Chapter 2: Fortune Beyond Solid Vision

"Eh?! You were in another plane of existence after watching the app?"

Yuko nodded, but Tryga just shook his head.

"That's impossible. There is no possible way that you could just discover something like that."

Vincent however just had some sort of weird sparkle in his eyes at the prospect, looking at the both of them.

"Well, I downloaded that app thing, and I saw practically the same thing that Yuko saw last night."

Tryga nodded, a hand to his chin.

"Yeah. That's really weird. The figure in black also looked kinda familiar too."

Suddenly, Vincent's D-Gazer then rang, causing him to look at the notification.

"Aw man, looks like we won't be able to use the Solid Vision Projector until tomorrow. Oh well, we could always try then."

He then sat down in his seat, arms behind his head.

"Besides, I wanna see this whole 'field spell reaction' that Yuko had going on last night. I heard another rumor that if we opened that app while we using a projector with a field spell card in one of the slots, we could see something more!"

The scene then shifted to the projector room, where it was both dark and empty, the three of them in there, Tryga having a somewhat bewildered face.

"We are actually doing this."

"Yep! It's a good thing I made a spare key for this room from my Aunt's keys."

"Convenient. Isn't that illegal?"

Vincent gave the other boy a carefree shrug.

"Eh, don't worry about it. No one is going to be using this room, not even the staff or my aunt here."

"You said earlier that we couldn't use this room, so why is it locked? If someone was using this, I'd expect a maintenance crew of some sort to be here first."

"Maintenance doesn't actually get here until later this afternoon. We have about two hours before they get here. Now help me set up your D-Pad to this."

Tryga facepalmed, where he reluctantly helped the other boy in the set up process. He opened the app on his D-Pad, where he then opened the Field Spell hatch of the D-Pad, revealing it to be blank. They then fiddled around with the controls of the projector, where nothing happened still.

"There. Nothing. Are we done?"

"I don't get it. Why isn't this working?! Is something still missing?"

The two started arguing over the legitimacy of Yuko's claim, while Yuko herself was observing the disks placed in front of her. Celeste was watching the door for them, floating back to Yuko in a minute.

"Yuko, I don't think this is going to work."

"I know that! But I have this feeling that something will happen."

Vincent then came over to Yuko, Tryga already disconnecting his D-Pad.

"Here, let's try using your D-Pad instead. At least something showed up on yours!"

Yuko reluctantly handed her device over to her colleague, the boy connecting the wires with a giddy expression.

"C'mon babes, let's cook..."

"I don't like the sound of that honestly."

Suddenly, a bright green flash appeared below the three of them, Vincent suddenly dropping the wires.

"Okay, now this seems very accurate!"

"Hold on! Something's really weird right now!"

A green hexagram was suddenly forming below them, the area shaking as well.

"Whoa! Hold on to something!"

The three then screamed, as the light got progressively brighter, three lime green pillars of light encompassing them, all three of them disappearing.


The three fell through the vortex, crashing into the ground with a resounding thud.

"Ow...I think I might have landed on my keys..." Vincent winced, rubbing his behind. Tryga shook his head from the fall they took, looking at the surrounding area.

"Well guys, if I were a betting man, I'd say I have no idea where the heck this is."

The other two then looked around the area, seeing almost absolutely nothing. The entire area was surrounded in a thick fog, the only thing being visible was the floor and ceiling, which were carpeted like a casino.

"Well isn't this wonderful." Yuko sarcastically noted to her companions. The other two were preoccupied with their own devices, Tryga looking upwards, trying to route a way back, while Vincent was freaking out in the corner.

"This is crazy bro! This is so weird! This is so freaking weird man!"

Yuko looked around the area, motioning her friends to walk in her direction. Tryga started following her, while Vincent just griped a little.

"Oh! Sure. Just continue down the fog of spookiness! Certainly nothing can go wrong!"

After a few seconds, Vincent realized they were leaving without him, scurrying towards their general direction.

"Hey guys! Wait for me!"

