Training arc part 3: old friends, New enemies, and a red head?

On to a good question I received from one NyaNyaKittyFace: is a really good story! I'm a little sad cause it seems like Makaza is going to die, but I can understand you doing that if it is supposed to be the trigger for Naruto awakening his Rinnegan. Though I do want to know something. You said Kaguya has the Rinnegan, but in canon she has the "Rinne-Sharingan." Will Naruto have that or just the regular Rinnegan? That just kinda confused me. Thanks for reading!

Answer: I suppose in a way it's true that she has the Rinne-sharingan. I apologize for that, I am currently using my phone to write the story as much as possible and it often autocorrects unfamiliar words. Now, as for Naruto obtaining Rinnegan. Yes he will obtain the Rinnegan but as to how I'm not "Entirely" sure. I have a few ideas such as what I did in the old version where Naruto lost his eye and had porlyusica make the Rinnegan using Naruto's blood. "But! There are several ways this could be done. Naruto may feel Makaza is blood family but in reality they did just meet so the bond wouldn't be strong enough to force Rinnegan. To me he would have to gain Rinnegan through the loss of someone he considers family. An option I'm considering is waiting until the Tower of heaven arc when Erza sacrifices herself. If I build a brother/sister bond between Erza and Naruto then that would be more than enough to awaken Rinnegan, add that to eating the Lacrima that stored the magical energy and I could "POSSIBLY" give Naruto the Rinne-sharingan. Thanks to your question I'll now be holding a poll dedicated entirely to naruto receiving rinne-sharingan. Thank you wonderful reviewer and I'm very happy you like the story!

Welcome to chapter 3 of my latest installment, and for those still following I greatly hope that you all are enjoying the story but I thought I'd get a few things off my chest and make sure some things were understood so I'd appreciate you paying attention to my rant until all the important crap is done thank you for those who are reading.

First off I want to explain why I deleted the old version of my story because some PM's have been solely focused on that subject and it's annoying no matter how many times I explain it so pay attention. There were so many plot holes I would have had to rewrite my story anyway because honestly, I forgot to add Gajeel to fairytale in the arc right after the battle of fairy tale. And I like my stories to be detailed. And after reading through it I noticed several flaws. No matter how prodigal someone is they can't go to the point they can controls the whole ocean even if it was God mode, at least after only 3 years of learning slayer magic. It will still be there but it will be dumbed down a bit so he isn't able to lift things with his brain when he's God slayer of the ocean not creation. Second, I left out a lot of character interaction between characters like Wendy, Angel, and even cana, the girl doesn't just go groping a man she hardly spends any time with! Now on to lucy, that one moved way too fast, Naruto met Lucy the day before and then the moment Naruto offers comfort the girl tries to eat his face? seriously!? I felt like an idiot writing that crap, and then there's Erza. Early chapter. I so screwed up on the timing of the escape from the tower of heaven, I coulda planned that one so much better. Heck anyone notice how Naruto went from completely nutshit godlike one second then a total whimpering the next? Guy passed out 2 times a single day, the guy is a natural stamina freak and wouldn't fall unconscious so easy. I screwed up personalities, advancement, development, plot, setting the scenes. And the only thing I really was a decent success at was Romance which I have little to no experience in aside from the romantic parts of adventure fics. And those get a little... Steamy for my tastes, not a pervert so don't like smut. That's why ima seriously bash Jiraiya. I may be a guy and have a healthy attraction to the opposite sex but I'm not someone who stares at a girl with unnatural GGG size breasts and a but that takes up half a 3 person couch.

Now see why I redid the story? It serious rubbed me the wrong way how many things I did wrong and have to do the proofread myself since I can't find a proofreader. Heck I won't say I don't enjoy writing but it's hard not being able to use a pc. But now that I figured out how to upload via my phone updates may shorten but I'm excited about this story and another story with a slight Naruto x final fantasy crossover. Not to the point of characters visiting another world but just enough where Naruto wields a certain bigass sword of a certain monotone blond we all know and love. Gonna be a while till I work that one out though. So anyway, I thank you for listening to me complain about me being such a screw up and let me just say that I appreciate arc ideas that I could put and I just want you guys to understand how hard it is to write a harem fic. I'm not someone who can do it.

Disclaimer: let's be honest, if I owned something as awesome as Naruto I wouldn't be here. And sasuke woulda died in the wave arc.

Naruto stared out across the room from his current position outside the door before taking a deep breath and releasing it slowly.

"Alright, this is gonna suck. Wish me luck furball." Naruto got a scoff in turn before Naruto waited for the large wave of rings to reach him before he leapt through the first wave and stopped on one of the few stationary rings and waited for the next faster wave to approach. Naruto let it pass a couple times trying to time it right before leaping through to the next platform.

Naruto couldn't go much further because a feminine voice interrupted his concentration.

"Wait! That sword is for Sasuke-kun! Don't touch it!" Naruto turned to the source and saw the crimson hair of Karin and the scowl on her face but hidden in her eyes was loneliness and a hint of pity he felt was directed towards him. Why would she pity him?

Naruto shook himself from his thoughts, "I knew it, the traitor is here. Well tell him he's not getting whatever the hell he wants!"

Karin took a slightly angry position and leapt through the first wave before calling him out, "I won't let you!"

Naruto paid close attention to the wave he currently faced and leapt through just barely missing the edge. As the rings got smaller closer to the center the waves got faster and harder to jump through without injury or chance of hitting one. Karin made it to the 3rd platform while Naruto was on his 5th just one jump away from his goal. He was about to jump when he heard the girl behind him shriek in pain causing him to freeze and turn around.

Naruto saw Karin lying on the platform with her left arm in the tracks of the wave causing her arm to get crushed every time the rings came back down and letting out another pain filled scream occasionally screaming out for Sasuke.

Naruto looked to the sword and back to Karin a few times before cursing under his breath and jumping back to the 4th platform and then the 3rd to see Karin whimpering as her arm was crushed again and looked horribly mangled. Naruto acted fast and pried her arm from the tracks and picked up Karin bridal style.

Karin looked up at Naruto with a mixture of gratitude and confusion while Naruto leapt through the waves back to the door, "Why? Why did you save me?"

Naruto frowned, "I can't stand it when anyone gets hurt, especially if they're just confused. If you trust me I can try to heal your arm."

Naruto landed at the entrance to the room and lie Karin on the ground with her arm out and reset properly.

Karin was in so much pain she couldn't think straight, she knew Naruto was an enemy but right now if he could heal her she would let him simply because she couldn't take the pain anymore. It felt like her arm was put through hell by having it continuously stepped on by a freaking Bijuu then made into a pretzel.

Naruto held his hands over Karin's arm and whispered, "Ocean God's: reviving wave!" Golden water washed over her injury causing her to release a silent scream before the pain in her arm dulled to a throb but left her feeling weak.

Naruto stood up and quickly made his way back through to his goal leaving Karin feeling like she failed her precious Sasuke-kun while Naruto made the final jump through the series of waves. And reached the statue with the rotating rings.

