Hey guys, now I know some of you are probably a little mad i deleted the first version of this story but after some thinking it dawned on me…. i didn't like where the story was going, I screwed up on so many things, like character development, some characters in general, character personalities, it was all screwed up beyond repair, so i decided it was time for a major rewrite. I have been working on a reference sheet to help me plan out the story a little more and ive gotten to the second arc I've dubbed the Arranged Marriage arc. not gonna go into detail but the first couple arcs will eventually build up to the creation of Naruto's team. I'm also going to try my hand at a good relationship development. know this, naruto will be powerful, he will kick the crap out of people, but he's gonna have help from his "other half" sea goes well with the moon so it fits rather well.

Now that we got that out of the way let's get on with the story!

Several figures waited under a giant wooden gate awaiting the final member of the team they sent after their lost ally. One in particular was worried, after all, she has had a crush on the boy since before she graduated the academy. her pink hair flowed around her shoulders while she clutched the gate for support letting out a single tear as she remembered the last time she talked to her crush…

Flashback: Konoha main gate

The pink haired girl sat on a bench lost in her thoughts of the events that transpired that day.

'Naruto-baka, always trying to get one up on Sasuke-kun. I don't even know why he tries, he'll never be as cool as Sasuke-kun but he tried to kill him. I wish he would just leave, that way he would stop bugging me and let me have my love.'

The girl sighed dreamily as she thought of her teammate Sasuke, she didn't know what it was that drew her to him, be it his mysterious personality, or the way he acts so cool. she just couldn't help it, but whenever Naruto talked to her or did something stupid or embarrassing it irked her beyond belief.

She was interrupted from her thoughts when she caught sight of her favorite Uchiha causing her to call out to him girlishly, "Sasuke-kun! Where are you going?"

Sasuke turned his head to look at her with a haunted expression before responding, "I'm leaving. This place can't give me the power I need to kill "Him", so I'm going to the one person who can give me what I want."

Sakura looked at him in horror with her hand covering her mouth with a gasp, "Sasuke? You can't be serious, that snake is who you're going to? What about me?"

Sasuke looked at her with emotionless eyes, "You mean nothing to me, you're to weak to stand by my side. Go to the dope, I'm sure he would welcome you."

Sakura's heart shattered at hearing his words and tears threatened to spill before she spoke up, "If you go… I'll scream and everyone will come running."

Sasuke perked up before turning to face her, but while Sakura closed her eyes and let out a breath of relief thinking she had won, her eyes shot open when she felt something impact painfully in her stomach. she saw Sasuke in front of her. Sasuke leaned forward and whispered in her ear.

"Sakura, thank you, I'm sorry." with his peace said he felt her slump against his shoulder indicating she was knocked unconscious. he picked her up bridal style and laid her on the bench they were standing next to and took off out the gate disappearing down the road.

Flashback end

Sakura was brought from her thoughts when she saw a speck coming towards them. Sakura was happy, she felt that Naruto had succeeded in his promise, he had brought Sasuke back to her. She wanted to run to him she wanted to thank him for bringing him back but she stopped when she noticed the figure fall forward, she ran to the figure and began to feel dread when she saw it was only a single figure.

Naruto was walking back home from his failed mission with a fist sized hole in his chest constantly leaking blood while his wound glowed trying to heal and causing the blood to harden into scabs. he remembered he had seen his sensei arrive just as Sasuke left.

Flashback: Valley of The End

Naruto saw kakashi look towards Naruto and then in the direction Sasuke ran and dash off, leaving Naruto on the ground bleeding out slowly losing conscious with only one thought in mind, 'Why?' before everything faded to black.

After Kakashi left red energy worked overtime on his wounds causing Naruto's features to take on a more demonic nature. the whisker marks on his cheeks darkened while his eyes turned a blood red with black slit pupils, and his sun kissed hair split at the tips.

Naruto shakily stood up while trying to cover the hole in his chest and began walking down the dirt road, every step hurt. his chest was burning and soaked in his blood, running down his orange jumpsuit tainting it crimson.

Naruto hadn't made it far from the beach he woke up on when a booming voice echoed through the valley.

"Why did you stay? Why did you fight? Why did you give so much for that village and Uchiha? None of them care except that Senju and her apprentice."

Naruto looked around still clutching his chest painfully looking for the source straining his muscles in his chest.

"Who are you? Where are you?" Naruto only got a deep chuckle of amusement in return.

"Show yourself!"

Naruto suddenly felt an immensely powerful pressure behind him causing him to turn and look upon a deep tanned man about 6.4, dirty blond hair that reached the base of his neck, even from the distance Naruto could see the man's eyes rotating like a vortex of dark emerald green while he wore a simple deep blue kimono with carefully designed wave stitching that seemed to reflect the picture of the ocean from high above watching the waves rage.

The man had his arms crossed over his chest with his his eyes looking Naruto over. the man stood on a column of water.

"Well boy? What is your purpose for going to such great lengths? Surely you must have seen it by now, even with that mask of idiocy you wear it's fairly obvious to anyone paying attention you're much smarter than you let on, so why?" his lips never moved but the water resonated as the apparent source.

"I fight for acceptance. I found a brother in Sasuke and I don't want to lose the little family I have."

The figure pondered Naruto's words before a small smile graced his lips, "You are a very interesting boy, Naruto Uzumaki."

The God chuckled at his tense form, "I have been watching you for some time now Naruto. My name is Oceanus, Kami of the sea. I have come to offer you a chance to start over, to have the family that you wanted so badly."

