How The Lost World Should Have Ended

Summary: Roland Tembo came to Isla Sorna prepared. AU.

All I can really say is that this isn't my best work. It's not been read over by a Beta. But I don't really care. This is how the movie should have ended.

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The panic brought Roland Tembo back to the temporary camp, his rifle in hand and his worst fears were realized. The T-Rexes had followed them. Hindsight was always 20/20 and Roland was experiencing a huge case of it.

He should've made Sarah Harding get rid of that damn jacket the moment the moment she told him she wasn't wounded. It had to have been the Infant's blood.

The Rexes were tearing the camp apart. His fellow hunters were running for their lives.

Roland Tembo had hunted everything on the planet that could hunt you back. His ranch in Mombassa was a testament to that. But after while, big game hunting had becoming boring.

That's why he came to the damn island in the first place. To hunt a the greatest predator that had ever lived. But none of that entered his mind at that moment as he raised his Searcy Double Rifle at the male.

No, saving the lives of everyone in that camp was what mattered at that point. He pulled the triggers.

Click. Click.

Panic entered his mind as he unloaded his rifle and looked at the two shells, both empty.

He was stunned for a few seconds as he stared at the useless shells. He muttered, "Bastard!"

At that moment, Roland knew that the eco-terrorist, Nick Van Owen, was to blame. He had almost certainly doomed the lives of everyone in their party. All because Roland happened to be a professional hunter.

And if Roland had been stupid enough to bring just two bullets with him, Nick Van Owen might have actually succeeded in killing everybody in the camp.

Instead he dropped the two shells to the ground and his right hand went to his belt, where he always kept a wallet with 10 extra bullets in it.

He ripped it opened and extracted two good bullets out and loaded them. The Rexes had miraculously not left the area. He raised the Elephant gun to his shoulder, aimed at the male, taking his time to line up what was surely a brain shot and pulled the triggers.

The Elephant gun thundered twice before the male Rex dropped to the ground dead. The noise brought the attention of the female directly on him. He quickly reloaded as he started stepping backwards slowly.

The female was about to charge when he brought the rifle up again and fired.

As the other Rex fell to the ground, Roland took no pleasure out of it. It had been necessary. He thought of the baby. What would become of it?

He didn't know. But he knew he probably had just saved the lives of everybody in his camp. And he also knew that if he survived this island, that he would make sure that Nick Van Owen was put in prison for the rest of his life.

What can I say? Nick Van Owen was responsible for every single death in that movie.

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