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Kim Possible

Red Flame

Chapter 2 – Shadows of a Broken Soul

Middleton, Possible Residence

School hadn't been as bad as Kim had thought it would be. That is, if she had noticed what was going on around her. While she did hear the teachers, and did her work like she always had, it was more out of routine and habit now than out of a desire to learn and gain knowledge. Bonnie had, of course, tried to get her irritated and pissed off; Kim didn't even notice her. That bothered the brunette to no end and she got even more nasty and venomous. And while everyone else heard what she was saying, Kim didn't even hear a single word. Lost in her world of sorrow, despair, and depression, nothing like that mattered anymore. At the end of the day, after a particularly nasty comment from Bonnie, Kim simply turned her empty-eyed gaze upon the other girl and said, "Do whatever you want, Bonnie. I'm done." Then she turned back around and walked away.

Now she was at home, back in her room. Her homework had been done, and while she knew she got all of the answers right, she couldn't summon any bit of enthusiasm or satisfaction. She hadn't moved away from her desk since she'd finished; just sat there staring at its surface. One thing about today that had impressed itself upon her awareness in spite of (or perhaps because of) her increasing descent into despair and depression was the absence of Ron. A sigh escaped her at the thought of her best friend, and tears began welling in her eyes. She'd only tried to be honest with him, and hadn't meant to snap at him, but her feelings of guilt and despair over what she'd done to Shego had combined with her frustration over his inability to understand.

Maybe, she thought without hope, he's just sick. Too . . . too much Bueno Nacho or something. Kim didn't believe herself, however. Just then, she heard the phone ring a couple of times before someone answered it; she had no energy to do so, and it was probably her mom who had picked it up. Her dad was at the Middleton Science Center today, and her brothers were – for once – being quiet.

"Kim!" her mom called. "Come down here!" Without even a groan, Kim picked herself out of her desk chair and made her way downstairs. She had a very faint glimmer of hope that it was Ron, but the dark cloud she was under quashed even that small bit of positivity. When she'd gotten down to where her mom was at, she saw her hanging up the phone.

"That was Bonnie," Ann said, turning to look at her daughter.

"Bonnie?" Kim echoed, blinking, trying to wrap her mind around that bit of information.

"The girl from your cheer squad," her mom elaborated, her concern for her daughter evident. "She's coming by in a few minutes, said she wanted to take you to the mall to talk or shop or something like that."

"Bonnie?" the teen repeated, her mind even more blank from confusion. Her world had already been flipped upside down; now it was doing a 360.

Colorado Rockies, Lair #254-B/3

Shego stormed through one of Drakken's lairs. It was only a 'back up' lair, one of many the blue-skinned mad scientist had purchased and outfitted as a contingency just in case of an emergency. It was equipped pretty much like all of Drakken's lairs: central 'evil genius' space, a couple of labs, a barracks for any required henchmen, security measures that included (for some reason) easily escapable death traps, quarters for Drakken, and private quarters for Shego. There was also a fully-equipped exercise/gym room that the henchmen would be allowed to use but had really been included for Shego.

As the green-skinned woman stalked through what would now be her lair, she stripped out of the black-and-green leather jumpsuit she'd been wearing as she made her way to her quarters. The motorcycle she'd ridden in on – along with the lime green with black flames helmet she'd worn – was in the lair's garage/hanger along with one of Drakken's personally-designed hovercrafts (one of the few inventions the evil 'genius' had actually managed to make that also worked like it was supposed to. Shego kept on the black bra and panties she'd also purchased until she'd entered her room and locked the door after it sealed shut; even though she was the only one in the lair, and didn't have an aversion to being nude when she was alone or with a date, but right now she was too angry to be comfortable. It had taken her longer than it should have to get here, and that meant she had to wait longer to begin planning her revenge on Kim Possible.

"Fuck!" Shego snarled, stripping out of her undergarments as she went through her room to the expansive bathroom in it. She yanked open the door to the walk-in shower Drakken had included (probably to appease her for one reason or another) and turned on the hot water as high as it would go. Considering that, for this lab, Drakken had actually set up (or had set up) an environmentally-friendly geothermal power system, that meant the water could get pretty hot. The plasma-powered villainess let out a satisfied groan as the scalding hot water washed over, relaxing her in a way even her plasma powers couldn't. She could feel the tension leaving her body. After washing herself up, she decided to take advantage of the fact the she was the only one in the lair. Slipping into a dark green silk robe with black trim, she went to the lair's cafeteria and brewed herself up some coffee. Then she went into the control room and sat down in Drakken's/her chair to enjoy her coffee – and the peace and quiet.

