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Chapter 29:

"Okay... bye Kitty Cat... please... don't ditch the security detail again. They are there for a reason. And while I don't trust them, that is just because I don't trust anyone else when it comes to protecting you." Ruby spoke softly, fighting the urge to stroke the side of Blake's face on her screen. She didn't realise how much her heart yearned for Blake.

It pained her, because she just lied to Blake's face. She didn't even trust herself to protect... but she just wanted to hold Blake. She would gladly give up anything the universe wanted, just so she could hold Blake for a few more precious seconds. It would be a deal she'd gladly make.

"Bye Ruby... I miss and love you..." The raven haired woman spoke as Ruby smiled herself. "I love you too Blake. We shouldn't be much longer... I can feel that we are close." Ruby responded, happy that she actually got the time with Blake.

Even though she needed to fight the urge to just keep the communications open, but her reason and logic won out and she ended the call. She closed her eyes as she rested her head against her desk. She couldn't believe how angry she was getting. Not angry at what she assumed would be the normal reason.

It wasn't from her lying. Or from the fact she knew they were nowhere near catching Emerald or Cinder, although that did slightly add to her anger. The real reason for her anger was that she was letting her feelings into her work. Something that made it almost impossible to be the torture master she was meant to be. Something that she noticed whenever she went into the field, her finger hesitated whenever it was on the trigger.

She knew she would hate herself, but she would need to extinguish that.

Slamming her fist on top of her desk she stood up and walked towards the door. "Where are you going?"

"To get where the twins are hiding from that scum bag." Ruby spoke flinging the door open. The way she spoke was so cold it even shocked Ren. He had never heard Ruby take such a tone since she met Blake, back when there was countless protocols to keep her from doing something stupidly aggressive towards a prisoner.

Hearing this Ren jumped up from his desk and spoke, "He has only been in the box a few hours. Give him some more time." He could not have another incident like the many that littered Ruby's past working in the torture cells. Ruby turned her head, a sickening smirk grew on her face as she spoke again, "That'll take too long. I'm just going to start jamming a soldering iron into his tender flesh if he doesn't want to give up anything."

Ren wasn't expecting such a violent turn from Ruby. He actually worried for the crime boss in the cells. "I'm heading with you." Ren got out and quickly followed the woman out of the room. He knew how terrible this could end for Giovanni. If he thought he had seen why she was known as the torture master and survived... he was about to learn exactly how wrong he was. And he strongly didn't like the gut feeling he was having that 'Red the Torture Master' would make an appearance.

Once Ruby stood in the elevator she smiled. "You should go and make sure he is out... I need to stop by engineering. Need to pick up a soldering iron... and something fun... not so much for him. But for me... if I get to use it." Ruby nearly sung causing a chill, he just knew rung throughout the floor, and judging by the way a crowd had formed around him meant it rung through enough to the people who had seen the original Red to develop fear in their eyes.

Ren walked up to the one person he knew would know exactly what to do, "Get security ready just in case. I think Red may have returned in full force. And get a medic team on standby for Giovanni's cell. Make sure they are equipped to deal with first to third degree burns." Ren demanded as he quickly sped through the growing crowd. Once he was outside it he spoke again, this time louder. "We may need to initiate Protocol Rose mark Alpha! Be on standby!"

Ruby began to stroll with a slight skip in her step, lightly swaying the piece of metal and plastic that would heat up in a matter of seconds. In her other hand she had a large clear glass object, just tossing it up and catching it.

She began to whistle as the door was opened for her by two terrified guards. She could see the man smirking in the chair. Bruises littering his body, but no visible broken bones. Ren noticed the vial in his partner's hand just as she casually tossed it up.

"Now Gio... I'm sure what you are thinking, you think I finally ran out of things to use on you. But I have some bad news for you. I decided to stop using the book. And not only that, I decided to stop being a nice person." Ruby began as she turned a dial on the edge of the plastic in her hand.

"So I stopped by engineering. Got something fun, also probably considered 'illegal' even by our standards." Ruby spoke handing the soldering iron that she just turned on to Ren. She began to stroll back to face the man tied up still.

"I'm sure you are wondering what this is..." Ruby began holding the vial up filled with a red powder. "After all, the only place or organisation that uses this stuff is Remnant and even then outside of certain grounds it is experimental." Ruby began as she began to slowly twist the black stopper from the glass.

"This is what the boys in the lab call dust. This particular strain is called fire dust. It is called that because... well you will find out soon enough. What I will say is we use this in our anti-tank nine millimetre rounds... and it has been declared a crime by Atlas to use on a prisoner. Unluckily for you I don't work for Atlas. My branch actually considers it fair game, provided the normal techniques don't work."

As Ruby spoke the man began to laugh, only getting stopped by the gag, she knew Ren must have put in. Fearing that 'Red' would break free. Ruby knew that she wouldn't but decided to amuse him. Ruby didn't respond to the almost mocking laugh with words. Instead once the stopper was removed she simple twisted her wrist to let a few grains fall out and hit the man's thigh.

He could see his flesh start to almost freely bubble from those few grains. Before Ruby even opened her mouth to taunt she took the soldering iron from Ren and pressed the needle like tip into the area that started to bubble.

