This chapter happens at just after Naruto gets into the hospital and then there's a time skip.

Naruto lay unconsious on the bed as various doctors examined his physical condition, checking for any solution to why he was still unconsious, all of the doctors ignoring the small flame on his forehead.

Examining it had been fruitless as it did not show up as chakra but as something other energy. The doctors were also stumped as to why this seemingly random boy had it on his forehead.

Hokage Tower

The Fourth Hokage was sitting in his office, listening closely as the Head of the hospital, Tsunade explained what they found of Naruto's condition.

"What do you mean you found nothing!" Yelled Minato.

"Exactly that" Yelled back Tsunade.

"His condition stabilized last night but we don't know why he hasn't woken up! All of his body is working fine, and by all means he should have woken up by now!" The Sannin explained exasperated at the Hokage. He simply did not seem to understand that his son had not woken up. Tsunade was, quite simply stumped and so shut her mouth.



As they sat in silence, at the Hokage's Mansion, Kushina poured over sealing texts looking for any way to help her son. Kushina personally thought that the demon sealed inside was responsible so she thought that maybe a seal that closed off part of the mind was the solution, until she remembered that the Kyuubi was a chakra construct and thus could slip past seals of the mind into the chakra stream which could cause even worse problems for her son. So she thought seal the chakra which might solve the problem if he wasn't waking up because of his mind becoming trapped inside of the Fox's seal. She concluded that was not the reason as it was ridiculous. Then she had an idea 'What if shutting off his chakra would shock him out of his mind' she thought. It wasn't un reasonable to her. 'Yes' she thought determined to wake up her son.

And off she went to work on the seal to awaken her son.



In the back yard the younger sister of Naruto, Natsumi was off throwing dull shuriken in a tree, and she wondered where exactly her brother was? She remembered him feeling nauseous so maybe he was at the doctor. Her thoughts were then taken over by ideas of what she should do today. Her day was going comparatively much better than her brothers. Not that she cared to much, she was busy after all, and she had to train. Then she could goof off as much as she wanted to.

She thought that maybe she would play with her friends today.



The young Naruto sat in a dim lit room with a large barred door on one side of the room and a raging fire on the other end. Though the fire wasn't bright it did seem to hold a certain ferocity to it. Naruto had tried to walk toward the bars but everytime he was stopped by a growl that sounded like an earthquake and the feeling he should stop or he would find trouble. Every time he moved towards the flame an intense heat moved over him and he was forced backward onto his back. And so he had no choice but move towards the center of the room where it at least felt comfortable.

He could vaugely remember before he woke up in this weird sewer like room. He remembered being tossed onto a wall and then it all goes blank. He could only feel a heat on his forehead, which he could still feel, and then he woke up.

Naruto sat in the center of the room for quite a while, until the flame grew and grew like a threatened animal, which scared Naruto quite a lot. It was then that Naruto fell unconscious once more.



Kushina had finally designed the solution to their problems, a seal that will seal off his strange energy, the very thing she thought was keeping her son asleep. She ran out of the house uncaring of what was in her way or what she looked like as she went to the Hokage tower to prepare the seal.

The seal she made would hopefully seal away the flame with no ill effects, but what Kushina did not know was the news from the hospital...

A white haired man known to all as Jiraiya the Gallant, walked through the towering gates of Konohagakure, as he walked through he looked around to see that though the village seemed to be trying to act normally, they looked around with suspicious eyes, that were accusing to all their fellow man.

Jiraiya knew what had happened, and could not help but fear that war was on the horizon. These fears were not only his own, but also the fears of the people as well as,at least he hoped, his star pupil Minato's.

Jiraiya had been on his way back to the village for the first time in several years, he had not even seen Minato's children. He had heard that the daughter, Natsumi was showing talent in the ways of the ninja, but it was to soon to call her a prodigy. Her talent could have been simply because of her parents or her own talent. He had not however heard anything about the son. Jiraiya pondered 'Why not?' for a moment but could not come up with any reason as to why. Perhaps he just was like his godfather in that respect, Jiraiya thought with a smile.

Perhaps he would take the son as an apprentice of the toads, as he had always favored the underdog, but he wasn't even in the acadamy. Once they were out, then he would choose. But now, he had better things to do, like do some research for his next book.

Kushina arrived at the hospital, and ordered the doctors to tell her where her son was. They gave some protest, but were to scared when she threatened them. She arrived at her son's room, Room 327 and without stopping her walk, went right in. She told the doctors to get out and then she locked the door. Then she closed the blinds and pulled out her Sealing on the Go kit.

She took out her ink well and brush, and drew the seal on the floor. The seal was designed to shut off most of her son's chakra, temporarily of course, which would wake him up. The idea was similar to breaking a Genjutsu, but in a bigger way.

Once she was done she place Naruto down in the middle of the seal, and with a drop of blood, activated the seal.

The flame grew larger and larger, until the ink of the seal moved on to her son's skin to restrain the flame until it had moved back to its former size then it shrank until it was not even there anymore. Kushina was happy, the flame was gone and that meant her son would wake up, she hoped.

She waited a moment before her son opened his eyes, the bright color of his eyes now being a dulled shade of orange, but Kushina could care less. He really son was awake from quite the scare.

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