A/N: I was listening to songs and they were giving me emotions about my OC's and then of course Klaine butted in and was all like WAIT PAY ATTENTION TO US!

Their hands swing high as they walk through the barriers. Kurt swings their arms as they head to the escalators, the air around him seeming to crackle with his happiness. They've just come from a meeting about their newest venture and it seems like it's going to work and Kurt's just so excited that he's chattering mindlessly about plans and details that will definitely change before they even get home.

They step on the bottom step together as Kurt starts gesturing, his eyes bright and his smile shining brighter than the sun in the middle of July. Blaine can't help but stare; Kurt has always captivated him, but his excitement today draw him in. He can't help but lift their hands, fingers intertwined as they so frequently become, and press a kiss to the back of Kurt's hand.

Kurt stops talking, the corners of his mouth softening into an even sweeter smile. "What was that for?"

Blaine shrugs, smiling back at his husband. "I love how excited you are right now," a kiss to his first knuckle, "I love all the work we do," the second knuckle, "I love how excited you get about the kids we visit," the third, "but mostly? I just love you." He kisses the last knuckle, his lips lingering as he stares into Kurt's beautiful blue eyes, watching as his cheeks darken. Kurt bites his lips, pressing them together as though he's trying to hide his smile, but Blaine knows better, knows that smile will be the biggest and brightest if he would let it loose.

"Blaine-" But before he can finish his sentence, he trips, their trip up the escalator coming to an end and the moving stairs doing their best to eject them. Kurt snorts, shaking his head as he steps off and pulls Blaine with him, tugging him off to the side so they're not blocking the exit. "I love you so much." He presses their lips together softly, sweetly, so full of meaning that Blaine lets out a content sigh. They stand there for a few minutes, holding each other and basking in their love.