Splitting the skin in an almost biblical way as it parted to the tip and heat. The screams coming from him where different from what Ruby had heard previously from him. Those were screams of mockery. These Ruby knew where genuine. She knew it would only get better.

"You see Gio... a lot of people mistakenly think Roman's affectionate nickname for me is where I got my call sign from. Nope I got it from extracting information from the likes of you. And I guarantee you, I'm going to find out where your nieces are within the hour." Ruby continued as she began to twist the soldering iron where the flesh had started to fuse with it.

Prying the flesh apart she began to titter the vial just closer. "Now, time to cauterize. Don't worry... this will hurt you a lot more than it hurts me." Ruby spoke pouring some grains in as she quickly pulled the iron from the wound revelling in the screams that seemed to ring out almost like they were unmuffled.

"Green, be nice and take the gag off. He can't talk with it in. I promise I won't pour some dust into his mouth." Ren slightly taken aback at that one comment. But knew it was going to be worth it just because he could talk sooner.

Ren reached behind the head of the man and carefully ungagged him. Never taking his eyes off Ruby. Just in case she would go back on her word. He had no idea how fire dust would react to the digestive track, or worse the respiratory track.

"Now, I can continue this for a while, so what do you want to do? More dust or cut to the chase and you just tell us all?" Ruby said as she dragged the soldering iron just above the skin, as to not cause any burns but so the heat is obvious.

He was in unimaginable pain from just this round. He was able to ignore the vast majority of the pain previously, but now... he not only saw his skin boil, he felt it. He felt his skin fuse with the metal. And felt that same flesh getting ripped from it like it was nothing.

He began to breathe heavily as he began to weigh the pros and cons, causing Ruby to roll her eyes and press down onto the soft flesh of the man's thigh with the soldering iron. Causing him to scream. "Need an answer!"

"They live in the Island Compound. Now just stop it!" Ruby shook her head tutting as she jammed the soldering iron into the other leg of the man. She didn't say anything as she just left the room. Closely followed by Ren who ripped it out and turned it off as he tossed it onto the table filled with torture tools.

He couldn't believe what he just witnessed. Normally she would never do something like that, but he also hadn't seen her do what she did best in a long time. "Red! Where are you going!?" Ren called out as the medic teams went in to make sure the man was still breathing and not near death.

"I'm going to place a storming order on the Island Compound. We should be fine with nothing more than twenty five to thirty armed men. I'm not going to go back full blown Red. I just couldn't stand after seeing her again to just let a slow method win."

"So you went with fire dust!?"

"It got the job done, and that dust was refined to the same heat a soldering iron would get to. Why do you think it took me so long to get there? So yes he has first degree burns but over a very small portion of his body. He wasn't in any risk." Ruby spoke turning around to face her friend.

Ren just exhaled through his nose as he pinched the bridge of his nose. "You are going on long range support during the storm. I am not running the risk of either of those two dying. And next time you are going to do something like that. A heads up would be nice."

"But then I couldn't see the look on your face as I poured a rather mild version of one of the strongest things we have onto his leg. Don't get your panties in a bunch. The mind is a lot stronger than people give it credit for." She spoke as Ren smirked a lopsided smirk. "You are a slight bitch when you do that."

Blake actually felt herself relax for the first time in a long while. She could feel herself being actually tired and after she yawned into her hand quickly turned around to see her friends standing there laughing a little at the sight of Ruby talking to Blake.

The woman who hadn't cared what people thought about her, just to show a much softer side when she talked to Blake when they thought they were alone. Tai and Yang both were shocked when Ruby and Blake began to talk about intimate things, but they still were happy that Ruby seemed to be alive and okay.

"How much did you hear?" Blake asked as Yang snickered. "Almost everything... I mean... like... I'm no longer curious what Rubes meant by calling you Mistress... but seriously? What?"

"She likes being submissive... and I like being dominating... now do you really want me to go in detail?" Blake asked as Yang blushed. Blake turned to Weiss who gestured towards Yang. As if wanting her to clarify. "Blake isn't wrong... Ruby really does like to be tied down..." Weiss blushed as they walked out of the room.

Blake knew this really was going to end rather soon. Not just because she knew Tai and Yang would drop it rather fast, because they knew she would go into detail. "But she is actually doing well, they still are pulling loose straws right now, but right now they are still fine."

"That is good... but I think I finally got cooking down..." Yang spoke as the rest took a step back away from her. "Yang... sweetie... I was lying when I said it was good." Weiss spoke as Yang developed a hurt look. "I mean... if it is meant to be fish... why did it taste like chicken... and cut like beef jerky..."

"It was meant to be a grilled cheese actually..." Yang pouted as the rest just looked at her once more. "I'm going to go ask the detail to get some take out... Indian food okay with you guys?" Tai asked wanting to put an end to that questioning fearing he would walk into the kitchen and they were missing parts of plasterboard once again.

"Sure... sounds good dad." Yang pouted as Weiss laughed.

Author's Note:

Well, it has been a while since I got to writing for this... but this was written in one sitting... so yay? Regardless, I hope you guys enjoyed it.