The Homicide vs. the Gammer


I left Ben and tried t get some sleep again but my dreams were plagued with bad memories of being here, memories that I wish had just stayed locked away and hadn't resurfaced. when morning came I was to tired to even go downstairs but I managed somehow but I again I found myself even to tired to eat so I decided to go back upstairs. Instead of going back to my room I walked down the hall hoping to find a room that wasn't occupied by any of the others after all this mansion was huge there had to be another room somewhere.

When I got to the end of the hall I found the door opened to one of the rooms and looking in all there was was a desk, a closet, and a bed no decorations, nothing to even suggest that anyone was sleeping here so I sneaked in, closed the door and the moment my head fell onto the pillow I fell asleep and into the welcoming dark, dreamless, abyss where I finally managed some sleep. For weeks I suffered from really bad insomnia not even the pills I had could help, I would stay up for hours reading, looking at my phone, listening to music, anything to pass the time away or until I was finally able to close my eyes and sleep. On average over the weeks I probably got at least two hours of sleep and somehow was able to make it through the day only to spend yet another night wide awake or running through the forest chasing some masked proxy.

What can I say my life's been pretty crazy especially now that I'm starting to remember more and more about my past and what the doctors tried to cover up. I mean I always did know that I was a killer but they had told me that the others were all regular kids who had a rough life and that "Slenderman" was actually a kidnapper who tortured us into becoming the killers we were known as and that I was lucky to escape of course that in itself sounded strange and now that I'm actually here once again with them I can see just how far off they were. I always knew that I was one of those kids that just had a rough life, parents were never around, bullied and abused at school, neglected by everyone around me and was seen as a freak. I always knew what they did to me, what they're teasing and taunts had led me to but with Liu's help I was able to fill in the holes that were missing in the picture. Like when Jeff saved me from the party, when I joined him, attacking him on the second floor landing, meeting everyone for the first time and feeling as though I actually belonged somewhere. When they threw me a party welcoming me to their family, actually being a family and having people who cared about me, escaping the Asylum the first time...that was as far as my memories would go everything after that is still a little blurry.

When I woke up I saw that Liu was sitting at the desk and it took me a while to realize why he was there and I sat straight up embaressed.

"This is your room isn't it?" I asked embaressed

"Yeah." he came over and sat next to me "Did you sleep well?"


"That's good you looked pretty tired this morning." he stood up and held out his hand for me "Come on you must be hungry Slender's got lunch ready.

I took Liu's hand and we went downstairs to join the others at the table but as soon as I walked in my stomach did back flips and I had to lean on Liu for support as the faintest sound of static became clear.

"You ok Katie you look like you're going to be sick?" Jeff asked

"Yeah I'm fine just a little dizzy is all."
"Within time you'll get past the effects we all did." Masky said returning to a piece of chesscake and Hoodie just nodded agreeing with his partner.

Masky reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a orange bottle and tossed it to me and I caught it looking at it with interest.

"They help with the effects take two whenever you feel truly terrible especially when you start coughing." he said getting up and leaving with Slenderman leaving me alone with Jeff, Liu, and Hoodie.

"So Katie did you remember anything while you were sleeping?" Jeff asked

"Yeah but I wish that I hadn't." he looked at me confused "It just would have been better if they had stayed in the past where they belonged." I then looked over to Liu "This might sound weird but can I stay with you until I remember more and...well..."
"Ok Katie whatever will make you feel more comfortable here."

His smile was barely noticable behind his scarf but I still saw it and I relaxed knowing that Liu would protect me and eventually all the bad memories would be put in the past and that's where they'd stay. Liu got up and left shortly followed by Jeff leaving me alone with Hoodie.


My heart skipped a beat when Katie asked to stay with me she trusted me that much and I was more then willing to share my room not in a creepy perverted way. I really cared about Katie and even if she does remember what happened between her and Ben and wants to pick that back up and then maybe for now I can at least get my shot at happiness before I lose the only good thing to come into my life. But then again at least we could still be friends if she did decide to go back to Ben.

