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Chapter 1:

It is a fine morning and the first day of school at Yagami high where our story begins with our fav characters from school rumble and new ones. The four friends (Tenma,Mikoto,Eri,Akira) are walking to the school to start their second year with a smile on their faces. Karasuma arrived way ahead of them.

Tenma: I am happy

Mikoto: Why are you happy?

Tenma: Because silly I missed you all since the last time I saw you (says with a big smile)

Mikoto: Ok (Smiles then looks at Tenma angrily) And who are you calling silly?

Eri: Oh Mikoto I didn't know that you are sensitive (Smiles with a devil look on her face)

Mikoto: Don't start with me Eri or else (Looking at Eri with anger)

Eri: Ok I am sorry jeez

Akira: Hey girls (They turned to her and she points at the school) we are here

Then the girls stopped walking and turned to where she is pointing.

Mikoto: Oh I missed you school

Eri: Yeah (Then she said in a low voice) another year of love letters

Tenma: Eri did you say something?

Mikoto: I bet she gets a guy this year (saying it with a devil smile)

Eri blushed and said: It's nothing Tenma and (Then turns toward Mikoto with anger) and shut up Mikoto as you will score with a guy using your giant breasts (Eri points at them)

Mikoto blushed (With anger) and said: Hey stop it you pervert as I care about going out with guys anyway

Akira: Ok let's go and see which class are we in

They nodded and followed her to the board.

Tenma: Now let's see (Checking her name) oh good I am in class 2-C (Smiling)

Mikoto: Hmm I am also in 2-C (Looking happy)

Akira: (Looking at the name list) Me too (impassively)

Eri: Ok I hope I am not in another class (Checking her name) yes I am also in class 2-C (Happy but not that much)

Tenma: I am so glad that we are in the same class and Karasuma is with us too.

Eri: you still in love with him

Tenma: Yes and I shall not give up

Mikoto: I hope you get his attention

Akira: Me too (To herself let's see which guy will catch my attention)

Then they walked away and stood in the middle of the front yard, then Yakumo entered the school for the first time and walked to the board to see which class she's in.

Yakumo: Oh I am in class 1-D ok let's see where sis is?

and she heard a familiar voice calling her.

Tenma: Yakumo I am glad you go to the same school as me (Smiling and approaching her)

Yakumo: Oh hi sis yeah I am glad too so which class are you in mine is 1-D

Tenma: Good for you and I am in 2-C with my friends

Yakumo: Oh that's good sis (Happy for her sister)

Tenma: Ok, let me show you the school (Dragging her)

Yakumo: Ok, wait sis oh (Getting dragged by Tenma) and they disappeared

After that Harima came in with his motorbike and his sunglasses on and everybody ran away so they don't get in the way then he stopped his bike near the board and jumped off and walked to the board to see his name.

All the students was afraid of him and walked away.

Harima: Let's see Harima Kenji Harima Kenji hmm ah I am in class 2-C with my love Tenma (Smiles while blushing)

Everybody starts looking at him with a weird look for a second before going back to their activities. Then he walked back to his bike, rode it and parked it outside the school, so he wouldn't be expelled after that he walked back inside the school.

Harima: (To himself) wait for me Tenma u will be mine

Then he laughed a crazy laugh making everyone looking at him again with a weird look, he then stops and saw everyone is looking at him which made him angry.

Harima: Hey, stop looking at me like that u idiots (he says with anger)

And then everyone turned around frighten and walked away quickly.

Harima: You better walk away

Then he turned around, saw the girl of his dream standing on the first floor near one of the open windows taking to a black-haired girl, he stood there blushing red while smiling like fool.

Then a figure entered the school through the gates everybody looked at him. He got a white skin, Black hair and he is tall but in close he looks short. His uniform like Harima but with blue and white t-shirt and not wearing sunglasses where you can see his black eyes then he approached the board to see his name.

The mysterious student: (After searching for his name) oh I am in class 2-C well I hope that this school is better than the last one then he went inside.

Mikoto,Eri,Akira and Harima saw him too.

Mikoto: Hey, look another delinquent (in her mind he looks cute)

Eri: I don't know (says uninterested)

Akira: I feel a connection with him

Her friends looks at her with curiosity and disbelief.

Harima: (Talking to himself) Hey, I never saw this guy before a transfer student then I hope he never challenges me because I don't have time for fighting

Then the bell rang and the students went to their classes starting the school day.

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