Okay. I literally JUST saw Pitch Perfect 2, and that last line after the induction thing at the end totally gave me an idea. "Don't go in the basement; it's haunted." Perfect set-up, right? I mean, somebody had to trip over that opportunity, I'm just shocked I'm the first. Hooray!

Chapter One: The Basement Really WAS Haunted!

Emily Junk smiled up at the Barden Bella sorority house. She'd missed it over the summer, and now it felt like coming home. As Emily walked up to the door, she pulled out the keys handed to her by Chloe at the end of the last school year. They jingled softly as Emily considered the two keys on the ring. One was for the front door, and the other one... what was it for? Chloe never said. Oh, well. She unlocked the door, and headed inside.

A few weeks later, the new Barden Bellas were all moved in. There were really only five, but hey: it was early. Emily stuck her head out of the shower upstairs, and yelled, "Hey, who knows where the extra towels are?"

One of the girls yelled back, "Probably the basement!" Emily sighed. There was no way she was going down into a dark basement in nothing but a single towel...

"Can one of you guys go get one for me? Please?" There was some shuffling, then:

"Sure! But, the door's locked, where are your keys?"

"Um, the pegs by the front door!" More shuffling.

"Got 'em!"

Emily could just hear the key turning in the old lock as she stepped out of the, now off, shower. A bad feeling settled over her as she thought about what Chloe had said when she handed over the keys. "Don't go in the basement; it's haunted." But, that was just a joke... Right? A knock on the bathroom door startled her. "I've got the towels. I'm leaving them outside the door, okay Emily?" A shaky breath left her. Of course it was just a joke.

"Thanks!" Emily called to whoever had gotten the towels. She shook her head in disbelief at her own silliness. That stuff wasn't real.

Two days later, there was a police car and an ambulance parked outside the Bella house. The white building was painted with red and blue light as the remaining Bellas stood outside, talking to the police officers while the body of their friend was carted away by the paramedics. Even as she sobbed with the rest of the Bellas, Emily couldn't help but blame herself for some reason... then it came to her: Melody was the one who went into the basement.