Summary: There was another reason that Nick was so protective of kids – his goddaughter. Adaline Potter had been missing since her parents' murder, 8 years ago. When an abuse case comes across Greg's desk, there is more than meets the eye.

Bring Her Home

Chapter 1

The Missing Child

God on high

Hear my prayer

In my need

You have always been there

He is young

He's afraid

Let him rest

Heaven blessed.

Bring him home

Bring him home

Bring him home.

Les Miserables

The evidence room's light seemed to bare down on the back of Nick's neck. Tiredly he rubbed his eyes as he shifted through various photos, papers, and bags of evidence. With a groan, he dropped down into a nearby chair. His head popped up when he heard a knock on the door. A weary smile spread across his face when he spotted Greg in the doorway.

"Hey Greggo, you need something?" Nick asked. Greg shook his head as he walked into the room. He was quiet as he studied the contents spread out.

"This is a missing child's case," Greg noted. "Occurred about 8 years ago it looks like." Nick sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck. "Did new evidence come up?" Nick shook his head and picked up a sheet of paper. Greg took it from him.

"Her parents were murdered!" Greg exclaimed in shock as his eyes widened. He continued to read the report. "You're listed as her godfather."

"Yeah," Nick said. "They were visiting me in Las Vegas when they were murdered and Adaline was kidnapped. There were no signs that Adaline was killed with them. In fact it seemed like her parents were murdered so that she could be taken."

"Why did it go cold?" Greg wondered.

"There wasn't much evidence to go on," Nick explained. "From what the CSI was able to determine at the time, it is believed that whoever did this was a professional."

"Were friends and family looked at?" Greg asked. Nick nodded.

"Everyone but Lily's sister and husband were examined and cleared," Nick told him. "Seeing as they are from England jurisdiction fell to the FBI and they were able to clear them with no problem." Greg gave him a curious look.

"Why weren't her sister and her husband examined and cleared?" Greg wondered. Nick sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

"Around the time of the murders the entire family went missing," Nick disclosed. "According to friends and neighbors of the Dursley family, they had been acting strangely up until the day they went missing. When their house was examined, it was empty and sterile as a hospital."

"Do you have their financials?" Greg asked as he began to sort through the papers. Nick nodded and pulled out a file. He handed the file to Greg and he began to flip through it. "Hey Nick I think whatever happened to the Potter's, the Dursley's were involved." Nick's head jerked toward him in surprise. Greg handed him the file. "If you look, you'll notice a pattern. Once a month for 27 months, they were being paid $50,000. From what I can tell, it is not income for either of them. They earned a total of $1,350,000. They end the same month that the Potter's were killed."

"I think we need to find out who was paying them," Nick said.

"So your warrant came through," Brass said without any preamble. He handed over a stack of papers. Nick began thumbing through the financials. He stopped when he landed on the page he was looking for.

"They were being paid by Riddle Incorporation," Nick discovered. "What do we know about Riddle Incorporation?" Brass grinned.

"I figured you might ask that," Brass said. "Check the third folder." Nick began to go through the folder.

"It's owned and operated by Tom Marvalo Riddle," Nick read. "They are business competitors with Marauder's Incorporation which is owned and operated by James and Lily Potter." Nick looked up. "This was about a business feud? Why did they take Adaline?" Nick began to pace back and forth as he processed the information. "Wait a second the payments to the Dursley's were for 27 months. Adaline was 18 months old when she was taken. Add in 9 months – the gestation period – and you have 27 months. The Dursley's were probably feeding him information during that time. Is it possible that Riddle had her kidnapped so that he could "become" her guardian and have everything the Potter's owned in his hands?" Brass sighed.

"It is possible," Brass agreed. "That may be why he was paying the Dursley's. They were Adaline's closest relatives. He probably figured that once the Dursleys had custody they would sign her over to him. However, Adaline would not have gone to them anyway. The Potters changed their will two months before their deaths. She was supposed to go to you. We are trying to track down the Dursley's. I'm sorry Nick." Nick nodded as he felt tears streak down his face.

"Last I knew they had a son," Nick told Brass. "Dudley – he was born about a month before Adaline. I don't know if that'll help or not." Brass nodded and patted Nick's arm.

"Get some sleep, Nick," Brass advised. "You look like you need it." Nick nodded and Brass left. Once he was out of sight, Nick sank down on to the floor, as the damn, holding back tears, seemed to break.

"Nick, can I see you in my office?" Grissom asked. Nick sighed. Although it was a question, the tone conveyed that it was more of a demand. Nick nodded and followed Grissom to his office. Grissom shut the office door behind him and Nick took a seat. Once Grissom was seated as well, he studied Nick for a moment. Nick simply sat there. "How is your case going?" Nick raised an eyebrow.

"Grissom, you know how my case is going," Nick stated with a raised eyebrow. "I've been keeping you up to date the whole time. Why am I really in here?" Grissom sighed.

"Brass filled me in on Adaline," Grissom admitted. "How are you doing?"

"Lily and James called me a couple days after they found out that she was pregnant," Nick admitted. "They were thrilled. In that same call, they asked me to be godfather. I was ecstatic. I was there when she was born and at her Christening." Nick shook his head and placed his head in hands. "I convinced them to come visit me. I wanted to see her for more than a couple of hours, you know. They were going to be here for two weeks, maybe longer.

"James was looking into expanding his business into the states. They had been only here for a couple of days when they were murdered." Nick forcibly dried a few tears as he pushed on. "I called their hotel but there was no answer. I figured they could not hear the phone for some reason. I went up and knocked on the door, it just came open. Lily was near the door – she had been shot twice. James shot once – he was next to the crib. Adaline was missing. It has been 8 years and we still have no idea where she is. How do you think I am Grissom?"