"But know this, if you accept my offer, your travel here will be severely limited. There is only one time every couple months the barrier separating this world and mine is weak enough to travel through, although it can be used multiple times by other creatures there is a five minute interval you must step through before it closes or you will have to wait for the next one."

Naruto looked at him skeptically, "A God? You said so yourself, I'm not as stupid as everyone thinks I am. So why do you think you can call yourself a God without me questioning you?"

"I cannot prove anything, I simply ask you trust me. I know it is difficult with the life you were forced to endure, but every choice has it's consequences, whether those consequences benefit us or harm us is always unknown until it comes to pass. But the greatest events in history have always started with a decision. I will await yours in Nami No Kuni, my portal will close in five days so make your way there if you wish to learn. I will wait on the landmark of your first achievement."

Naruto took the man's words in stride, so far he hasn't lied to him so why shouldn't he trust him? If he wanted him dead it would have been fairly easy with the fist sized hole in his chest not to mention he's been having similar thoughts about his 'Friends' recently. When was the last time they visited him while he was in the hospital? Or even hung out with him outside of missions? Has any of them even bothered to stop by his house to say a quick hello? He had a lot to think over and the walk home no matter how painful may help him.

As Naruto continued to trudge down the road Naruto thought back to his past experiences with his 'friends', the most he can remember doing with any of them is the occasional gathering of the rookie twelve, and even with that people would brush him off to talk to someone else.

Whenever he tried to talk to Sakura she would hit him and call him a Baka, Ino would simply ignore him, Shikamaru was always asleep or thought it was too troublesome to talk, Choji would be to indulged in talking to either Asuma or Shikamaru, or stuffing his face, Kiba and Lee would be rough housing, Kakashi would be indulged in his smut, Neji just ignores everyone, Tenten tries to get Neji's attention, shino, hinata, and Sasuke just wouldn't come because of either shyness being hinata's case or brooding being sasuke and shino, around that time Guy is either running around the village training, talking to Kakashi, or hugging Lee about Youth.

All-in-all are they even friends? The more he thought about the Times he's spent with them the more his heart seemed to shatter. The only people he can think of that actually seemed to care are Tsunade and Shizune, but they are always stuck in the office. He would like to think his sensei Jiraiya cared but he always has his nose in a peep hole at the hot springs peeping on the woman. The ichiraku's he considered family

His heart finally couldn't take it anymore and he finally felt it shatter. He was alone, he had no one. His thoughts became clear but his body refused to move. He finally collapsed, the pain in his chest gone, his mind in turmoil, his emotions running rampant in his eyes. He just lie there, watching a pink blur rush up to him.

Flashback end

Sakura kneeled over her blond haired teammate checking his pulse, she sighed in relief when she felt his heartbeat. She saw his eyes open looking at her utterly emotionless.

" Naruto, where's Sasuke-kun?"

The last thing she expected was to feel the massive KI focused on her, and when Naruto rose to his feet she saw something in his blue eyes that screamed betrayal.

"I have a hole in my chest, broken ribs, punctured lung, and the ONE thing you ask me when I collapse is WHERE IS SASUKE-KUN!?"

Naruto glared at her hatefully before walking off leaving a shaking Sakura. Sakura stood up shakily and glared at his back.

"Yes, now where is he baka!?"

Naruto stopped again with his fists clenched tight enough to draw blood, Naruto turned to reveal crimson eyes glowing under the shadow of his hair.

Naruto snarled like an animal and spat, "He made it to Orochimaru, at this point he could burn in hell for all I care, and you can join him."

Naruto didn't notice the group of shocked people who had heard him until he turned to face them. He spoke in such a cold way that everyone trembled.

"Get out of my way or I'll move you myself."

Everyone parted for him, the majority of the rookie twelve stared as he walked by, mostly of fear.

Naruto reached the gates and smiled softly at Tsunade and Shizune who ran to him. Naruto's body finally failed, he fell forward but was caught by Tsunade. She quickly took off towards the hospital with shizune hot on her heels.

Tsunade rushed through the doors to the hospital and immediately went into the ER, she spent the remainder of the day and most of the night doing what she could to keep him alive.


Naruto finds himself in front of his tenant locked away in his cage.

"What do you want this time Kyuubi, I'm having a bad day and I just want to rest."

The Kyuubi growled glaring down at him.

"I was going to congratulate you on finally finding your senses and FINALLY seeing through those lies you so blatantly believed. But now let's discuss your conversation with oceanus."

"I guess, but I don't want to leave baa-chan and shizune-nii-chan it would hurt them."

Kyuubi sighed while lowering his head.

"I can't say I understand, being immortal makes forming bonds a hindrance instead of a strength. But just do what you've always done kit."

Naruto quirked an eyebrow, "What might that be?"

"You've always charged in headfirst, people call it stupidity, but the reason you're still alive is because you followed your heart."

Naruto allowed a short laugh to ring through the sewer before wiping a tear from his eye.

"I never took you as one for poetry. But all jokes aside, thanks Kyuubi."

Kyuubi scoffed while lazily opening an eye.

"Don't get used to it, I'm only helping you because it's in my best interest you get stronger. And the only way to get that strength is to go to oceanus. Now leave, I want to sleep."

Naruto faded from the mindscape without seeing a grin spread across Kyuubi's face.

Naruto awoke to pain in his chest, he couldn't move, his arms and legs were restrained. Naruto struggled against the binding but found he couldn't break them. The heartbeat monitor quickly responded to the slight panic he felt and soon Shizune walked into the room.

"Calm down Naruto-kun, we just did this so you wouldn't run off again."

Naruto felt himself relax slightly allowing his head to rest on the pillow.

"How long was I out?"

