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Chapter 5: A Giggle Away!

On the way to the bus stop, the trio talked about meaningless things. Every now and then Arnold or Gerald would ask Helga what did she have planned for the day. "You just have to wait and see, Buckos!" Would always be her answer. When they finally reached Arnold and Gerald's normal bus stop. Everyone except Helga, was surprised to see Phoebe waiting there patiently.

"Hey Phoebe. You look nice today."Helga said calmly. Phoebe looked up at her friend smiling brightly. "You look lovely as well Helga.(Still not telling you what she has on yet) If you don't mind me asking, why did you ask me here today. This is not our usual waiting spot for the bus." Helga smiled and blushed a bit, she looked over her shoulder to see if Gerald and Arnold were paying any attention to her and Phoebe.

When she noticed they were in fact not, she turned back to Phoebe and said proudly. "Lets just say, I finally get the chance to get as much 'Ice cream' our hearts will let me have." Helga said happily. It took Phoebe only a second to truly understand what her best friend said. And another second before Helga was nearly tackled to the ground by a overjoyed Phoebe.

"Oh Helga I am so happy for you!" Phoebe said truly happy for her friend. Helga smiled gently at her best friend, she was happy to have Phoebe by here side. "Jeez Phoebe! You don't have to get all lovey dovey on me let me go." Helga said playfully. Phoebe pulled back still smiling brightly. "Letting!" She sang out playfully.

As the four (after filling Phoebe in of course.) sat there they had a good time talking about meaningless things again, as if they have all been friends for the longest. But then the first of many battles came when the bus pulled up to take the to school pulled up.

Phoebe, Gerald, and Arnold all stood behind Helga watching her movements. "H-Helga we could walk to school if you feel uncomfortable doing this." Phoebe said timidly. She knew that this was going to be one of the hardest things Helga has ever done. Helga turned around and gave her friends a reassuring smile. "Don't worry about me you, chuckleheads. This is Helga. G. Pataki your talking to!" She said proudly, the others all shocked their heads smiling at her.

"Whatever you say, Helga." Arnold said lightly getting on the bus. After Phoebe, and Gerald got on Helga gave a light laugh. "Yep, whatever I say." Helga said under her breath. Okay! You can do this Helga ol' girl! Think about Phoebe, Gerald, and your beloved... Arnold! Helga thought trying to give herself a pep talk. "Hey are you gonna get on the bus or what, Girly?!" The bus driver asked feeling a bit impatient.

Helga rolled her eyes and sighed. "Yeah, yeah. I'm coming,Rice." Helga said in a nonchalant tone. The bus driver growled under his breath "It's Rick", but Helga could barely hear him over the sound of her class mates gasping. Everyone had their eyes on Helga, she blushed being the center of attention. That only caused people to gasp louder.

Helga calmly walked passed them to where Arnold was sitting, Helga could feel all the eyes of everyone burning into her. She wanted to laugh so badly everyone looked like deers in headlights, it was hilarious. She tried to hide it, she really did. Yet she failed miserably, everyone except Phoebe, Gerald, and Arnold looked at her like she was crazy. The trio shared a look eith one another, before giggling as well.

Rhonda was the first to come out of stock. "Excuse me! Can someone please! Tell us what's going on?!" Rhonda yelled confused. "Yeah! First Helga looks like a girl, then she comes sit by Arnold without yelling at him, NOW you four are laughing like you heard a joke! Ah! I'm so confused!" Herold yelled holding his head. Helga laughter subsided as she crossed her long legs, which Arnold did not fail to notice ; were hidden behind snow white stockings.

Helga noticed Arnold was strongly gazing at her legs, so when Arnold looked up at her. Helga couldn't help but give his an amused smirk, and a wink that made him blush to his roots. "Did you just wink at, Arnold. That's just ever so cute!" Lila said cheerfully. Everyone looked at Lila like she grew rwo heads. "I-I they make a cute... couple." Lila admitted shyly.

Rhonda was about to comment on that when Helga giggling caught her ear. "Oh... no." Rhonda said under her breath, snapping her head back towards Helga and Arnold. "Y... You two are not a couple right?! Please tell me your not a couple!" Rhonda begged. Arnold was about to reply, when Helga raised hand silenced him.

"Rhonda, go sit down." Helga said in a firm, yet soft tone. Rhonda shocked her head violently. "No! You will answer me, Pataki." Rhonda said a little more angry. She didn't like not getting the answer she wanted. She had to know for her sanity if they were an item or not. Rhonda really, really, REALLY! Hope that they were in fact not dating.

Helga never losing her amused composers, or smirk. Laced her fingers together, and placed them on her still neatly crossed legs. Helga spoke in a very leveled voice, her eyes dancing with mischief and amusement. "Princess go sit down, before I sit you down." Rhonda scoffed. "Yeah like I will ever do as you say." She said, her voice oozing sarcasm.

Helga raised one side of her brow, still so very amused. "Oh, really now? Did you really forget that I am Helga G Pataki. Just because I'm dressing different, doesn't mean I can't take any of you on, Ms. Lloyd." Rhonda thought about it for a second, then she huffed. "Whatever." She said walking away. Nadine took one look at Helga then back at Rhonda.

"You have to admit, she looks nice." Nadine whispered to Rhonda. Rhonda glanced back at Helga, she had to agree. "Finally." Rhonda said under her breath. Nadine rolled her eyes and giggled. "Okay, Rhonda."

Phoebe, Gerald, and Arnold looked at Helga, Arnold a little hurt. "Hel-" He started, but Helga still not looking at him raised her hand. Then she turned them a mischievous smile on her face. "In all do times, my duckies." She said with a giggle, Arnold loved a lot.

Phoebe, Gerald, and Arnold shared a look with each had to laugh, they smiled and shocked their heads. "Never a dull moment with you, huh Pataki?" Gerald asked with a smile. Helga laughed warmly, which made everyone smile. "You better believe it, Bucko!" She said smiling.

With that they went back to talking about meaningless things. Waiting in anticipation of what Helga has in store at school. Unknown to Helga and Arnold, Phoebe and Gerald were holding hand the whole time.

Just so you know.

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