Okay so I'm going to take a break from 'The Four Treasures of Remnant' mainly because I just need to let my mind settle. Give me a week or so before I return to it. As for this it has been tossed around my head for a while and I finally decided to write it. And time for a new thing, something I think I'll call the 'Phonetic corner' something to help you with some pronunciations for Irish words. As for what the words mean look in the second one.

Phonetic Corner:

Poitin~ Poot-sheen

Chapter 1:

10 years ago...

"Yang! I just turned 18 why do I need to be here with you drinking? Unlike you I need to work in the morning." Ruby complained. She really didn't want to be there. It isn't that she didn't mind drinking with her sister. The exact opposite actually. The only reason she was here now was because Yang dragged her here and hid her keys on her. "That's the reason Rubes, you've been working twenty-two hour days seven days. I told Ren to tell your boss that you are taking the day off tomorrow. So we are going to get shit faced and get you laid." Yang said walking up to the bar.

"I'd wish just once that you and he wouldn't conspire against me. And besides the last girl you hooked me up with was just a dude crossdressing because he lost a bet." Ruby said getting furious all over again at her sister. "Look Ruby, I was just as surprised at that as you were." Yang said, trying to relax her sister. "Yang, no one was as surprised as me. And if I'm going to be stuck here all night, just get me a light beer." Ruby said stepping next to Yang.

"Poitin got it." Yang said just as she was about to order Ruby stopped her. "No, Yang that is super strong and if I'm going to be out all night I don't want to get too drunk." Ruby said, shocked that her sister would suggest such a strong drink to start off the night. "Look I said I'm going to get you drunk and laid. The faster that happens the faster I can get drunk and forget my ex." Yang said, trying to show how out of touch Ruby was with her.

"W-w-when did you and Neptune break up?" Ruby asked, trying to decipher how long it has been. "Two years ago, about the same time as you and Weiss. Then there was Fox who lasted about three months and then I was going out with Sun until a week ago." Yang mournfully said. "Has it really been that long?" Ruby asked as Yang signalled for the bartender to give them their order of the strong spirit.

"Yeah Ruby. It has. You've been so busy since you and Princess broke up. You would have forgotten your last two birthdays if me and Ren didn't force you to come out drinking. So you can either drink these shots or I going to hire a harem of hookers and lock them all in your room with you until you do all of them." Yang said passing Ruby three shot glasses. "Fine, but if you hire whores for my birthday again I'm going to kill you and make whoever your current boyfriend at the time watch." Ruby said.

She didn't enjoy the burning sensation going down her throat but she owed it to Yang. "Good, now we are going to play my favourite game after strip poker." Yang said and walked up to a black haired woman and tapped her on the shoulder. "Hey, have you met Ruby?" Yang said introducing the two. Ruby just faced palmed at Yang's bluntness.

"Hey, Ruby, I'm Blake." The woman said offering her hand to Ruby who took it. "I'm Ruby. Also sorry for my sister there. She just assumes all women here are lesbians." Ruby said shaking Blake's hand. "Well seeing as it is a gay bar it is a safe bet. Why are you not..." Blake asked.

"Oh nonononono I am. But she is as straight as an arrow. And got us thrown out of the last few bars in town leaving only this place and I have no idea when to shut up it has been a while since I was single and talking to someone so pretty." Ruby said a mile a minute but Blake listened to each and every word. "Thank you." Was all Blake said about what Ruby blurted out.

"I'm so sorry I didn't mean to say that I think my sister gave me stronger stuff then what I'm used to." Ruby said starting to play with the hem of her shirt. "Out of curiosity, how long has it been?" Blake asked gesturing for Ruby to follow her to a nearby empty booth. "Well turns out it has been two years roughly since I broke up with my last girlfriend. After that I just dove into work. This is my first night off in months." Ruby said taking a seat just across from the raven haired woman.

