Harry clutched to Celeste's leg tightly, looking up at her uneasily. "I-I'm scared..." He admitted, worriedly.

"Don't be Harry! I'm sure she's simply wonderful!" Celestia encouraged. Smiling, she knelt down and gave him a kiss on the nose. "Now then...I really must be going soon."

"C-Come back soon ok..?" Harry asked, still cuddled up to her.

Celeste giggled. "Of course, my dear boy." She cooed, giving him a nuzzle on his cheek. Then a heavy knock came from the door Celeste perked up. "Oh, would you listen to that? It seems your tutor is here." Harry whimpered and Celestia carried him to the door "Oh, you don't have a thing to fear, dear." Celeste cooed gently.

"P-Promise..?" He asked as they arrived at the door.

"Well of course, dearie." Celeste replied, bouncing him in her arms. She pulled open the door to see a regal looking, pale, Bob-haircut lady, staring at them. Her expression was stern, and seemed quite annoyed at being there. Celestia grew suspicious, but this was important for Harry. "Hello there Miss Yamamoto." She greeted.

"Yes Yes, hello. Who will I be instructing?"

Celeste held Harry up for her to see. "This is Harry, your student. Isn't he adorable?"

"Sure. Now, let us get to work." She dismissed, stepping in.

Celeste frowned, then knelt down and held Harry close. "Be good for your teacher, dearest." She said with a small smile.

"I-I will...bye bye.." He waved as she stepped out the door.

"Oh and uh, miss? Be gentle with him please." Celestia warned

"Yes, yes, of course." The woman replied dismissively.

"Alright then...bye now!" Celestia called

And with that, she turned and left the building. "Now ... What can you do Henry?" The tutor asked him.

"Um... H-Harry..." Harry said softly.

"Oh yes, Harry. Do you know ANY Japanese ?" She questioned.

"Um...Miss Celeste taught me how to say hi..."

"How do you say it then?" She quizzed.

"K-Koni...chi ..?"

The woman's eyes narrowed and she scowled. "More intense excessive excessive in needed. It's Konichiwa!"

Harry flinched at her tone. "Sorry..."

"You'd better. Now sit down ." She demanded. Harry shrunk back under her withering gaze and obeyed. Little did they know, a figure was watching them from the hallway, giving the teacher a disapproving frown. Remilia Touhou was NOT liking this tutor . According to Celestia, her master was fragile and shy. When she had learned English, her instructor had been far more gentle than this. This woman was gonna be a terrible influence on her new boss. Sighing, she stood in the hallway, watching how things proceeded. If it got too out of hand, she was going to step in and put a stop to it. "Now...we're gonna try phrases." Yama said, demandingly.

Harry nodded. "Okay..." He said, his voice barely above a whisper. "Pay attention!" She snapped. Harry covered his eyes and cowered in fear. "Don't hide..." She said, rolling her eyes.

"Hey!" A voice snapped The tutor blinked at the sound of the voice, and turned to see the annoyed maid entering the room. Remilia stomped over to Harry and picked him up, setting him against her hip. "Miss Yamamoto, I demand you leave now!"

Harry looked up at Remilia with relief. He liked Miss Celestia's maid. She was nice. "But I'm here to tutor him! I'm getting payed!" She demanded.

"And now you're leaving." Remilia replied simply. "And I gurantee you our master would not pay you when she found out about your unnecesarry cruelty."

"I'm trying to push him to be-"

"No! Leave now!"

Scowling, the uptight woman stormed out of the room. And eventually out of the house, leaving them alone. Remilia sighed deeply, hoping Celeste would not be angry with her for chasing off Harry's tutor. "M-Miss Remilia...? W-who's gonna teach me now...?" He asked sadly

Remilia looked thoughtful. "Well, we both know that I'm fluent in English..."

"Y-you'll teach me?" He asked, unclear.

"Sure! And then when we're done, we'll go and watch more Sailor Moon!" She said cheerfully, "Don't you wanna was Usagi go and fight evil?"

"Yeah!" Harry cheered Now he would be able to learn Japanese without fail! Remilia took a seat next to him and tried to teach him all she knew...

