"Now, you're positively certain you wish to do this?" Celestia Ludenberg held back a smirk as she looked at her opponent, an obese man who had an absolutely abysmal poker face. "They don't call me the ultimate gambler for nothing you know. You've a lot to lose, and the chances of you coming out on top in the end are quite small, wouldn't you say?"

Vernon snorted loudly. This pale eyed wench thought she could beat him? She was clearly only a few years out of her teens, twenty one at the oldest.

Celestia was laughing loudly in her head. How did this tub of lard have the mental capacity to think that he could beat her. She had seen him gamble earlier, he had a terrible tell. This would be SO EASY!

"Alright, Fat Man, if you think so..."

"Try and beat me punk." he growled.

*Ten. Minutes. Later*

"I fold." Celestia said with a smirk as Vernon did his ninth spit-take. This couldn't be happening, that was EVERYTHING HE HAD! Vernon was red in the face. He knew the cause of all this and he knew Ex-Actly what he was going to do about it. The Freak had to go, plain and simple.

Celestia laughed as his face turned from red to purple. "Goodness me, I wasn't aware you were such a poor loser. Shall I call your mother before you throw a tantrum?" She loved poking fun at the idiots who got cocky and arrogant only to lose spectacularly to her.

"Shut up you damned Freak!" He yelled before violently shoving his way out of the casino.

"Goodness, what a horrid man... Well I guess I'll turn in too." She turned in her chips, collected the HUGE pile of cash, and left the casino, returning to her Hotel.

"Hello Ms. Ludenberg." The doorman greeted her, "Fun night?"

"Very good." She said as she stepped into the elevator. as she stepped out of it though she began to hear a banging noise combined with screeching... what could that be? "Hmm...With that horrid racket happening, I doubt I'll be getting any sleep...Perhaps I'll go see what's causing it."

"You think you can screw over my trip with your Bloody Freakishness?! ANSWER ME!" Vernon screams while whaling on Harry with his fists.

Harry Potter was scared, confused and hurt. He didn't want to be here, he wanted to be safe and loved, not with his Uncle. But Freaks didn't get love and attention... Freaks got cupboards and two peices of bread a week... He hated being a freak. Why wasn't he normal, like his aunt, uncle and cousin? Maybe then people would actually be able to tolerate his presence, rather than instinctively hate him.

"Well your freakishness won't bother anyone again. Not after tonight." Vernon said sadistically. He picked up Harry by his neck and was about to slam him into a wall, when there was knock at the door.

"I'm BUSY!" Vernon screamed.

Celestia was not convinced with an innocent act going on in there. She'd have to quiet whatever business that was going on in there down first. She found herself surprised when she found the door was open a crack...

"...My apologies, sir!" She called in a disguised voice, hoping to eavesdrop a bit. "I'll come back later!" She faked the sound of footsteps, then stealthily snuck up to the side of the door to listen to what was happening behind it. 'This is quite exciting...A refreshing change of pace from my daily life.' She thought.

"No where were we you DAMN FREAK!" Vernon yelled as he went back to choking Harry against the wall. Harry tried to gasp for air but Vernon was clutching so tight he was leaving bruises. Harry began to sob, he wasn't ever going to be loved! He was going to die a miserable little freak... But then...

"I BEG YOUR PARDON!" a voice yelled from the now open door.


Celestia's eyes widened, and her already pale complexion somehow grew more pale.

Celestia immediately grabbed a random object off the coffee table nearby and threw it at Vernon to get his attention.

Vernon snapped towards her, dropping Harry and stomping towards Celestia, who was backing away.

"You can go too you little bitch!" He yelled lunging for her before a figure jumped from the side and knocked Vernon off course. The figure happened to be a guard who had received complaints about noise.

Celestia saw that Vernon was downed, and took the opportunity to make her way over to Harry, making sure to bring the heels of her high heels down as hard as she could on Vernon's crotch area. "Filth like you shouldn't reproduce." She spat. Still...She couldn't help but feel somewhat responsible herself. He had been blaming the child for his loss to her in the poker game...Perhaps if he had won, the child would have been spared this pain... Celestia flipped on the Hotel Room light and examined the boy. The Darkness probably would've been needed when she saw him... He had cuts and bruises and his neck was a deep purple. There was dried tears and blood streaming down his face...

"Oh my Goodness..." She breathed, clasping a hand over her mouth in shock. "Child...Please forgive me...If I hadn't defeated him so soundly..."

Harry was barely able to make out what she was saying. He almost didn't register when he was picked up. Instantly he freaked, kicking and struggling to escape. But he barely did any damage.