Naruto thought of how to retrieve the blade without losing an arm when the demonic voice from earlier rung through the room, "Congratulations on progressing thus far. But for the true test that will decide your fate..." The voice trailed of when the rings came to a sudden stop and the statue's eyes glowed red before it took hold of the handle of crimson death and held the sharp end towards Naruto. "Offer your blood to the blade, let it drink and judge your worth."

Naruto was scared but using the sharp edge of the offered blade cut his palm open and ran it along the edge of the blade before the room went dark leaving naruto and the shinigami statue.

The blade glowed an ominous red and black aura before it glowed a bright golden causing the statue's eyes to do the same. The statue then knelt down on a knee and presented the weapon to Naruto while the statue spoke in the demonic voice, "My sword has accepted you as its master. You are the chosen one. Take my blade and reap the souls of your enemies, use it's power to fulfill your destiny. Use it however you see fit."

Naruto stood stunned but his arm moved on it's own and gently gripped crimson death. Naruto picked it up while the room returned to full color only the rings finally stopped moving. Naruto looked back to the statue to see it gone.

Naruto moved to leave before he heard a familiar voice echo through the room, "I see you've failed me Karin, pity. You should see it as an honor to retrieve me my weapon of vengeance dobe."

Through the shadows the the hall came Sasuke with an arrogant smirk firmly in place, "Now be a good dobe and hand it to me."

Naruto stared at him indifferently before chuckling, "Still the ever arrogant teme eh uchiha? I don't owe you anything, you're in my home, my village, you can't demand anything here."

Sasuke growled and drew his blade and lunged forward only to get knocked back by a sealing barrier. Naruto laughed while sasuke's growl got louder, "What's so funny dobe?"

Naruto's laughter died down to a snicker, "Apparently only those of Uzumaki blood can enter here. How does it feel that a now empty room denies a great Uchiha access to it's secrets?"

Naruto stepped into the large cavern while sasuke lunged forward determined to cut him down but is grabbed by a still weak Karin, "Wait, s-sasuke-kun, I've lost too much chakra. He talked to the shinigami and saved me. L-let's just leave, I don't want to see you hurt."

Sasuke took that the wrong way if the snarl was anything to go by, "Are you calling me weaker than the dobe!? Get off me weakling, I have no need for such weakness!" Sasuke finished his claim by throwing Karin to the tunnel where she gets back up and tries to get back to sasuke with hurt evident in her eyes.

"Please Sasuke-kun! I-I can't take I...*SPLURGE*" Karin looked down to see a thin silver blade going through her chest eyes widen when sasuke disappeared in a whisp of wind indicating a genjutsu. Karin looked over her shoulder where her heart broke. There stood sasuke staring at her with his sharingan spinning wildly with the magatama pupils.

Karin felt darkness take her while Naruto grit his teeth and clenched his fists to the point his knuckles turned white, "Y-you bastard. She cared about y-you, and y-you betrayed h-her." Red energy coated crimson death and bubbled angrily while Naruto held the sheath to his old weapon that turned midnight black being covered in a black bubble. When the energy receded from the sheath it revealed a black sheath with skull designs etched onto the sides with blood leaking out of eye sockets and mouths a skull opened it's mouth to allow the blade shelter with a black jewel in the right eye socket and a crimson in the other.

Naruto looked at the sheath with interest before he sheathed the blade which sang a melody that Naruto recognized causing him to grin.

Naruto watched Sasuke with anger mix with excitement. Anger for how he treats people, and excitement for being the one to put him in his place, but before he could move a clang of metal echoed in the room.

Where once was Sasuke staring at Naruto irritated was now Sasuke blocked a massive sword strike from Naruto's distant cousin Makaza Uzumaki.

Makaza looked much worse for wear, his clothes were tattered and he was bleeding extensively with a mile wide grin like he was enjoying himself, his pupils were now upside down crosses.

Not taking his eyes off Sasuke Makaza spoke, "Hey cousin, your friend here knows quite a few dirty tricks. I hope you don't mind I take him on for round 2, cause I want some payback. Get the girl and get out of here, she's an Uzumaki!"

Naruto wanted to scream at him but his words died in his throat when he saw the blood pooling around Karin so he wasn't left with a choice. Naruto did a quick healing spell on her to stop the bleeding long enough to help get them away and picked her up bridal style.

Naruto then took off down the tunnel leaving Makaza to Sasuke.

Makaza jumped back when sasuke pushed with his blade and took a Kendo stance, "I won't let you hurt my family. And that was such a cheap shot.


Flashback: 20 minutes ago

After he left Naruto in the vault Makaza dashed towards the two approaching signatures to stop them from advancing any further. But then he had to jump out of the way from a fireball by ducking into a nearby turn in the corridor.

A crimson blur moved past him and one glance is all it took tell it was another Uzumaki, but he focused on the black duck but haired teen standing before him.

"Well you're not how Naruto described Orochimaru so you must be Sasuke. The one who stuck his fist through my little cousins chest." The last part was spat out like it was poison.

Sasuke merely smirked, " And what if I am? I'm an Uchiha, do you really think you alone can beat be in a fight?" Makaza smirked in response.

"Boy, Naruto told me all about you and your goal. I even know about the massacre. I find it pathetic your clan was wiped out by a single man. If you wanna get into whose clan is stronger, it took 3 of the major villages a whole 2 weeks to destroy my clan. You're nothing special. Just an arrogant brat." Sasuke in the mean time was fuming. How dare this commoner to insult his clan, then make up lies on how his clan was defeated? Insufferable!

Sasuke lunged with eyes full of hate. His strike was parried by Makaza and followed up by a kick to the jaw that sent him into the air. Makaza leapt after Sasuke aiming to stab him through the back but Sasuke spun and parried the blade and tried to follow it up with a punch but Makaza tilted his head out of the way.

Makaza grabbed the offending limb and through Sasuke back down to the ground and followed with his blade held overhead to cut Sasuke in half. Sasuke hit the ground on his back but rolled out of the way of the blade and stood.

Makaza got the blade stuck in the ground and had to leave it to avoid several shuriken. Makaza widened his eyes in surprise when he saw a kunai fly right in front of his face with an explosive tag on it. Sasuke blew the tag and Makaza was covered in smoke. But Sasuke didn't let up and went through hand signs and shouted, "Fire style: phoenix flower jutsu!" The attack exploded on impact and a crash was heard.

Sasuke smirked but decided to line the corridor with explosive tags and leave. Sasuke never noticed Makaza climb out of the rubble with a maniacal grin.

Flashback end


Makaza started them off by channeling chakra through his blade and shouted, "Uzuken: Great Whirlpool break!" Makaza swung the blade in a circular motion over his head releasing water chakra powered slashes at Sasuke who dodged.

Sasuke dashed forward and slashed sideways at Makaza who leapt into the air and countered with a sideways kick that hit Sasuke in the face and sent him back a few feet holding his now bleeding nose.

Sasuke snarled and pushed his nose back into place with a sickening crack. Then went through another set of hand seals, "Fire style: Dragon flame bullet!" A decent sized bullet of fire shaped like a dragons head roared towards Makaza and hit him in the chest before he could react.

Makaza went down into the vault protecting him from any further attacks from sasuke. Suddenly without warning Makaza chuckled lightly and soon turned to full on laughter.

Sasuke looked irritated so questioned the seemingly crazy Uzumaki, "What is your problem?"