Later in the day, Harry was sitting on the couch, reading over his notes He had made such good progress! He learned how to say ten different sentences in Japanese! He could understand some of the Subbed! Sailor Moon! He was so happy! Miss Celestia was going to be so proud of him! Speaking of Celestia...the door opened! Celestia stepped into her home with a satisfied smirk on her face, two bags in her arms. What were in the bags? Money! And toys. "Haaaaarrryyyy!" She called out, looking for her little boy.

Harry heard the sound of her voice and eagerly leapt up from the sofa to greet his beloved caretaker. "Miss Celestia!" He cheered, running over to her.

Celestia giggled and knelt down to the boy's level, snatching him up in a tight hug. "Hello, my precious baby angel. And how was your first day of tutoring?"

"Oh...she was really mean and scary! But Miss Remilia saved me!" He cheered

Celeste's eyes widened. "Mean and scary...?" She asked softly.

"Yea...it wasn't fun..." He whimpered.

Celeste's eyes narrowed, then she closed her eyes and held her boy tightly. "I'm so sorry Harry! I had no idea!" She cried

Harry hugged her back. "It's okay. Miss Remilia stopped her, and she taught me instead!"

"Remi did...what?" She asked.

Harry smiled. "I learned how to speak like you all thanks to her!"

"That's so thoughtful of her! Where is she?" She asked him.

"In the living room! We watched Sailor Moon, and I can understand some of the other language now!" Harry said excitedly. Celestia carried him into the currently being cleaned by Remilia. "Hi, Miss Remilia!" Harry said happily.

"Hello Master Harry. And Mistress Celestia, you're back!" She responded.

"Yes. And I want to thank you for coming to my child's defence, Remilia." Celeste said with a bow of her head.

"It was no issue. If you want, I can teach young Harry from now on."

Celeste smiled. "I would appreciate it immensely. Thank you again."

"Of course Madame. Harry is a wonderful student."

"Miss Celestia I wanna watch Sailor Moon..." Harry whispered, wanting more time with her.

"Speaking of Sailor Moon...I got her next set of adventures! But...it's in a manga." Celestia told him, pulling out a HUGE volume. The gothic gambler smirked and patted the boy's head. "I hope you're ready for story time tonight, dear."

"I shall have the cooks finish dinner, then prep the bed for story time." Remilia said, rushing off.

"And in the meantime, let me see what you've learned, my dear boy." Celestia said to Harry, crouching down to him with a smile. "Konichiwa Harry-San!" She greeted, waiting for a response.

Much to her delight, Harry replied in perfect Japanese. "Kon'nichiwa misu Celestia-San!" He greeted, grinning

Celestia gave him a proud smile. "Yes! Excellent! You've done it, Harry!"

Harry blushed sheepishly, hiding his face "Um...Are you...p-p-proud...?"

"SO proud Harry!" She cheered She snatched him into her arms and snuggled him relentlessly. Harry once again ate up the attention and cuddled up to her. She was so much like a mother to him, he LOVED it! This was such a fun place! So many nice people! Of course he had only really interacted with Remilia...But he was sure everyone else was nice too! He was gonna really love it here...it was like destiny. He was destined to be loved by Miss Celestia and learn Japanese and read stories and watch shows with her! They made him so happy!

It was later in the evening when Harry and Celestia were wrapped in bed, finishing up a part of Sailor Moon. Harry clapped in delight at the day being saved once again by the Sailor Scouts. "I wanna be a Sailor Scout too!" Harry said excitedly

Celestia giggled. "Well...Only girls get to be Sailor Scouts. I'm quite sure you don't want to wear the same clothes they do."

"But their outfits are so pretty..." Harry pouted

"Yes, but not on a boy." Celeste replied, poking his nose.

"Aww okay..." Harry admitted, snuggling up to her Smiling, he closed his eyes. "You're warm..." He said softly.

"Aww...Harry you're so outrageously adorable...I love you." she whispered

"Love you too, mama..." Harry mumbled sleepily. Celestia gasped softly and looked down at him in surprise.

She teared up a bit and pulled him close, whispering praise and love for him in his ear. "Oh, my sweet angel...You darling little thing, I adore you..." She...stayed like that for a while, needless to say. However, sleep eventually had to come... And when she did sleep, she was cuddling him VERY closely. Their hearts were beating as one.