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Kim Possible

Red Flame

Chapter 24 – Feeling the Christmas Spirit

Middleton, Various Locations

That period of school between the end of the Thanksgiving holiday week and the start of winter break passed by fairly fast for those involved. Though Kim and Rebecca had yet to go on a date again, or at least what they'd consider a date, they were spending time together again. A lot more time. Both Ann and James would sometimes come back home from work to find the two cuddled together on the couch, the TV watching them. There was still a bit of hesitation between them, but it was fading away as time moved on. It was the first weekend in December when Ann suggested the two girls go out and just spend the day wandering around, doing nothing more than spending time together. They readily agreed and went to Kim's room to change. Though when they got there they encountered a different kind of problem; they hadn't actually changed around each other, or even been in Kim's room as they were about to be, since That Day (and, yes, they did capitalize it in their minds). They stood there for a moment, looking at each other and trying to figure out what to do, when Rebecca said, "To hell with it," and began stripping out of her bed clothes. Kim had forgotten that her girlfriend liked to go commando under her pjs and soon found herself confronted with a sight she hadn't seen in months.

"Enjoying the view, Bubbles?" Rebecca asked with a smirk. Kim immediately blushed and heard her girlfriend giggle. Kim found herself feeling a rising urge to touch and caress the bared body standing before her. She really wanted to, and wasn't bothering to hide the desire; not that she could have if she tried.

"Yeah," she admitted quietly, trying unsuccessfully to keep her eyes above her girlfriend's collar bone. Rebecca walked over and pulled the redhead into a tender embrace.

"It's okay," the ivory-toned girl said softly.

"It is?" the redhead asked.

"Yeah. After all, I know I'm hot." With an exasperated groan, Kim pushed her laughing girlfriend back.

"Get dressed," Kim admonished, grinning. Smirking at her, Rebecca turned around and sensuously sauntered back to the closet, making sure to sway her hips just that extra bit. When she turned her head to look over her shoulder, she saw Kim staring at her with her mouth slightly open and a glazed look in her eyes.

"You're drooling, Bubbles," she told her, making Kim do a full-body blush (though most of it was hidden by her clothes). Chuckling, Rebecca turned back around and started looking through the closet to see what would be good to wear. She heard her girlfriend start going through the dresser shortly afterwards, and reasoned that the redhead had only stripped down to her undies. The ivory-toned teen had settled on a pair of black denim cargo pants, a dark maroon hoodie, and a button-up shirt with a red/black harlequinn pattern when she heard Kim ask, "So what do you think about this?" Turning around, Rebecca dropped the clothes – and her mouth – when she saw Kim holding a pair of blue thick cotton slacks, a light pink wool-lined sweater . . . and with absolutely nothing on. The ivory-toned girl's brain stopped working the moment she caught sight of her naked girlfriend, a sight that she had been missing for too long.

"Turnabout's fair play, Bombshell," the redhead said, smirking. And then Rebecca's brain jumpstarted and she chuckled.

"You got me there," she agreed. "What say we go ahead and get dressed, then?"

After leaving the house, the two girls decided to go to the park. On the way there they literally almost walked into Bonnie and Tara. For a moment the two couples stood there, not saying anything. Even though it seemed as though she'd been forgiven, the brunette was still afraid of how Rebecca would react to her. The ivory-toned girl looked down a bit and saw Bonnie and Tara holding hands, just like Kim and herself were, and then looked back into Bonnie's eyes. Before the brunette could say anything, Rebecca said, "Kim and I are going to the park to just walk around and spend some time together. Want to come with us?" It was hard to say who was more surprised: Kim or Bonnie.

"But I . . . I thought . . ."Bonnie struggled to say.

"That I hated you?" the ivory-toned girl asked, getting a nod in response. "Honestly, I never did." Now the brunette's jaw dropped, and Rebecca went on to explain. "I didn't trust you at first, because I knew what you were trying to do with my girlfriend at that time. And by 'at first' I mean when Kim started tutoring you. I was mad at Kim, when I walked in on the two of you That Day. But it never occurred to me to hate anyone. I know you've been worried about how I was going to react to, and the fact that I always seemed to be looking at you in an unsettling way once Kim and I were back in school, but I didn't mean to make you feel like that." Rebecca looked down at her feet, and felt Kim squeeze her hand three times. She looked up at her girlfriend with a grateful smile on her face, then looked back at Bonnie and Tara before continuing. "I've been trying to figure out how I actually felt about you, and . . . and trying to heal things between me and Kim."

"And now you have?" Tara asked, since Bonnie was still tongue-tied in shock. Kim and Rebecca looked at each other.

"I think we have," the redhead replied, "though we're still working on being close again."

"I'm sorry," Bonnie said, coming out of her surprise and looking at the other two girls. "I just ignored everything but getting Kim. I . . . I had a crush on her since it seems like forever, and when I was finally honest with myself I just didn't care about anything but expressing myself to her." She took a deep breath and let it out, afraid but determined to go on. "It may have been Kim's choice to go with my advances and actions that day, but it was my fault she was in that position. I thought I was a better person, or at least better than I was before school started up again, but I guess I wasn't. Can . . ." Her voice caught in her throat, but she swallowed and went on. "Can either of you forgive me?"