"What do you do?" Blake asked trying to figure out the cute red head across from her. "I can't talk about it. Confidentiality agreement and a bunch of legal stuff after that. But what I can say is I work in a lab." Ruby said looking away from the raven haired woman's gaze. "What about you?" Ruby asked ordering the light drink that her sister denied her earlier.

"I'm an author." Blake said calmly as she placed her own order drink. Ruby noticed it was much stronger. Or at least she assumed that it was stronger, with a name like 'Fire in your hole' would it be something else but strong? "Have you written anything I would know of?" Ruby asked as the waitress walked over with their drinks. "I'm not that big of a writer. Unless you've read a series called 'The Cursed King' I doubt you've read anything by me." Blake said taking a small sip of her drink.

"You're that Blake!? I love those stories. I have all of them first edition in hard back." Ruby said her meager smile growing two fold at meeting one of her favourite authors. "But, they're children books, at a push late teens." Blake asked shocked that someone actually read her books in a bar of all places. "So? They're still good and as long as you keep writing them, I'll keep reading them. Hell my copy of the first one I read so many times it is falling apart. I've lost the cover and the spin is like non-existent." Ruby said pouting and crossing her arms.

"Well, I'll be sure to get you another copy if I see you again." Blake said finishing off her drink.

8 years ago...

"Okay Ren, this is a simple snatch and grab mission. Everyone in there is expendable. And hurry up I want to get back home." Ruby said on the other end of the earpiece in Ren's ear as she looked through the scope. "That's right, you have a party to get to with Blake." Ren deadpanned back to her. "Well if I don't need you gunning down people I should be out of here in five minutes max" Ren continued.

"I'm holding you to that. Every minute after I get to send Nora a picture of you with sloths without her." Ruby joked and could see Ren clam up. "Ruby, you know what she would do to me if she ever saw that kind of thing." Ren continued recomposing himself. "Well then you best get going." Ruby said relaxing at the speed Ren gained.

Ren got out of the building and back to Ruby with thirty seconds to spare. "I need you to delete those photos. I'm not joking she will murder me faster than you could say cyanide cookies" Ren said passing Ruby the reason they got sent to the back end of nowhere. "Oh I never took any pictures. She would kill me for keeping that kind of thing hidden." Ruby joked picking up her sniper rifle.

"Let's go before I find another reason to murder you in your sleep." Ren seethed at being tricked. "You do that and you'll have Blake gunning after you and unlike us she isn't scared of Nora. She would not hesitate to kill you in a manner even we can't use." Ruby continued as they began to walk back to their transport. As Ruby and Ren climbed in and took their seats the car began to drive off.

"Happy birthday by the way Ruby." Ren said, getting a look of pure question from Ruby. "How does everyone remember that but me?" Ruby asked as realisation hit her. "Because you get too caught up in work. By the way I promised your sister and girlfriend and even Ozpin. You are hereby on a two week holiday." Ren said dodging the thrown shoe by Ruby.

"You see this is why they get me to break the news. You would murder them and they value their lives over mine." Ren continued dodging the shoe's counterpart. "God damn it! It's not like I've been doing 22 hour days any more. Not since I met Blake." Ruby pouted at being told she couldn't work for two weeks. "True but 10 hour days are long for our line of work Ruby. Take the two weeks and head somewhere with Blake and leave your phone here. You both need it." Ren said giving Ruby back her shoes.

"Yeah we do but I'm sure she has planned some big party for me and not telling me my birthday is coming up so I can't come into work." Ruby said pouting knowing her girlfriend probably planned this months in advance. "Stop pouting it doesn't work on me. When we get into the office, you will be escorted to get changed and out of the building, no deviations. If I get so much as one call from Blake, I will tranq you and carry you home myself." Ren said as the car began to pull over to a large suburban building.