"Aaaah," she said, after savoring that first delightful sip. "At least Doctor D had some sense; he made sure to stock his lairs with actual coffee." Taking another, longer sip, she let out a sigh and then set her mug down on the console. "Now," she went on, fully aware she was talking to herself but not caring, "it's time to get down to the business of making sure that little red-haired bitch gets what's coming to her. The thing is . . . I have no idea how to do it." Her hand went to her chin and she rubbed it thought. "I know that Princess can't be that good all of the time; otherwise Drakken and I would never have escaped as often as we did – no thanks to him. So that night on top of that tower has to be the only time she's kicked my ass like that – but once is one time too many." Growling a bit, she activated the lair's computer system and began searching the In-Terror-Net as well as the various news outlets for the latest on her target. She was shocked to learn that, in spite of many of her 'colleagues' committing various crimes that caught international attention, Kim Possible was nowhere to be seen. "What the hell?" she muttered. In all cases, Global Justice had been dispatched to bring the villain to justice, but only after light to moderate property damage and civilian injury. One headline seemed to have been picked up by every major news outlet: WHERE IS KIM POSSIBLE? Indeed, Shego thought, where is that little Cupcake? She shrugged. She's probably still in Middleton, then, if she isn't responding to calls for help. But why isn't she? She's such a goody-goody that she can't help herself. Then her eyes widened. Unless . . . that's it! She's such a goody-goody that what happened at the Bueno Nacho headquarters must really be doing a number on her!Ha-HA!

"Oh that is rich," she said out loud, chuckling sinisterly. "Everyone's favorite hero, little miss perfect, is afraid of her own darkness!" Still chuckling, she shook her head. "I imagine she's feeling guilty and maybe even a little depressed." Her glee faded a little. "I know I was a bit when I discovered my own dark side. But unlike little Kimmie, I soon accepted the knowledge and reveled in it. And soon thereafter found my true calling." Another memory came upon her, and her mirth vanished completely. "I just wish Ellen hadn't had to pay the price for my persistance in trying to be someone I wasn't. She was the only one to understand me, to see the real me – even if I didn't. But I just had to do what my big brother said. I lost my girlfriend, my self-respect, and . . . everything." Then, as she kept reminiscing about her past, her eyes widened as a realization stole over her.

"That's it," she said softly, a not-so-friendly grin coming onto her face. "That's it!" she shouted laughing in sinister glee. Springing to her feet, she dashed back to her room where – after taking off her robe, she slipped into her trademark black-and-green catsuit. As she made her way to the hanger level, Shego did have – for a moment – second thoughts about her plan. I just hope she'll listen, she thought. After all, I was still with Team Go when they brought down Electronique and imprisoned her.

Middleton, Middleton Mall

Between the guilt and despair over what happened on that tower, the heart-wrenching sorrow that Ron's reaction had given her, and now the shock and confusion of Bonnie's actions had left Kim Possible in a state of unreality. Bonnie had gotten her on again/off again boyfriend, Brick Flagg, to drive her and Kim to the mall. Once there, she told him to leave and then took the dazed and out of sorts redhead to the foodcourt. Leading her to a table, Bonnie made her sit down then left. When she came back, she set a salad and a drink in front of Kim before sitting down herself."

"Alright, Possible, what's going on?" Bonnie said, sitting down across from her and sipping her own drink.

"Huh? What?" Kim asked, shaking her head a bit in an attempt to clear her mind.

"Focus, Kim," the brunette said, only a little cross, and snapped her fingers in front of the other girl's face. "What's going on?"

"Why do you care, Bonnie?" Kim replied listlessly. "We're not friends. You don't even like me."

"That's true, Kim," she agreed. "But I'm not doing this out of a sudden desire to be your friend."

"Then why?"

"The truth? I want to prove that I'm better than you, especially on the cheer squad," Bonnie told her. "Before you came along, I was the best on the squad as well as the squad captain. I still believe that. I may be a bitch, especially to you, but it'd be too easy right now to best you." The look she gave Kim wasn't any of her usual ones, but it wasn't exactly concern, either. "So what's going on?"

