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(With Severus)

Almost three weeks had passed since he talked to the dark lord about his plan. In that time he made progress. He had gotten his hand on a prosthetic eye that was an exact replica of the one Moody used. He used it to perfect the polyjuice potion he was making.

The auror's eye was hard to get by. Barty, who Severus had saved before the dementors could get him, had told him what he had seen when he had worn it. Harry's invisibility cloak was harder to catch but was still possible to be seen. He said that unlike normal invisibility cloaks he hadn't seen Harry but a shimmer. When he looked through the mirror when he was disguised as the bastard he could see his normal appearance. The eye was well made.

The version of the polyjuice potion Dumbledore had used was still unknown. Severus had to create a new one. It was why he had several brewing and he was trying to get the potion to last longer. He didn't want any mistakes. The potion master had no idea how long it would take to take down the paranoid auror.

Lucius was happy to help. He wanted to take Moody down as quickly as possible. He helped torture Harry and allowed the poor teen to be raped. All to make Harry fight. They would claim that it was for the greater good. It was a load of bullshit and they didn't want that monster to stay free. After all, if he helped and allowed Harry to be tortured and raped then who knew what else he would let pass or what he would help do. Hurting a child was never okay. Not even for the greater good.

The blonde haired lord was testing the potions. Severus would look through the eye to see if the potion had worked. So far four batches had failed. They were now testing the fifth batch.

"Ready?" Severus asked as he held it out.

"Yes." He downed the vial and downed it.

Lucius soon turned into Harry once more. Severus activated the eye and looked through it. To his relief and happiness he saw Harry and not his friend.

"It worked." He said.

"Good. Now all we have to do is see how long it lasts." He said, sounding like Harry.


The two waited. Severus would occasionally check the eye to make sure he was still seeing Harry. Four hours passed before Lucius turned back. The two grinned at each other.

"Perfect." The dark eyed male purred.

"Yes it is." His grin turned into a deadly smirk.

"I'll inform Voldemort and then we'll put the plan into action." He said.

"Alright." He left to go grab Harry's old clothes.

Severus floo called the dark lord. He filled him in. Voldemort was very pleased with the success. After that Severus returned to his lab. Lucius was already there waiting for him. He grabbed the potion vial and downed it. Once more he looked like Harry. He quickly changed clothes. He shivered in disgust.

'No child should be forced to wear these. They aren't clothes, they're rags.' He thought.

The two separated after that. Lucius apparated to the agreed upon location. A populated muggle area. They had warded off an alley so that the blonde could wait there without being harassed. It was close to an abandoned warehouse. Severus went to Mad-eye. The wizard was near the Leaky Cauldron.

"There you are Alaster." Severus said as he ran up to him. "I found Potter." He said.

"Where?" He demanded.

He told him the location. "He's kept to areas heavily populated with muggles. I went to get him but he spotted me and ran. I was invisible so someone must be helping him." He sneered.

"Did you let Albus know?" He asked.

"Yes. He told me to have you help. The minister ordered another meeting." He lied.

"Let's go." Moody grunted.

The two left after that. They found 'Harry' in the crowd. He spotted them and ran off. Mad-eye took off after him. He followed him into an abandoned warehouse. Since he was so focused on 'Harry' he never heard Severus walk in behind him.

"Enough running Potter!" He yelled.

"You can't make me! I'm going to tell the world what you all did to me!" He yelled back.

"Stop being a coward!" The man sneered. "Just because some death eaters got a hold of you doesn't mean you can act that way."

A red light hit him and he fell to the ground. Severus had stunned him. The man fell to the ground with a thud. Both Severus and Lucius smirked at the unconscious man. Not only had their plan worked but it went down quickly and without any problems.

Severus tied him up and the two took Moody to the dungeons. They then went to inform the dark lord. The man was very pleased.

"Good work you two." He said. 'That smirk on Harry's face is weird.'

"Thank you. That man needed off the streets." Lucius said.

"No one was safe. He helped to torture a child and allowed him to be raped so that he would fight. All for the 'greater good.'" Severus sneered.

"Indeed." Voldemort agreed. "I'll hold the meeting tomorrow. We'll decide what to do with them."

"Alright. Are you telling Harry?" Lucius asked in concern for the pregnant teen. 'I'm so glad those children are biologically Voldemort's. Poor Harry would be tortured if they were Dumbledore's. Damn that law.'

Since Dumbledore was a lord and had no heir he would have gained custody of one of the children if they were his. It didn't matter if the child was the product of rape. There was no evidence and therefore he wasn't charged. Even if the man was, the child would go to Albus's brother. Luckily the twins were biologically Voldemorts and he knew his lord wouldn't take either child away from Harry.

"Yes. I think he needs to know that Moody will pay for what he did to him." Voldemort said. 'I just hope it helps.'

"I see." Lucius said. "I hope it helps."

"My thoughts exactly." He said. "Go get some rest."


The two left. Lucius decided to go to his study until the polyjuice potion wore off. His wife and son knew he had been helping Severus but seeing the results would be strange. Severus went back to his lab to check on his potions. The dark lord sighed and went to go find Harry. Now all they needed was to take Dumbledore down. He wasn't going to let that man stay free for long. His days were numbered.

Marvolo found the pregnant teen in the library. He was cuddled up to Remus. The two were on the couch reading. Both had looked up when he entered. Marvolo was pleased to see that Harry hadn't flinched. The poor teen flinched whenever someone came close. Remus and Fenrir were the only ones Harry was really comfortable with. Fenrir had admitted that while they had been on their way to see him Harry would flinch near him but that seemed to change after they arrived. Marvolo still felt guilty for what he had done despite the fact he hadn't been in full control of himself.

"Good afternoon Harry, Remus." He greeted them.

"Afternoon." The two said.

The red eyed man sat down across from them. "A few minutes ago Severus and Lucius captured Mad-eye Moody." He informed them as he looked at Harry.

"Really?" Remus asked.

"Yes. He is now in the dungeons. Not here but at the manor I use for meetings with the outer circle." He assured them.

"Good." The werewolf said. 'I hope I get a chance at that bastard.'

"It is. Harry?" The teen had yet to speak.

"Thank you." The green eyed boy said softly.

"You're welcome." He smiled at him.

"Do I have to be there?" Harry asked, worried.

"No. I'll take care of everything." He assured him.

"Good." He smiled.

"Indeed. Do you need anything?" He asked.

"No. We're good." He said as he rubbed his enlarged stomach.

"Alright. I shall see you both at dinner then." He said.


Marvolo left the library. Harry returned to his book. Remus stared at him for a few minutes before he returned to his own. His cub would talk when he was ready.