Faith and Love


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Chapter 2: Cruel sisters, Loving sisters, and... moving away?

Helga took another look at herself in her hotel room full length mirror, she had to say. Even if she didn't get along with her sister all the time, she wasn't half bad at makeovers. Olga came home for a surprise visit. Helga smiled at how it turned out and how she and Olga are getting closer. Yes she should be disgusted, but Olga really does love her then Helga sighed. How did it come to this...what should I do now?


As Helga made her way down stairs she could hear a pig like shrike that could only come from. "OL-GA." Helga said mockingly. Oh yes, her over baring beloved sister stood before her. Before Helga had anytime to think, she was pulled in to a bone crushing hug. "Olga criminy let me go!" Helga said struggling to get free. Olga did as her sister asked. "Oh Helga it's so wonderful to see you baby sister." She said in a soft high pitch voice. Helga rolled her eyes. "Olga I thought I told you to stay away, after we came back from San Lorenzo." Helga spoke to her in a surprisingly soft voice.

Olga gave her an equally soft smile. "Oh I know baby sister, but I want to get close to-" Helga held up her hand and looked at her firmly. "Olga... you and I both know that can't happen." Olga looked at her confused. "But why not baby sister? I know why you don't like me...but... can't I try?" Olga asked her eyes and voice pleading. Helga sighed as if she was tired, then looked Olga in the eyes not scowling just... looking. "No." she said firmly, Olga was about to say something when Helga stopped her once again. "I can't let you get close to me...I-I know you will hurt me and I can't let that happen again." Her voice now soft like silk.

Helga turned her gaze to the floor. "Olga look around you, what do you see?" Helga asked not looking up. Again Olga did as she was told she looked and ssaw Bob and Miriam singing Olga words of praise. Bob in his lazy boy and Miriam in the kitchen attempting to cook. I really should help her... Olga thought to herself." Baby sister everything looks normal to me." Olga said even more confused. Then she turn back towards Helga and her breath caught in her throat. Helga was giving her a sad smile, tears in the corner of her eyes.

"This..." Helga said motioning with her hands to Bob and Miriam. "Is normal to you,for you, they don't act like when you gone, Olga. You never had to worry if you were going to eat or not. You never had to protect yourself from the world, by yourself. You were never treated like nothing, like you were lower then dirt. Your father never called you by your SISTER'S name even if he knows yours. You never had to hurt the one person you love more then you own life! Just so other would not hurt you, or them, or that he would not hurt you all together. You never had to hide from the world your smile, by using anger. You don't have to go through what I do so Olga, THAT is why we could never get along." Helga said now tuning around to go back up stairs to her room, so that Olga would not see her tears. Helga only made it up three steps before Olga grabbed the end of her jumper and pulled her in to a hug. Unlike all of her other hugs this one was softer.

Like for the first time Olga knew if she held her tighter, Helga would break in two. "Helga...I...I am so sorry." Olga said her voice sounding just like it did when she told Helga how she felt like a doll. "I know you don't want to tell me things about you...but I really...I really want to be there for you. I now see that your life is not a walk in the park...and I thank you for telling me so much. Helga please... please let me be your sister, Let me know when your hurting. You told me you didn't know what sisters are for. Let me show you. I know that's not all so please tell me the rest, Helga" Helga didn't know what to do or say she could feel Olga's love for her. This feels nice... Helga thought to herself. This love was nothing like her love for Arnold, It was lighter and at the same time thicker too.

Heh... Helga laughed at herself. Blood really is thicker then water. Helga pushed Olga ways then turned her back to her smiling. She then tuned around and came face to face with Olga who was on her knees. Helga pointed at her poking her nose, a look determination on her face her voice was strong as she spoke. "Fine you want to see into the life that is Helga. G . Pataki! BUT be warned by the time I am done with you. You will never be able to wear those rose colored glasses of yours ever again. Understood?!" Helga said. Olga sat there in awe of her sister tone and change in mood. "Helga... Does this mean you will let me get closer?" Olga said to Helga who was now walking upstairs to her room. Helga stopped and turned around a small, yet loving, sweet, caring smile played on her lips.

Olga looked at her sister like she was an angel. Helga spoke softly her voice strong even if it was in a whisper. "You said you wanted to show me what being a sister means right? Or did you change your mind?" Helga said her lips now in a playful smile her eyes half lidded. Olga shocked her head with a tearful smile. "No."she said. Helga smirked. "Then come on." Olga stood to her feet smiling. "Thank you Helga! I promise you will not regret this." Helga did not turn around as she walked up stairs. "Don't thank me...thank football head." It was so low that Olga thought it was not for her to hear.


" Wow... Helga I had no idea it was this bad at home... I...I can't believe it." Olga said as she sat on the floor to keep from falling. Helga told her everything from when she was three, to know. She even told her about some of the stuff Arnold related. "I...Helga... I never knew I am so sorry." Olga got down on her knees and looked Helga in the eye, shame reflecting in her own. "Here I was bragging about my life I was completely ignore yours. I am the worse big sister. Huh..." Olga said giving her a half smile. Helga shrugged. "I'm use to it by now I had to grow up fast here." Olga shock her head. "That's the thing Helga. You shouldn't have to miss out on a childhood, on love, and being loved." Olga said putting her hands gently on her arms.