"Fine, okay," Kim said, too worn out to argue. "The night of that robot invasion I was doing my usual 'save the world' thing . . . and I nearly killed one of the villains." That made Bonnie nearly choke on her drink. "I was . . . I was so angry and . . . hurt that I . . . that I just . . . lost control of myself. I'm sure you remember Erik. Turned out he wasn't a real person at all; just a fake that was only meant to distract me and hurt me so I wouldn't try to stop his plan." She sent what should have been a glare, but only came out as forlorn.

"So you're feeling . . . what? Guilty?" As she asked that, Bonnie realized it was true. Kim had always been one to do the right thing, the one to help people out. She was a straight arrow. And for her to find that she actually had the capacity to do that . . . The brunette actually felt a pang of sympathy for her rival.

"It's not just that," Kim admitted softly, finally focusing on the salad and drink in front of her. She reached and, a bit mechanically, began eating. "I tried to kill her on purpose."


"Shego. The woman in green with plasma powers."


"I didn't have to kick her into that electrical tower . . . but I did anyway. She had been partially responsible for the pain I was feeling. About Erik not . . . being real." She sighed and set her fork down. "I'm sure you remember the junior prom on Friday."

"Trust me, I do," Bonnie replied dryly.

"Well, and I don't care what you think, Ron and I had our first kiss then. I didn't feel anything from it. Met with him the next day. Tried to explain to him that we weren't going to be dating. He . . . didn't take it well."

"Big surprise. He really isn't datable material."

"I've known him all my life. Never really had a romantic interest in him. And in spite of all of the crushes I've had, I realized I've always been-"

"-a lesbian," Bonnie finished. That got a real response from Kim; she looked at her rival in wide-eyed surprise. "Oh, come on, Kim," she scoffed. "It was obvious from the beginning." Bonnie set her elbows on the table and leaned forward, resting her chin on her closed hands. "So? Do you think I'm hot?"

"Huh-wha?" Kim stammered, bringing a chuckle from the other teen.

"Don't get me wrong, Kim. I don't like you as friend, and definitely not that way. I'm just curious about your assessment."

"You're confusing me, Bonnie."

"Look, I'm only trying to help you so things can back to what they used to be."

"It won't happen, Bonnie." She took a breath and sighed. "I just don't have any interest in cheerleading anymore. I don't even have any interest in doing my 'saving-the-world' thing. I'll inform the squad at the next practice, but I'm quitting. And I'll be nominating you as the new squad captain." She stood up, only barely registering Bonnie's stunned surprise. "I appreciate what you tried to do, especially since we've never liked each other in any way, but I'm afraid it didn't work. 'A' for effort, though. And . . . thanks for the salad, too." To both girls' surprise, Kim had actually eaten the whole thing while they'd been talking. "I'm going to walk home now. As strange as you may think this is, Bonnie, I trust you to do the right thing with squad. Maybe now you can do what you've always said; that you'd be a better squad captain than me." The redhead smiled wanely and walked away, leaving being a surprised and uncertain Bonnie Rockwaller.

Pacific Ocean, Global Justice Headquarters – Four days later

"Hey, mother!" Rebecca said happily as she and Isabella entered the office of Elizabeth Director. The one-eyed leader of Global Justice sighed and looked at the teenager.

"Rebecca, we're on-duty, remember?" Betty said with a reproving smile.

"Sorry, mother," the ivory-toned teen said without a trace of regret – as evidenced by the sardonic smile on her face. Shaking her head, Betty waved her wife and daughter to the two chairs before her desk.

"Isabella," she said, staring at her wife of 12 years, "I'm activating Project Firefly."

"She isn't ready," the raven-haired woman said softly, looking over at Rebecca.

"Your reports indicate that she's well on her way. And she is right here." Betty looked right at her adoptive daughter. "What do you think, Rebecca? Do you feel you're ready?

"Um, well, I-I don't know," the red/black-haired girl said, a bit nervous. "I mean, I've got good control of my powers, and I have knowledge of a variety of styles. I've practiced as often as I can."

"And you've done very well, dear," Isabella said with a warm smile. Some of its warmth vanished as she looked back to her wife. "I thought there would be more time?"

"Something came up over the weekend."

"That was four days ago," the other woman said, one eyebrow arched in the particular way that indicated moderate disapproval.

