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Two months later

Entreat me not to leave thee,
Or return from following after thee—
For whither thou goest, I will go,
And where thou lodgest, I will lodge.
Thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God.
Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried.
The Angel do so to me, and more also,
If aught but death part thee and me.

Many memories flashed through Alec's mind when he heard Clary and Simon saying those words. They reminded him of a day many years ago. Back then, Jace and Alec had stood in similar rings of fire on the ground and they had also repeated the words of the oath which was part of the ceremony to become parabatai. It had been one of the most exciting days in Alec's entire life and he didn't think that he could forget it someday.

Becoming parabatai was very special and once the ceremony was done and the runes were drawn, it couldn't be countermanded anymore. That's why you had to think of it very closely before. And presumably that was also one of the reasons why many shadowhunters didn't have a parabatai.

Alec knew that Clary and Simon had made the right decision. Everyone knew how close they were and since Simon was a shadowhunter now, it was possible for them to wear the runes that made them as close as two persons could be. Well, nearly as close...

The room in which the ceremony took part wasn't filled with people. Clary and Simon wanted to have some privacy and so only the most important persons from the Clave were there. Which meant Jia Penhallow and Robert and Maryse Lightwood – Alec's parents. Normally, the ceremony had to take place in front of the Clave, but it was also possible to perform it when only the Consul and the Inquisitor were there.

Next to them, Clary's parents, Isabelle, Jace, Magnus and Jem were there. Alec wasn't completely sure why Jem was there as well, but it seemed to have something to do with the connection between him and Jace. Or rather Tessa Gray, Jem's wife and Jace. After all, Tessa was related to Jace. Besides, during the last months, both Clary and Jace had begun to like the former Silent Brother very much. He rarely visited them in New York, but that didn't matter. Alec knew that Jem spent more time in LA with the Blackthorns and Emma Carstairs.

Jace stood next to Alec and their shoulders touched, which showed him that his parabatai was also thinking of their ceremony many years ago. When he turned his head to look at him, he saw a smile on Jace's lips and Alec had to grin as well. On his other side, Magnus was holding his hand. He watched everything with much interest in his cat-like eyes and they were shining in the light of the fire on the ground.

Alec knew that it wasn't the first parabatai ceremony Magnus was seeing. However, Nephilim were still a mystery to him and they surprised him very often. That also seemed to be a reason why he'd been so happy to be invited. Most probably because he still felt a special connection to Clary since he saw her grow up.

Alec followed his boyfriend's gaze and he saw that Clary raised her stele to draw the first rune. They had decided to place them right over the heart and since Simon had been a vampire for many months – which meant that his heart hadn't been beating anymore – Alec thought that the idea was great. It seemed to be right that they were wearing the runes there. After everything they've been through, the rune just showed them how strong they were together and that they were able to reach many things.

When the stele touched Simon's skin, the fire in the rings around them began to burn stronger. Right now, it was difficult for anyone to see Clary and Simon, but Alec knew that it wasn't that bad in the circle. You didn't even notice how hot the fire around you was until the ceremony was over. Well, or maybe that was because of the excitement you were feeling. However, it looked worse than it was.

After some time – Clary had drawn the rune very carefully – the fire became smaller again and they could see that the rune on Simon's skin was red, so it looked like it was burning as well. Alec knew that it was hurting, but Simon didn't show any signs of it. He raised his stele slowly and hesitated before it touched Clary's skin, but she was just smiling.

Alec looked towards Jace and he saw a proud smile on his parabatai's lips. Jace really loved her and it made him happy that she could smile, even if the stele on her skin was hurting her. When he noticed that Alec was looking at him, Jace's smile turned into a wide grin. "Are there also so many memories flashing through your mind?" He asked quietly and Alec nodded.

"It's different when the entire Clave isn't there." He muttered and looked around for a few seconds. "Not that... festive."

"Is that a bad thing?" Another voice asked and Alec turned around to see Magnus raising his eyebrows.

Alec shook his head. "Of course it isn't bad." He whispered back and a small smile appeared on his lips. "They wanted it that way and I can understand them very well."

He knew Magnus well enough to see the sad look in his eyes, even if he tried to hide it. "After everything that happened I wouldn't want to speak the oath in front of the whole Clave as well."

Jace opened his mouth to say something, but he didn't have a chance to do it. In that moment, Simon finished the rune on Clary's skin and the fire vanished with a hissing noise. All that was left were three rings on the ground which were glowing in a red light.