"About three days, you still need to recover but you should be cleared tomorrow afternoon."

Naruto looked at her irritated, "I can't do that, I need to go now."

Shizune tilted her head in confusion, "Why?"

Naruto sighed, "It's a long story and I don't want to repeat it. Let's just say I was offered a deal I can't refuse anymore."

Shizune narrowed her eyes in suspicion, "NARUTOOO."

Shizune's voice rising signaled he hadn't made the right choice in saying that.

"Maa, nii-chan just please, trust me on this, It's not something easy to believe. Besides, what I want to do is get stronger and this is the only way I can see to get the strength to bring an end to the snake."

Shizune didn't look pleased by his answer so tapped her foot impatiently while naruto sighed.

"Fine, it was after I saw Kakashi leave me behind..." Naruto goes into detail of his encounter with Oceanus, he tells her about his doubts about his so called 'friends', he explains his reasons why he doubts them and as much as Shizune wanted to tell him he was wrong the fact was that no one had asked if he was ok when he was brought in proving his doubts true.

"It doesn't mean you have to leave Naruto. It just means that their ungrateful for everything you've done even if they don't know everything. There are still people who care about you, me and Tsunade care you can't doubt that."

Naruto replied with a small smile, "Yeah I know, the Ichiraku's would count to but it's always business with them, It's hard to tell if they're being sincere or if they're just doing their job."

"True but Naruto, you can't leave. What about your promise to lady Tsunade of taking the Hokage hat? Not to mention your promise to bring Sasuke back."

Naruto scoffed at the end and faced the window, "Please, I couldn't care less about the Teme at this point. If he was a little more accurate he would've stabbed me right through the heart, I would have died!"

Shizune couldn't refute his claim and was desperately trying to think of a way to get him to stay until she remembered her master's talk with Jiraiya.

"Naruto. Jiraiya is wanting to take you on a three year training trip around the elemental nations. If you go you can get stronger."

Naruto looked odd, his lips twitched upward and quivered like he was trying to not laugh but it was in vain as the dam broke.

"L-let me get t-this straight. You think sending me with the self proclaimed super-pervert, who mind you can't stop writing his smut, peeking on woman, hitting on women, and going to brothels for a single day would be a good a good idea? I'd be alone overall eight times out of ten so why would I agree to this?"

Shizune's brain was momentarily fried. Now that she thought about it, the entire thing is laughable the way Naruto put it. Seriously, what were they thinking!? If anything it would have been a huge waste of time even thinking about it.

"I'll be right back." Shizune walked out the door towards Tsunade's office.

Naruto let out a sigh while he lay in bed, he knew they wouldn't let him go, it would be wishful thinking if he did. Naruto needed to get out of here and he knew it had to be soon if he was going to reach wave any time before the deadline so he needed to think.

He had heard how chakra could be used in a multitude of ways, from forming normal jutsu, elemental jutsu, walking on surfaces, and enhancing body parts. But he didn't know how to do any of those, courtesy of our least favorite Emo-lover so how?

"Kit, I'm only going to say this once. Channel your chakra into the muscles of your right arm and imagine them hardening, that should get you out of this problem."

"Why are you helping me? I thought you only help when it benefits you."

"This does benefit me. As loathed as I am to say it, you're right about the pervert, it would be a waste of precious time you could use to get stronger. The stronger you are, the least likely you are to die in battle, giving me time to break out of this Kami forsaken seal."

"Fine then, temporary truce, let's get started then."

With that Naruto did as the Fox instructed and pulled with all his might until the bindings snapped under the pressure. Naruto used his free arm to undo the other restraints and pulled out the heartbeat monitor he was connected to causing a resounding beep to ring through the room.

Naruto took action and jumped out the window and headed towards the main gate. Naruto had incredibly fast healing but even after his major wounds healed it still hurt his sore muscles from the impact of jumping out of the second floor of the hospital.

Naruto jumped from rooftop to rooftop to avoid the crowds of people swarming the streets of the market district. Naruto was solely focused on getting out of the village so he didn't notice the dark blue hair of the girl who was tailing him.

Upon reaching the gate he was stopped by a pair of familiar white eyes that gazed into his sapphire.

"Hinata? What are you doing here?"

The girl shifted uncomfortably under his gaze.

"N-naruto, w-where are y-you going? Y-you should b-be resting."

Naruto groaned in frustration, "Listen Hinata, I have to leave. I just can't stay here anymore. I know that you and the rest of rookie twelve don't like me so just let me go."

Hinata's face showed slight panic, "W-what? W-who told y-you s-something l-l-like that?"

"It doesn't matter, let me go, I lost what little love for this village I had when I started to see how my so called 'friends' acted around me. When was the last time anyone came to see me in the hospital after a mission? Oh wait you can't, cause you never did so get out of my way, I'm leaving and it'll take Kami herself to stop me."

Hinata felt hurt, broken, the boy she loved wants to leave and doesn't see her friendship as sincere. She was grasping at the place her heart was and stifled a sob.

"N-Naruto-kun, Please don't go! I c-care ab-about you, g-give m-me a chance t-to p-prove it."

Naruto just shook his head sadly, "I'm not staying Hinata. Now move, I don't want to hurt you."

Hinata took her Juuken stance held a determined fire in her eyes.

"I-i'm sorry N-Naruto-kun, b-but you f-forced me." With her peace said she lunged at Naruto with the veins around her eyes bulging out, indicating her Byakugan is activated. She moved fast, trying to lock up his chakra network with precise hits to chakra points.

Naruto sidesteps her lunge and creates ten shadow clones to surround her. The clones move in to strike but are destroyed by a storm of shuriken and kunai.