"I am aware of that fact," Betty replied. "Shego escaped from The Crate."

"Isn't she the source material for Rebecca?"

"Yes. And as we know from watching our daughter, as well as the information I'm sure you studied, Shego is highly dangerous."

"But I would never hurt anyone," the teen declared. "Not if there was any other way."

"We know, dear," Betty said, smiling. "I am surprised, though, that you don't seem bothered or upset about the fact that you're a fast-grown clone of a super-powered villain."

"Well, it does throw a girl for a loop," she agreed, smiling at her mothers' laughter. "It's like mom says," she added, looking at Isabella, "'the circumstances of a person's birth aren't what's important; it's what they do with their life that matters.'"

"That does sound like her."

Taking a deep breath, Rebecca went on. "I did have moments, though, where I wondered if I was just a copy, a way for Global Justice to have a 'good version' of Shego." She looked at Betty and smiled. "But then I figured, 'so what?' Just because I was cloned from her doesn't make a duplicate. After all, my life's gone differently than hers, even if it's been shorter. I'm different than her. But . . ."

"What is it, Rebecca?" Betty asked.

"Well . . . sometimes I just wish I could experience a 'normal' life, you know? Not that I don't enjoy being here," she hastened to add, "it's just that I . . . well . . ."

"You feel like you're missing out on something," Isabella finishing for her.


"That may be addressed now that I'm activating Project Firefly," the one-eyed woman said. When they had their attention back on her, Betty continued. "As you yourselves have noted, Rebecca is fairly well-trained already. However, she doesn't have practical knowledge or application of her skills, since there isn't anyone currently in GJ that has her level of skill. Also, if Rebecca is to be not only what we need her to be but also her own person, she actually needs to experience the world itself, and not just through satellite broadcasts and the internet."

"You're hedging, Betts," Isabella said. "What is it that you're trying not to say?" She held up a hand to forestall a comment. "You have raised valid points, as both the head of Global Justice and as a mother, but you're actually refraining from saying something that makes you uncomfortable."

"It's . . . it more than makes me uncomfortable, my love," Betty said, looking away as though ashamed. "It's a secret that I've kept, and . . . I never said anything about it before since it tied in so closely with your life before . . . us."

"You've kept a secret from me," Isabella said. It wasn't a question, but as Betty went to respond her wife reached out and took her hand. "I won't deny it hurts to hear you say that, but I also know that you promised me the only way you'd keep something from me is if you truly believed that telling me would cause me more pain than knowing it." They looked into each others' eyes. "I'm sure that this secret will likely engender some angry silences and terse conversations between us after its revelation, but no matter what it is . . . it won't change my love for you."

"I don't deserve you," Betty told her, her one good eye filling with tears.

"That's true, but you've got me anyway. Now, spill."

"I know you miss the family you had before," her wife said, "except for that asshole of an ex-husband you had. You know the resources Global Justice has at its disposal, and what we'll do to get whatever information we need to fulfill our charter. And you know about the rise of the super-powered team of heroes calling itself Team Go."

"Based in Go City, of course."

"Its members are Hego, Mego, and Wego, though during their early years they had another member, Shego."

"I may have never left here after first arriving, but I haven't been living under a rock, dear."

"Global Justice did some . . . thorough . . . investigaton into Team Go's origins," Betty went on, apprenhension evident in her voice, face, and posture. "About three years before their first appearance, and a little over a year after your divorce, a meteor impacted in Go City. It impacted on your ex-husband's property. He wasn't at home at the time, but your kids were. They were, apparently, in a tree house in the backyard." As shocked realization made its slow way onto Isabella's face, her wife dropped the bombshell. "Your sons and daughter – Harvey, Samantha, Mark, Walter, and Westly became Team Go. Samantah is Shego, and our daughter Rebecca – Project Firefly – was originally created to give Global Justice a chance to engage Shego on equal footing." Betty's features became awash in despair as Isabella's turned into horrified disbelief. "Rebecca is cloned purely from Samantha's meteor-altered DNA, her power spectrum-altered from Shego's green plasma to red plasma."

The look of betrayal and pain on the two faces before her threatened to break Betty's heart and fracture her soul.

