Please note this is a cross over between Harry Potter and percy jackson and the olympians with a minor crossover in the form of Luna's {Fem Harry} accidental magic creating Signum's Magical Device Laevatein after wishing she could have it after seeing it in a discarded copy of the MGLN manga.

P.S: PLease note i do not remember when the PJO series start so please don't flame me about it also Luna instead of being born in the 1980's she's born in the year 2000.

{Line Break and Story Start}

"Are you sure this'll work Lily-Flower?" James Potter asks his wife as both had put off having children due to the war against voldemort and his followers untill 5 years ago they had found out after having tried for a child that a spell Lily had been hit with by a Death Eater had made her barren and unable to have children, After the news Lily Potter nee Evans had wept for days at the lost of any child she might've had before Albus Dumbledore suggested looking for a fertility ritual one of the very few rituals that was allowed due to the declining pureblood birth rates and she had found one that dated back to ancient greece that asked one of the goddesses to bless the woman the ritual is performed on with a child.

"Yes James i'm sure this ritual calls up one of the greek goddesses to bless the woman the ritual is performed on with a child and from what i've managed to find out the last time this ritual was used was just after the fall of greece to the roman empire" Lily says as she looks over the ritual circle matched the scroll the ritual was drawn in bbefore she began the chant to invoke the riutal.

{Line Break}
Artemis goddess of the hunt, wild animals, wilderness, childbirth, virginity and protector of young girls watched her hunters as they moved around the camp they had set up having finished a hunt earilier that evening before the long forgotten feeling of a fertility ritual being envoked hit her causing her to start slightly having no expected to feel it so long after the fall of ancient greece to the romans and not feeling any of the other goddesses anwsering it she sighed.

"My Lady?" Zoe Nightshade asks as she hears Artemis sigh.

"It's nothing Zoe I just need to leave to take care of something so keep the girls in line" Artemis says before she flashes away not knoting that the reason she had been felt out first by the ritual was that Lily had changed two small set of runes in the Ritual changing it from not just fertility but to grant her a demi-god child with the goddess she called up with the second set of runes she had inadvertantly changed focused the ritual onto Artemis so when Artemis returned hours later having completed the ritual she was ignorant that she would be having her 1st and only demi-god child with the woman she helped from hecates little world of magic users.

{Line Break}

8 Years Later

If any of the Olmympians or Hunters of Artemis had been in southern england they would swear that a mini dark red (the color of blood) haired version of Artemis was hunting for her lunch having ran away form the Dursley's when she was 7, Her parents having been killed when she was 15 months old and for years they had abused her mentally and emotionally oh sure they never hit her but the mental put downs and being called a worthless freak almost hourly hurt more then any beating would've and it wasn't untill she was 5 and had managed to read with great difficulty what she had herd being called a manga from a older student who threw it away after he was finished, It took her 6 months to read it without stopping every few words and on her 6th birthday she re-read the small collection of magical girl lyrical nanoha manga she had managed to get from the rubbish bin when the older students threw them away after reading them, She wasn't sure why they threw them away but she guessed they was like Dudley spoiled any got what ever they wanted and it was on her 6th birthday that things changed, As for when she had put her small MGLN manga collection away and was going to sleep she wished with all her heart that she had magic and a Magical Device like Signum did and unkown to her as she slept a glow appeared around her as her magic worked on making a copy of Signums Device Laevatein before it changed her Magical Core to resemble that of a Linker Core as her magic while still able to be used with a wand was now more alligned to Ancient Belkan magic.

Waking up to Laevatein had been a great suprise to the young girl along with learning magic was real atleast the type she had read in the manga and while she hated it at first her lessons with Laevatein to not only use magic but the science behind it she evntually began to like it but it wasn't untill she was 7 years old and her uncle tried to hurt her that she reacted by bringing Laevatein out of it's Standby form and into it's Schwertform or Sword Form that she knew she had to leave and she did so and since then she's lived off of hunting and when needed she would steal clothes and supplies needed to survive in the wildness on her own with only Laevatein to keep her company but it also has had the side effect of her becoming more then willing to pull Laevatein in it's Schwertform around others should she think of them as enemies or hiding something from her.

{Line Break}

Before i post the next chapter or reveal her barrier jacket deisgn i'll need a prophecy for CHB to send out a group of campers to get Luna who'll be age 10 by then and it CAN'T be percy as the next chapter'll happen along side of SoM so expect Magical Girl {Luna} vs CHB demigods

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