Naruto turns to see the newcomer.

"Tenten" said girl dashes to Hinata's side not taking her eyes off him.

Tenten leans toward Hinata, "What's going on, Why is he attacking?"

Hinata explains what he told her with Tenten becoming slightly saddened.

"Naruto, come on, this isn't how we should solve this. Let's go sort this out with Tsunade and get you back to the hospital."

Naruto was becoming frustrated with their stubbornness.

"I said no, you all had your chance, I'm not backing down. I don't care if I have to fight the three Sannin to get out of this hell hole, you won't stop me!"

Tenten sighed sadly for him. If she were honest with herself she could see his side of things, she forgot he was there half the time, and that thought alone made her feel he was justified for his actions. But her opinion didn't matter, he was attempting to become a Nuke-nin and thus betraying the village, and it was her duty to stop him.

"Hinata, go get help, I'll try to hold him here."

Hinata hesitantly nodded before running off towards the hokage tower.

Tenten took out a scroll and opened it summoning a storm of random weapons from scythes and katanas to Kunai and windmill shuriken rushing at Naruto.

Naruto kawarimi with a log and summoned a battalion of clones to charge her.

She quickly dealt with them by summoning a bladed bow staff and threw it at the charging group destroying them.

"Naruto, I can't apologize for everyone, but I'm sorry. I just felt you didn't need my friendship." She shortly figured out that was the wrong thing to say when she felt an immense pressure pressing down on her.

"I... Didn't... Need... It?" The pressure receded slowly before it exploded back out full force bringing Tenten to a knee.

"This just proves it! No one cares, if you did care and truly meant what you said you would know that a real friend is all ever wanted! You and the rest are just like everyone of these fucking villagers, so blind by your arrogance you can't see what's right in front of you!"

Naruto now had red chakra swirling around him acting as a beacon for every ninja in Konoha.

"Do you know why I'm like this? Ask Tsunade, I don't care anymore! I'm a Jinchuuriki, a holder of a Bijuu, hate me know just like every other hypocrite this hell hole houses!"

Tenten for one was completely terrified, she wasn't one to dig into the lives of others but this red malicious chakra that was rolling off him in waves made her wonder what he went through to act like this. She was cut from her musings by Naruto disappearing in a blur of speed only to appear in front of her with his fists knocked back.

Her eyes widen seeing him close the distance so fast and couldn't react fast enough to dodge or block the uppercut that forced her jaws to make a painful sounding clack.

Tenten now lies unconscious in a small impression in the middle of the road.

Naruto didn't like hurting them even if they weren't really his friends but they were trying to stop him, he couldn't allow it. Naruto knew they would be coming for him now, even if he hadn't attacked a Konoha shinobi he was officially a traitor of the village. Without pondering his situation anymore he took off out the gate and headed to Wave country.

Tsunade wasn't having a very good day and it all seemed to revolve around her idiotic little 'brother' figure. First she's called to a council meeting discussing the 'fate' of the young blond. Just remembering it gave her a major migraine.

Flashback: council chambers

It was early afternoon when she was summoned to the council chambers for an unnamed reason and from the massive amounts of chakra it took to keep Naruto alive long enough for the Kyuubi to heal his chest wound she just wanted some sleep. She was constantly feeding him medical chakra over the course of three days which took their toll forcing her to use her backup reserves.

Upon kicking open the door she saw the shinobi council which was formed by the yamanaka, Inuzuka, Akimichi, Hyuuga, Nara, and Sarutobi clan heads. The civilian council being made of random merchants and civilian clans not worth mentioning.

Tsunade glared at the civilians and then looked to the three elders at the end of the table, "What is it now you old farts!? I have better things to do than sit here all day listening to you all bicker."

The man wrapped in bandages hiding his right eye and arm stood leaning on his Cain.

"We want the banishment of the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki. Our scouting report has told us there were traces of the foxes chakra at the valley of the end. It is clear that the Kyuubi brat intended to kill Sasuke instead of retrieve him like the mission implied." He retook his seat once his request ended.

Tsunade rose from her seat to glare heatedly to the old war hawk.

"Denied! Naruto Uzumaki was well within his mission parameters. The mission had two optional objectives. 1) bring Sasuke back alive. 2) Kill the Uchiha, destroy the eyes, and burn the body. Neither objective was met that is true, but that is all they were, optional."

The mummified man stood again, " It does not excuse the possible release of the Kyuubi, he used its chakra to fight Sasuke Uchiha and so I believe I speak for the welfare of the civilians when I urge you to reconsider."

Tsunade groaned in annoyance, "I've said this before, the seal designed to hold the Kyuubi was designed to slowly leak it's chakra into Naruto's chakra reserves thus expanding them at a smooth, slow, constant rate continuously building up his reserves slowly draining the foxes power. By the time it's finished Naruto will have the reserves of the nine tails with none of the malice. Of course a seal like this is delicate."

A member of the civilian council stood, "Exactly what do you mean delicate?"

"I mean due to the seals function of siphoning off the foxes chakra it allows an emotional connection to it, the Fox can force it's chakra through the seal during times of great emotional stress such as intense sadness, and blistering rage." Tsunade paused to allow the information to digest.

"When in one of the two emotional states the foxes malicious and potent chakra has a much greater effect on his mind. Now with that being said you have lost all grounds on the charges of Naruto Uzumaki."

So on the grounds of banishment for one Naruto Uzumaki the request is denied. What other matters was I called for?"

The council remained silent until Tsunade stood.

"I hereby call this meeting adjourned good night."