I went up to my room but before I entered someone pushed me in roughly, slamned the door, and pinned me to the wall, in the darkness I caught a glimpse of unblinking eyes and a smile permenatly carved there.

"What the hell do you think you're doing Liu?"
"I'm just helping her remember Jeff that's all."
"I know you better then that stop lying. Why would you want to hurt Ben more then he already is? You know what she means to him, you know how broken he is without her, I thought you were better then this!"

His fingers dug into my shoulder but I paid the pain no attention.

"I love her Jeff. Never have I wanted to fight for something so hard, I want to protect her."
"But what about Ben? He's hoping she'll remember him more then just a glitch do you know what you could do?" did I really care not really, "Liu you could kill Ben you're playing with fire and last time I checked you always get burned whether you start it or not."
I pushed him off of me.

"You don't think I know that! Have you not looked in the mirror Jeff? I know I'm playing with fire the only difference is that I know what I'm doing and I'm not going to get burned so just back off."
"NO! Liu I can't let you break him, I'm not going to stand here and watch you break this family even more then it already is. You better stop this right now before things get any worse then they already are."

"Why don't you just fuck off Jeff I don't need you telling me what to do last time I checked I was the oldest so why don't you just back..."

Again he pinned me to the wall, daggers in his eyes, his nails digging underneath the fabric and into my skin, I've never seen jeff this angry before.

"Listen to me Liu this is a dangerous game you're setting up and it's not worth playing. We lost our family and I thought that I lost you too, Katie brought you here before leaving and now we have a family do you really want to be the one who tears it apart this time?" there was hurt and anger in his voice and it took me by surprise.

"These people aren't family Jeff they're just friends." again I shoved him off "I don't care what you think is right Jeff I love her and that's all that matters so I'll kindly ask you to"

"I can't believe you're doing this, this isn't the Liu that I know or thought I knew."

He pushed past me and slamed the door behind him, these people weren't family we weren't related in any way we were just friends living under the same roof I didn't even like half of them. I was going to always be there for Katie, I was going to give her everything she wants and even if she does remember that brat that wont matter because we're closer she knows me better. Did I really care if Ben gets hurt? No not really after all I care to much about Katie to let her go she's the only thing in my life that makes me happy and I don't want to lose that.


I can't believe Liu's doing this and usually I wouldn't really care but this is going to far. I know before me and Ben were on rocky terms but after being there for him for the past year I understood more about just how much Katie actually meant to him and I wasn't going to let Liu destroy this family. I went back down the hall and into Ben's room he was sitting on the bed this time holding a small photo, it was of him and Katie at the party we through her.

"I need to tell you something but this might hurt you more." I warned

"What is it?"

I sat next to him and he looked up at me as I told him about Liu's plan to get Katie and even if she does remember what they shared she would still want to be with Liu. Ben looked down trying to comprehend what I told him.

"I'm sorry Ben I thought you should know since you've lost her twice already I know you don't want to lose her a third time."
"I..I don't understand. Why Liu I thought he was better then this."
"So did I but apperently my brother's changed. But so have I I'm not going to let him hurt us anymore then we are already."

"What if I can't get her to love me again though and Liu does get her?"

"Don't think like that you want her back right?" he nodded "Then you have to go out there and start again with her, remind her why she fell in love with you the first time I know you can do it." I stood up to leave

"Where is she?"

"Downstairs. I think she's still in the kitchen." For a moment I thought he was going to say something but he just picked up the picture again and laid back down on his bed staring at it remembering back when he was happy and I headed downstairs.

He stood up and I led Ben out of his room for the first time in a year and I felt like I just acomplished the impossible and I felt better like I was actually doing something right for once.


We just sat there in an awkward silence for a moment and I stood up to leave when Hoodie finally spoke.

" can h..hear it" he asked in barely a whisper

"The static?" he nodded "Yeah I can."
"So can I. I d..don't know why but I c..can."

Silence fell again and I tried to think of something else to say.

"You're names really Brian though right?"


"How..Did you like filming Marble Hornets?" (again not taking credit for this series it's truly amazing and you all should watch it.)

