Chapter Four

After much discussion and several witness statements, Angela was free to go to class. And by the end of the day she was completely fed up with people coming up and talking to her about lunch, and just as she was ready to snap someones neck Edward decided to talk to her.

Edward, being the delusional jackass that he was, believed that the reason he couldn't read Angela's mind very well was because she was destined to be his balance, his other half, his mate. And being the deluded jackass he is he believed that all he had to do was smile and she'd come crawling towards him like the god he felt he was. With these thoughts in his mind he approached her as she was getting into her car.

Angela looked up as she felt someone approaching, only to see one of the vampires making his way towards her. Sighing she turned to him and "What do you want?"

Edward, not expecting her to detect him just opened his dumbly for several seconds before putting on his best charming smile. "Hi, Angela was it? I have to say you are every bit as angelic as your name suggests and I was wondering if you'd like to -"

"Not interested." she interupted, turning to unlock her car.

Edward just stood there gaping at her, wondering how on earth she could say no to him, he was a god. She should be begging at his feet. With that in mind he tried again, only this time he recieved a "Fuck off" instead. Before he could try again, she was in her car and driving away.

Turning towards his family, he couldn't help the growl that left him when he saw that they were all laughing at him. As he made his way back over to them and his car, he continued to get angrier and angrier as he read their thoughts about how pathetic they thought him to be.

Getting in his car he floored it out of the carpark in a bid to get home, as he knew that Carlilse would support him. Calling him and asking him to come home asap Edward couldn't help but feel smug, he knew that Carlilse would help him and would tell the others to as well.

Half an hour later, after his 'siblings' informed Esme what had happened, much to the amusement of everyone (bar Edward) Carlilse walked in. Before he could so much as open his mouth Edward announced that the new girl was his mate, prompting another round of laughter from his 'family'.

"Really, that's great news Edward. Why is everyone laughing, you should be supporting your brother right now, not trying to mock him." stated Carlilse.

"Edward's deluded, there is no way Angela is his mate." announced Jasper.

"She told him before that she isn't interested in him." stated Rosalie.

"She told him to 'fuck off' is what she did." quoted Emmett.

"Oh yes Edward, keep that decision in mind. Promise me you'll do it, please please please!" pleaded Alice suddenly, practically begging before Edward.

"What is it, what happens?" asked Carlilse, his attention now focused entirely on Alice.

"Tomorrow Edward goes up to her and practically demands she go out with him, at which point she calls him an egotistical jackass with a god complex. Edward gets angry and tells her that she doesn't have a choice and that she will go out with him or else, so she knees him in the nuts. Please say you'll do it, it looks hilarious and I want everyone else to see it too. Please?"

This prompts another round of histerical laughter from most of the family. And the sight of Alice still practially begging just makes them laugh all the more.

Edward being the drama queen that he is stomps off to his room where he slams his door in a fit, while Carlilse just looks at his 'children' and his mate in disappointment before going up to give his eldest some advice.

The next day happens much like the previous; people whispering about Angela, several boys try and chat her up as does one of the girls supprising everybody and Edward tries once again to get her to go out with him. Just like Alice predicted, this ends with Angela kneeing him in the nuts infront of the whole cafeterea.

For the rest of the week things continue much the same way, only without Edward as he had gone up to visit the Denali covern for the rest of the week.