I will update We Will Prevail soon enough, but when I got on this thought there was no going off. This is just a prologue so I will try to make the chapters longer, but I'm not so good at it.



It was cold.

In a small stone room, the only comforts being an old stone bed and a small book-filled shelf, metal bars blocked the inhabitant from the outside. If you looked closely, in the little light provided by a small window near the ceiling, you would be able to see cracks or small clumps of moss scattered along the door. Snow occasionally blew in through the window, making the room even more miserable.

The room was a prison cell. It wasn't very well taken care of, but it was a fact that this was a high security prison.

Why you ask? It was simple:

The Empire's strongest army guarded the prison here. From people of both inside and out. Rumors had it the supposed "Empire's Strongest" was stationed here as well.

The only unusual thing, with the high-level guards and high-level criminals, was this lonely cell's inhabitant. There were no other cells near this one, and guarding it were high-ranking soldiers of the Army.

You would think a mass-murder that got a lucky shot and killed the Emperor was being held here, or something similar right?

Well, your wrong. No big bad guy sharpening his teeth. No bald guy covered in tattoos with an eyepatch. No guy with a crazed look in his eye. Or whatever you think of your typical villain.

Inside, there was a boy. With tufts of brown hair and forest green eyes, he looked like your ordinary village-kid. He couldn't even be older than twelve. But what he did was set in stone, or so he thought.

He, possessing a powerful Teigu, raided the palace at its weakest, aiming for the Prime Ministers's life.

The Prime Minister, put simply, was a demon. He controlled the child Emperor like a puppet, only to get what he wants. First he acted as a caring old man, gaining the previous Emperor's trust. Unfortunately, after an "accident" the Emperor passed away, leaving his child to rule. The Prime Minister himself is responsible for the heavy corruption in the Empire.

This boy, a victim to the corruption, was aiming to end the citizens suffering and take revenge at the same time. However one small mistake had him end up in this prison. The best in the Capital.

Hearing footsteps echo upon the stone walls, the boy looked up. He had splatters of blood on him, head to toe, with dead eyes.

His eyes followed a shadowed figure, curious of its purpose. The shadow stepped into the weak light, revealing icy beauty. With a wave of her hand the three guards were dismissed.

Sky blue hair fell down to her waist, and matching cold eyes stared into his soul. She was tall, yes, but was very young. She was a general, if you took a glance at her white uniform, but hadn't even reached her twenties yet. She was perhaps eighteen, or so. A tattoo located right under her collarbones looked vaguely like a 'Y'. A triumphant smirk was plastered on her face. He looked down to the floor, curiosity sated.

She looked down at the boy, "Kid, what is your name?"

He briefly looked up before looking back to the ground. "Tatsumi." Voice hoarse from lack of use, he answered her without purpose.

The woman still smiled, as if expecting a simple answer, "Tatsumi you tried to kill the Prime Minister, correct? Why?"

The boy looked up but this time stared her down, "That bastard killed everyone in the village, their screams... He was in utter delight!" A dead voice, yet trying to have her see his reasoning.

"He is very much a bastard, but listen will you?" He looked up.

"This is a harsh world. In it, there is one rule that beats all others." She leaned down a bit to emphasize. "The strong survive, and the weak die. There is no other purpose in life than to survive for the strong. For the weak you can only die, when the strong come to conquer." She smiled. "That is what happened to you and your village. They were weak."

She stood back up seeing his deflated look. This boy believed her every word. But she liked him a little bit. There was something special about this boy. She felt he would be a helpful pet. "Tatsumi, you are going down the path of the weak. However I could make some arrangements, then you could be strong"

She drew the rapier at her side, then made a light cut on her wrist. She held out her hand. "Drink." The boy followed the wrist's movement with his eyes. He picked up his own hand then looked at it. He held it out, then took her hand in both of his. "Tatsumi, I will make you strong." And Tatsumi drank her blood, and with it the demon's blood.

The mark on her chest briefly lit up before going back to normal. A very similar mark appeared on Tatsumi's right hand. He stared at it in astonishment, before looking up to her.

She smiled. She wouldn't let the Minister get away with his execution this time. "My name is Esdeath. I do believe you will be working under me from now on."

He simply stared at her in shock, before nodding his head.

With one last glance at him Esdeath walked away. Her smile eventually twisted itself into a sadistic grin. Oh, this is gonna be fun.


My thought process is that he will only use Esdeath's Teigu in extreme cases, and use his other Teigu to fight (it will be revealed later)

And also, his powers are only as great as Esdeath's were at this point (four years before the start of the story)

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