Flashback end

Tsunade groaned at the memory. Before reaching for a storage seal placed under her desk, a scroll poofed into her hand. She unraveled it and channeled chakra through the seal on the center, in another poof stood a bottle of sake. She uncorked it and took a swig remembering her encounter with Sakura.

Flashback: Konoha hospital

She had just got out of the ER, she was tired and needed sleep. Even with Sannin level chakra reserves and stamina it isn't easy staying awake for three days healing anyone let alone someone with a fist sized hole in their chest. She visited him to see if his wounds had opened but was pleased when it was mostly closed.

Tsunade was just about to fall asleep when the door to the hospital room she was using burst open to reveal an angry Sakura. The girl bowed respectfully to her leader.

"Lady Tsunade, I need a word."

Tsunami groaned in frustration, "Fine, spit it out."

"I request you take me on as as an apprentice."

Tsunade's brow arched in surprise, "May I ask why you want to be trained by me when you're Jonin Sensei Kakashi is more than capable?"

"I feel that I would benefit most from training under you considering you won't be three hours late to a lesson."

Tsunade nodded in understanding, "Then may I ask why you want to get so much stronger so quickly?"

Sakura started to tremble and shake but whether it be from anger or determination she wasn't sure until she lifted her head enough to show her emerald eyes through her pink hair practically glowing with determination.

"I want to bring Sasuke back and I can't trust Naruto to do it, he hates Sasuke for something that wasn't his fault. Then when I asked where Sasuke-kun was Naruto got angry at me. So I also want the strength to put him in his place for Sasuke-kun!"

Tsunade's brow was twitching violently and. Her eyes held barely restrained rage.

"I'm sorry Sakura, but Sasuke made his choice and now Naruto is having to paying for it. I will play no part in you staying a fangirl, especially for those selfish reasons. Naruto has shown you more loyalty in a day than the Uchiha has his entire life, and from what I heard of him screaming at you it sounds like you deserved it comrades always come first Sakura, when you learn to let Sasuke go then come talk to me."

Sakura at this point in time was biting her tongue to keep from screaming at her so she shakily bowed with clenched teeth and excused herself.

Tsunade was originally contemplating taking her on as an apprentice but after hearing what she planned to do to Naruto she just couldn't allow it. Her jutsu and strength were supposed to be used to save lives, and defend comrades (With the occasional use to bring righteous feminine fury on any unsuspecting perverts *cough* Jiraiya *cough*).

Her skills as the last senju weren't meant to be used for such things. She could have counted off the ever growing list of headaches but was halted by Hinata throwing open the door panting heavily.

"Hokage-sama, it's Naruto he's trying to run off!"

Tsunade didn't need any more incentive as she screamed for her ANBU.


The ANBU knew not to waste any time when it came to Naruto. His pranks as a child could only closely be described as absolute hell. If he was given an inch they would regret his traps he was surely arming to slow down any pursuits. They didn't want a repeat of the great custard bomb voyage', it was a very dark, depressing, and oddly delicious day in ANBU HQ but if they were honest it was drop dead funny how every window had custard leaking down the edges while surprisingly the delicious filling absorbed the chakra from their elemental attacks leaving Neko to cut her way out of the custard filled base with a single Katana and a lifetime worth of desert.

So without wasting anymore time they disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

Naruto was currently rushing through the trees to try to get to Wave before his deadline. Naruto would summon a few clones and have them henge into limbs and rocks in order to relay the locations of his pursuers, he knew Tsunade wouldn't let him leave without a fight so when his first clone popped he received the information he wanted and summoned fifty clones to slow them down and give him time to escape.

He had learned that the shadow clones were perfect for infiltration missions from Jiraiya because of the ability of whatever the clone learns is sent back to the original when destroyed and he's proud to say he loved that little benefit.

Every time he found a wave of clones destroyed he would send another fifty to replace the previous wave. Along the way he would have a few clones setup harmless traps and snares while he continued on.

It was nearing nightfall and he needed a safe place to rest for a while, it wouldn't be good to have to avoid ANBU in the element they trained, it would only backfire.

Naruto hadn't really thought of packing food for the trip so he was left with his ever present emergency food pill scroll. They were a given when hunting traitors and missing nin, as well as long term missions that take you away from civilization. They were basically balls of nutrients with a five percent fat ingredient. They aren't tasty in any sense of the word but they drive off hunger temporarily.

He popped one in his mouth and sealed the rest, there were enough for a two week trip until they ran out.

Naruto then took off his jacket folded it and laid it down to be used as a pillow. It wasn't long after his head hit the pillow that he fell asleep while a clone watched over him.

Naruto is currently avoiding the mass amounts of ANBU clones included while making it to the border of fire country. He would officially be marked a missing nin once he crosses but it didn't matter. He couldn't stay there anymore, that place holds the worst memories of his childhood. The mere thought of them causes him to start shaking uncontrollably in anxiety. In all honesty it's amazing he stayed at the village as long as he did.

A team of three ANBU leapt past his hiding place giving him a window to advance undetected. Years of running and hiding from them gave him an idea in how they think thus allowing him to avoid them much easier. True it was almost impossible to hide from their stupidly high sensing but again, if you pulled half the over-the-top pranks he pulled you would learn to avoid the ANBU in more ways fitting a seasoned ANBU captain.

After several several more close calls Naruto finally crosses the border, marking him a missing nin giving his pursuers reason enough to kill him if given the word by the Hokage who must personally identify Naruto as a rouge ninja for the group to collect his bounty.

So without further distraction he continued sneaking when he froze feeling someone tap his shoulder. Naruto turned to see a head of familiar purple hair.

"Neko?" The last thing he expected was for Tsunade to send his past 'guardian' to detain him.