Makaza took a deep breath still chuckling before looking at sasuke, "I succeeded in slowing you down long enough for Naruto to get to the shore. They are out of range of my sensory abilities so that means they left the island. CHANCES ARE YOU'LL NEVER SEE THAT SWORD AGAIN, HAHAHAHA HEHEhehehe." Makaza exhaled slowly before letting darkness consume him leaving an absolutely boiling Uchiha to rage and bang against the seal separating the two.



Naruto held Karin's whimpering form close while Naruto dashed off towards the mainland over top the ocean waves. Naruto ran for a good 10 minutes before seeing a boat not too far off and thought the sooner he healed Karin more thoroughly the better her chances of survival so made his way towards the boat until he saw a familiar head of spiky white hair causing him to freeze.

'Damn, if ero-sennin sees me he'll drag me back to Konoha too soon! Maybe if I...' "Where do you think you're going!?" Again Naruto froze before he could move away. Jiraiya turned and darted towards Naruto after jumping off the boat.

Naruto was hit in the back of the head by the pervert who proceeded to crush him in a hug, surprisingly, ignoring the red head in his arms groans of protest until Jiraiya pulled back.

Seeing the girl Jiraiya looked at Naruto both furious and curious but the look from Naruto saying 'I'll explain later' halted his speech. Jiraiya took the girl and examined her reopened wound, "Alright,I can take care of this but you're lucky you found me when you did otherwise this girl would die."

Naruto glared at him and growled, "if I can find a place to set her down I would have taken care of her myself. After I'm done I'm leaving, if you keep heading for Uzushio you should run into a pissed off Uchiha. Tell granny and shizune it wasn't them that made me leave."

Jiraiya looked defiant if him crossing his arms was a clue, "Sorry gaki, but I have to get you back home. If getting stronger is an issue then don't worry about it, by the time I'm done with you..." Naruto cut him off heatedly.

"You'll what? Train me to use Kyuubi's chakra and teach me control exercises I already know? Forget it. I've learned more away from the village than I have of my entire 13 years living there!"

Jiraiya snorted in amusement, "Oh yeah brat? What kinda jutsu have you learned?"

Naruto smirked and held his hands over Karin's bleeding chest and whispered, "Ocean God's: revival wave!" The golden water covered Karin's chest and quickly healed it while washing away the blood. Jiraiya watched his godson in awe of his abilities. 'What the he'll is this?! It's healing faster than Tsu-chan's mystical healing palm!'

Jiraiya shook himself from his stupor and began the questions, "I'm Gaki, who taught you that Jutsu, where have you been, and why were you here?"

Naruto stayed quiet until Karin shot up gasping for breath and coughed indicating the end of the spell. Karin looked around trying to figure out where she was when she felt a hand pressed to her back comforting her. She was about to lung at the person she 'assumed' was her sasuke-kun but decided to look first. She looked over her shoulder to see the deep blue eyes of Naruto and she was momentarily lost in them. She snapped out of her staring when Naruto spoke.

"Are you ok miss..." Naruto trailed off until Karin with a small blush pushed her red frame glasses back up her nose.


Naruto nodded, "Karin."

Karin looked around trying to remember what happened until she remembered feeling pain in her chest and looking into Sasuke's sharingan eye causing her to burst out sobbing.

Her Sasuke had tried to kill her, actually tried, to...kill...her. HER! She had sworn to do whatever it is he asked of her and he betrays her. That feeling of sadness was replaced with white hot rage! She grit her teeth and clenched her fists so much her palms started to bleed and limbs began to tremble.

Karin spoke in a deathly quiet voice that sent chills down the spin of both Naruto and Jiraiya, "That bastard. I give him everything. My body. My soul. My abilities. EVEN MY HEART! AND THAT BASTARD RIPPED IT OUT OF MY CHEST!" Her voice rose as her rant went on until Naruto tried to restrain her with an embrace around her arms which she struggled against.

She was about to head but the person hugging her until his grip tightened and he jerked her still and tried to talk her down, "Calm down, were heading back to the mainland, if you struggle too much you'll flip us overboard."

Karin turned to push away but froze when her face was mere inches from Naruto's. She stared into his eyes again with a steadily rising blush until the sounds of scribbling and perverted giggling snapped her out of her funk.

She calmed to the point she sighed in relief and whispered meekly, "T-thank you f-for saving m-me.

Naruto released her from the hug much to Karin's disappointment and sat on the edge of the boat, "No problem. Sasuke is a teme and now that you know, you can avoid him." Naruto stood and turned around, " Now that my job's done I'll be going."

Just before he could move Jiraiya gripped his shoulder while both Jiraiya and Karin said 'Wait'.

Naruto shrugged off his hand and jumped out onto the water, "I'm not going back, and you're not meeting my sensei. I won't tell you anything either."

Jiraiya didn't like the answer so tried to compromise, "Listen gaki, if your sensei is teaching you right then I'll back off if he sends monthly updates and notifies Tsunade when you're coming back."

Naruto shook his head, "You don't understand, it's a matter that transcends mortal comprehension. A matter of the gods. And if you try to take me back it would mean angering my sensei Oceanus the ocean God."

Jiraiya stared at Naruto blankly for a while before bursting out laughing holding his stomach from how hard it hit, "Y-you actually expect m-me to believe your being taught by a God? Bahaha that's priceless gaki, Now seriously."

Naruto allowed his eye to twitch in annoyance before taking a step forward.

"Then fight me, I'll only use what I've learned since I left. If I win you leave me alone, you win I'll go back." Earning a scoff in return but a confident smirk etched itself on Jiraiya's face.

"Alright Gaki, but remember you asked for this. "Jiraiya jumped from the boat and landed several feet from Naruto while taking a stance.

Naruto takes his own practiced stance and knowing full well to take Jiraiya seriously Naruto charged magic to his fist, covering it in golden water causing Jiraiya's eyes to narrow curiously.

Meanwhile in the boat Karin watched the feud and was interested, but thought it crazy like Jiraiya when Naruto said he was trained by a God. But when she saw his hand encased in golden water she tried to sense it and what she saw sent her into a state of awe. Naruto's chakra was so bright and warm, like a miniature sun. But where most chakra is blue Naruto's was golden with streaks of silver. But when trying to go further she felt dark malevolent chakra, so vile and disgusting it sent shivers down her spine and terror gripped her heart. She wanted to crawl away and hide from the feeling.

Back to the fight Naruto took initiative and charged Jiraiya with his fist held level with his abdomen while his other held a kunai. Jiraiya smirked and dodged when Naruto punched but his eyes widen when Naruto disappeared, only to exhale sharply when a sharp pain erupted from his back.

Jiraiya heard Naruto shout, " Ocean God's: Breakdown fist!" And felt the name fit because his back now hurt like hell. But Naruto wasn't finished if his quick hand seals were anything to go on. Naruto threw shuriken at Jiraiya and called the technique, "Shuriken shadow clone jutsu!"

Jiraiya barely had time to react when he flew through his own seals and slammed his hands onto the Ocean surface and shouted, "Water style: water encampment wall!" The shuriken impacted the water with a thunk and dropped. What he wasn't expecting was the water he used along with all water around began to be sucked into Naruto's open mouth causing Jiraiya's jaw to drop.