The exited the car and walked up and into the building and pushed for the elevator. As the doors opened they both stepped in and Ren began to put a code into the elevator keypad. The elevator instantly descended in great speeds and stopped. As the doors opened five guards and their boss stood awaiting them. "Evening, Ren, Ruby. Ruby I'm going to ask you to follow these men so you can get changed. Any resistance we will initiate protocol 'Rose'. Ren may you hand me what you were sent there for. And then you may leave as well. And if I find out who gave Miss Belladonna my office number will receive nine months' worth of paperwork." Ozpin said holding his hand out for what Ren had.

"First things first. Do you have a light?" Ren asked testing Ozpin which was just protocol. "I only use matches." Ozpin continued. "That is a dirty habit. Does your mother know you smoke?" Ruby asked continuing the long since established test phrases between them. "Yes, but I don't inhale." Ozpin said as Ren passed on a small flash drive. They walked in quiet to the locker room.

"Uhhh, can you guys let a girl change in piece." Ruby complained as three of the five followed her into the women changing room. "Sorry, Miss Rose. We are under strict orders to make sure you leave the building. If it makes you feel better we are females as well." The tallest guard said. "Gee, three women and I can't see their faces." Ruby said with such sarcasm Ren could hear her and feel sorry for them.

Before any of them could make a comment back Ren walked in. "Ruby, the have to wear that stuff because last time you temporarily blinded eighteen guards and put nine in hospital. So you three go outside. I'll make sure she gets changed." Ren said not leaving any room for them to question him. "Ren this is the girl's room." Ruby mocked. "Ruby I have five guards outside carrying enough tranquillizer to bring down an army. I will use one of those on you and get someone to change you if you don't go willingly." Ren said sternly.

"Fine. I'll get changed. Next time let the pretty ladies do their jobs will you." Ruby said turning around to her locker and pulling out a dress she had dry cleaned. And began to get changed. "I swear literally any other agent would kill for two weeks off. You just have to be difficult." Ren said taking a seat. "Yeah but those same agents are the ones that get put on babysitting duty. Meanwhile we are the ones Ozpin sends in when he wants instant results. Like the team on the job we just did it took them eight months to get that close. And in five minutes we got the intel and out." Ruby said slipping the dress on.

"Do I need to bring you home or can you find your way home by yourself?" Ren asked standing up and looked at his friend in a long shoulder less red dress. It hugged her curves perfectly and a slit going up her right leg. "Ha ha. I'm sure Ozpin will have someone tailing me till I get home." Ruby said walking to the door. "Okay, remember if I get a call from Blake I will help her kill you myself." Ren joked. "Unlike you I won't hit a lady. But I can kick your ass ten ways from Sunday and you know it." Ruby said opening the door and following the guards out.

As Ruby walked into her shared house with Blake, she found it strange the lights where turned off. She carefully looked around noticing the lack of things out of place except Blake sitting by a lamp with glasses on reading a book. Or at least faking it poorly. Ruby flicked the lights on and out jumped a lot of her friends. "Ah! What is going on?" Ruby asked faking like she didn't see the party coming.

"Told you she would forget Yang." Blake said walking up to Ruby and giving her a quick peck on the lips. "It's your birthday Ruby. How do you forget you have one every year?" Blake asked "Because time flies by when I have a gorgeous woman to wake up next to me every day." Ruby said just loud enough for the people in the immediate area of her and Blake could hear. Blake leaned down next to Ruby's ear and whispered, "I'll give you your real present when they all leave and we are by ourselves." she spoke in a seductive tone biting the shell of Ruby's ear.

"Maybe we can just give them a show. I don't think I'll be able to hold myself back knowing there is a sexy lady wanting something dirty like that." Ruby whispered back, getting a tap on the head by Blake. "Not right now. We have guests and none of them have seen what I plan to do to you later." Blake said with a sly smirk stretched across her face.

3 years ago...

"Can you believe it, we've been going out for seven years?" Ruby asked as she and Blake enjoyed a romantic anniversary dinner. "Yeah it is a shock, and what is even more surprising is that you remembered the years passing by." Blake said sipping her glass of white wine.