The three were wandering the area for quite a while, starting to have a bit of fatigue, the area having a higher density of fog as they were walking.

"Guys, I don't want to panic, but I think we're not getting anywhere with this. Everything looks the same!"

The girl took a small break, where she sat down on the ground, the other two following suit. Suddenly, a portal, similar to an Xyz Monster's portal appeared to their right.



Yuko stood up, walking towards it. Tryga and Vincent immediately started objecting to her decision.

"Yuko? I don't think that's a good idea."

Yuko then sighed, giving a somewhat crestfallen expression towards the other two boys.

"Well? Do you have any other ideas? No? Then we're going in!"

"I just still have a bad feeling about this!"

Yuko ignored their objections, getting closer towards the red portal. The other two starting to go after her.

As they reached her however, the portal then flashed intensely, forcing them to shield their eyes. By the time the light died down, they were in a radically different area. It was an old, decaying hotel room, wallpaper peeling off the sides, furniture knocked over, and glassware broken on one side. The three then uneasily moved around the small area.

"Man, this is just creepy!"

"Seconded. I propose we leave like right now."

The two nodded, already turning around, grabbing the only available doorknob, but when they tried to pull it open, it wouldn't move.

The two tried forcing the wooden door to open, but it was no avail.

On the other hand, Yuko was looking at an odd piece of paper on the wall. It was similar to a movie poster, but the faces on the poster were scratched out, as well as the names on the bottom. There was a distinctly female figure on the poster, where it had blue hair that reached her rear end, a description that clicked in the back of Yuko's mind.

"Hey guys, haven't we seen the lady on this poster before?"

The two briefly stopped struggling at the door, looking at the part that Yuko's attention was.

"Yeah, I recognize this. Wasn't she that Marizu chick that was under fire from the news people?"

Tryga nodded, in agreement with Vincent, running his chin, glancing at the man in the poster.

"And that guy here…Gary Stunfield. He had an affair with her."

Suddenly, a large rumbling could be heard outside of the area they were in. The sounds were slowly getting louder, Tryga lifting his ear to take a listen.

"Uh…guys? Do you hear that?"

Yuko gulped, visible sweat rolling down her face.

"I feel that Tryga."

The rumbling got much louder, the area then beginning to shake violently, causing the three to fall on their rears.


"No time for 'ow'ing, we have to move!"

As Yuko helped both boys off of the ground, a large drill then broke through the ceiling, another strike swiping the ceiling, and knocking one of the walls over, revealing a large hallway. As the dust settled, the two then stared up, looking at the eldritch horror that was above. The drill was only the monster's base. It was nearly pitch black, with two protruding arms on both of its sides, an uncomfortable amount of clicking being heard from its joints. Its hands were also shadowed, but they clearly were a pair of claws. A pair of red eyes were glaring down at them, menacingly, too shocked to move. Another figure was standing on top of the head of the mecha, a crimson eye also opening up.


A fireball was then building up within one of the claws of the machine, where the three then snapped from their brief trance.


The three then took off running down the hall, where the fireball was also shot at them immediately, travelling at an intense speed towards them. Looking to the left, a corridor was seen up ahead, the walls endowed with multiple slot machines. The three then dove into the alcove, the fireball passing down the hall, nearly avoiding an early death. They then got back on their feet, immediately running down the new path, but the sound of the mechanical monstrosity following was imminent. As they travelled down the passage, another blast was being prepared to fire.

"Oh crap, this was a worse option!"

Suddenly, the hallway's walls started to collapse a little, causing the machine's arm to be disoriented a little, buying them a bit more time. They then continued running, where they then saw a light in front of them, Tryga motioning them.

"Guys! Up ahead! I see some more floor!"

The other two then saw a fireball starting to build within the claw cannon. Yuko taking command.

"Alright! Dive to the sides when we reach the door!"