"Relax little one. I will not hurt you." she whispered in his ear.

One of the guards came in and looked at the scene.

"Do you want me to call an ambulance?"

"Do so now." She says, carrying the child down to the lobby.

"W-what are you gonna do with me?" he wheezed.

Celeste felt a pang in her chest, and she looked down at the little boy with a frown. "I...I'm unsure...But I assure you, something will come to mind, and you will not suffer such pain ever again."

"But i'm a f-freak... freaks deserve to be hurt see?" he lifted up his shirt to show scars that were words.

Celestia could've died from shock. Freak, worthless, dead to everyone...

"Oh my God, what on Earth is this?! What did Walrus Boy over there do to you, child?! This is no way for a child to be treated! I wouldn't wish such torture on my worst enemies, for goodness sake!"

Harry was confused. "But they're normal? Other freaks get this treatment too. It's how it... works right?"

Celestia felt her heart start cracking and she hugged him close. "No no no, that isn't true... you're no freak."


"No. There will be no more of that. You are NOT a freak. In fact, I'd go so far as to say you're the furthest thing from it. When I look at you, do you know what I see?" Harry sniffled.


"I see the most pure human in existence. Who is also Very. Very. Cute." she said with a stoic expression as she rubbed his head.

"But I'm ugly..."

"No child. Far from it." She said, arriving in the elevtor. "It's absurd for a man who looks like an anthropomorphic walrus to say that an angel like you is in any way ugly. I'd say you're an adorable child." Harry looked up at her.

"Thank you...Um...And you're really pretty..." He complimented back.

Celestia smirked and looked down at him. "Thank you very much little one. My name is Celestia. What's yours little one?"

"H-Harry Potter..." he replied.

"Hello Harry. Would you like me to ride in the ambulance with you dear?"

"Yes please..."

Celestia grinned and lightly kissed his forehead.

"What was t-that?" he asked in confusion.

Celestia frowned. "Now don't tell me you don't know what a simple kiss is...Has he been that unfair to you?" She shook her head. "No matter...That's in the past. Have some more." She gave him three more kisses, one on the tip of his nose, one on his cheek, and one more on the forehead.

Harry felt something tug on his mouth and for the first time in a long time, he smiled.

"That felt... nice. Thank you Miss Celestia..."

"No trouble at all dearest."

Harry, finally comforted, managed to be lulled into a haze. He was close to slumber when Vernon's loud voice and sirens woke him up, causing him to shake and hide in Celestia's chest.

"THE DAMNED FREAK'S FAULT!" Vernon could be heard screaming as he was forced into a cop car. Harry whimpered and clutched to Celeste's clothes for dear life. "DO YOU HEAR ME, FREAK?! IF I EVER SEE YOU AGAIN, I'LL KILL YOU, CONSEQUENCES BE DAMNED!"

Finally the car door shut, closing off the man's voice. Celestia pulled Harry's head closer and whispered soft shushing noises in his ear.

"It's alright dearest... the man won't bother you again... We're going to go somewhere safe..."

Harry felt himself calming down. He relaxed, finally falling asleep in her lap. Celestia grinned. 'He's so cute...Hmm...My lifestyle HAS been getting rather stale as of late...Perhaps if I took the dear boy in, it would...spice things up a bit, as they say...'

But could she really? She was a wild gambler, not a mother! But as she looked down at his little face she knew, that- His injuries were disappearing?!

'Whatever in the world...?' She thought with a frown. However, her surprise immediately turned to glee and relief. 'Who cares? If they're gone I can take him in quicker!' she thought as she carried Harry back up to the Hotel Room. She'd have to go back home soon. Right after she spoiled the little dear to death...

Harry subconsciously wrapped his arms around her tightly, and Celestia smiled.

"No more pain for you... only love... Yes...Lots of love indeed, precious..." She smiled softly. "I'm certain if Yasuhiro were here, he'd blabber on about 'destiny' and 'fate' and how this was 'meant to be.'

Meanwhile, far away in England, a certain family would find that all their funds were gone, along with the head of the household... Petunia would find herself torn between furious with Vernon for splurging all their money and devastated he was gone.

Far away in an old castle, a headmaster fool would find the most precious thing in the wizarding world gone, and without a trace..

And little Harry Potter? He would find himself waking up the next morning not to the pitch darkness of the cupboard under the stares...but to a pale, smiling face, gentle red eyes looking down at him, assuring him all would be well from that point forth.

And all would be well...