In his shock Jiraiya wasn't able to dodge when Naruto shouted, "Ocean God's: Bellow!" The vortex of golden water impacted Jiraiya directly causing him to be pushed through the water leaving behind a dibit in the ocean surface.

Naruto stood panting while silently cursing himself for not focusing the magic enough for the more beam like appearance. Naruto took notice of Jiraiya's absence and immediately went on guard. Even if he did surprise Jiraiya, it would take more than that to finish him off.

Naruto felt something off about the water he stood on an immediately moved out of the way as white spikes burst from the surface aiming to impale him. Naruto narrowed his eyes as Jiraiya burst from the water with a smile on his face, "I gotta say gaki, that technique you used surprised me. If it were more focused that woulda ended it."

Naruto scowled but bit back, "Your wild lions mane could have killed me to. Aren't you trying to bring me back? Not collect your reward from iwa?"

Jiraiya stared at him confused before he laughed, "I'm not stupid enough to try to lie to iwa gaki. If I said I had the son of the yellow flash I'd be crucified, gutted, stuffed, and mounted on the iwa kage tower for such a lie." Jiraiya paused with a shrug, "I just figured from what I've seen you would survive. Glad I was right."

Naruto stopped the conversation by charging him with another magic powered punch which Jiraiya was ready for now so flipped Naruto away and spit a fireball at him. Naruto slammed his foot on the ocean surface causing a large amount of water to rise and shouted, "Ocean God's: Great barrier!" The massive wall of water towered over Jiraiya casting a menacing shadow and snuffed out the fireball like a candle and began falling towards a freaked out Jiraiya.

Jiraiya thought fast and replaced himself with an oar from the boat nearby just as the wave hit. The waves caused by the impact pushed the boat away with Karin screaming and holding on to the edge.

Jiraiya was beginning to get irritated with Naruto's stubbornness so decided to charge his newest technique.

Naruto watched from a distance as a glowing ball of chakra formed in Jiraiya's hand. Naruto grew a smirk when it started to grow in size until it was as big as the boat they were riding in. Naruto wanted to save this for later but none of his other techniques could match the massive ball of destruction.

Jiraiya smirked at his upcoming victory, but it turned into a frowned when he saw Naruto create a rasengan of his own. But the frown turned to his jaw dropping in awe when he sees Naruto now holding a massive wind style rasengan. Even he couldn't add an element to the rasengan, it was too difficult.

But his musings were cut short when Naruto came at him with the screeching ball of death in his hand. Jiraiya wasn't too keen about facing something like that with his imperfect rasengan but didn't have much of a choice so charged to meet Naruto half way.

When the 2 attacks clashed bother Naruto and Jiraiya shouted in unison, "Giant Rasengan/ Rasenshuriken!" After a short power struggle Naruto's Rasenshuriken cut through Jiraiya's technique and hit him square in the chest causing him to scream in agony, the technique finished Jiraiya shot backwards spinning and hit the side of the boat causing it to groan in protest, Karin didn't appreciate the hit either.

"What the hell were you thinking you idiot! You could have sunk us!" Naruto sheepishly rubbed the back of his head with a chuckle until he heard the indignant scream of our favorite punching bag coming from the direction of Uzushio.

Naruto turned to leave after putting Jiraiya back on the boat but a hand grasping his sleeve stopped him and caused him to look back at a nervous and slightly scared Karin.

Karin looked down afraid of what she was about to ask of him and took a deep breath, "C-can you t-take me with y-you, p-please?"

Naruto looked at Karin in slight irritation before saying, "I'm sorry, but no. My teacher doesn't take refugees."

Karin started to cry and grabbed his forearm tightly like it was her lifeline and started begging, "Please, please take me with you! I'll die if Sasuke gets here and finds me! Sasuke will kill me, and if he doesn't then Orochimaru will for me failing the mission. I'll do anything, just please, take me with you!"

Karin broke into tears of desperation seriously playing Naruto's heart strings until he released a sigh before turning around and bending over so she can climb on to his back. Karin squealed with happiness and launched herself onto his back and gripped his neck tightly almost choking him.

"Try to support your weight a little more on my right side please, that last Jutsu shredded my arm." And sure enough Karin Noticed the torn cloth with Naruto's arm completely covered in blood. Karin would have berated him if not for the closing in of her ex-crush/ love interest.

Naruto turned back towards wave and dashed off, the final hour for the vortex to stay open was on.

Naruto jumped through trees carrying Karin on his back who was lost in feeling the warmth of his chakra. Karin suddenly stiffened and started whimpering, "He's coming." Those words were enough for Naruto as his speed increased to reach the bridge before he had to fight the Uchiha.

After another five minutes the duo finally reached their destination. Naruto's eyes widen in surprise of seeing Oceanus but it was the woman next to him that made him cautious. Naruto ran to Oceanus panting heavily while Oceanus smiled proudly at him.

Naruto looked towards Oceanus surprised he knew then towards the woman to examine her closer.

The woman was beautiful with snow white skin and silver hair like Kakashi but instead of standing straight up it flowed down towards her lower back while her bangs fall over her shoulders. Her eyes are black as night with no indication of pupils like an anti- Byakugan. Her dress was loose around her shoulders while the pure silver dress sparkled and shimmered.

The woman stepped towards Karin and looked into Karin's eyes over Naruto's shoulder. Karin on the other hand was feeling uncomfortable being studied so closely. Was this how it felt to be researched on by Orochimaru?

The woman stepped back next to her brother and offered a small bow, "Greetings Naruto, Karin, my name is Tsukuyomi goddess of the moon. I officially offer you Karin Uzumaki the honor of being my god slayer."

The effect was immediate, Karin nodded incredibly fast without much thought of the consequences. Tsukuyomi smiled warmly at Karin and guided the 2 towards the edge of the bridge where Karin was about to comment but the Killer intent that washed over them made them stop and looked towards the source.

There the group see a pissed off Sasuke panting and heaving while sweating. Sasuke takes a step forward snarling like an animal, "You you stole my weapon! I'm taking it back!" Sasuke then looked at the two gods and smirked, "After I'm done with the two losers you'll train me as a God slayer! I'm an Uchiha, a God amongst mortals!"

Sasuke looked towards the sounds of light laughing and giggling fueled on anger. Sasuke sees the two gods laughing causing him to snarl.

Oceanus raises his hand and swats it through the air like swating a bug and a hand made of water comes over the side of the bridge and swats Sasuke into the air and away from wave country.

The gods can't hold back anymore causing them to laugh heartily at Sasuke's expense while Naruto and Karin look in the direction Sasuke went flying and wondered why the gods were laughing so hard, it was nearly impossible to make them laugh so hard

Meanwhile: with sasuke


Sasuke flew through the air with a downward trajectory towards a moderately large building with a strange symbol hanging on a large wooden sign out front.

Sasuke crashed through the roof followed by the second floor flooring then landing smack dab in the center of the room on his back.

Sasuke hears whispers from around him but is too disoriented to understand much but one phrase was recognizable.

"I hope you can pay for the damages to my building sexy." Sasuke closed his eyes and shook his head to get rid of the dizziness.