The other two nodded, all of them sprinting as hard as they could. The heat was starting to flow behind them, but as they reached the light, they dove to the sides as hard as they could, barely avoiding the stream of fire that came out of the tunnel. They looked around, but found themselves isolated on a single disc shaped floor, above a large height, a bunch of slot machines also present, but were the size of skyscrapers, gasping for air.

"Shit…" Vincent cussed under his breath. "We're trapped."

Tryga then glanced at the rumbling from the tunnel.

"And that means we're stuck here with that freak."

The instant he said that, the sides were broken open, the merciless mecha still on their heels. Tryga then stood in front of Yuko and Vincent.

"Stay back, I'll handle this guy."

"Tryga! Don't be crazy! You're not-"

The Barian prince then quickly snapped his head back at them.

"I know what I'm doing!"

Unfortunately, the metallic beast swung one of its arms at him, instantly sending over the edge.


Vincent quickly ran over to where he was going to fall, grabbing his arm over the edge.

"Shit…you're a lot heavier than I thought! Don't let go!"

Yuko quickly turned in their direction when she saw them fly to the side. However, her attention was immediately redirected at the arm that was about to crush her. She then quickly dove to the side, being mindful of where she landed, glaring at the beast.

"Damn…if I only had some way to protect them right now!"

She then felt her heartbeat, causing her to stagger on one knee, placing a hand to her head as the machine approached, and a voice being heard in her head.

"I am thou..."

Her eyes then widened, the area growing silent for a brief moment.

"Thou art I…"

Vincent was able to help Tryga up, the two of them noticing the silence.

"Hey, the monster stopped attacking." Tryga remarked, where they then saw a blue glow coming from above.

Yuko then also took a look, where a card was descending to her. It was the same shape as their normal cards, but instead of a normal duel monster's template, it had a different shape. The image portrayed was a jester, whom was very close to a cliff, accompanied with a dog at his heels. The girl stared at the card as it floated, rotating horizontally around her hand.

"Hey…what is that?" Vincent asked, but Yuko ignored him, continuing to stare at it, the voice appearing in her head again.

"Thou hast open thine eyes…"

Several flashbacks occurred, with the words playing in her mind, the platinum key being a silhouette in the flashbacks, appearing around her neck in the present.

"The time…IS NOW!"

In the present, a blue aura was surrounding her, an equally blue shape forming next to her, a teal circle forming around her, and a black and white face silhouette underneath.


A burst of energy then appeared, the aura now spiking, creating a small current of wind below her.


The card then glowed white, turning into a familiar Xyz Monster, the Number 100 glowing on the card's interface.


(Music Cue: Yuko's First Theme - Reach Out To The Truth -First Battle- from Persona 4)

She then crushed the card with her hand, the card breaking into pieces, but were creating a large amount of battle aura. From the aura, a large monster was rising behind her. It was a familiar humanoid monster, intact with the armor, and sword staff firmly sheathed in its right hip. It rose up, the mecha that was once their nightmare now standing in fear of the imposing creature that Yuko created. Her eyes were still closed, but her features gained a small smirk, a worried Tryga and Vincent watching as the action unfolded.


As the aura settled down, the machine then drove its left arm towards Yuko's guardian, where the blue being next to her had fully formed, sticking an arm out, the guardian moving slightly to the side, where said arm was grappled by both of its hands.


It then spun around, throwing the robot into the wall near the entrance of the tunnel. It caved, where the two boys were just staring in shock. The girl just stared, however, then reached into her pocket, slowly reaching for her D-Gazer, gasping a bit for air.


The mecha then changed forms, bearing a resemblance to a submarine, shooting out various other creatures that resembled small demonic machines, where one of them latched onto Yuko's monster.


She stumbled back a tiny bit, more creatures attaching themselves to her monster, before a visible anger could be seen in her eyes, taking a stand glaring at them.

"Damn you!"

