone they met earlier on the screen, but part of her face was covered with mosaic.

"So, what did you see? Was there anyone suspicious when you discovered the body?"

"No, unfortunately."

Yuma just facepalmed, shaking his head a bit.

"Akari is not appreciating Tetsuko reaching headline news."

Yuma then leaned over to the kotatsu, two bowls being handed to him and Kotori. The rest of the meal was filled with an awkward silence.

Much later that night:

A small ding was heard on the D-Pad of Yuko, where it was glowing in the dark for her to see. She opened the app, where it was showing a digital clock on her screen, where it read 11:59 pm, a timer counting up to 12, the rain pattering in the background.


The clock then went from fifty-nine to zero, the screen flickering a tiny bit, before slowing getting progressively clearer. It showed a woman on screen, where it was still covered in static and shadows, the face of the woman being hard to see and purposefully mosaic, with more shadows resembling monsters chasing her. The screen then flickered to being blank, a piece blinking on her disk.

"…? I don't remember putting a field spell in my deck…"

She then touched the button, where all that came out was a bright flash of green light, forcing her to shield her eyes. A voice was then heard in her head as the light continued to shine.

"I am thou…thou art I…Thou art the one that opens the door…"

As she opened her eyes, a massive door then appeared in front of her, amidst a realm of space, demonic pieces decorating the entire structure.


"Thou who stares upon this gate, if thy eyes gazeth inside, a new power will be unlocketh."

She stepped back, awestruck by the overwhelming presence of the door, but immediately noticed the small keyhole at the front. However, a rumbling could be heard below her.

"…A key you possess, but a contract has yet to be formed. Return to me, when a contract has been formed."

"Wait, contract?!"

The ground then opened below her, causing her to fall into the abyss of space below her, swallowing her up, and teleporting her back to her original position, but with the light from her D-Pad no longer there. She just shook her head, deciding to get some sleep for the night.