"Come on I forgot two of my birthdays, but I remembered yours and our anniversary every year." Ruby pouted crossing her arms. "Will you stop that? It makes you look so cute, and I don't think I'll be able to hold myself back." Blake teased enjoying the shade Ruby all but glowed. "Blake... you know I don't mind talking dirty but there is a time and a place." Ruby said as the blush that took over her face dyed down.

They ate their dinner with an enjoyable level of conversation. Blake ate pesto crusted salmon with some lightly cooked carrots and parsnips with a honey glaze. Ruby ate roast bacon with a parsley sauce, with the same vegetables and mash potatoes. They both enjoyed the meal deeply. As the waiter took their plates away another one brought out two glasses of champagne. As the waiter placed the flutes down and walked away, Ruby got down on one knee.

"I-i-i-i-i-i'm not sure what to say here. S-s-s-s-s-so I'm going to say what comes from my heart. Blake, you make me the happiest woman on earth, I just wish I could return how you make me feel. But this will be a start." Ruby started producing a small black box, she opened it and showed a white gold ring. "Blake, please say yes to my next question. But we've been together for seven years to the day, so I'm asking will you marry me?" Ruby asked, she knew Blake well enough but a lump formed in her throat.

She knew Blake loved her just as much as she loved Blake, but she was still putting her heart on the line. Blake meanwhile was left speechless. She always joked about marrying Ruby with Ruby, but now... that push is coming to shove. All she could do was open her mouth and close it back. She was speechless. She couldn't even with hold the tears she knew she was realising for the world to see. "Yes Ruby. A thousand times yes!" Blake yelled hugging Ruby in a tight hug crying into Ruby's shoulder.

Ruby was happy as ever. Blake couldn't withhold her tears. The dam was broken and she was weeping into her now Fiancée. Everything was now perfect. She had the love of her life's hand. She knew nothing could bring her down from how happy Ruby just made her.

1 years ago...

Ruby was in a rush. She needed to wake Blake up. The timing was crucial. She tried to shake Blake awake to no avail. "Sorry Blake, I need you awake." Ruby said as she reached her hand back and brought it down with great speed and force across Blake who jumped up.

"Blake I don't have much time. In half an hour a large group of men will be here. Don't be smart. Answer their questions. I... I may not come back alive." Ruby said quietly but got Blake's attention. "What are you talking about Ruby? You're scaring me." Blake said rubbing the side of her head where Ruby smacked her.

"I have five minutes before I have to leave. Long story, I never worked in a lab. Me and Ren actually work for a secret section of our government and I'm about to go on a suicide mission. The men who will be here are to make sure you don't do something dumb like follow me. I'm sorry, I wish I knew of another way to show my love. I couldn't care about what happens to me on this mission, but you are all I care about." Ruby said pushing a book in and their bookcase ascending up to reveal a large collection of guns. Ruby grabbed a large duffel bag and began shoving all the weapons she can into it.

"Ruby, if this is a joke it isn't funny." Blake said fully awake getting out of bed to look at Ruby. "Blake... Please. I needed to say goodbye. If I stay any longer I risk you dying. That isn't a risk I'm willing to take. I'm sorry." Ruby said her eyes beginning to sting with tears. "When those guys leave, go to Ren tell him these words exactly, 'The Crescent Rose was sent on mission bomb the peace.' okay Blake. Those words exactly. When he hears them he will be able to tell you some information. Maybe if you pass the normal tests you will be able to talk to the director who I can't name." Ruby said turning around and closing her bag.

"The worst part is I may not make it to our wedding." Ruby said and walked out leaving Blake stunned. Unlike the last silence Ruby caused. Blake cried and punched the nearby wall. She winced at the pain but she was feeling much worse emotionally. "IF SHE DIDN'T WANT TO MARRY ME SHE COULD HAVE JUST SAID IT!" Blake shrieked punching another wall and flipping her bed.

