Chapter 14: It has Begun

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Tsukuyomi (Moon Reader)

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Chapter 14: It has Begun

A Typical Room in a Random Inn - Kaminarai no Kuni (The Land of Lightning)

The room was not out of the ordinary. It had wooden floor boards, walls and a typical plain roof, of course made of wood. No furniture was there save a bed, a cupboard and drawer and a few chairs; the essentials. Small decorations like art on the wall and a vase or two were kept so a touch of colour could be added and monotony, avoided. At the same time, it wasn't shabby by any means. After all, the wooden features gave a premium feel, and most of all, instead of the average public baths, this inn offered private baths to each room, though not quite large but enough for one who was looking for affordable comfort.

"Whoo! A warm bath after a long day is the best!" The sound of a refreshed young female came from the bath attached to the room. "I wish Nee-chan could feel this... Oh well, she's probably having fun with Kaa-chan and Yato-kun."

She had come back after her little 'trip' for 'reasons' and decided to have a night stay at an inn because she had no other tasks and felt like relaxing; she had a lot of work ahead of her and could use all the rest and relaxation she could possibly get.

Getting out of the water in the steam filled room with limited vision, it could be seen that she had long free flowing hair of white colour, a light shade of pink ever visible. As her slender figure walked over towards the door of bath room, she picked up her clothes and proceeded to dress up.

In a matter of minutes, she was done changing and drying her hair. A person present in the room would see her walking over to the window and move aside the brown curtains. The full moon was a beautiful sight as the clouds, which were also illuminated by the moonlight, only served to magnify the mesmerizing effect.

From a back side view, it could be seen that her hair was straight and untied, reaching her waist. She wore black Anbu pants with a fiery red short skirt over and a jet black blouse. She had bandages on her arms that reached till the inside of her blouse's arms and finger-less gloves with metal plates on the backhand. She wore standard Shinobi sandals and was currently resting leaning against the windowsill and gazing at the moon.

"Just you wait Nee-chan; I'll make sure everything gets to go to heaven." She said in joyful determination. Even without seeing her expression, anyone could tell she was beaming brightly.

Streets - Konoha

"Man it's late, but I need to work hard if I wanna beat Naruto fair and square." A young Uchiha sprinting home said to himself.

The boy was in the Academy for extra classes with the teachers, who were happy to have a diligent student. Sasuke had certain days when his personal trainer was not available and so he went and stayed at the Academy. In those days, he learned more about Chakra theory and other essential knowledge such as weapon usage as well as refining his fire nature with the basic tips his teachers gave him.

"I'll show everyone the true potential of the Uchiha!" Sasuke exclaimed in the empty street as he kept up his pace.

Naruto's Mindscape

"So brat, you've finally shown how foolhardy you are." The ginormous orange demon fox in the cage uttered. "Unfortunately your recklessness is a negative factor and it makes me lose my faith in your potential."

'Why...? Itachi-nii was about to kill Kaa-chan... Why...? Everyone in the clan is dead... Itachi-nii probably killed them... Why did he do it...?' In front of the mighty Biju, Naruto lay on his back, floating on the water in his mind. The boy was currently in his own thoughts, caring not of the Kyūbi's cold tone or serious message…threat.

The boy was currently in a state of shock and couldn't exit his mind for a while…partially due to being stabbed but mainly due to the sight he laid witness too.

Uchiha Clan Compound - Konoha

Itachi stared at the blade in shock before pulling it out and catching Naruto with his hands as he did so. Mikoto was at the entrance to the room stunned and confused at what happened, one moment she was preparing to receive the final blow and the next, she was standing by an open door seeing Itachi pierce Naruto in the chest.

'It seems Naruto used a Kawarami (Substitution) with Okaa-san.' The Sharingan could see Naruto's Chakra flow irregularly, the boy's chest was leaking blood and the regenerative factor provided by the Kyūbi was not fast enough to save him. At this rate, he was sure to die and Itachi doubted that his mother's Iryō Ninjutsu (Medical Technique) would be enough to save him.

Mikoto paled as she caught on to everything and hobbled to the boy with a one track mind, 'Itachi-kun didn't do it on purpose, Naruto's going to survive this.'

Mikoto quickly made channeled her Chakra and processed to make an attempt at Iryō Ninjutsu (Medical Technique) to heal the boy. Mikoto was filled with hope as she found that his heart was safe and that the blade pieced just near it; a fatal wound due to important blood vessels being severed and massive internal bleeding coupled with the blood to leak into the lungs through growing tears that had formed due to the stab; but better than a sliced up heart.

