Kyoko didn't even give little Harry a chance to wake up before she took him down to the adoption agency. She knew that she had to get him under her care. They had his name and age, now all they had to do was file Kyoko Kirigiri as his legal guardian. So now she was waiting in the lobby, going over her decision.

'I know I'm going to take care of I willing to take on the role of his...his mother so soon after meeting him...?' She had never taken a babysitting class, let alone mother someone! There was no way she could be a mom! She'd be horrible at it and maybe hurt him or maybe worse... Then, she remembered the hopeful expression on his face when he looked at her for the first time, and the sadness and disappointment when she denied being his mother... She knew that this wasn't even a choice. She HAD to do this... She needed to be here for him. Even if she didn't know him. She couldn't let some horrid people get a hold of him. She sighed as she looked at the little boy in her arms. '...I guess I'm your mother now.' She thought to herself, rubbing his tiny head.

Mother...Mother...she liked the word. As a result she kissed his head as the Social Worker returned with a smiling face, "Alright Miss Kirigiri, he's all yours."

Kyoko blushed slightly as she looked up at the woman with a small smile. "Wonderful. Thank you for your time." She said politely as she accepted the adoption form and stood to leave.

"You make sure to treat him well. He'll need it." the woman replied, leaving to do other business.

Kyoko smiled and carried him out of the agency. She looked down at him and smiled gently. She kissed the top of his head. As a result, he stirred. His eyes lazily opened, slowly but surely until he was looking up at her with wide eyes. Soon he began to smile and whispered, "My dream came true..."

Kyoko chuckled and planted a tender, loving kiss on the tip of his cute button nose. "Oh? And what wish is that?" She asked gently, patting his back.

Harry suddenly began to look sheepish and blush, causing him to look down in shame. " had you in it..."

Kyoko knew where this was going...She remembered what the the little sleeping boy had said when she had awakened. "Did that dream have me as...your Mama?" she asked the boy, who gasped and looked back at her.

"um...y-yeah.." he said, hiding his face.

Kyokou chuckled and rubbed the back of his head. "That's a very very nice dream to have." She said gently. Harry then looked back up at her with a pleading look, wondering what she'd say next, scared. "Harry...I adopted you. I'm your mama now."

Harry's breath hitched and he gave her a look of hope. "So...I can call you...m-mama...?" He asked softly.

"Of course you can, my little boy." she told Harry, who smiled the biggest smile, then began to cry into her chest. Kyokou found herself tearing up at this reaction as well and began rocking him back and forth gently. "'s okay...I..." she broke off into her own silent cries as she carried the figure, who was only sobbing harder at her mothering. She took a moment to rub her eyes free of tears, internally scolding herself. This was absolutely NO time for HER to be crying, Harry was the one who needed to let out his emotional pain!

So she kissed his head and hugged him tight. His muffled cries could be heard from her chest. He continued sobbing for what must have been till dawn. All the while, Kyoko could feel her own hot tears stinging the corners of her eyes, and she was apalled at herself for it. She didn't have the RIGHT to be crying right now! So she wiped them off quickly and went back to snuggling the little one, who was slowly relaxing into her. She took a deep breath, then bent over and placed the most gentle, loving kiss she could on his cheek and allowed her lips to linger for several seconds before finally pulling away. Harry looked back at her, and Kyoko wiped away his tears with her thumbs. "All better...?" Harry looked up at her, gave her a smile and nodded. He had cried for hours...and he hadn't been hit for it at all! In fact, he had been HUGGED for it! He looked back at her confusedly and Kyoko tilted her head. "Have any questions?"

"Um...w-why didn't you...hit m-me mama?"

Kyokou teared up again and held him as tightly as she could without hurting him, letting out a strangled sob. "Why would you...Why would... would I hit you?!" she said, letting out another sob. Harry was super confused at the whole situation.

"Wh-Why are you crying now? Did I make you sad? I'm sorry...I didn't mean to..."

"I hate this...the fact you were raised as a slave...the fact that you think you should be's why I adopted you. To get those NASTY thoughts out of that tiny head of yours." Harry momentarily stopped breathing as he stared up at her. She really...REALLY cared for him! In adoration, he hugged her neck happily while Kyoko stopped for a sec to look down at him. She smiled softly. She just couldn't take it! He was just too cute! She began to shower his cute little face with kisses, which elicited an adorable giggle from the little one, who cuddled up to his new mother and closed his eyes, resting. He was still exhausted from the constant crying and change being brought on.

Kyokou's heart melted as she looked at the sleeping child. He was just the sweetest, most innocent little thing...In the entire WORLD! She cradled her new boy close in the rising sun, whispering in his ear a single phrase, no, a promise. "I'm gonna protect you. No matter what the problem is...No matter who harmed you...I will protect you." She began to rock him back and forth gently, smiling as he cooed softly and snuggled closer in his sleep. She frowned when she saw how skinny he was. He needed a decent meal when he woke up... So, with a satisfied expression, she carried him inside her house, ready to give him the best life ever. She went up to her room and gently tucked him into her bed, giving him yet another peck on the forehead. Then she fell asleep next to him, having not slept all night. She was exhausted! Subconsciously, she pulled her little boy in close and rested her chin on his head.