"Sorry, but I don't have any money." Sasuke then shivered when he heard fairly feminine giggles along... Side... Oh shit.

Sasuke's eyes snap wide open and look around to see half naked men with female bartenders, stages set up all over the room some with (gulp) beds, and a covered door frame with strange sounds coming from behind.

Sasuke looked towards the owner who had a slightly perverted grin on 'his' face and started shaking in fear before everyone around him Pounced to capture the poor Uchiha (He deserves this am I right?)

The rest of the week would be the loudest and most horrifying week for the young Uchiha. Who screamed so much his voice turned feminine. All straight men around the elemental went unbelievably quiet like everyone was in mourning.

Meanwhile somewhere in another dimension...


Feminine giggles could be heard in a fairly large room with a wooden bar with a larger man dressed as a female, said man appeared to be the source if the meaty hand covering his mouth was any indication

"My, my, it feels like something magical is happening, and I can't see it, it's too bad."

(Shiver) (Note to self: Never, ever, EVER! WRITE A SCENE LIKE THIS AGAIN!)


Back with the actual story


Naruto looked over his shoulder to Karin indifferently, "You ready? It's kinda a wild ride the first time it's done." Karin blushed at the words he used but giggled causing a raised eyebrow from Naruto and a knowing look from Oceanus.

Karin nodded and Naruto jumped with Karin's grip on Naruto tightening to that of a sleeper hold.

Nothing... That's what she felt... Absolutely nothing. Except the warmth of the one carrying her. Karin cracked open her eyes and the moment she did her other eye snapped open to join its twin. All around, stars, galaxies, streams of them. So beautiful. She felt weightless.

Karin looked to Naruto who took a glance back at her with a small smile, "So Karin, what do you think? Pretty cool isn't it?"

Karin was in her own little world seeing everything reflect in Naruto's aquamarine orb until someone snapped a finger in her face causing her to shake from her thoughts, "Huh?"

Naruto chuckled while Tsukuyomi giggled. Naruto asked again, "Pretty cool huh? This is like a hallway to pocket dimensions which connect our world to others. Did you know the sage of six paths made something similar?"

Karin shook her head no but smiled, "Yeah, this place is beautiful. What is this place anyway? Does it have a name?"

Naruto thought a moment before looking to Oceanus who nodded in response, "Because this place connects one world to another through dimensional travel you can call it many things. But my personal name is the dimensional line. Though god's control where we go mortals don't have that privilege unless accompanied by one of us, or the destination is preset."

Karin nodded in understanding before something clicked, "Wait, preset? You make it sound like we're in a machine."

Oceanus chuckled before nodding, "In some way we 'were'. You see, it isn't possible for dimensional travel to be performed by godly power. It's one of the many laws of time, space, and reality. I'm surprised you caught that, Naruto here didn't in his first time, and hadn't been able to catch it until now."

Karin blushed in embarrassment from the praise while Naruto gained a tick Mark, "Oi! What's that supposed to mean you bastard!"

Oceanus laughed before it calmed to a chuckle, "Nothing Naruto, its just your friend is a lot faster than you."

Naruto sighed before tensing with a smile, "Get ready for paradise Karin!"

Karin wasn't sure what he was talking about until she was blinded by a flash of light. Then revealing Oceanus temple and Naruto's home.

Karin's jaw gaped in awe of the temple, and the water of the ocean was so calm it should be considered unnatural! Naruto was right this place is paradise!

Meanwhile Naruto looked back to Karin with a worried look, "Are you able to stand?"

Karin tried to move her legs but found they felt incredibly weak so she shook her head, "I feel to weak, I lost a lot of blood, sorry."

Naruto started walking towards the temple after adjusting his grip on the bend of Karin's knees, "It's no problem Karin-San"

Karin lay her head on his back just enjoying the ride until the scene changed to a thick forest with a path of sand cut through the center leading to large stone steps up into the temple, along the way being lit by braziers held to tall stone columns.

It felt like this island held a mix of multiple different cultures ideas of architecture that Karin found interesting.

After the walk up the steps the group came to a stone doors that held a swirling blue circle of strange markings with a blue swirl in the center much like the Uzumaki clan swirl but this one closes the connection between ripples to make a full circle.

Oceanus places his hand on the symbol and it glows a brighter shade of blue while the door slides up and out of the way to reveal something Karin wasn't expecting.

Behind the door was a long marble hallway that split into 4 different directions near the end. On both sides of the hallway were doors that spread out 10 feet from each other 10 on each side all were a hazel Brown with no distinguishable features from the others. The flooring was like the ocean outside, a calm water that had a full moon with fish visibly swimming underneath the surface like glass.

The ceiling was a little unnerving though because it reminded her of the way they got here. An upside down river of black with lights twinkling with a full moon that showed a reflection on the floor.

Karin just couldn't help but be surprised at how dedicated Oceanus and Tsukuyomi were to their elements. It's like everywhere you look you can see something that makes you think either ocean or moon. But the elegance of it all was breathtaking and she would admit it if Naruto didn't start moving so suddenly.

Oceanus looked to his sister who nodded towards Karin and looked back to him expectantly. Oceanus sighed at the silent command before looking to Naruto, "Make sure the girl is settled and let her rest for tonight. She'll be joining your training tomorrow morning. And by the way, Your training has officially been doubled. I expected you back in half the time it took you."

Naruto paled at not just an extra hour of training but double! He already spends his time from 3 in the morning to noon having his clones study and focus on chakra control while he does marathons around the island, while dodging, and killing random sea creatures Oceanus creates to send after him with his katana!

Oceanus chuckled before turning to walk away thinking of new tor-training regimes for his blond pupil to survive, I mean conquer.

Tsukuyomi merely smiles warmly at the 2 and walks down the hall next to the hall her brother walked down.

Naruto sighed in defeat before walking down the hall next to the one Tsukuyomi went down until he reached the 3rd door. He opened the door to reveal a spacious room with a large circular bed with silver sheets draped over the side, a portrait of a meteor shower in the background of a canyon hung over the headboard of the bed, and a simple nightstand on either side with a lamp. In the room was an open door that lead to a bathroom.

Naruto walked to the bed and turned around so Karin could slide off his back and onto the bed where she processed to make herself comfortable.

Naruto offered a disarming smile when he saw the girl acting nervous, " If there's anything you need let me know. Tsukuyomi-San should wake you up tomorrow and explain everything to you until you understand everything that being a God slayer entails. Now get some sleep, if your first couple weeks here are anything like mine you're gonna need it."

With that Naruto left the room leaving Karin simply staring at the sealing which she believed to be the night sky. It not even a few minutes of her head hitting the pillow she fell into a dreamless sleep.


Meanwhile Naruto's 'room' was a sandy beach with his bed being a surprisingly comfortable sheet held between two Palm trees. Honestly, the best sleep he ever had was in this 'bed'.

He lay and gently rocked from side to side while he listened to the waves thinking of what will happen now. It wasn't often you rescued a fellow Uzumaki who by direct or indirect blood is related to you. It felt wonderful meeting not 1 but 2 of his fellow Uzumaki! He was just worried about Makaza. He wasn't sure if Sasuke left him alive or had killed him. It was sad to think he left his family to die while he could have still done something. Yet he knew that if he had stayed then Karin probably would have died instead from bloodloss. Those type of situations suck royally.