'I might not be able to...' The Uchiha matriarch straightened her line of thought. 'No. I will, I have to heal Naruto.'

With her hands on his chest and a distinct green glow visible, Mikoto mid process of healing when suddenly, the wound closed up leaving no sign or scars, and Itachi pulled Mikoto away from the boy causing her to voice a complain on which Itachi merely told her to observe.

Naruto was laying on his back when he haphazardly flipped and landed on all fours. A menacing red coat of Chakra surrounded the boy in the shape of a fox and three tails were fluttering freely as if they had a mind of their own.

Naruto snarled, his whiskers were more defined and glared at the two Uchiha, his eyes contained...a fuma shuriken pattern?

'Mangekyō Sharingan (Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye)!' Itachi thought, 'But that's the Kyūbi taking over... This is going to be a tough one.'

Naruto then chuckled ominously, "It's been a while since I stretched freely. I have the boy's naivete to thank for that."

"Let him go you damned fox!" Mikoto yelled at the possessed Naruto.

The fox gave no verbal reply and opted instead to leap forward launch an extended claw made from the cloak at the two Uchiha. As the red mass of Chakra moved like a whip, the mother-son duo back flipped to dodge it.

'Best to make it quick...' Itachi thought and quickly uttered to his mother, "Distract it."

That said Mikoto was happy to oblige, "Karasu Kaitai no Jutsu (Crow Dismantling Technique)," and broke down in a flock of crows that assaulted the possessed boy, making sure to spread all around it so that it had no other focus.

Hokage Office - Konoha

Hiruzen had a feeling he didn't have in nine years. 'What is Itachi doing? Why is the Kyūbi free? It's not strong so I think only me and a few others know but he'd better get things right fast.' The Hokage then sighed, "I'll have to answer the questions of the few who did notice."

The Hokage then took a puff out of his cigar and proceed to think of an explanation as he glanced out at the full moon, facing the window as he has turned around his seat.

Uchiha Clan Compound - Konoha

With a relatively large fist made of Biju Chakra Mikoto was blown through the wall, breaking it fully and pushing the woman onto a wall.

The fight had moved outside and Mikoto quickly regained her bearings and jumped over the fox, which was dashing at the formerly fallen Uchiha, and used a fire Jutsu against the fox.

Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu (Fire Release: Grand Fireball Technique)

The Biju in turn extended two tails and brushed the mass of fire aside as if it were an annoying fly. The Uchiha matriarch landed on her feet as the Kyūbi leaped towards the woman at high speeds, appearing to be a blur of red to the untrained eye.

"Now or never..." Mikoto mumbled, 'You'd better be ready Itachi.' The Kyūbi moved in slow motion to Mikoto's Sharingan. It was all over in a flash of red. She risked damage to her and physically gripped Naruto's neck by enhancing her limbs with Chakra, the sudden stoppage causing a small outflow of red Chakra. She then immediately used raw Chakra to envelope the cloak and restrain the fox from making any surprise attacks. She wouldn't last two minutes with how much Chakra she was wasting, she knew that.

To make the task a little easier, the woman moved to grab the possessed boy's neck in a headlock with her right arm and focused Chakra mainly through the other; it looked as if Naruto was enveloped by an opaque blue in the shape of the previous cloak. The mechanics were simple, pour out raw Chakra and cover the Biju's Chakra for as long as possible by shape manipulation; simple in theory at least, practical application was another story.

Seeing his mother do her best to subdue the beast while constantly getting wearier and injured by the toxic Biju Chakra, Itachi dashed made his way directly in front of the possessed Naruto.

Streets - Just Outside the Uchiha Clan Compound - Konoha

Sasuke was jogging towards the compound when suddenly, he tripped and fell on the ground, using his hands to cushion the impact. He heard an explosion and soon he felt despair, as if he needed to feel terrified. "Wh-What's happening?" The boy then got up and walked to the entrance to his Clan's land cautiously.

He regretted it.

The sight was horrific. Corpses were spread on the ground and blood staining the walls and streets. The boy gawked at the sight and looked trembled in fear. He suddenly thought of his parents and felt a sense of urgency added into the mix of emotion.

Sasuke immediately started his dash towards his home, he could only hope that things were not as bad as this. This was no time for tears.