Yuko's monster then yanked the monsters off of himself, where they all flew in separate directions. Some off of the cliff they were on, and some still on the ground. One in particular leaped at them again, but her guardian was prepared this time. He brandished his sword, sticking the blade end outwards, the monster driving himself straight into its edge, immediately being impaled. Another shadowy figure then leapt towards him, before a quick swipe sent both of them towards the producer. It then stuck its sword up, a golden glow produced on the edge of the blade.


Arcadia then swung his sword, sending a yellow sword beam towards his enemies, destroying them in a blinding flash of light. He then slowly started fading away behind Yuko, the D-Gazer on her face, Celeste standing next to her, arms crossed. Tryga and Vincent barely could speak.

"That was…" Tryga started, with Vincent finishing; "Incredible…"

Yuko then slowly held out her hand, gazing at it.

"Per…sona. This, is my power. The power of the contract."

She then glanced over to her friends, giving a small smile, before stumbling a little.


Tryga and Vincent then got off the ground, getting the girl onto a leg.

"Yo, Yuko! Are you okay?!"

She weakly gave them another reassuring smile, looking over on the other side of the cliff.

"Guys, I think that's a way out. Put on your D-Gazers."

The two boys then took said devices out and over the eyes, where they were then able to see through the fog much more clearly, and a giant door being visible through the fog and only viewable with their D-Gazer on.

"Okay, that's really weird. At least there's a door. Problem is, how do we get it open?"

Celeste then stood next to the door, the key around Yuko's neck now glowing. Celeste stuck her arm out, closing her eyes, chanting to herself.

"…Return us…TO EARTH!"

The door then opened, showing a white light within, as well as two sets of staircases being formed. One that went up towards the door, while the other went deeper down the cliff. She then glanced at the three.

"We must leave. This place is way too dangerous at the moment. They can come back at any moment."

The three nodded, walking up the stairs, towards the light, disappearing into it as the door closed.

They then opened their eyes, finding themselves back in the area that they started in, the Solid Vision room.

"Oh thank god, we're alive!"

The three then gave each other a huge group hug, where they then looked at the time.

"Oh man! Maintenance will be here at any moment! We need to get out, like now!"

The group then peeked outside the fire escape, seeing no one below. Then then quickly went out of the room, lowering themselves to the ground, and staying out of sight.

"Phew. That's enough for today methinks. I'm going home to sleep, I'm feeling lightheaded after all that." Vincent whined, stumbling in the opposite direction towards his home. Tryga then rubbed his sides.

"Ugh…that blow was also quite harsh. Nothing that some sleep won't fix. I'll see you tomorrow Yuko."

He then activated his Barian Lapis, teleporting away. Yuko then stared at the contract key around her neck, as well as her Future Number. Looking back at Celeste, she decided that she would also need the sleep.

"That ominous feeling…I fear it has already occurred."

Barian World:

The boy then reappeared in the palace, now in his Barian form. However, as he took a step, he stumbled, falling to his knees, cringing at the still fresh wound.

"You know, if you wanted to hide a wound like this, you could at least try to be subtle about it."

He then looked up, seeing his father standing by the doorway, where he gave nervous laugh.

"Well, looks like nothing is getting past you, huh dad?"

"Cut the crap. I know what happened down there. We detected a large amount of chaos energy. I expect to hear the truth, and I know you are incapable of lying to me about it."

The boy then stood up, holding onto his arm, keeping his balance.

"Alright. The truth…"

The same room appeared within view, where the woman in red had placed her feather quill pen back in the ink dispenser, and sat her latest tome to dry.

"Welcome back my honored guest. I see that you have unlocked the power of your persona in your most recent struggle."

She then held her arm out, an object being removed from the person's neck, and placed on the table.

"From this night on, you are an official Numeral Room guest, and the contract between us has been signed with this key."

The key then disappeared, now back around the neck of the guest.

"The power of your Persona, is the Wild Card. Much like the number zero, it contains an infinite amount of possibilities. An unlimited potential."

The woman then smiled warmly at the camera.

"Let us continue down this road, and…I'm curious to what you will do with these newfound powers. Your story, is just beginning…"

The scene then faded to black.