Helga looked at her sister in awe. "Olga... You really want to do this whole sister thing." Helga said softly giving her an even softer smile. Olga nodded a new found look of determination coming to her face. " Yes that and then some. Helga I wan to fix this, but first I have to do something." Olga said getting up leaving a confused Helga standing there. "Helga do not come out of this room for anything, okay." Olga said not turning around as she lleft her room. Helga stood there not understanding a thing until she heard yelling. Like Olga was an unsatisfied Pataki. After ten minutes Helga had enough, she had to know what they were saying. Helga knew what Olga said, but she couldn't help it.

Helga stuck her head out her doorway. "You are an awful father! You just let Helga go on like this?! I can't believe you two, you should be a shamed of yourself!" Olga shouted. Helga wanted to giggle, if it wasn't for what Bob said next. "Look why should I care about her she is nothing but an pain in my ass!" Helga heart stopped. But... we had good times to... didn't we? Helga thought to herself, she could hear Miriam slurred voice. "B don't say that Helga... She our daughter, you both had good times too." She said low like she didn't want Helga to hear. Bob growled. "Screw those times she is still a pain, she can't do anything that could help the Pataki name! As for her being my daughter, I wanted a son but she popped out. If I had known sooner-"


Bob was cut off by a loud by a loud slap. Helga guessed Olga slapped him. "Don't you dare say that about my little sister." Olga said in a low dark voice. Bob growled "Get out of my house, take your no good sister with you!" He yelled. "With pleasure you monster!" Olga said coming back to Helga's room. Helga quickly closed her door and sat down. Olga bust in anger on her face. Helga faked innocence as she looked at her sister with concern. "Olga what's going on?" Helga asked. Man I got this acting thing down! she internally praised herself.

Olga looked at her then dropped her head. Tears of anger rolling down her cheeks. Helga rushed to her sister. "Olga?" Helga said softly. Olga gave her another soft hug. "Helga your coming with me okay." Olga said softly. Helga looked at her confused. "Where?" She asked. Olga looked at the stuff she brought with her. "To my hotel room a cross town." Olga said said calmly wiping the tears from her face, she looked at Helga love and care painting her eyes. "Get your things, stuff that matters most for now and let's go."


At Olga's three bed room hotel suit they sat in silence. Helga was the fisrt to break it. "I heard you guys fighting... what he said about me..." Helga said she couldn't bring herself to look into her sister's eyes. Now more then ever she hated herself. As if she could read her sister's thoughts, Olga rushed over to Helga's side. "Helga... I-I don't know why he would say that. Why he would do this." Helga cut her off before she could continue. "You and I both know why Olga. Don't lie to yourself." Helga told here seriously. Olga nodded and looked down in anger. "How could he do this to us?" Helga too lowered her head. "Because he didn't want me..." Helga said in a whispered voice. Olga pulled Helga into a tight hug. "Helga forgive me...but FUCK HIM!" Olga said coldly. Helga was taken aback by her sister's words.

Then Helga did something she only done so many times...she laughed a real laugh. "Wow Olga, I feel better." Olga smiled "Glad to help." She said snickering herself. Olga stopped than looked at Helga seriously. "Helga..." Olga said Hegla looked up smiling. "Yeah." Helga said still smiling.

"Move to France with me."

Helga looked at her asking if she was serious. Ogla still looked determined " I can't leave you here with idiots, Helga. Let me take you to where you can get all the love you need." Helga was speechless. She knew Arnold was leaving by the end of next week before summer started, but could she really leave everyone behind? Helga looked up at Olga. "When do you plan on leaving?" She asked her voice some what cracked. Olga keep a stern face. "Thursday." Helga nearly fell. "But that's THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW ." Helga yelled. Olga nodded "I was only going to pass through here on my way to a friend before I left for the airport."

Helga sat down willing herself not to faint. What do I do? WHAT DO I DO?! Olga could see the fear on her sister's face. "Helga..." She said sweetly, Helga looked into her sister's eyes. Showing her the fear and doubt in her own. Olga smiled "Would you like to tell me you answers in the morning?" Olga asked. Helga sighed "Does it have to be tomorrow?" helga asked. Olga nodded sadly. "Yes because we'll have to get your stuff together, if you say yes."

Helga sighed in defeat. "Okay I'll sleep on it, Olga. I...maybe I should go to bed now." Helga said getting up to get ready for bed. Olga looked sad by her sister's words "Oh... I-I guess you should." Helga stopped her journey and turned around. "Or you could help me with a make over for tomorrow... I have this little plan set up." Olga's face beamed at the suggestion. "R-really Helga?! You would l et me give you a makeover?!" Helga shrugged "Sure, why not just leave the uni-brow alone got it." Helga sajd firmly. Olga nodded running off to one of Helga's rooms. Helga laughed under her breath. "Crinimy what have I done." Helga said following Olga to her room.


Helga giggled at the fresh memory. Just then she heard someone at their room door. As Olga walked in she held a tray of breakfast in her hand for Helga. Olga smiled kindly at her little sister "Good morning Helga, you look nice." She said softly. Helga smiled back. "Good morning to you too, Olga. Thank you for the words." Helga and Olga ate in a comforting silence. Olga had to ask it was better to get it over with, however before she could speak Helga spoke first.

"I have my answer."

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