I worked on this story since may. bumps here and there but hey, we made it, And I want to thank everyone that followed this story! with love from Shiro-Sensei.

when the shopping was done, Kevin and Edd got dressed casually. edd wore a white turtleneck with black thigh sitting pants and black slacks together with a black woolen coat. Kevin wore a V-neck in grey and wine red jeans, with white converse and a shorter jeans jacket, and for once leaving the signature hat.

The drive was a long one, but the time was filled with Edd chattering on about atoms and magnetism, science stuff that he actually understood and was interested in to be honest. it was interesting. The void was also filled with Edd and Kevin's humming along to a song that was playing on the radio. They were closing in to their goal and Edd was jumping like a child in his seat when he saw a big sign painted in some sort of galaxy pattern and letters that read PLANETARIUM COSMOS AHEAD. It was located in the woods a bit outside the city, making everything much more cozier when the sun was setting down.

Kevin pulled into the road and saw the huge building with small fairy lights shining up the area around it, it looked out of the world. It was so unusual to see this kind of building, it was round-ish kind of like a igloo but it had small pointy edges sticking out of it. Like a gum with nails pointing out of it. It took a while to find a empty spot in the parking lot.
But they were were here at least, without any injuries. both of them got out and they could feel their hearts thumping loudly in their chests.

Kevin took Edd's Hand and almost got dragged inside with Edd that was smiling widely when entering,, the entrance had a silver carpet and candles on the sides of it. They came to a stop by a cashier that took their money and they received tickets to enter, and got info saying it was starting in about 10 minutes. They looked around for a bit until it started. The walls was filled with facts and displays of stuff from space and planets. A voice boomed inside the corridors and announced that everyone should be going into the the "Arena".

When they were inside Edd and Kevin got a place in the back so they could so most of the show. Which turned out to be amazing, the roof was round and so was the room. They were seated in a circles.

the show showed images and videos about facts and news about our galaxy and planets that most people never heard of. It was quite the experience.

About an hour later It came to an stop-

Edd was once again a rambling mess about what they just saw, he also corrected a few things that wasn't right about what they said. Kevin just took in the info and processed the new things he knew about his home in space.

Once again they was seated in the car driving back to peach creek. Edd fell asleep on the way, which was adorable since he was slipping on his own words until he completely shut down. Smiling slightly Kevin checked so the box in his pocket was still there, thankfully it was and thankfully edd was asleep so he could check. He licked his lips and gripped harder on the steering wheel feeling the excitement run through his body-He thought back at the memory when he and Marie had secretly gone and brought the ring, she knew him best so he thought it was best to bring her with him.

He drove into a chinese restaurant and parked, Edd jolted awake when the car stopped.

-Oh sorry I fell asleep it would seem like, that's a bit rude of me.

S-So Chinese i see?

-Yeah unless you want to go somewhere else -NO, This is fine, believe me i really like food from Asia.

-then let's head inside.


Edd was about to step out but got janked by Kevin that kissed him lightly before stepping out of the car, leaving Edd a little shocked, but recovered quickly and followed Kevin. Kevin luckily got a table in the back. His heart thumped loudly, his lips feeling slightly chapped(But they weren't). Kevin ordered a few dishes and so did Edd.

Edd looked outstanding, like he was shining in Kevin's eyes, and Edd was actually pulling a lot of attention from both males and females thanks to his Half asian look mixed with a slight serbian mix in his pale marble look. But his feminine features made people squirm in their seats, and god did Kevin notice. But Edd would hopefully be his tonight.

-Uh, Kevin you alright?

-Yeah, completely fine. So, yeah. Nice weather we're having.

-Hmm...Indeed, it's been clear all day.

-look our food's here!

-Excited about food.