The Next Morning:

It was a foggy morning, but there was a distinct shape lying upon a roof of a building. It was unmoving, but it also quite eerie, the morning sun had already been up, but was obscured by the shadow and fog.

It was then slowly revealed, showing an orange tank top with a white lab coat, a piece of cloth similar to a cap in the gutter of the roof.

Heartland Academy:

It was raining again, Cia and Yuko wearing ponchos as they walked up towards the doors of their school.

"Sheesh, it's been raining quite a lot lately. Wonder what we did to piss off Poseidon…"

"Poseidon's god of the sea, you're more thinking of Zeus Cia."

The girl gave a shrug, giving a raspberry.

"Whatever. My point is that there is way too much rain! I can't even go outside to do my training because of it."

Yuko then turned her head to the side, looking at Celeste.

"Hey, something on your mind Celes?"

The call to the female astral shook her out of her trance, where she looked back at Yuko.

"Oh. No, it's nothing. I'm just also thinking about how there's so much rain."

Looking back ahead, they entered the campus building. "That makes three of us." She sighed to herself.

Later that morning:

"Vince is late, isn't he." Cia commented as she finished shading in part of her drawing.

"Yeah, what's taking him? And where's Tryga for that matter?" Yuko noted, looking around the area.

The doors then opened, where said boy entered. "Well, speak of the devil." Cia off headedly remarked. Tryga then ignored her comment, taking a seat.

"I received your text Yuko. I was looking for Vince, but I couldn't find him at his usual spots."

Suddenly, another siren was heard outside. The children all tried to gather near the window.

"No way…"

"Another accident?"

Assembly Hall:

Various teachers were gathering around the stage, Cathy taking the podium for a second.

"Excuse me everyone, if you please quiet down for just a moment, Principal Takashi is about to speak."

The secatary then moved away to the left, where the principal was making his way towards the center of the stage. Meanwhile, Vincent had managed to arrive from the back door, making his way over to where Yuko and her friends were sitting.

"What took you so long?"

"Sorry, I stopped by my uncle's place. Aunt Tetsuko hasn't responded to my texts about our turn to use the room again."

Yuko then took a look at the stage, noticing something was off.

"Now that I think about it, where is Mrs. Takeda?"

Celeste, who went out earlier to check what was happening, then arrived, Takashi now speaking.

"I have a heavy heart concerning recent affairs. But I'm afraid I have some depressing news…"

Vincent was absentmindedly texting on his D-Gazer, a face of worry plastered all over.

"Answer back…please?"

The others then looked at him with concerned looks, Celeste floating down.

"Guys, this is really bad, the accident involved-"

Takashi then finished her sentence.

"One of our faculty was found dead earlier this morning. Miss Tetsuko Takeda."

Vincent's eyes then widened, briefly breaking him from his fixation, audible gasps being heard as the other students started discussing among themselves about the shocking news.

"Please, remain calm for just a moment."

Vincent looked in horror, his mobile device falling out of his hand, clattering on the ground. The other two then looked to him, both of them feeling his pain. Celeste was looking down at the floor, unable to face them at the moment.

Later that afternoon:

The rain was still falling. The students were chatting about the recent events.

"I hear that the body was impaled, just like that Marizu woman..."

"This time however, it was stuck around a person's satellite dish on their roof…"

Vincent was sitting in the rain on one of the rooftops, wearing his poncho, staring at the ground. Tryga and Yuko then opened the door to the roof, where Tryga brought his umbrella, standing behind him.

"Vince…" she muttered quietly.

Vincent then spoke up, not moving an inch from his position.

"Hey, you guys remember that app I told you earlier?"

Tryga then raised an eyebrow.

"How is this relevant now?"

Vincent then snapped back, looking at them with anger.

"Let me finish dammit!"

The two flinched a bit, looking at each other, both of them knew that this wasn't the Vincent they usually knew.

"I…I checked that app again. Just to make sure of what happened yesterday. And I'm pretty sure…no. I'm definitely sure that I saw Aunt Tetsuko on that screen."