Neko glared at him from behind her cat mask, while she whispered angrily" What the hell did you think you were doing!? Not only attacking a leaf shinobi but to add to the list you go and run off away from the village?"

Naruto sighed in defeat, he knew he couldn't talk her down but humored her.

"I'm sorry Neko-chan but I can't stay there anymore, it's just too painful. Every time I'm walking down the road to the hokage tower I see the orphanage and I relive everything that happened there. And I have to get stronger, I will come back but I will be much stronger than I am now."

Neko continued to stare at him when they heard a voice call out, "Neko, have you found anything? My clone found what appeared to be a camp in a nearby cave, I assume he used it to rest."

Neko saw the pleading look in his eye and sighed in defeat before answering, "No, it would seem he passed by hours ago, we need to move before he gets away."

"I'll inform the others go north towards the cave as the rendezvous point we'll head out in thirty minutes."

The man takes off to to to fulfill his orders while Neko turns back to Naruto.

"You owe me for this big time. I've bought you enough Time to reach the border so don't let me or the others catch you again, I'm not covering for you a second time."

Naruto surprised her with a hug and a quick thank you before dashing off.

Hinata felt horrible, not only did she fail to keep Naruto from leaving her, but she left Tenten to fight him alone while she got help. And because of that Tenten now has a minor concussion, missing a tooth, and shortly term memory loss from the impact.

Hinata was now sitting next to Tenten's bed while she recovers, they were both currently talking about the talk of the village.

"I can't believe he did this. What happened to the lovable goofball I used to call a friend?" Tenten's voice was laced with anger and curiosity.

"H-he felt like he was alone, he was hurting Tenten." Tenten scoffed at her friend's response.

"Well now I'm the one hurting. I don't understand what you see in him Hinata."

Hinata felt her anger swell when she heard this.

"Have you ever bothered to hang out with him before? Have you seen the way he's treated every day? You should ask everyone's opinion on him, you will understand why he feels that way when you do."

Tenten looked away from her and huffed, " If he was treated so bad it must be for a good reason, I'm not impressed by what I've seen so far."

Hinata couldn't take it anymore, she stood up and stomped to the door before turning and looking at Tenten.

" I've watched him a long time, he doesn't deserve to be treated the way he is. His time in the orphanage was something I wish I could unsee. He was left to the point he could hardly breath through the fractured ribs and crushed windpipe. And you're so engrossed in Neji you haven't bothered to look at anyone else, think about that!" She slammed the door behind her leaving a shocked Tenten to her thoughts and ran out of the hospital to pack she wanted to follow him, even if she became a missing nin.

So she snuck in her room and began to pack, her eyes focused on the task at hand. Moving from drawer to drawer taking a couple sets of clothes for a possible solitary lifestyle.

She jumped out her rooms open window and left the compound without being spotted, she may be shy and nervous but there were times when her normal demeanor was overridden by her drive.

Hinata scaled the wall as fast and quiet as possible and left the village in pursuit of Naruto.

Naruto had finally reached the ocean but he still needed to reach the bridge named after him. The only problem was the ANBU patrolling the docks, the only way to Wave was past his current challenge.

'Damn, I need a distraction but without a team that's next to impossible. A clone wouldn't last long enough to be a decent distraction. An army would be too obvious and against ANBU they would be wiped out so I can't force my way through. Any ideas Kyuubi, you said you wanted me to get stronger, if I fail to get by that's not gonna happen."

Naruto heard a scoff come from his tenant before his deep voice spoke out.

"Of course, simply channel my chakra into your clone. It will last much longer than your normal ones and it will act as a flare to attract them like moths to an open fire."

'Thanks Kyuubi'

"Don't get used to it gaki, if they catch you you're as good as dead. And I want to live longer until I'm able to break free."

Naruto was about to try when Kyuubi's voice spoke again.

'Are you stupid? Summoning clones this close to them would instantly draw them here ruining our plan, make some distance before trying again retard! I'll help you focus my chakra now get moving!'

Naruto mentally slapped himself for nearly screwing up his only chance of escape and shortly backtracked to a clearing a good distance from the shore.

He held his fingers forming a cross and whispered his technique, "Shadow clone jutsu".

The clone appeared more animalistic than his creator, his hair more unkempt and split at the ends, his nails lengthened an inch but are now sharpened to that of a knife and dark malicious red eyes replaced his deep well of blue.

"Ok you know the plan, lead them on as long as you can while I make my way to Wave."

The clone nodded before taking off, now running on all fours like an animal. He waited a few minutes henged as a rock until he saw the large group of ANBU pass by overhead. He waited another minute to be sure they were far enough away before he took off towards the shore.

He found it empty, all the ANBU were gone, his plan worked. Naruto walked to the shore and channeled chakra to his feet. He took his first step onto the ocean surface and immediately moved into high gear kicking off to make it to the other side before his clone dispelled.

Hinata was making good time, she was sure no one seen her leave so stuck to the road naruto had left on. She was sure she knew where he was going because when Shizune talked to him hinata was outside the window listening in. She heard all about his meeting the ocean God and was sure this was where he was heading. She had to stop him, she had been running at full speed the entire time, to most she would only be a midnight blur in the wind.

Aside from keeping her Byakugan active since she left the village and pushing chakra into her legs to increase her speed while more chakra went to her lungs to help her breath she was running low on chakra. She pulled out a small pouch and pulled out her clan's special chakra pills and swallowed it whole. The effects were instantaneous, she felt her chakra reserves replenish like a hole in her being had been filled.