It was pure terror, like a one sided massacre… And soon young Sasuke would find that that was exactly what happened.

With Itachi, Mikoto and Naruto

Itachi's eyes morphed into a curved pinwheel a pattern that was his Mangekyo. He glared straight into Naruto's eyes to make his most powerful attempt at subduing another with the same eyes. "Tsukuyomi (Moon Reader)!"

Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto kept lying on his back with negative thoughts, still completely unaware of his surroundings. He had his eyes open as he gazed into nothing in particular, almost as if staring off in the distance yet the only thing in his line of sight was the dark roof to the sewer compartment in the seal.

The water had turned red and a very light haze of crimson was present. The Kyūbi's head had come out of the cage in a reddish orange, bubble like form which did not do much to reduce the ferociousness of the Tailed Beast.

Itachi appeared and came to see the sight of the fox's head ever so slowly creeping closer to the boy. "Kyūbi, I'll applaud your audacity to transgress your limits when someone as me is present." Itachi stated confidently, he made it into the mind and hopefully the rest would be simpler.

"Ho! A mere human getting so arrogant? The nerve." The Kyūbi stated to taunt the young former Anbu, but one look at the Mangekyo and it got serious, "Even if you do subdue me now, you will see a much bigger terror in the future; I am doing you a favor."

Itachi's eyes widened slightly before he glared at the Kyūbi in the eye. "Sleep." Itachi stated…commanded…simply as he put as much Chakra as he could control into the Genjutsu.

The bubble-like Kyūbi on the other hand started popping a few bubbles at a time, receding back into its prison, as it gave a parting message. "Mark my words Uchiha." And the fox suddenly burst and was barely visible in the confines of the dark cage.

Having finished his work, Itachi kept the Biju's warning in mind as he focused to move outside Naruto's mind.

Uchiha Clan Compound - Konoha

Mikoto had fallen on her knees as soon as the Chakra cloak started to fade, she stopped the outflow of her Chakra and let the freed boy loose. Before actually falling, Mikoto carefully laid the now unconscious Naruto on ground. She sighed in relief as Itachi turned to face her with a standard Sharingan and moved towards her.

He still had enough Chakra left to make a silent escape and deal with any minor threats on the outside; Genjutsu did not require too much Chakra otherwise they risk failure and not having any effect other than a waste of Chakra.

"Itachi-kun, it's time. Hurry, before Sasuke gets back." Mikoto said in light pants, she only had drops Chakra left after the stunt she pulled in a last ditch effort. She also got physical damage to her due to the corrosive nature of the Kyūbi's Chakra.

She made the conclusion that Itachi's eyes evolved in the incident with Kujou so did not inquire about that; Itachi understood that as well.

"Forgive me mother." Itachi mumbled.

"Itachi-kun, no matter what you do, your mother will always be proud of you and love you with all her heart." Mikoto beamed at Itachi in a brilliant smile.

Itachi trembled a little, this was the woman who gave him his life and made him what he was today, and now he was taking hers away. "I'm so sorry." Itachi mumbled as he drew his Tanto.


A swift stab piercing the heart; blood burst forth and spread around to paint everything nearby, in itself. As Mikoto lost her last strands of consciousness, she closed her eyes and reminisced all the joyful moments of her life.

Itachi pulled out his sword and helplessly watched his mother's corpse fall straight on the ground. He shed a tear at the sight of her mother gently smiling as she was about to hit the ground. The deed was done.

Outside a Mansion in a Valley - Unknown Location

The scene was as if someone was looking at a paradise. The natural beauty of the Sakura trees and the light humming of the wind compounded by the stream which flowed with a confident sound; all in all, nature was working in harmony to make for a perfect scene, especially when the moon glowed and made the entire view all the more surreal with its subtle grace.

"It has begun." White Zetsu's plain tone could be heard as he emerged from the ground.

"I see." Madara said plainly as he leaned forward and rested his arms on the windowsill, the 'dead man' was gazing at the moon, absently admiring its beauty while thinking of his plan to use it. "I take it Black Zetsu is with Obito."

"Hai, he is currently doing the 'little work' as Obito has Itachi join the Akatsuki." The plant man replied.

"I see, things are bound to get interesting... Especially with what I plan on doing with young Naruto..." The rejuvenated Uchiha trailed off as a wind blew with an ominous sound that could be heard through the open window.

And cut.

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