He looked back up at me and for a few minuets we talked about Marble Hornets and why he left some of the film clips behind for me to find. Hoodie was actually really clever knowing that since I had watched the web series then I would know exactly what to do with the tapes and what was probably on them and just like in the series I eventually found out most if not all of the truth. The only difference was that Tim (masky) came close to uncovering the truth about the others while Hoodie was helping me uncover the past and who I was.

"Just one question who's HeartBreak?"
"That's w..what you were called b..before you left."

"HeartBreak." I said a few times over and over again liking the sound of the name as bloody scenes played in my mind on a tv screen as the reporter talked about the kill bringing up the very name.
"HeartBreak. I remember the name now I was pretty dangerous wasn't I." Hoodie nodded, I looked towards the door and saw Jeff enter the kitchen again and Hoodie left leaving us alone.

"Hey Kat's what's up?"
"I remembered my name; HeartBreak." Jeff laughed for a moment

"It's been a while since any of us have heard that name but yes that was your name even though we all called you Katie still. Well except for Clocky she's new."

"What about me Jeff?"

We turned to face the door again to see Clocky walk in.

"Where's ticci?" he questioned

"None of your buisness." she sat down next to me "I've heard quite a bit about you KAtie you seem pretty cool."
"Well I'm going to go do something more interesting."
"Like what?" she asked annoyed with the killer

"What I always do sharpen my knives."

We watched Jeff leave and once again I was alone with another killer. I got a better look at her but once again I looked back at her eye the one that was replaced with a clock and I thought about asking her about it but decided not to besides it wasn't really my place.

"So Katie tell me about yourself."

"You weren't here before?" I asked her

"No I came here a few weeks after you apparently left. At first I wasn't cure if I wanted to stay."
"Well because everyone was trying to move past you being gone and I don't know it just seemed like everyone was down well except for Toby that is he's always so full of energy."

She leaned against her elbow and stared off into space with a sigh clearly she liked Toby alot.

"Have you told Toby?" I asked

Her elbow fell to the table and she rested her head ontop of her hands.

"No, I'm not sure how and besides he probably doesn't care about me too."
"Do you know that for a fact?" she just looked away "You're probably feeling the same way as Ben does. Not knowing if the person you love loves you back, it seems hurtful but it'll only hurt more if you don't ask."
"But what if he doesn't like me back?"
"Well would you rather want to know now if he does or not or would you rather hurt never knowing how he feels?"
She sighed again and looked up at me. "You're right I should probably go ask Toby." she thought for a moment and then smiled as she left to go find Toby.

"Now that's the Katie we all knew."

I looked towards the door and saw Slenderman walk in, as soon as he entered I heard the faintest sound of static, my stomach didn't hurt as much, but I did try to keep myself from coughing or from falling as I got dizzy. Remembering the pills that Masky gave me I took a couple and just as he said the effects weakened as I coughed a couple times.

"Masky was very kind you give you those pills he doesn't share them usually with anyone."
"I must be special then." I said with a smile "Did you know? What they were doing?"
"Leaving the tapes behind for you? Yes I did in fact when you attacked me I was actually there to talk to them about it."

My mind raced back to the night I had chased Hoodie into the forest and to the abandoned house where I attacked him and Masky after Hoodie had stolen my medication, then I ran outside only to attack Slender for some reason.

"Sorry again for trying to set you on fire."

"It's quite alright I am fine though you should be careful with your gift around Jeff." I smiled at the joke of using fire around Jeff remembering that it was that fire that had set him over the edge it was the same that had sent me over the first time too. I could feel the small flames eating away at my skin and the sound of a gun being loaded and pointed at me meant to kill me.

"Is all of this real? I mean everything that I'm remembering was it all true?"

"Yes my child it was, you were encreadible to have around. Everyone liked you, they went to you if they were troubled, they relied on you for just about anything and you were there for all of them helping them just as you were with Clockwork. You treated them all as though they weren't killers but just normal humans. It truly is nice to have you back my dear."

I noded not sure what else to say it was all true, everything that I was now remembering, I had done all those things, said every word, and yet I left becuase of a sense of having to protect them or so I thought.