It wasn't long until she felt an evil, malicious presence pushing her down, she stopped dead in her tracks and looked towards the source to see what looked like Naruto covered in red chakra. Something was off about him though, she knew him better than anyone and she was able to tell that wasn't Naruto. The Naruto she was looking at was running from ANBU, the Naruto she knew wouldn't run from a fight, he would stand his ground and beat the odds like he always did.

She recognized it was a clone so pushed on past the ANBU without drawing their attention, she felt that if Naruto had gotten this far so quickly he may leave before she has the chance to join him. She just had a little further to go.

Naruto was relieved he finally saw the shoreline to Wave. He was almost there, the means to his dream of becoming hokage are finally within his grasp. He knew he needed to waste little time but he had one stop to make before he left, the graves of two people Naruto had respected, the graves of Zabuza Momochi and Haku Yuki.

Naruto bowed respectfully to the graves of two of the most influential people in his life. It was them who taught Naruto what true strength was and how to get it. Protecting those who are important to you, relying on friends as much as they rely on him. He always treasured their lesson, Haku was a good guy, he may have fought for Zabuza thinking himself a tool but in the end even Zabuza Momochi 'Demon of the Bloody Mist' claimed Haku as his own son and wanted nothing more than to see him happy.

He still remembered his talk with Haku in that clearing. Still to this day his words influence him. 'To protect those who you deemed precious, that is where people can truly become strong.'

It was sad, it truly was. Naruto allowed a single tear to fall for his friends before he gave a silent prayer.

After his prayer Naruto began his trek to the bridge he helped Tazuna build. And there, leaning on the railing was the man he came to see, Oceanus, the self proclaimed ocean God.

The God continued to look out towards the ocean while Naruto stood unsure of what to say.

The gods voice sounded deep but calming, "It's good you decided to come Naruto. I was beginning to think you weren't coming."

"It didn't help I was asleep for three days old man."

Oceanus chuckled in amusement, "No I suppose it wouldn't, after all you are only human."

The God smirked at Naruto's deadpan expression.

"I still doubt your the Sea God, you still haven't given me proof by the way."

The God chuckled, " If I was sure I wouldn't drown everything with my power I would demonstrate but sadly, this world cannot withstand the power of a God, the Shinigami pushed it when creating his Shiki Fuin, created major problems in entirely unrelated worlds which we ultimately were forced to sort out"

Naruto nodded in understanding, "I suppose that makes sense, but what were these problems?"

"The creation of the Shiki Fuin tore a small hole in the barrier of life and death. Unfortunately that hole forced the creation of a new element of sorts. Take your chakra for example, it is a part of said element, the purest form of the multiple scattered shards of the element. But in order to keep the living and dead from walking among the living, we were forced to create a key to the newly formed gate created by Shinigami. Fortunately it can only be uncovered by someone of this world, minimising the risks."

This part struck Naruto's curiosity.

"Wait a moment, why is it only people of our world?"

"Because of that pure shard I told you about, I believe your people called it the Shinju. They were more accurate than they are aware of the naming of it. The 'key' we forged was the fruit of the shinju, we had hoped our warning of devouring it would be enough to keep the key from falling into the wrong hands, it did for a time before a greedy princess devoured it and gained the key your people call the Rinnegan."

Naruto tilted his head in confusion, "Rinnegan?"

"The eye of the Sage or God's eye as your people have come to know it. The tear in the fabric of life and death opened a gate that we were only able to seal with the creation of the Rinnegan becoming the key. We will discuss this later but now we must not waste any more time, the opening could close at anytime."

Oceanus then held his right hand out over the water and Naruto watched in awe of the display before him.

The water cleared revealing a bright golden glow, the opening in the water was about half the size of the bridge. Oceanus jumped over the railing and into the glow.

Naruto was about to follow when he heard a familiar voice call out.

"Naruto!" Naruto looked towards the end of the bridge to see a disheveled hinata breathing heavily.

"Hinata? What are you doing here, you're supposed to be in Konoha."

Hinata breathed deeply for a few minutes just trying to get more air in her lungs, "I-i... C-couldn't l-let... Y-you go!" Her words came out between breaths.

Naruto looked her over and sighed, "Hinata, why would you come here. I'm leaving, nothing you say or do will change that."

Hinata fell to her knees panting from exhaustion. Hinata mumbled something so Naruto couldn't hear.

"Speak up, I couldn't hear you."

Hinata took a deep breath and said just loud enough he could hear, "Then please, take me with you."

Naruto was stunned for a moment but before he could he felt Oceanus place his hand on his shoulder causing Naruto to look at him over his shoulder.

" I'm sorry girl, but my dimension is only for my students and myself, even if my sister were to take you under her wing you wouldn't be able to see him until after his training is complete."

Hinata wanted to cry but she held off but asked with a small sob, "How long? H-how long would it t-take?"

Oceanus looked her over before he sighed, "Longer than most, seven years. I would have to force his mindset to accept its ability to use magic instead of subconsciously drawing on chakra. The same would be the same for you if you are accepted by my sister."

Hinata let a small amount of hope enter her voice, "can I meet her? Please, it would mean so much if I could stay with him."

Naruto stood stunned as the conversation progressed, he couldn't fathom why she was doing this. It could be she's just doing this because she feels guilty as well as numerous other reasons.

"Hinata, why now? You had twelve years to be my friend, why now?"

Hinata shifted nervously under his gaze but before she could answer oceanus spoke.

"We can discuss this later, girl, I will take you to my sister so she may judge you. But be warned, I am under no obligation to treat you a certain way, neither is my sister, so as long as you are a guest you must listen to my sister and myself."