The parabatai-runes were still shining, but they became black slowly and after a few moments, Clary and Simon started to relax. They smiled at each other and Alec could see how happy they were.

Jia took a few steps towards them and now everyone in the room turned his or her attention towards the Consul. She was smiling and looked at the runes on Clary's and Simon's skin for some time. Then she cleared her throat and began to speak.

"Now that the ceremony is nearly over, I am happy to announce that we have two new parabatai among us Nephilim. Clary Fray and Simon Lewis, you may leave the circle now. I think I do not have to explain to you what it means to wear the runes you have just drawn. However, I must say that you have to be careful. Having a parabatai is a gift you should honour and you should always keep an eye on each other. Now you will not just be together as long as you live, you will also feel what the other one feels and I want to be completely honest. It will not always be easy. But since you have already managed many difficult and dangerous situations together, I think that you will be able to deal with this responsibility."

Slowly, Clary and Simon stepped out of the rings on the ground. They tried not to touch them since they were hot, which you could feel in the entire room. As soon as they'd left the circle, Clary wrapped her arms around Simon and they hugged each other tightly.

Alec began to applaud together with the other people in the room and just when Clary let go of Simon, Jocelyn and Luke were there to congratulate them. Alec could see tears in Jocelyn's eyes and there was a thoughtful expression on Luke's face.

"He's thinking of Valentine." Magnus whispered and Alec noticed that he was also looking at them. "Even if he'd been evil, it had been difficult for Luke to accept that their bond was broken."

"I couldn't think of many things that are worse than that." Alec agreed and Magnus raised his eyebrows.

"There's nothing which could be worse."

"Yes, there is something." Alec contradicted and now Magnus looked at him in a confused way. "The worst thing which can happen is that I could lose you."

For a few seconds, Magnus was silent and just looked at Alec as if he wanted to search any signs which showed that he was making fun of him. But when he realized that his boyfriend was serious, the warlock wrapped his arms around him and kissed Alec.

"I love you." Magnus murmured and Alec smiled.

"And I love you, Magnus. More than anything."

They looked into each other's eyes for a few more moments, until Magnus pulled away and took his hand. "I think we should congratulate Clary and Simon." He said and Alec followed him with a wide smile on his lips.

"It's always a relief to be in New York again." Isabelle said and Magnus had to smile. Next to him, Alec laughed softly and when he turned his head, he saw that the young shadowhunter was grinning at his sister widely.

"So Idris is too peaceful for you, Izzy?"

Slowly, Isabelle raised her eyebrows. "I don't think that you can call a battle against an army of demons peaceful."

"Well, but that wasn't on our last visit there, right?" Alec was still grinning at her and it didn't take long until Isabelle had to smile as well.

"New York is home." She said simply and Magnus had to agree to that. He'd been living in this city for more than a century now and no other city in the world was like New York.

"That's true." Magnus agreed and now Alec looked at him. His blue eyes were shining in the light of the sunset. He knew exactly what he was thinking. They'd met each other in this city and here, their relationship had developed. Many good (but also many bad) things had happened here and that made this place so special to both of them.

"There they are!" Isabelle pointed at one of the trees in the Central Park and when Magnus followed her gaze, he saw Clary, Jace and Simon sitting in the grass. A few days had passed since the parabatai-ceremony of Clary and Simon and they were very close to each other at the moment. Magnus knew that Jace and Isabelle weren't too happy about that, but they didn't say anything. The feeling of being like one person would get weaker soon and then, everything would be normal again.

"Where have you been?" Jace asked loudly as soon as he saw them walking towards him and he sat up quickly. "You wanted to be here an hour ago!"

Isabelle smiled sweetly at him and sat down next to Simon, who kissed her on the cheek. "We didn't want to hurry up."

Jace rolled his eyes and Clary laughed. "Is it really that bad that they didn't come earlier?"

"Yes, it is!" Jace replied defiantly. "I had to be alone with you and Simon and since you behave like nothing could come between you anymore, it had begun to get a little annoying."

Now Alec had to laugh and when Magnus turned to look at him, he saw the amusement in his beautiful blue eyes. "That feeling won't last long. You should know that, Jace." They sat down in the grass as well and Magnus wrapped an arm around Alec.

