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Camille Gage: 18, an orphan, was poor, became heir to a fortune. Draws attention of everyone for her beauty and eccentricity. Many young men of society want her as wife, but she has her own plans...

Robert Alexander, the 3rd: 18 years, had a pose and a place of respect in society. In debt, seeks marriage with a rich girl to improve his financial situation.

Lena Gage: Tyler's and Camille´s mother, married to Richard. Dies when Camille is 17 years old.

Tyler Gage: 22, older brother of Camille, after receiving his inheritance, marries Norah and founded a dance group. Is on a world tour.

Richard Gage: son of Napoleon Gage, secretly marries Lena, has two children, but dies when Tyler and Camille were small.

Napoleon Gage: Wealthy farmer, who upon discovering the existence of his grandchildren, leaves his estate to them.

Wilhelmina Stowe: Napoleon`s housekeeper. After his death, is hired by Tyler to be Camille's chaperone.

Benedict Stowe: Wilhelmina´s husband. It was Napoleon´s assistant, and becomes Camille´s counselor.

Robert Alexander, the 2nd: Businessman, who went bankrupt with the crisis of the New York Stock Exchange, dies of sudden illness. Left wife and 3 children.

Katherine Alexander: With her husband's death, opens a small buffet business.

Andie: 20, was a neighbor of Tyler and Camille, after they receive the inheritance, became a part of Tyler's dance group.

Sean: 20, Andie´s boyfriend and Moose´s friend.

Sophie Donovan, 20: Moose´s fiancé. Daughter of a rich lawyer. Falls in love with Chase.

Chase: 21, dancer, was a close friend of Tyler and Camille when they lived in Baltimore.

Luke 21: Moose´s friend, through his wife, Natalie, Moose and Camille are introduced to each other.

Nicole (14) and Mary Alexander (12): Moose´s sisters.