Deryn, Quinn and 'Nic were raised to be smugglers, and scam artists by their Uncle Mordecai. Why you ask. Well to put it simply ''Uncle Mordecai'' is in charge of distribution and acquisition of the Bertinelli Family. After a terrible event that happens to their friends Tasha and Toby they decided they need to escape. Ultimately they end up in Forks. What happens when a certain hothead imprints on a paranoid, take no prisoners, Deryn. Who happens to have two overprotective siblings that are extremely suspicious of the pack.


What happens now when I walk out of town?

And the enemy surrounds me bent on hunting me down?

I'll be moving silent while the enemy sleeps,

Blisters & Coffee - The Classic Crime


For some people that meant large family reunions, where you pretend to remember people's names, when you only knew 1/10 of them.

For some it meant gossip, and, nitpicking, and ''well when are you going to...'' or ''did you hear so-and-so already has...''

For others it meant home, it meant somewhere safe, it meant someone having your back.

For Deryn Scott, Quinn Lance, and Dominic Grace it meant one thing and one thing only.

The Mob, the Bertinelli's, the Family.

Deryn, Quinn and Nic' grew up in it.

They were taken in very young by dear Old Uncle Mordecai.

They know they must have been old enough to use the restroom by themselves but not much else.

Deryn was the youngest at 16.

Quinn was the second youngest at 17.

Making Nic' the oldest by a couple of months he like Quinn was 17.

The idea of family some people had where you knew someone always had your back.

They only had that feeling from each other, but they never called each other Family; in the world they were living that word hadn't been a good word since they were 9 and 8 years old.

That's when the realized stealing, and smuggling weapons and drugs was not normal or good and that the Family was something to be feared for good reason.

They were a team, they were best friends they were not a Family.

But they dealt with it they were kids.

What could they do against the Family? What could they do to stop them?

Nothing, so they kept their head down followed orders, and pretended that it wouldn't be like this forever.

And it wasn't.

And they owed it all to Tasha and Toby who even in death made their lives better.

Tasha and Toby had been there before them.

They were twins and 4 years older than Deryn and three years older than Quinn and Nic.

They helped them understand what being a part of the Family was and how it worked.

How to act in the Family, and how to act outside of the Family.

They helped them learn how to lie better, how to hide, how to hide things and get them where they needed to go.

It was pretty easy who would expect kids to deliver weapons or drugs or know how to use those weapons.


That was why it worked.

But then things changed.

Tasha and Toby were killed.

It was a usual run till' they were ambushed by Yamanaka's men, the Yakuza.

Deryn, Nic' and Quinn had never had to kill before, they knew Toby and Tasha had.

And they knew in that moment, they were probably going to have to start.

But then Tasha is pushing them this way, and shouting for them to ''Get the hell out of here'' leaving Toby and Tasha to deal with it.

They return, they tell Uncle Mordecai he nods, gives them a dismissal and they leave.

They wait for word and don't hear anything, until late the next day.

They were killed.

They were dead, there was no funeral, not even a whole lot of acknowledgement from anyone from the Family.

They found out because, they were taking over their shifts.

Sure there was talk of retaliation, but that was more for the lost merchandise, and talk of the Yakuza enclosing on Bertinelli turf.

Toby and Tasha despite being only a few years older, was the closest thing to parents they had, and now they were dead.

It was terrifying and eye-opening.

They had the realization that, that would be them in a few years.

It was a scary thought.

It was fear, grief, anger, pain, hurt, and desperation.

It was these things that brought them to the train station at 3 am.

They must've made a sight, dressed in black outwardly mourning for their dead loved ones.

None of them looking related, Deryn with her pale blonde hair, Quinn with her vivid red hair, and Nic with his black dark curls.

They gripped hands tight as they took their first train leaving Vancouver.

Afterwards they would transfer to another train in Seattle end up in Port Angeles and take a bus and they would they would end up in the rainy town of Forks but would it be far enough?

Author's Note: HI! Wha'cha think? So Deryn, Nic AND Quinn were raised by Mobster Mordecai :) They smuggle stuff maybe a little far-fetched but still workable. Let me know what you think of their new backstories and Quinn and Nic going to Forks. I just felt like I really liked those characters and then I didn't even use them that much. Also in my head Deryn now looks like Annasophia Robb and Quinn like Jane Levy and Nic like Daniel Shaman except you know with black hair and stuff.