Go City, Go City Maximum Security (Specialized) Prison

Shego had arrived in Go City three days ago, but hadn't put her plan into action until tonight for one simple reason: she hadn't had a real plan before arriving. Her only 'plan' was to bust Electronique out of prison and – somehow – convince her to forget her own plans for revenge to help Shego with her own. It won't be easy, the green-skinned woman thought as she watched the prison guards below her. After all, I am the main reason Ellen's behind bars in the first place. I'll be lucky if she doesn't try to kill me before listening to me. She'd spent her entire time in Go City prepping for tonight: laying the groundwork for escape routes, visiting the prison at night to study the guards' patrol patterns to get her timing right, infiltrating the prison in order to learn its security measures. She'd even broken into the city records office and copied every single floor plan available on the prison complex – without leaving even a trace that she'd been there. And now was the time. She knew that she couldn't wait any longer, since it would take time to plan for her revenge on Kim Possible. Such a plan would require someone capable of long-term planning; Shego was no slouch in that department when it came to finances and getting what she wanted, but a full-fledged revenge scheme wasn't something she had experience with. And her theory was that Ellen's seven years behind bars would've given her that experience, at least.

"No time like the present," Shego (aka Samantha Gibbs) whispered. She sprang off the roof of the building she'd been perched on and did a swan dive towards one of the outer guard towers. She'd practiced this during her infilration runs with success and tonight was no different. As soon as her hands touched the rather tall tower's roof, but before her full weight could come to rest on it, she sprang off in a somersault she knew would have land in a roll on the outer building's roof. Recovering without losing a beat, the villainess sprinted to the roof's edge and leaped off onto the next roof. Once there, she began moving much more slowly. According to the information she'd stolen from the warden's office, Elecronique's cell would be located in the prison's ultra-secure wing. Bingo, she thought as she reached the exact position of her ex-girlfriend's cell. Securing a climbing rope to the roof, she flipped over the side and spun around so she was facing the wall as she swung back. Catching herself before hitting the wall, she peeked into the cell. Sure enough, the gray-skinned woman was in the cell, asleep on her bunk. Grinning snarkily, Shego held up one of her hands and lit up one finger; she was going to do something she hadn't done since they'd broken up. Using her plasma-covered finger, she cut a circular hole in the 'bullet-proof' glass of the cell's window and slipped her hand through it. With her lit finger, she squinted one eye, aimed, and shot of a low-powered burst of plasma. It was extemely low as far as kinetic energy went, and was barely warmer than a normal person's body temp; but it was just enough of both to that it would act as a plasma version of a 'wet willie.' Sure enough, as she'd expected, the small burst of low plasma hit Electronique right in her ear.

"What the fuck!" she shouted, coming awake – and banging her head on the empty bunk above her. "Ow! Son of a fucking bitch-ass motherfucker!" Swinging out of her bunk, the gray-haired villainess rubbed her forehead where she'd banged it on the bunk. Then she stopped, and her eyes widened as she remembered the last time she'd had a 'plasma willie.' Right as that memory hit her, a familiar chuckle sounded – from outside the cell. Snapping her gaze to the window, she saw the last person she'd ever expected to see, the reason for her imprisonment: Shego.

"You fucking bitch!" she snarled, moving furiously over to the window. "You've got some fuckin' nerve showing up here!"

"You used to like that nerve, Ellen," Shego said, still smirking.

"Don't talk to me like that! You don't deserve to after what you've done to me!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yadda, yadda, yadda," the other woman said in bored tone. "You do realize that I can't hang here forever without getting discovered, don't you?"

"Now that you mention it, maybe I'll keep you here longer. Maybe when you're caught conversing with a prisoner, after breaking into a prison, they'll throw your goody-goody traitorous ass in here with me," Electronique said.

"Been in prison before, you dumb ass.

"Huh?" That news was a revelation to her.

"I went evil, bitch. Shortly after I put your ass in prison. Couldn't take it anymore. What I did to you finished everything for me."

"So . . . you think confessing to me that you became evil and then apologizing to me will even things between us? You betrayed me, Samantha! I loved you, and you turned on me!"

"I know," she replied quietly. "And I didn't come here to confess or apologize. I came here because I knew you'd have been planning your revenge on me, and I need your help."

"My help? You come here wanting my help?"

"After what I did to you?" Shego said, preempting her ex's response. "Yeah, I did. I want to exact my own revenge. On a certain redheaded teen hero who just about killed me almost a week ago by kicking me into an electrical tower."