He then stood up, looking down at the ground.

"And there's more, I asked around the other day if anyone saw the app's last broadcast beforehand, and what they saw. Some saw that Marizu woman on the screen before school started. Not only that, but we saw posters of that Marizu woman in that one hotel room. There has to be a connection somewhere."

"You think whoever shows up on the app will end up dead?"

Vincent then slowly nodded. Tryga shaking his head.

"Vince, you're crazy. Are you planning to go back there?"

"I have no other choice! If I'm going to find out what's going on, then that's our only option!"

The three were back in the same room from yesterday, Vincent suiting up.

"Vincent, you can't be serious about going alone man."

"I've made my decision Tryga. I'm going in, and nothing is stopping me."

Yuko stayed silent for a moment, before stepping forwards.

"…I'll go as well."

Tryga stumbled back for a bit, while Vincent looked back at her.

"…Thanks. You have the power to protect us. It would help if you were there."

Yuko just sighed, giving a shrug.

"Someone has to keep you checked."

Tryga was setting things up, as per Vincent's instructions, holding two wires.

"Last chance to back out now."

"Just do it!"

Tryga then sighed, connecting the two wires, two green circles showing up around Vincent and Yuko, where they disappeared in a green light.

"I hope you know what you're doing…"

The two then opened their eyes, Celeste being visible to both of them, where two portals were in front of them. They stood above a vast amount of space, the only platform to them was a green hexagram supported by a glass floor. Celeste raised an arm, waves coming off of her hand.

"I detect Tetsuko's energy wavelength through this door here."

"Then let's go."

They both then stepped through one of the portals, where it revealed the area that they were in earlier. The two looked at the second staircase that was formed from yesterday, the gaping abyss below.

"Down there."

He then nodded, both of them carefully going down the steps. Eventually, they reached the bottom, but it was almost pitch black. As they reached the final step, the darkness lit up for a minute, with various torches lighting the way. They looked around, seeing that it was a ruined classroom, with a bunch of broken down slot machines.

"What the hell is this?"

Suddenly, voices from the surrounding area could be heard.

"Tetsuko, I know it's hard, but please, just calm down."

"SHUT UP! You have no idea how it feels! To lose something so quickly the moment you gain it! It's a horrible feeling!"

"Please, we need to be strong, in retrospect, it's not too bad-"

"Why didn't you take the job?! We've been planning to move there for a long time! We could have made more money as well! Do you see what has happened to us?!"

"Money is not the issue! But-"

"Just leave you idiot! I don't wanna talk!"

Vincent stared in shock, looking around.

"What…what's going on? Is that Aunt Tetsuko?"

The voices were then heard again.

"Why do I even continue to work here…I don't even like this place! Why did that vacation have to go to shit?! I've been waiting to just leave this goddamn place, and now I lose my only chance to do so!"

Celeste looked around the area, noticing the various gambling related items dotted around the floor.

"Why? …Why did she want to leave Heartland? And where?"

A crash could be heard in the background, where they saw a clipboard on the floor in front of them.


They ran up to it, where they saw it was a sign-up sheet.

"Hey…this is our Solid Vision Projector room sheet! Why is it-"

"That Vincent kid is also a pain in my ass!"

He visibly stepped back, staring at the empty area.

"Pain…in the ass?"

"I love my brother and all, but could he have picked an even more annoying kid than him?! He's always asking for favors here and there. I'm only nice to him because he's my nephew, but he's so goddamn annoying!"

Vincent's knees shook, slowly falling to the ground.

"No…that can't be true."

The yells grew louder in her voice.

"No Vincent, if you haven't noticed, WE'RE ON THE BRINK OF FINANCIAL COLLAPSE! You think I enjoy babysitting your ass for some game I don't even play?! NO! Of course not! I've lost everything and I can't climb out! All my opportunities, gone because of our family's shit luck!"

The room the stayed silent, where sobs were heard immediately after the outburst.