The waitress placed their dishes on the table with a smooth hand movement.

they had ordered sushi the one that was recommended. They both had eaten japanese sushi but not chinese. so this would be a first for them both. They chatted and ate in between chewing, laughing from awkward jokes and facts. But Kevin wasn't really focusing, spacing out in between thinking that he couldn't mess this up. He'd known Edd when they were younger, but lost contact then got stuck with him once again, and now he'd known Edd for about a year almost. And he fell fro him the first time he saw him. So he couldn't mess up now could he. Okay maybe he could but hey, no one will get anywhere if they don't try.

Edd stopped laughing and talking and just looked confused at Kevin that was spacing out.

-Kevin? is something bothering you?

Oh god, this is it, the moment i've been waiting for, this smart dorky person please let him be with me until i die. god please.

Kevin stood up, making Edd nervous.

Then Kevin got down on one knee beside Edd's seat. People's eyes immediately fell on the pair. and Edd's eyes were as big as ping pong balls eyeing Kevin nervously, hoping he wasn't joking.

-E-EDD. WIiLl You Please Spend the rest of your life with me. I know i can be stupid and a bit angry at times. But i will love you for the rest of my life on earth.

Kevin was shaking while pulling out the silver ring with a tiny rose quarts in it.

Edd's Heart stopped, he was blushing, and he couldn't move, his words didn't come out. He really wasn't prepared for this situation but oh god, he couldn't sat that he hadn't thought of this scenery before. some people was yelling don't do it, and some were shouting to do accept it. It made him blush even more. He felt like crying.

Edd leaned forward and kissed Kevin deeply, making the tinniest contact matter. Touching Kevin was like touching electrictricity that fueled him with energy.

Kevin was probably the happiest man on earth right now. Edd had showed him that he had accepted his proposal. Pulling back slightly he felt tears streaming down his eyes, he was just so freaking happy that he started to cry. Kevin stood up and put the ring on Edd's finger. People was cheering from around the restaurant and some was videotaping.

-Kevin, I love you, And I'll be more than happy to spend the rest of my life with you, even if you stalked me before

-Wait, how did you know that?

-I have contacts.

Kevin pulled Edd into his chest and nuzzled his neck while smiling like a fool. he hasn't felt this happy ever.

the unlikeliest people are the most remarkable people when together. And Both Kevin And Edd was dazzling in both personality, ability, and appearance. They could do great things. Like Getting married, Adopting kids, Kevin picking up sports again, and Edd resuming to work on his books that gained more attention when the marriage got published on the net. Their roommates happy for them, and another celebration got held. Marie proposed Nazz!? Marie had screamed out a proposal when she was on live tv that Nazz was watching. Ed and Eddy got a job at the bank that earned them quite the bit of money. Nathan met someone named Rave? Funny thing is that he didn't even say anything mean or inappropriate to Kevin after knowing. So the apartment eventually got a half-live in person named Rave, he was kind of mysterious but was into acting, one could call him tsundere. not a bad match, A model and Actor.

Eventually when 3 years had gone by. And Edd wanted a child, And Kevin wasn't against it, he was just worried that Edd's bad luck was going to transfer to the adoptive one.
The went and adopted a boy with fierce cactus green hair that always choose the color green, and his name was Jim. Edd remember his old cactus that he once owned and fell in love with the child, and they connected directly when they met him. So once again a new member was added. everyone helped taking care of him, he was polite, cute but a bit clumsy like Edd. Kevin got worried so he hired some guy named Plank to protect him when he went in between daycare and home, and sometimes Plank offered to play with the boy so the two of them could go out and have dinner on their own. Which they gladly accepted. Plank and Jim eventually became really close. things were going smooth. A few bumps along the road did come when Edd got a false alarm about having cancer but eventually the doctor had called and said that it was false and his papers had gotten mixed with someone else's. There was also a time then Edd was used as a hostage at a mall. And a time when he was almost got glas on his face when a baseball came flying in their window. and lots of other things but he survived like he'd done before. Edd was happy. Kevin was happy. and everyone else was to, Edd didn't even think about suicide anymore, he didn't think about that he didn't have anyone, he had lots of people...He was glad he was alive to live this moment.