"GROOOOOAAAAARRRRR!" Roared the mighty Kyuubi as his being was separated, his chakra and mind going into two small newborn children.

His chakra went towards the younger child, a girl , who seemed to have Her mothers Blood Red mane growing. The mind of the great beast went two rads the eldest ,born precisely 23 minutes before the girl, and you could already see the beginnings of some blond hair growing.

The boy was quiet as the sealing went on, his eyes a brilliant orange color, observemt of what was going on around him though not quite showing signs of understanding yet. His sister, was just the opposite of this disposition, crying her violet eyes out in fright of the giant orange fox which was not a strange thing in the least.

Two other people at the sealing would be the current Hokage, Minato Namikaze, and his wife, Kushina Uzumaki, were each performing an Eight Trigrams Sealing technique on both children, albeit extremely reluctant to do such a thing to their children.

As soon as they were done Kushina collapsed on the ground which drew Minato's attention away from the children to his wife. As he rushed over to her, a small flame was ignighted on the young blond's forehead that soon went out. So quickly that no one noticed and no one would for a whole decade.

As Medic-Nin arrived at the sealing sight they started to examine their Lord Hokage and his wife, and were sure both would survive their encounter they moved to check out the children, finding nothing other than some exhausted babies and one had orange eyes, but that was a minor concern.

This extordinary day was the beginning of the life of Naruto Namikaze

When Naruto was a young four years old he was starting to show signs of being a caring young individual who would help you above his own needs, but worryingly enough he was also showing signs of the idea he needed to prove himself.

Young Naruto always carried around a red scarf wrapped tightly around his neck, whereas his sister seemed to be showing signs of being a prodigy of here own right.

When young Naruto was five years old, he was out at to lunch with his family on a rather normal day. They all ordered their food and were waiting, when Naruto's senses started to drift as any young kid would and that's when he heard faint whispers which soon grew louder till he could make out the words. Looking over to his family they seemed to be deep in a discussion about the twins upcoming birthday, and deciding he wasn't interested he listened, and he was not happy with what he heard.

"Oh that poor child, he has to live with expectations far above him."

"I more worried for the family, having to spend time with such a sure disappointment, not only that but they have to live with the fact that they produced such a fai-"

Naruto decided he was done listening to them, and just then the food came, but unlike the food his mother made he got a bad feeling from this, and decided not to touch it. This was noticed by his parents who said "Naru-kun is there something wrong with your food?" And under his parents gaze he ate the entire meal in a quick fashion and asked if he could go to the restroom.

As soon as he arrived in one of the stalls he felt a wave of nausea go over him and almost immediately threw up until he was left with an empty stomach and a bad taste in his mouth. He alerted his family and they gave him a concerned look and his father took him home.

I need to know how this is so can any one tell me, as well as this is a Naruto fanfiction with elements of Katekyo Hitman Reborn.