Hello fellow vertebrates, yes I am still alive (though it was close)

In explanation for my prolonged absence I can only sight mental health; my depression kicked up something fierce and I did end up trying to remove myself.

And though I am back, I cannot guarantee that it wont come back or that I will fail in any future attempts I may have. As such I am willing to give my stories to gifted writers, on the conditions that I get recognised as primary owner of the idea and receive a copy to upload on my own profile.

These stories are:

Two Kim Possible fics

One Halo/Mass Effect crossover fic

One Halo/Star Wars crossover fic

One Avengers/Iron Man fic

Four Twilight fics

One Skyrim fic

One Star Wars fic

If anybody is interested in writing one of these please send me a message, or if someone you know would be interested please forward this to them.

Thank you