Hinata nodded her head quickly before the sound of footsteps echoed along the bridge before the ANBU jumped behind Hinata and restrained her causing her to thrash and struggle towards Naruto.

Naruto seeing her struggle went to intercept but before he knew what happened Oceanus roughly grabbed his shoulder and threw him into the vortex below. The ANBU seeing this went to attack oceanus.

Seeing this oceanus breathed in deeply and called his attack, "Ocean God's: Bellow!" A large twister of golden salt water erupted from his open mouth and collided with the incoming ANBU washing them over the opposite end of the bridge.

Oceanus looked around to find Hinata but failed to spot her, he sighed before turning and following after Naruto.

Hinata continued to struggle against her bindings and captor before she felt her captor stop. She was dropped onto the ground to see Neko looking down on her.

Hinata wanted to scream at her for keeping her from her Naruto-kun but Neko cut her bindings before grabbing her shoulders.

"Hinata-sama, I know you're angry and you have every right to be, but I'm giving you the chance to get away from the village and grow on your own. Stay in the shadows and out of the public light. Keep in contact with me via messenger bird, I expect one message every week for an update and I will respond every time, after you read my response burn it."

Hinata was greatly confused and let her confusion be known.

"Why are you helping me? I thought ANBU were loyal to the Hokage."

Neko removed her mask and stared into Hinata's eyes, "We are, but my loyalty belongs to both Hokage-sama and Naruto's Mother, I made a promise to her that I would support naruto and his decisions regardless of loyalty to my village. Now knock me out to make it believable and get out of here before my team follow us."

Hinata was about to refuse but the glare she received from Neko caused her words to die on her tongue so she settled with a nod of acceptance.

She jabbed a chakra enforced finger into Neko's neck instantly rendering her unconscious. Without any time to waste she headed back to the bridge taking a longer route.

Naruto couldn't think straight, his head felt fuzzy and his eyes felt strange. Like waking up from a dream only to find yourself in a nightmare where your slower.

He looked around only to see what looked like stars surrounding him. He tried to shake the feeling from his head only to lose it when he remembered Hinata, his eyes shoot open and his recent feelings vanish while he looks around desperately searching for her only to find more stars.

It was oddly depressing but he could admit the scene laid out before him was beautiful. Before he could grasp his current thoughts Oceanus reappeared in a swirl of water.

" I'm sorry for leaving her behind Naruto. There was nothing we could have done before this gate closed."

Naruto looked angrily at him, "What do you mean there wasn't anything we could do!? I could have saved her and taken her with us, and your a supposed God, why couldn't you do anything?"

Oceanus sighed with irritation, "Because, mortal affairs are out of my hands, those nin were trying to interfere with our business. The business of Gods are out of mortal comprehension, and it is a great insult when it happens, thus giving me the right to stop them in there tracks."

Naruto took a breath to calm himself, "Do you know what they're going to do to her now? She's now an official traitor for trying to follow me. Their going to execute her and I'm powerless to do anything."

At this point Naruto allowed a small tear to slide down his face.

"She... She followed knowing that she could be killed for it. She may not have been there early on but she was there when I needed her, I just wish I could tell her I accept her apology."

Oceanus chuckled causing Naruto to glare at him.

"It's a good thing that friend of yours let her go then."

"What friend?"

"I believe you called her Neko, she released the girl and let her escape."

Naruto seemed confused but he wasn't gonna look a gift horse in the mouth so he smiled happily.

"Now then, we are almost there. It is my honor to say you are the first mortal to step foot in my domain. Welcome. to my paradise."

The area lit up in golden light overwhelming Naruto's eye sight. It was several moments before he could see again, and what he saw took his breath away.

As far as the eye could see was an ocean in every direction, but in the distance was a massive structure easily visible. The columns surrounded the structure like a fence but the truly magical aspect of it came from the rainbow of colors swirling over it prospectively, spires of water twisted and turned around the structure into the flurry of colors making the structure seem caged. But a statue of Oceanus stood over the cage with his hand held out over the ocean Palm facing down as if daring all who threaten the structure. It was marvelous, the ocean so calm didn't seem eerie but surprisingly calming. But the sky was something to behold, it was night but the way the still waters of the ocean reflected the night sky felt like something out of a dream, every motion reflected off the calm surface.

"Wow" Naruto's voice nothing but a whisper.

"Yes, my home truly is beautiful, it may sound like gloating but I am more proud than anything."

"I guess you didn't lie about being a God then huh?"


"I wanted proof you were a God, and you said you couldn't prove it but gave little reason to trust you. You put faith in me to follow my heart here, and now I'm staring at not just proof of you being a God, but the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

Oceanus chuckled in amusement, "Yes I suppose so. Now let me ask you something Naruto, think of it as your first lesson. What is the ocean? What is it's purpose in this world?"

Naruto pondered the questions for a while.

"A massive body of water. And it's purpose is to provide homes to fish to eat?"

Oceanus howled with laughter causing Naruto's face to grow red with anger.

"What the hell are you laughing at!?"

Oceanus calmed himself to a short chuckle.

"You're only half right. The ocean is a means of purification, it is the very life of the world's inhabitants, if the sea did not exist then their would be no freshwater to drink and the world would die."

Oceanus let his words sink in before continuing, "Did you know the ocean has two main personalities?"

Naruto shook his head in rejection.

"The ocean is a neutral force of power that is affected by emotion. When a certain emotion takes hold the ocean is either happy and is willing to help others cross her waters, or angry and will do everything it can to destroy everything floating along and kill the passengers. There are minor emotions that also have a different effect but we will focus on these two most after you learn how to access and use magic."

Naruto smiled brightly at him, "Hai"

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