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Naruto's mind was in a haze, and all he could think of was that he had to get that sack, and more importantly he had to get that nin.

Now, please understand that Naruto was not one to rush into situations without a plan normally, but he was under the influence of whatever happened in his mind, and not quite right. His body seemed undamaged and he looked the same other than the bright orange flame on his forehead. He was running quickly through the alleyways hot on the trail of the Kumo nin.

"Stop squirming!" said the Kumo nin, as he readjusted the sack harshly, shaking the contents around. The Nin was frustrated, 'Why?' you ask, because of that brat that he ran into. He made the Nin run late, and in Kumo everyone was punctual, no exceptions and the brat was a casualty as well, meaning an incident could happen. The Nin acted without thought, and that was unacceptable.

What was he late for? His daring escape from the Village of the Leaf was to happen during the guard shifting period and then he would be gone, on the way to Kumo with a sure promotion on the way, but the blonde brat had kept him from getting there on time and now the guards were on their way here.

While the Kumo Nin was wrapped up in his own thoughts, Naruto caught up the bright flame on his forehead illuminating the alleyway. Naruto was barreling towards the Nin and quickly crashed into him. As they flew through the air, the Nin was still processing what was happening and Naruto was position himself and the bag on top of the Nin. When they landed they landed hard and in a crate of boxes exposed to the guard post. Luckily there were no guards in the guard tower as of yet, but soon they would be there.

The pair rolled on the ground trying to get the other to submit. As neither one was a quiter it took a little while. And as all this was happening the bag was squirming to untie the bag's loose strings. Finally the knot gave out and out popped a bluenette with purplish white eyes. She stared at the fight happening on the ground and gave a loud shriek that reverberated throughout the village and echoed all the way to the hyuugq compound awakening a rather tired guard. Once the guard recognized the voice he sprinted off to the young heiresses room to make sure, as just because they are ninja does not mean the are superheroes. After determining the heiress was gone, he then sounded the alarm, a rather large jade bell hanging on a thick wire, whose sound reverberated throughout the compound and the village.

The village had been awoken and they knew something was wrong by the bell. Guards at their guard posts each rang their own large Crimson bell, which awoke even the Hokage, who was alerted by his ANBU of a situation occurring at the Hyuuga compound.

The Hokage abruptly woke up to this noise and scrambled out of bed to get dressed. This in turn woke up Kushina who fell out of bed and onto the ground. The Hokage ran out of the room and Kushina followed him. They jumped to the roofs and were quickly at the Hyuuga compound

The Hyuuga told them and the ANBU that the heiress had been kidnapped and had gone to the Northern gate. 'Why?' the Hokage wondered, as the Hyuuga guards gave more information. Minato shunshined out of the compound towards the Nothern gate. As he arrived a bright light was shining, and very quickly going out. The source, Minato's own son Naruto Uzumaki, who had an orange flame burning on his forehead.

Naruto, after wrestling with the Kumo nin, felt the energy leave him as quickly as it came. Luckily he stalled long enough for the ANBU to get here. As the darkness started closing in he managed to look around and see sunshine yellow hair and blue eyes looking down on him. 'Oh great, now I'm gonna be in trouble.' And then Naruto fell unconscious.

The next day-

After Naruto's escapade the night before, he landed in the hospital with his father in quite the predicament, for you see the flame on Naruto's head had not gone out and was rapidly draining his life force, or so the doctors had told him and his family. Kushina had gone ballistic and almost maimed the poor doctor. She then went off searching for a way to seal the flame on Naruto's head and Minato could only hope for a solution...

Well that's the end of chapter three. I have no idea what should happen next, a time skip or another chapter at this point.