"Well, fuck," Electronique said, stunned by that.

"I'm offering to break you out of here so I can get my revenge. I've already stolen your power suit for you."

"And what about my revenge?"

"A truce for now. After I've gotten my revenge, we part ways. Then you can go about achieving your revenge."

To her credit, Electronique actually thought about that for a moment. Then she reached out a hand through the hole Shego had made. The other villainess grabbed it and they shook once.

"So what's the plan now?"

"I'm gonna head back up to the roof and use my plasma to cut a hole into your cell. Then I'll drop in this rope and get you out. After that I'll call in a hovercraft I stole from my ex-employer so we can leave. My entrance was quiet, but our exit will be with a bang."

Somewhere in Japan, Yamanouchi Ninja School

It had been about five days since Ron Stoppable had left Middleton and the US. He'd told his parents that he was going to Japan as part of an exchange program. Fortunately for him, right after he'd said that the phone had rang; on the phone was someone who had confirmed his story. His parents were surprised at the extremely short notice of everything, but Ron said that he hadn't expected to be accepted for it. When they'd gotten to that airport, they found two people waiting for them. One, a young man, introduced himself as Hirotaka and said that he was the Japanese exchange student. He apologized for the short notice of it, but explained that the day before the American who had originally been meant to go had canceled and it had taken most of the intervening time to readdress the visas and permits. The young woman with him introduced herself as Yori, and said that was Hirotaka's sister and was to be Ron's escort and guide for the entirety of his stay.

And now here he was, at the Yamanouchi school, attempting to meditate.

"Ron-san, you are not well?" came a voice from beside him. Sighing, he opened his eyes and looked over to see Yori standing a respectful distance away.

"Physically, yes," he said.

"I can sense a . . . disturbance in your aura," she said. "I believe it is affecting your center and thus preventing you from achieving balance."

"It has to do with why I'm here."

"Master Sensei thought as much, though he has kept his knowledge on this issue to himself, out of respect to you, Ron-san."

"Is it because I'm the Mystical Monkey Master?" he asked. "Or supposed to be, at any rate."

"I do not think so, but it is not my place to guess Master Sensei's intentions. It would be my honor, Stoppable-san, to listen if you wished to explain what troubles your soul."

"It's. . . it's Kim," he admitted. He saw Yori's face darken a little, and hurried to explain. "We went to junior prom together, after stopping Drakken's plan to take over the world."

"You are referring to the incident with the nano-tech based robots secreted into the children's food meals of the Bueno Nacho restuarant chain?"

"Um, uh, yeah, that's right." He sighed. "I really thought Kim and I had had a breakthrough in our relationship, that we'd . . . we'd become closer. We shared a kiss that night that just . . . I don't know. Made everything seem right, I guess. But the next day . . . the next day we met at Bueno Nacho and she said that nothing was going to change between us. That we were only friends and that's how things would stay."

"Stoppable-san," Yori said, coming closer and resting a hand on his shoulder. "Sometimes remaining friends is the best choice in a situation where there are not any good choices."

"You don't get it, Yori," he replied. "I love Kim. But she doesn't love me, not in the same way, and said she never will. That she won't feel that way about any guys. Including me."

"Such a thing is not unusual in my experience, Ron-san," the female ninja said, surprising Ron. At his expression, she continued. "It is not uncommon for women to prefer the intimate company of other woman, nor for men to prefer the same with other men. It is not common, either, nor is it really talked about. It is between the two people involved, and is not of concern to anyone outside of that relationship unless it impacts those individuals in some way."

"But Kim liking girls? As in like like? That's . . . that isn't the Kim I grew up with."

"Then perhaps she herself did not know until recently," Yori suggested.

"Throughout highschool she was crushing on guys!" he protested. "It just doesn't make any sense, Yori!"

"Ron-san," she said. When he looked at her, she added, "I am afraid that it will not make sense to you until you can come to terms with yourself."


"Possible-san's preference of women over men is something that is foreign to you since it had never occurred before. You have a vision in your head of how you want things to be, which is coming into conflict with how things truly are. Possible-san's actions will not make sense to you, and therefore will not be understood by you, until you can accept them."

"But I can't accept what doesn't make any sense!"

"Sometimes, for things to make sense, they must first be accepted." With that, the black-haired ninja turned and walked back to the school, leaving a very confused and frustrated Ron Stoppable behind her.

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