But it wasn't good to think such solemn thoughts so decided to believe that Makaza was still alive and he would meet him again someday. (AN. This is just a random thought I should have put earlier but if I don't put it now i would forget it. Note: writing lines for Arrogant pricks and mostly useless for everything besides cannon fodder fangirls are by far the easiest thing ever and the most fun to put to shame!) Besides, there was more important things to worry about. Naruto finished these thoughts pulling crimson death from its sheath and holding it up to the moon. Looking at the red stripe down the middle of the blade he could have sworn he saw something vaguely similar to a person. Eh, it was forged by the shinigami, probably a random spirit.

Naruto lay the sword down in the sand and went to sleep not noticing the warm red glow that emanated from the blade.


The next morning Naruto had a rather rude awakening. He was having a very nice dream sitting in his favorite ramen stand eating bowl after bowl of the heavenly broth with Ayame, Teuchi, Tsunade, and Shizune all sitting and laughing with him each just talking and sharing funny experiences and stories when he opens his eyes to the familiar glow of white sand.

Rolling over he sees the face of his sensei with an amused smile plastered on his face. Naruto gave him the finger causing Oceanus to chuckle and walk back to the door of his beach.

Naruto Sat up with a quiet groan and supported his weight with one arm while his other lay lazily on his knee. He released a sigh and got to his feet after a while and made his way to the other worldly kitchen he called a classroom.

Opening the door he sees at the table in the middle of the connected dining room Karin beaming at nothing so he voiced his concern, "Uh hey Karin, you feelin alright? You seem a little too happy, what's up?"

Karin blushed but her smile never left while she responded, "I'm happy to be away from the pedophile, do you have any idea what the teme forced me to do? He had me experiment on anything he found 'interesting'." Karin air quoted interesting, "Then had me watch him experiment on them and then heal those that survived. My chakra is now so high from being constantly drained that I can't even perform a simple Bunshin anymore!"

Naruto gave Karin a sympathetic look and headed towards the kitchen grabbing several herbs and spices along the way, "I'll fix up some breakfast as a way to say welcome. So you said you healed the surviving experiments, does that mean you know medical ninjutsu?"

Karin shook her head 'no' not that he could see and began her explanation, "No, it's a bloodline I got from my parents. My chakra is unique, it allows those that suck out my chakra to heal all physical wounds instantaneously."

Naruto turned to look at her in surprise with comically large eyes, "Wow, that's pretty cool." Naruto turned back to what he was doing throwing what looked like shrimp into a sizzling frying pan, "But something like that has to come with some kind of consequence, how do they suck out chakra anyway?"

Karin turned a bright shade of red of what she was about to say, "U-um, well they have t-to uhh bight me." Karin mumbled the last part.

"Sorry what?"

Karin's blush grew twice as deep putting her crimson locks to shame, "I said they have to b-bit me" that caused all action Naruto was doing to temporarily halt and turn to her who had a look of shock.

His shock turned into one of curiosity, "If you had to heal everyone like that every day how many times were you bit?"

Karin's blush disappeared instantly and was replaced with one of sadness and utter sorrow, "I don't even know anymore. That's why I cover my body so much."

Naruto took on a look of confusion, "What does that have to do with anything?"

Karin looked away from Naruto in shame before whispering so low that no one should have been able to hear it, "Because the bite marks left behind don't disappear. Ever."

Everything went quiet until a comforting hand was placed on her shoulder causing Karin to look back at the calming smile naruto offered her, "It's nothing to be ashamed about. Why try to hide it? It means you've saved lives Karin. Precious lives that could hold a higher purpose. This is one of the many lessons in learning under a God. Regard all life as your own. Even if you must some day have to take it. Your marks are pendants for how many lives you've saved." Naruto let his words sink into the red head until continuing, "Ocean God slayer magic can be used for incredible healing. Think on what I said and if you still want them gone then I'll heal them." Naruto got a nod in response from a speechless Karin so he went back to cooking.

It was another 10 minutes before the food was ready but Karin was hesitant in eating it. The dish was rather simple looking, but looked exotic. It was a plate of flat scrambled eggs with melted cheese, golden crusted shrimp spread around the egg with homemade cocktail sauce in a small cup to the side.

Karin eyed it warily until a chuckle drew her attention to Naruto, "Sorry, It's not necessarily a breakfast dish. The shrimp didn't cook right for the original dish I was preparing but luckily they cooked just right for this backup and it's no use to waste good food."

Karin nodded before pouring the cocktail sauce onto the eggs and shrimp and took a cautious bite sampling the meal before her vision exploded white and an involuntary moan of bliss escaped her throat causing Naruto chuckle. Next thing anyone notices the plate of Karin's is cleaned off to the last crumb.

Karin looked at Naruto with stars in her eyes, "Good Kami! How did you learn to cook like that! I didn't even know you could mix cheese and cocktail sauce and get a result like that!"

Naruto went red from embarrassment of the praise when a chuckle drew both teens to an amused Oceanus, "That, would be me. One doesn't live for a millennia and not learn to cook food worthy of gods. He just happens to learn at breakneck speeds."

Karin nodded while Naruto looked sheepish until he glared at him, "You never did explain why the he'll your personality changes so fast! During training your a dead serious slave driver! Half the time you're either serious or playful, then when I think I've figured you out you go and surprise me like what you did with the pedolover!"

Oceanus shrugged, "Perhaps my extended life and monitor over mortals with little interaction with anyone other than my sister has made me socially awkward? Maybe I'm insane? Maybe I have MPD? Who can tell?"

Naruto glared at him and was about to say something when Oceanus interrupted, "Besides, you don't have room to talk. Your a clown in a life and death situation, and only serious when it either doesn't count half the time or when there is no need to be. My theory is your bipolar."

Naruto sagged in defeat and depression because he was right earning a comforting pat on the back from Oceanus, "Don't worry Naruto, I have a millennia of experience to fall back on in arguments, You're not the first to have tried." Naruto disappeared in a poof of smoke indicating he was a clone.

"Naruto is probably out on his favorite beach to practice using the new weapon. I'll take you there after you're finished eating." Karin nodded before going back for seconds.


Oceanus had led Karin to a beach where Naruto ran through Kata for his kenjutsu style with his new blade. Karin was surprised to see a small army of clones running across the ocean surface all balancing Kunai on one part of their body or another.

Karin also seen Tsukuyomi seemingly meditating. But the biggest noticeable difference between how things are and how they're supposed to be? It's 11 in the morning and the sky is covered in stars with no hint of the Sun rising any time soon.

Karin looked at oceanus expectantly and as if reading her mind began, " This place is a dimension given to me and my sister to share. I control everything that connects to the sea including land while. she controls everything that goes on in the sky. So together we work hand in hand to improve our God slayers so they act in a similar manner as we do. Increasing our teamwork and individual strength through mere presence." Oceanus paused to let his words sink before looking to Tsukuyomi, "Her presence makes my tides stronger, while my tides give her something to latch on to, for a more focused attack. If her power guides my tides, then we are unmatched by all other than Kami herself. Now go to your teacher and begin your journey to power."

