The Homicidal HeartBreak

The Forest


It's been three years since I left the Asylum and I guess what they wanted to acomplish they did because they asked me if I knew some people but their names sounded strange and I had no idea who they were I only knew two things;

My name is Katie Lynn Winters

I have an alternate personality who's job is to protect me and her true name is Desteria, not Demented.

I remember the recording that my parents left for me on my ipod and they kept their promise, they were around more often, they cared, and they wanted me to join them whenever I wanted to when they left for some work trip. But this time I decided that I needed some time to remember a bit about the past, it just all seemed so foggy and I was getting flashbacks. At first they thought that I had stopped taking the pills or that I didn't have any left but I had been taking a pill in the morning and one at night just as I had back at the Asylum they were to keep down my pain tolerance so that once again my body picked up my ability of not being able to feel any physical pain, they also kept the visions from coming back but for some reason I was seeing some things.

They finally agreed to let my stay home so that I could try and find myself, so far they've been gone for a week and a half and they wouldn't return until two months from now but that was ok with me for some reason when I was home alone it felt familiar as though I had done it for years. I went up into the attic and went over to the clutter near the window, the boxes all had my name on it and inside I found books, pages, notepads, drawings, games, and strange objects below my name on some of the boxes was "CreepyPasta". I didn't know what that meant but i recognized my handwritting so at one point I did and I thought that if I remembered what "CreepyPasta" was then maybe I could unlock something about my past.

I brought my laptop with me since some of the games were computer discs and I sat there for a moment playing them trying to figure out who the characters were that I was seeing, why did the Pokemon trainer have no limbs? Why was this statue of Link following me and glitching the game? What was so special about the 8 pages? I played, and looked through the nicknakes. A few names came back to me and some of them were names that the doctors had asked me but I still didn't know who they were nor did I feel like looking online just yet I would save that for the end as a last resort if I couldn't remember myself.

I heard this loud static noise though and my head hurt, my stomach turned, and my vision blurred for a moment. I looked out the window but couldn't see anything, I grabbed the flashlight and pointed it through the window, standing in front of the trees that started the forest at the back of my house was a tall man in a suite and it looked like he had no face. There was a crash from downstairs and grabbing the flashlight I ran downstairs, grabbing the small spellbook from the hallways as I ran by. I still remembered that I could do simple spells and that my powers were the onlyhting that they didn't try to get me to forget. I remember them telling me that it was for protection in case the "others" whoever they are came looking for me. As I headed down the stairs I grabbed my camera and started recording if there was a burguler in the house then cops could use the footage to catch him or her.

I carefully made my way downstairs but as I reached the dowstairs bathroom I hide behind a wall for inside was a tall figure who also had a camera, he wore an orange hoodie that covered his face but when he came out I could see that he wore a black mask with red eyes. He aimed the camera around before I heared the static again and fell to my knees and covered my mouth trying not to cough as the hooded figure fell coughing as well. The static faded, he got up and ran out the back door and for some reason I followed him. Camera in hand, book back home, I ran after him into the forest making sure not to lose him in the tall trees and brush. Surrprisingly I was able to keep up with him as he ran across a small ditch filled with rocks and through a small tunnel, or at least it had looked smaller from the outside.

The static grew louder and the figure started to slow down but he kept running and so did I. I wanted to know what he took from my house. The sound died and the figure picked up speed but after chasing him through the forest for quite some time he came to a run down looking building, the door was missing, windows shattered, but he went in as though that was where he lived and I hoped not. I felt drawn towards the building though like I've been there before and there was something comforting to the surroundings as well as though I've been there before, as though I belonged but that didn't make sense. I approached the broken down door and saw the figure laying on a matteress facing away from me, I crept around him and saw what he had taken from me; my meds.

I recognized the orange bottle with blue lid but I didn't recognize the other orange bottles nor did I care. I pocketed my bottles and the static grew louder again and this time I fell to the floor coughing but the figure on the bed grabbed his head and curled up wanting the sound to go away. I looked around frantacially but didn't see anything, as soon as the sound fadded the figure spotted me and picked up a nearby pipe while I set my camera down on the ledge behind me to film our fight. He attacked with inhuman speed but I knew magic and could deflect all of his moves eventually nocking him down and I pinned him to the floor by bending the roots underneath the house to hold him still . For some reason I reached to pull the hood off to see who the attacker was but as I got closer he struggled more trying to avoid my hand but I pulled away his hood as well as the mask. He kept his eyes closed but it didn't matter I didn't know him anyways.

I heard the static again but when I looked around this time I saw a person in a white, feminine mask staring at me through the door. I ran and attacked him for some reason but left the camera behind it didn't matter anyways. He was pretty strong even though he didn't have any weapon and I managed to back him up into the house as well where I used the same spell binding them both to the ground below them.

I pocketed my pills not even noticing that the camera had gone missing. The guy in the white mask looked at the other, I flicked my wrist and his mask and hood flew back on. My head began to pound and again I started coughing as I heard static getting closer, at the sound the two struggled even harder against the bounds as though they had to escape before whatever was making that sound found them but I only tightened the bound until they couldn't even move.

Was this how I looked at that party before I was saved by John?

Y..yeah you were immobile and couldn't move at all.

She hesitated to answer? That wasn't good but once again I heard the static and I moved outside and looked for the source pushing my mind past the irritating noise so that I could focuse, when I drowned the sound out of my mind I spotted him, a tall man in a suite with no face the same one that was outside my window.

What are you doing?

I didn't answer her but instead approached the figure and for some reason attacked him which he swept past all of my spells with ease as though they were nothing. From his back protruded long, black, tendrils but that only made the fight more fun especially as i set each one on fire. I had almost forgotten about the static noise but my mind was now focusing on the fight and with help from Desteria I was able to some how get a direct hit but as soon as I hit him with a powerful fire spell a louder screech mixed in with the static and I fell to the ground covering my ears trying to stay awake but I couldn't, my head hurt, my eyes were heavy, stomach was doing backflips, and I felt dizzy. I ended up passing out right in front of the creature as the static drowned out with the rest of the world.