She sat where her and Ruby's bed was and hugged her knees and cried into them. She took off her ring and tossed it. She didn't want anything to remind her of Ruby right now. She wasn't sure how long she was sitting on the ground. She heard a knock at the door. She ran to the door and opened it getting ready to yell at Ruby. But there stood eight men. "Are you Miss Belladonna?" The one in the front asked. "YES! AND WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!?" Blake yelled.

The men pushed their way in and the last one closed the door. "We are under orders by Miss Rose to not let you leave here for three hours. We also have questions from the director we need answered." The one who was at the front said leading Blake to head into the dining room. "If you don't mind I need to get the director's questions out of the way first." The man said. "They are simple questions and I need the truth... Nod if you understand." Blake just nodded. This way she could get closer to the answers she needed.

The men left the second after the three hours they said Ruby told them to make sure she was still home. Blake quickly got changed, grabbed her keys and ran out the door. She had one person she needed to talk to.

As she ran up to Ren and Nora's door she pounded on it. "REN WAKE THE FUCK UP! I NEED TO TALK TO YOU!" Blake shouted. After a few minutes Ren opened the door and rubbing his eyes. "Blake? What is it? It is early in the morning." Ren asked as he stepped out of the way as Blake pushed her way in.

"What the fuck is going on!? First Ruby wakes me up and says you and her never worked in a lab and that you both work for the government and then men come barging in after she left and they ask stupid questions and then I need to tell you some message from her!" Blake shouted she knew if Nora wasn't such a heavy sleeper she would be awake. "What was the message?" Ren asked. "Ah something like 'The Crescent Rose was sent on mission bomb the peace?" Blake said causing Ren to wake up fully.

"Blake, if this is a joke." Ren said sternly quickly looking back and relaxing at the sight of Nora was asleep. "Blake, stay here. I need to go talk to someone. I'll be back in an hour exactly. If I'm not assume I'm dead. Once you assume I'm dead, grab Yang and go to this address. They will know what to do from there." Ren said quickly going to get changed and coming back. "Ren, what is going on?" Blake pleaded to Ren.

"What Ruby said about us working for the government, that much is true, the mission she got sent on is dangerous. It would be one we would be sent on with an entire team. I need to go and get my own answers. There is only one person with the clearance that could block me." Ren said handing Blake a piece of paper.

A few days ago...

Ren sat across from a seething Blake. "I know I saw her Ren!" Blake yelled at the man across the table. "All I'm saying is Blake, according to anything I can get my hands on she is presumed dead. I told you all that time ago. If something comes up I would inform you. I also told you, that the mission she was sent on also claimed the lives of fifteen agents. It is a mission that should have me sent on it as well but she convinced our boss to go solo." Ren commented back rubbing his temples.

"So tell me once again. What did you see?" Ren said sighing deeply. "I saw a woman who was the image of her, just with long hair. When I said Ruby, she turned around and she had her silver eyes. Then she was taken aback by me and said, 'I'm sorry, my name is Sapphire.'" Blake said defending what she saw.

"Look, I can't tell you anything sensitive, but I will look into it. Promise me you won't do anything stupid. Okay? I'll let you know if anything that comes up about her that I can reveal. Remember that." Ren said standing up and walked with Blake to the door of the coffee shop she called him to. Ren waited a few minutes until he saw Blake turn a corner. He began a slight jog to the office to search into what Blake saw.

Blake knew she could attempt to follow Ren but last time she did that she wound behind bars for a few hours until Ren went to talk to her. 'How had one girl changed me to the point I'm finding it hard to live without her. Her laugh made my day, her simple innocence was what inspired multiple things to change in my books.' Was all Blake thought. She clutched the engagement ring Ruby gave her. It was a lighthouse in the storm she subjected Blake to for a year. Three hundred and sixty five days and counting. Every one of those nights Blake, prayed that she would be slapped awake by Ruby, once more.

A few hours ago...