Karin was smart, she really was. Heck, she would go as far to say the only one smarter than her was Orochimaru as much as she loathed to admit it. But this, This was simply confusing. How can one person, being, thing? Own a dimension and basically have kami's control over it? Her head hurt from trying to find an explanation and just decided to follow Naruto's example and simply ignore the unusual, for now.

Karin sat in front of the meditating Tsukuyomi and waited. She sat up straight when Tsukuyomi spoke in a calm teaching tone, "Tell me Karin, what do you know of the moon?"

Karin thought for a moment to gather everything she knew about the topic, "Well, from legends it was a way to seal the body of a rampaging monster in the time of the Rikudo sennin. It also uses water to create waves from all liquids."

Tsukuyomi nodded with a small smile, "Those are both true. But what is rarely known about the moon is that it has a purpose. Look at the moon and relax, let its light and influence wash over you and tell me what you feel."

Karin did as instructed and stared at the beauty that lights the sky and let herself relax. Within minutes a strange calm settled over her. A peacefulness that she couldn't quite explain. It made her happy, it felt like her sins washed away from her skin.

Karin looked back at a smiling Tsukuyomi, " It feels amazing, I can't even describe it. Is this what you feel all the time sensei?"

Tsukuyomi beamed at the title with a nod, "Yes, very good Karin. That is exactly it, the presence of our magic is something that is used to help those around us. Be it healing, cleansing, protecting, giving light, etc. It's us and the way it makes us feel that give us power. As long as you are protecting someone or something precious, you will always be at your most powerful."

Karin smiled at the words of her sensei when Tsukuyomi turned serious, "However. Currently you aren't able to harness that power. First I'll have to teach you about magic like Naruto over there started. After my explanation and you learn to draw magic we'll start you on other things with him." Karin nodded in understanding while Tsukuyomi began her lecture on magic, how it's produced, used, etc.

Meanwhile Naruto flew through the 2nd step of his style named the ocean's impact, holding the sword inverted behind the user and rushing forward with a sideways swipe will add extra power and speed to the attack and can be used on multiple targets using whirlpool movements.

The step is taxing on stamina but if he was going to progress further in the Kindan no kaiyō no mei! (Forbidden oceans dance!) Then he was going to need to work harder and learn the other 2 kata while mastering his current 2.

After he had started training after his switch with a kage Bunshin (shadow clone) this morning after his talk with Karin he spent the 3 hours assigned to him by Oceanus working on the ocean's impact or North Sea. He had just finished up and was panting lightly.

Naruto looked towards Karin and smiled, the lesson he learned was whenever one of them chose a God slayer the other would choose one to follow shortly, this was done with a purpose. Being, relatively speaking, twin gods that meant they always had to have 2 God slayers learn their magic so they can stick together. So it was most often done during the training period so the junior God slayers could learn more about the other and safely acclimate to have natural teamwork when fighting as a team. So both are taught to spend as much free time together as possible to learn more about one another.

Oceanus saw where Naruto was looking and smiled softly. He was proud of the boy thus far, by far the strongest will he ever had the honor of strengthening. His lessons were being soaked up like a sponge, his clones were quickly improving his chakra control and making an easily noticeable impact on his intelligence, the boy just continues to grow stronger with each passing day. Even when one of the boys projects blows up in his face quite literally.

Oceanus chuckled at the memory of Naruto learning to add his wind element to the rasengan.



"Naruto, I believe it is time for you to finish the rasengan." Oceanus had been watching Naruto improve on his wind manipulation and feels that the time has finally come. In actuality Naruto mastered cutting a waterfall in half a week ago and the previous week has been to improve any holes.

Naruto turned from the waterfall dressed in only orange boxers soaked in water from the pillar of water he's been using as a substitute for an actual waterfall.

Naruto gave a mock salute and jumped from a large stone platform 50 feet in the air and landed in a crouch in front of Oceanus.

"We'll begin on the beach." Oceanus wasted little time in making his way to the beach with Naruto in tow.

Naruto was rather excited. Finally, after working on wind manipulation for so long he was finally able to work on the final step of the rasengan. The step that even the yondaime couldn't complete!

So without much else needing to be said naruto made 100 clones and they each went on to try creating the wind elemental variant of the Rasengan.

Channeling wind Natured chakra into a neutral natured chakra Rasengan was definitely one of the harder aspects of chakra control. But after a couple hours of trial and error with a couple explosions and several hundred replacement clones as well as an extra 4 hours spent filling in the 10 meter holes in the earth Naruto finally made progress!

The weakest sound of screeching could be heard from a clone with a pale blue Rasengan in hand with four pin like blade slowly rotating around the sphere.

All the clones gave a whoop of victory while the clones that succeeded poofed in a cloud of smoke causing a sense of realization in the crowd. With the added knowledge of what needed to be done the clones got to work once again, this time with screeching being heard all across the island.

Naruto had finished for the day and was happy with the progress he had made with the wind variant Rasengan, If the weak smile was anything to go by.

He was definitely happy he made progress but something he noticed was he wasn't physically changing. Sure he lost most of the body fat and was replaced with muscle but ever since he started training and eating right he started doing physical examinations of himself. Nothing advanced, but small stuff like measuring his height and comparing it to the last test taken, the speed he could run a mile, how many push ups, chin ups, sit ups he could do. Little things like that. And it was his height that concerned him. After spending as long as he had here he hadn't grown as fast as he was supposed to. So with his concerns he went to question Oceanus.

"Well Naruto, it's nothing that needs to be worried about. You're growing at the right pace it's just time doesn't flow here like it does in the elemental Nations. So your body is adjusted to that time while we move faster here. It's why you're much smarter and stronger than children your age while your body hasn't caught up yet." The response was hard to understand for anyone who didn't understand dimensional theory. So for a year in this dimension would be only about 2 weeks in any other. That's the beauty of pocket dimensions, they all share the same stream of time because they are branches of the trunk or main dimensions. Pocket dimensions are like the leaves of a tree, they use energy outside of reality to create a reality, flow of time, and space for creation. Thus pocket dimensions have much more energy and a faster flow of time.

The explanation gave Naruto a major headache so he marked it off as something too complex for him to understand and left it alone. But he did manage to understand time flies faster here than it does where he's from so he was happy.

It took a while for Naruto's training to make major progress but the ear wrenching screech that sounded was more than enough to say he did make progress.

Oceanus looked on with pride as the mass of chakra took shape of a white shuriken with a single blue orb in the center. Sure the sound was painful but even he had to admit that if he was struck with such an attack it would definitely leave a nasty mark.

Naruto hollered in excitement as he charged towards a boulder and struck. The explosion that followed was impressive but he immediately got worried when he noticed a bit of red in the explosion. With the explosion dying down all that was left of the boulder was grey dust spread out across the sand. But Naruto was in bad shape. The entire right side of his body was cut to hell. Blood ran from every wound making it seem like he was dipped in red paint.

Flashback end


That was a day he wouldn't forget. The day Naruto learned to wait for permission and advice before using an untested orb of destruction that even when incomplete can blow off a tree. Yep, Naruto literally got the moron blown out of him.

