Lies and New Promises

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Harry Potter stared into blood red eyes. Said red eyes were staring at him in shock. He wasn't the only one. Everyone in the room except two people were staring at him in varying forms of shock.

"What the bloody hell is going on!?" Asked the shocked dark lord.

Harry only looked at him before turning and burying his head into Remus' chest and crying. It was Fenrir Greyback that spoke.

"My lord, perhaps those who aren't in the inner circle should leave." Voldemort looked at the werewolf before nodding his head.

"All those in the outer circle leave immediately." Demanded Voldemort.

Most of the death eaters fled as quickly as they could, leaving only the inner circle, Voldemort, Harry, and Remus.

"Now what is going on?" Voldemort asked once again.

Fenrir once again spoke. "Well…

[It was the night of the full moon and I was in the forest when I had gotten a whiff of two different scents. I knew one of them since it was the scent of the mate I bit long ago. The other was the scent of a pregnant male. I hurried to the scent of my mate.

I found them in a clearing. My mate had caught my scent and started growling as soon as I was in view. The other male was on a pelt bed sleeping. He was holding his stomach protectively. I started forward when my mate blocked the male and it was then that I realized he was protecting his cub.

I sat down and watched him. My mate watched me until he came to the conclusion that I wasn't a danger to his cub. He sat then laid down and watched me. We watched each other until the moon went down and we changed back to our human form.

My mate grabbed clothes out of a bag near the pelt and got dressed. He then grabbed a pair of jeans and enlarged them then threw them at me. I put them on.

A noise drew our attention to the other male. "Remy?"

"I'm right here cub." He said.

The other male sat up and I finally got a good look at him. He had short messy black hair, bright emerald green eyes hidden behind ugly horn rimmed glasses. I also noticed that he was very pale and skinny besides the slight baby bump.

The other male saw me and quickly hid behind my mate. "Don't be afraid, kid. I am that man's mate and since he sees you as a cub I am no danger to you."

My words reassured the boy a little but it was my mate's words that made the boy calm down. "He is right, cub. He is indeed my mate and werewolves can't harm their mate's cub."

He nodded and went back to the pelt. The movement moved his hair and allowed me to see the famous lighting bolt scar. This boy was Harry Potter. I was conflicted. You wanted the boy but by werewolf law this boy was my cub.

I made the decision to talk to you and hope that you wouldn't hurt him. I was brought out of my thoughts when I noticed my mate's eyes widen.

"F-fenrir Gr-grey...back?" My mate asked fearfully.

"Remus, I know that I changed you when you were a child but it was because you were sick. I could smell the sickness. I knew that you were my mate and didn't have much time left so I changed you." I took a deep breath. "You fainted from the pain and Dumbledore appeared before I could take you with me." I noticed that Harry whimpered when I had said Dumbledore's name. "Cub?"

The bond between us must have settled because he lunged himself at me and started to cry. Remus looked at him sadly and answered my unasked question. It made me want to kill that bastard.

"Two months ago Dumbledore had the Order remove Harry from his relatives for 'training' but it was because Harry refused to fight against someone who had more experience than he did. Harry felt that it was for the grown ups to fight, not an untrained and inexperienced boy." I watched as he drew a shaky breath. "Dumbledore locked Harry in a room. I wasn't there to pick Harry up and the Order members who did were disguised as death eaters." I looked at my mate in surprise when he said this but he continued. "D-dumbledore had stolen the dark lord's hair from when he was still in school and put them into a powerful polyjuice potion. This potion turned Dumbledore into the dark lord. He not only physically looked like him but he also had the same DNA as him."

"DNA?" I asked, confused.

"A muggle term. It means that Dumbledore had the dark lord's blood and sperm running through him." I was shocked. "Dumbledore tortured him, but Harry thought it was the dark lord because of the polyjuice potion. When Harry still didn't fight back Dumbledore raped him." Harry started to shake in my arms causing me to tighten them. "Dumbledore didn't use any protection so Harry became pregnant but since the polyjuice potion changed Dumbledore's sperm into the dark lord's Harry became pregnant with the dark lord's child." I felt my jaw drop. "I had come back and overheard the Order talking about it. They don't know about the child but the rest they know. I snuck Harry out and we are on our way to go inform the dark lord. We hope that he will not kill Harry."

"He won't. I will take you."

Harry lifted his head and looked at me. "Are you sure?"



"That is how we are here."

"I see." Voldemort knew that his friend wouldn't lie to him and from the fear on Harry's face he knew that he wasn't lying either. "Since it is late, I will show you to your rooms and we will talk about it tomorrow." At Harry's panicked look he explained it better. "The rooms will be conjoined." That reassured Harry and soon they were led to their rooms.