Update Notice:

So instead of months, I took as many years to say anything, sorry about that. Well, to be completely honest, I underestimated just how packed life can get as you go on, but that's enough about my excuses.

So about the story, like I said, I haven't forgotten it and I still want to see it through to the end. What's been stopping me has also been a lack of motivation to make time for writing. Now, I've found that I want to get something written, and I feel like I've improved a lot over the years through work, courses, exposure and experience. So bear with me on this one, and I'll start with a review of the story to get back in the flow of things, and fix inconsistencies where I can. The general plot should be the same, but the way events tie in together, as well as the progress the characters have made (both in training and their development) will be revamped.

I won't take up too much of your time for now, as the purpose of this is really just as an announcement that I'll be trying as of now to get back in the flow of things. Hence, in conclusion, I'd like to thank you all for the support you've shown me in my absence and the honest flaws you've pointed out. I also apologise again for making you all wait for so long. This time, I won't promise any unrealistic frequency in uploads, but just know that I'm actually writing stuff now and not going on hiatus like last time. If there's a delay, there should still be a chapter at the end of it.

Oh and, I'll probably take this notice down when I'm uploading the actual chapter that fits here.

Thanks again for sticking with me.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon (hopefully).