It was an amusing sight whenever Naruto learns a new spell or jutsu. Since his incident Naruto had been utterly terrified whenever he was instructed to perform a new attack. So to help ease his own fear Naruto consulted Oceanus beforehand so he had the support from his sensei.

So it was nice to see how well Naruto learns from his mistakes as well as learning to think things through more while keeping his bright, energetic personality.

But enough about past mistakes it was about time to call it a day.

"Naruto, you've been training for a good portion of the day, go on inside and start dinner."


Time skip: 3 years later pocket dimension time- 1 year elemental nations time.

The years spent with Oceanus, Karin, and Tsukuyomi were incredibly productive being Naruto became much faster, stronger, and smarter. He overcame his fear of experimentation but was careful when he did. And from his research into magic and chakra he's been preparing himself for another experiment, but, he needs to combine both his chakra and his magic in order to start.

Karin had blossomed under Tsukuyomi's care. With her already stupidly high aptitude for learning she was faster at learning how to use magic. And although her magic wasn't wasn't as destructive or powerful as Naruto's, she was anything but powerless. And due to her and Naruto spending so much time together Karin and Naruto became very close, and although it was currently one sided Karin had developed a small crush on Naruto. Now it wasn't to the point she would follow him like a lost puppy trying to get in his pants like she had done with Sasuke, that ship had sailed in a direction that nearly cost her life if it hadn't been for Naruto. And that crush grew when she thought about the day Naruto had removed the marks from her past. He had removed the bite marks that showed her old life with Orochimaru and Sasuke.

But it was around this time that Oceanus had approached Naruto of performing the steps necessary for removing that mental block that restricts the flow of magic. Yes, it was time to merge magic and chakra.

Naruto sit lotus position on the end of the dock waiting for Oceanus to come with Karin sitting at his side. Naruto was nervous, very nervous. He still remembers the time he had questioned Oceanus on the possibility of merging the 2 energies earlier. Death by energy overflow is not something he wanted to experience.

When Oceanus came he placed a comforting hand on Naruto's shoulder, "Are you ready Naruto? Be warned, when we start this must be finished otherwise you will die. Once the blockage is destroyed you will only have one chance of merging your 2 energies."

Naruto took a deep breath when he looked to Karin who gripped his arm comfortingly and giving him a supportive smile with a small pink hue dusting her cheeks. Naruto returned the smile and nodded to Oceanus.

Oceanus straightened and crossed his arms, "You must go into your mindscape and connect chakra directly to your magical core. Then you must navigate the passages of your mind which are connected to your chakra coils. You must travel with the flow of your chakra and complete the connection. Now be careful." Naruto nodded and began his descent into his mindscape.


Naruto opened his eyes to find himself in the familiar dank sewer that was his mind, seeing the large cage that represented the seal holding Kyuubi, and the golden orb of energy that represented his magical energy.

Naruto sees Kyuubi's red eyes watching him from the darkness of his cage but ignores him and heads straight to the golden orb of energy. Naruto brought his hand towards the ball of energy and just before it touched sent chakra to his palm and connected it to the orb of energy.

All at once images fill Naruto's head, times in his life he was both happy and sad, protected and hurt. But he pushes them to the side and focuses on his journey. The corridors he maneuvered through were varied, some list all water and looked to be in great shape representing some of the good times he's had in his life. While others are even worse than in the seal, cracks running along the walls and floor, water that reached his knees and lights that were broken and or dim, obviously representing the much worse memories of his childhood. What made the experience worse was the fact he was forced to relive every memory that he passed, both good and bad.

Along the way a pipe that ran along the floor followed naruto through the journey. Having connected his chakra with the magical source he was manually creating a magical network through his body. Oceanus theory was after the connection was complete the new pipe would eventually merge with the proper pipe on its own if the direction traveled was correct.

After what felt like an eternity reliving his entire life Naruto reached the core of his chakra network which was a series of generators running and humming with power constantly expanding his chakra coils. In the center of the large room was a massive boiler that he assumed represented his overall chakra reserves. His theory was supported with the 3 pipes currently connected to the top and bottom of the boiler. 2 pipes were blue while the 3rd was red.

Naruto approached the boiler and saw several places to allow more pipes to connect. He approached one closer to the pipe he felt was the pipe that circulated the way Naruto traveled and channeled chakra to his hand again and touched the connector. All at once the pipe connects and a new sensation floods his system, those outside watching see a silver aura explode outward from naruto like a raging inferno. Meanwhile Naruto is watching something that will change his life forever.


Flashback: night of birth

Light, blinding light, that was all he could see. He heard whispers, he felt a comforting warmth he wasn't used to, the calming voice of someone he never met, yet, some how felt familiar. Then hair, crimson hair filled his vision, and the coo of a woman in his ear, "Hello sochi, I'm your mama, dattebane." (Sorry guys but I'm feeling lazy for this so look up Kushina's flashback to Naruto's birth or watch Anime, this would take far too long even if it is important for what's about to happen. You will be angry if you don't understand so please look up.)

Flashback end


Tears stung his eyes, anger, and sorrow. He was their, he watched as they died. And now he can't stop thinking about it. The blood that flowed from his mother's mouth as she spoke her final words to him. The look of guilt his father had on his face, it hurt. He felt like he was right there but couldn't do anything!

Naruto's eyes stung as tears finally broke and a painful scream ripped from his throat. Helpless to the memory being played to him again and again, the claw of the Kyuubi impaling his mother and father as they protected him from harm.

Then with a final scream and flare of energy Naruto left his mindscape.


They were expecting many things from Naruto, a whoop of victory and achievement, even a bone crushing hug. But what they weren't expecting was the scream that ripped from his throat causing Karing to jump in surprise while Oceanus watched on tensed.

Naruto's power pulsed outward causing Oceanus eyes to widen in surprise leaving him open when Naruto shouted "Shinra tensei! (Subjugation of the Omnipresent God)" the sudden burst of power crushed the dock and created a dome shaped indent in the ocean 20 meters across, 10 feet deep. Karin was knocked back to the beach with the force and Oceanus was pushed back.

Naruto's float just above the water with his hair shadowing his eyes. When Naruto looks up Oceanus remains impassive when he sees Naruto with a small pupil with 4 metallic rings surrounding the pupil, the whites of his eyes now gold.




Well that doesn't it for now! I would just like to say this is a lot of fun. Some abilities I plan on giving Naruto does include bloodlines. I'm thinking about which ones though. I've always liked Mokuton naruto but don't think it would work for this story very well. So I'm probably going to have him learn storm release to go with his ocean God slayer magic. I would love to take the opportunity to say I welcome any OC abilities you guys come up with because I like to have any and all listed. If you wanna help send me a PM with the name of the ability and a description of what it does and what it looks like if you want it to be accurate. I've put a lot of thought into the start of the story as I'm sure you guys have noticed, and I'm happy to say the wait is almost over. You guys are probably excited about what happens next and I can't blame you. I've been working on creating a couple OC characters for the sole purpose of these upcoming Arcs including their abilities. I won't say exactly what happens next but I'm sure you can guess what with the revelation about what at least a section will be about. So yeah part will definitely be Rinnegan training, and since it's obvious, Naruto names and trains in the new energy.

Pocket dimension time. 1 year in pocket dimension is 4 months in elemental nations.

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