Chapter One

"Holy fuck!" gasped Jasper, as the family stood in the carpark prior to school starting.

"What? What is it?" demanded Alice, who was torn between looking after her mate and tearing apart whatever was hurting him.

"The new girl, she's so sad. So so sad, I nearly wish I was dead." Jasper announced, just as said new girl pulled in in her ShelbyGT500.

"Jasper, how bad is it?" Asked Rosalie, his 'sister' and coven-mate.

Instead of answering with words Jasper used his empathic gift to allow the rest of the family to feel the new girls emotions, a depressive sadness so crippling that Rosalie collapsed and Emmett would have burst into tears if he was able to. Alice herself made it her mission to help that girl in whatever way possible.

Edward, the last of the siblings, just scoffed. "Who cares, she's just some stupid human. For all we know she's just over-reacting to not getting pancakes or something equally stupid. And stop influencing my emmotions Jasper."

While the rest of the family just glared at Edward, Rosalie pulled out her phone and called her mate Irina who lives up in Alaska, "Hey love, I need to see you. - Do you think we could see each other this weekend please? - Nothing bad, but there's a new girl here and - No, Jasper shared her emotions and I just, I need to know you're ok. - Thank you babe, I love you."

As the family watch the new girl exit her car, Emmett turns to Edward and asks what she's thinking. Edward, after making his displeasure known, turns his telepathic talents towards the new girl and her likely petty and pathetic human mind. Only her mind is silent, or as close to as he's ever experienced and that suddenly makes her interesting. Add into that the fact that what he's hearing is in a different language, and not Japanese like he would expect by looking at her.

"Not only is she thinking in another language that's not Asian, but it's like looking through fog out a tinted window in direct sunlight. So I have no idea Emmett." announces Edward, much to the suprise and enjoyment of his family, who procede to mock him because his gift is failing.