Hi! I know I haven't done anything in a while, and that I have other stories to work on, but to make up for it, here is a nice one-shot

England threw ingredients into a cauldron, humming to himself quietly as he did so. Finally, some time alone to curse his enemies. Lately he'd been busy looking after America and Canada, but today France had taken over, letting him finally get on with these things that were overdue. Suddenly, light flooded the room and England scowled at the Frenchman who opened the door.

"What do you want, Frog. You're supposed to be looking after America and Canada." He hissed.

"America climbed up a tree and he can't get down." France said simply. England was shocked.

"Why didn't you stop him!"

"He threw Canada's bear into the pond and I had to fish it out. By the time I found America he was already high up on the top branch." England had already pushed past him, and was running outside, clad in his black cloak. France simply followed him to where America was sat, bawling.

"Don't worry America, it's okay!" England started climbing the tree towards the boy whilst France remained at the bottom.

England soon reached America. Shuffling along the branch America sat upon, he was about to reach the boy when he turned around, a big grin on his previously tear-stained face and he dropped off the end.

"America!" England cried, looking over to see France holding the boy, a big, mischievous grin on both their faces. England's face crumpled as he realised it was all a trick; America was never stuck and they just set him up to look the fool. He sat in the tree and silently cried.

France's grin turned to a frown. England should be angry now, yelling insults at them whilst climbing down the tree, but...nothing. He looked up to see the figure clad in black, curled up in the tree. America noticed too and, sensing that something wasn't right, began to actually cry. France started to calm the boy down when he felt a tug on his trouser leg. He looked down to see Canada, who whispered something too quiet for him to hear.

"What is it?" He bent down to the boy's level.

"G-give America to me, I'll look after him, England needs you right now." France smiled at the adorable boy, giving him his brother, who he promptly started to calm, then climbed to where England was sitting, facing away from him.

"Go away frog." France sat next to him.

"Why are you crying, mon Angleterre?"

"I think you know. N-not that I'm crying, because I'm not! T-there's just, um, something in my eye! That's it, just something in my eye." France chuckled, putting an arm around the British nation, an arm which wasn't rejected.

"Don't lie to me, mon Angleterre. I know you're upset. Were you that worried about America?" England nodded silently. "Don't worry, big brother France is always here for you." He pulled England towards him so the other nation was resting his head on his shoulder.

"Shut up, frog." And with that, England pulled France into a gentle kiss.

***Extended ending***

"Gross!" America almost shouted. "Mum and Dad are kissing!"

"I think it's cute..." But nobody noticed Canada.

"Hey, Angleterre, little America thinks you're his mother." France cooed at the nation beside him

"I think it's the other way around, frog." And they kissed once again.


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