"Is it wrong to feel this way? Just to have a little bit of hope or luck when it's not even your fault? What did I do to deserve this bad luck?"

Vincent looked at the ground, having a hard time to soak everything in.

"I...I don't believe this. She never acted like this before, why now?"

Suddenly, steps could be heard from the darkness, along with a faint dark, distorted chuckle.

"Ha ha ha…shocking to hear? Of course not. It really shouldn't after all, I also have shit luck!"

The voice sounded familiar, where their heads then perked up, looking at the mysterious figure. Vincent swore he was looking in a mirror. The boy's appearance was nearly identical, up until the unnatural golden eyes, along with dark aura.

"No, that's impossible!"

The dark doppelganger just chuckled to himself, looking towards Vincent.

"Oh but it is real. You hate the fact that nothing EVER goes your way. Nothing is ever in your control! All you ever had was shit luck at everything! I mean, you BARELY won the test duel to get into the school, all because of a bad day, some of your own negligence, culminating in you losing your deck, and had to use a barely functioning one you found on the street!"

Vincent then tried plugging his ears, looking away.

"Shut up! I can't hear you! That's not what I want!"

Another evil laugh was then heard from him.

"Are you sure?! I can list the moments where we still had shit luck! Never had a date! Never had a chance to use the Solid Vision projector because someone told you no! You never even trusted your own luck coming here! You hoped that because Yuko was here, you could act like some big shot hero to save her life, or even have her deal with anything that came your way! In fact, you probably wanted to go alone to show how tough you were! But you were scared of your own luck to even have the balls to try."

Vincent stood up, suddenly shouting at the copy.

"Shut up! You don't know anything about me you imposter!"

"Imposter? No. I am you. The shadow of your true self! Your true hidden feelings!"

Vincent growled under his breath, staring straight at him.

"No. No you're not. You can't be me you son of a bitch!"

An eerie silence was heard in the room, a gust of wind blowing, with a couple of the slots starting back up. Yuko noticed the subtle sounds, but Vincent was too wrapped up in the business against his doppelganger. The other boy silently chuckled to himself, his aura growing.

"Yeah. Go on. What did you say?"

Vincent was shaking, his fists balled, silently muttering to himself.


Suddenly, the shadow's aura flared, an evil laugh resounding in his throat.

"That's right. I'm not you. And you're not me either. I…AM MY OWN PERSON!"

The slots then all started at once, where various parts of the machines were flying in his direction, the laughter continuing through the wind, Vincent, slowly being pulled in, while Celeste and Yuko were barely holding on.

"Hnngh…oh no!"

The wind was strong enough that it was able to pull the real Vincent in, the lights flashed, blinding them for a second, where they all were all shining down, revealing a stage that was reminiscent to a live theater, but there were giant gambling related abominations all over the place.

The shadow's true form was then revealed. It had metal cyborg like arms and torso, an abnormally large build, being incredibly muscular, showing his large pectoral muscles. Its head was unnatural, where it was a lion's face, a mane of silver, and a large gold roulette wheel on his back, adorned with six gems.

"Now, die!"

He then shot an energy ball towards Yuko and Celeste, but Yuko quickly dodged, raising an arm, seeing the familiar card from yesterday descending.


She then crushed it, revealing the large Arcadia Xyz Monster in its place, diving towards the shadow with his blade end. The shadow used both of his hands to catch the sword, shoving it back.

"Damn, you are stubborn!"

The two continued to clash, until they forced each other back to each respective sides.

"I see…our souls are at odds. This will not be solved with such a simple battle. Very well."

The shadow then changed from his sphinx like form to his more humanoid shadow form.

"The only way to settle this, is to make sure your soul is stripped away! Orichalcos Field…OPEN!"

The area surrounding Yuko and Shadow Vincent then turned into a green hexagram, the same green hexagram then glowed on the forehead of Shadow Vincent, where Yuko prepared herself.

"Don't worry Vincent, I'm going to save you!"

To be continued…