Ren was hot on the tail of the person who Blake assumed was Ruby. Ren had to admit the person did look a lot like Ruby. Even her gait was near the same. A slight limp. But other than that it was the exact same. As she turned a corner into an alley Ren followed.

He was met with a knife pressed against his throat and slammed into a wall.

"Oh my sweet god! Ruby is that you?" Ren said as the woman just smirked. "Is this what passes for decent now days?" The woman asked as Ren looked down directing the attention of the woman down. Pressed lightly at an upward angle to her lower abdomen was Ren's favourite weapon, Stormflower. They both devolved into a brief moment of laughter.

"Yes Ren, it's me." Ruby said pulling her knife back. She knew no one would ever be able to copy Stormflower. "Where have you been?" Ren asked putting his weapon down, rubbing the back of his head. "Well after I partook on that fucking mission, I just got the info back and the fucking group caught me. I was tortured up until a month ago." Ruby spoke softly taking a step back from Ren.

"What happened?" Ren asked taking a step forward looking over Ruby with a fine tooth comb of a gaze. "I killed the every single person there. They posted an inept guard and I seized the moment. Eighty six people.

"Then why did you ignore Blake the other day?" Ren asked letting Ruby go. "Not everyone who was in on it was there. Three people who were pulling the strings weren't there. And you know if they have anything they can use on me." Ruby started wiping her face slightly. "I can't even imagine what they would do to her. Just to get to me."

Ren wrapped the girl inside a hug. "She may actually be in a worse state then you though." Ren hushed Ruby slightly rubbing her back. Ruby looked at him trying to get him to explain further. "For the first few days after you ran off on that mission, she hated you and that trend continued until Ozpin gave her the clearance to be told about some information. She then cried herself to sleep. And to my knowledge she still does that." Ren said letting Ruby go from the hug.

"Look Ruby, I know you must have your reasons. But any time she sees a woman with silver eyes or red hair or both. I get a call and asked to search into it." Ren started causing a pang of guilt to Ruby. "She still lives in the same house you two bought. All I'm asking, a minute. Let her know why. It will help her deeply." Ren said softly. He turned on his heel and began to walk out of the alley.

"By the way, was the reason I couldn't get any info on you and the 'personal favour' Ozpin referred to... was that your doing?" Ren said glancing over his shoulder. "Yeah, I wanted to finish what I started, before I went back and let anyone know about what happened." Ruby said softly looking away. "Ren... you have no idea the kind of things they did. I wish they just water-boarded me. Hell, tucker telephone or the white room would be nice as well. I... I'm damaged. She wouldn't want me back." Ruby said barely above an audible level.

Ren turned to face Ruby, he walked right up to her and slapped her hard across the face. "Ruby... we have been damaged since we agreed to be a part of this. What part of it is it when she cries herself asleep, hoping that one night you will return? Even if you just say something weird it will do wonders for her. She hasn't even written a single word for a book since you left. They only thing she told her editor was 'My Fiancée is missing. Let me grieve.' Few people even dare approach her now days." Ren said and not even letting Ruby speak another word as he left the alley.

'Fuck! Just Fuck! No I need to go and talk to her. Fuck you Ren! I didn't want to see her. All those fucking emotions that will come up. Why did I ever delete those fucking photos of you and the sloths without Nora?!' Ruby thought letting the tears fall freely now. Even if someone saw her, she would just kill them. She wanted to be alone to think about how she would need to break the news to Blake.

'I can't even go hey Blake, remember how I was considered dead? Nope, I've just been tortured for that time and just got back.' Ruby continued her train of thoughts punching a nearby wall hearing a distinct sound of her bones crunching. 'Great, and now my hand is broken.'

Author's Note:

Okay so I may have put one or two spy hard easter eggs but hey it is a great movie. As for what Poitin is it is like a stronger version of moonshine. The weakest it gets is 90% and made with potatoes instead of corn. And it will knock you on your ass speaking from experience. Like always leave a review let me know what you think and again give me a week or there abouts and I'll return to my other story.