"So now that we're here, I would like to ask a question which hadn't been very nice in the past." He began seriously and now everyone looked at him. Simon and Clary were just curious, while Jace looked suspiciously. "Has anything happened?"

The tone of Magnus' voice and his serious expression surprised the others for a few moments. But suddenly, they all started to laugh. It wasn't because the question was funny. The laugh showed how relieved they were that there wasn't any trouble at the moment. After Belphegor had been defeated, there hadn't been so many demon attacks anymore. Right now, everything was mostly peaceful and that hadn't happened for a long time.

"I think we're all happy when I say no!" Jace grinned and the others nodded in agreement.

"Do you think that it'll last long?" Simon asked and Isabelle shrugged.

"Who knows..." She murmured and exchanged a look with Clary, who was still grinning.

"We shouldn't think about it." She suggested. "When something's going to happen, we can't change it either way."

Magnus nodded and squeezed Alec's hand. "And that's why we should live in the moment and enjoy every second of it."

It means that from now on we make every day matter.

"They seem to be happy about their decision." Alec said and Magnus smiled at him. It was already dark and they were on their way to their apartment in Brooklyn. The others had gone back to the Institute some time ago, but Alec and Magnus had decided to go for a walk before they went home.

"That's obvious. And why shouldn't they be happy? In this world, it's always great when you find someone to love, even if it's just like a brother or a sister."

"Being parabatai is more than family." Alec whispered and for a few seconds, he seemed to be lost in his thoughts and Magnus knew that he was thinking of Jace and everything they've been through together.

"And it can be hard sometimes."

"That's true." Alec murmured and touched a spot on his chest with his free hand. There, Clary had stabbed Jace with Glorious so many months ago. Magnus knew that Alec had felt it as well – not that strong, of course – and that being parabatai didn't just mean to share all the good and happy moments. You also felt the other one's pain and you always knew when the other person wasn't feeling well. It was a heavy gift...

"But either way, it's something special." Magnus tried to make Alec think of something happier and he seemed to be successful since a small smile appeared on his boyfriend's lips.

"Aren't we something special as well?"

Magnus chuckled softly. "Of course we are, Alexander!" He exclaimed and kissed him on the cheek quickly. "You know how much I love you and that I'm ready to change my entire life just to be with you."

Even in the darkness, Magnus could see that Alec blushed. "I love you too, Magnus." Alec whispered and squeezed his hand. It seemed as if he wanted to say something else as well, but then they reached the front door of the building they were living in and Magnus stretched out his hand to open the door with magic. He didn't have a key to neither this door nor to the one to their apartment. The only keys were owned by Alec.

In the moment the door to their apartment closed behind Alec, Magnus pressed him against a wall and kissed him passionately. First, Alec seemed to be too surprised to do anything, but after a few moments he relaxed and kissed him back.

For some time, they just stood at the door and kissed each other, but then Magnus grabbed Alec's shirt and pulled him towards the couch. He knew that they wouldn't make it to the bedroom anymore and so Chairman Meow had to leave the place where he was sleeping at the moment. The cat protested loudly, but Alec and Magnus didn't care. They just shooed him away and the cat walked towards the bedroom in an offended way.

Suddenly, Alec was lying on top of Magnus and he began to open the buttons of his shirt. Magnus moaned loudly and it took him all his strength to grab Alec's wrists to make him stop for a moment.

"What –" Alec began and Magnus knew that he thought that he'd done something wrong. He wanted to sit up again, but Magnus strengthened his grip around his boyfriend's wrists.

"Everything's fine, Alec." He murmured quickly and a small smile appeared on his lips. "It just looked like you wanted to say something when we reached the door."

For half a second, Alec looked confused, but then he seemed to remember what he wanted to say. "It's not that important. It can wait."

Magnus raised his eyebrows slowly. However, he couldn't stop himself from letting go of Alec's hands, so that he could continue unbuttoning his shirt. "Are you sure?"

Alec nodded determinedly and closed Magnus' mouth with his own. "Yes, it's not important. And don't you think that we have enough time to talk tomorrow?"

"Not just tomorrow." Magnus whispered between the kisses and buried one hand in Alec's hair. "We've got all the time in the world since I won't let you go anymore as long as I live."

"I love you." Alec smiled and on Magnus' lips also appeared a wide smile.

"And I love you, Alec Lightwood." He replied and leaned in to kiss Alec again.

The end.