"There's nothing to forgive," Rebecca told her, letting go of her girlfriend's hand and pulling the brunette into a warm, friendly hug. Bonnie broke down and started crying into the other girl's shoulder, overcome by emotion; Kim and Tara smiled at the two. "Let's go to the park," the redhead suggested as the two new friends broke apart. Tara and Bonnie readily agreed, and the two couples headed to the park.

When they arrived, Tara silently admitted that Rebecca had had a good idea. The walk to the park from where they had all run into each other had given them all just the right amount of time to talk. Bonnie had explained that she'd ran straight to Tara after Kim had slapped her and told her to leave. Tara then said that she'd helped Bonnie see what she'd done and come to terms with everything.

"Hey," Bonnie said, stopping just before they all would've walked into the park.

"What is it?" Kim asked, everyone looking at the brunette.

"Could we, um, meet back here?" she asked. "You know, wander around the park as separate couples and come back here?"

"We can do that," Tara said, smiling at her girlfriend.

"Maybe we can go to the mall afterwards, then," Rebecca suggested. "Look around, maybe grab some lunch at the food court?"

"Sounds like a plan," Kim concurred. The two couples exchanged hugs before going off on their own. Kim and Rebecca walked along in silence for a while, though it was a comfortable one. "You know," the redhead said, breaking the silence for a moment, "that was an amazing thing you did."

"What was?" the red/black-haired girl asked, looking at her girlfriend.

"Being so nice to Bonnie," was the answer. "Asking her and Tara to come with us, then suggesting all of us hanging out."

"You and I had worked out what was between us and moved past it," Rebecca said slowly, after thinking for a moment. "I realized a lot of things, too. Not just about us, but about her, too. She'd only just figured out that she was a lesbian, and that she'd been so much of a bitch to you because she was hiding from that and was also crushing hard on you. I could've been nicer to her, or even tried to help you tutor her. I'm not going to go all 'maybe' or 'what if,' since there's no point in rehashing something that's already been settled, but I can't help thinking that if I'd been there with the two of you then maybe she wouldn't have had a chance to make any moves on you." She smiled at Kim and squeezed her hand three times. "I didn't want to hold onto any more negative emotions, because that would only hurt me and might also have affected our healing relationship. So I just figured I'd actually give Bonnie – and myself – a chance to be friends."

"Like I said," Kim replied, grinning. "Amazing." Rebecca stuck her tongue out at her girlfriend, who returned the gesture. She'd just turned around when something slammed into her and knocked her flat on her ass and back. Kim had only had enough time to see a pink and white blur seemingly come out of nowhere before Rebecca's hand was yanked out of her own. Whirling around, she looked down and saw that her girlfriend had been tackled by a little girl who looked to be about 7 or 8.

"Rachel!" the redhead heard someone shout. Turning in that direction, she saw two women running towards them.

"I'm glad I've got super powers, kid," Rebecca groaned, sitting up and gently pushing the girl off of her. "Because that's gonna smart anyway."

"I'm sorry, Miss Rebecca," the little girl said, looking contrite. The ivory-toned teen chuckled and rubbed the girl's head.

"So who's this, 'Miss Rebecca?'" Kim asked teasingly. Her girlfriend blushed a light pink.

"This is Rachel," the red/black-haired girl said. "I met her in the park back on a particular day, and she helped me out."

"Oh, okay," the redhead said, acknowledging the other's veiled reference to That Day. The little was looking at her, so she decided to introduce herself. "I'm Rebecca's girlfriend, Kim Possible," she said, right as the two women reached them.

"You're Kim Possible?" one of them said, drawing the teen's attention.

"Sure am," Kim replied easily, smiling.

"I'm Amanda Teague," the raven-haired woman said, then gestured to the blond woman with her, who was helping Rebecca up off the ground. "This is my wife, Claire."

"It's nice to meet the two of you," the redhead said. She went and brushed off her girlfriend's back.

"Are you doing okay, Rebecca?" Claire asked.

"Yeah. It's not the first time I was knocked down, and it won't be the last," Rebecca said with a grin.

"I think she meant about the hospital thing a couple of months ago," Kim told her.

"Ooh, that," the ivory-toned girl said sheepishly. "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine now. I had a . . . rare blood condition that would have killed me, but I was able to get an emergency blood transfusion from my older sister."

"That's great to hear," the blond said, her relief obvious. She gestured at her daughter and said, "Rachel was so upset when the news reported you in the hospital."

"That would explain why your website said you two were unavailable," Amanda said to Kim.

"That was one reason," Kim admitted. Her tone told the two women that there was more to the situation, but that it wasn't a good topic to talk about with Rachel around. But the redhead decided to explain, but obliquely. "Rebecca and I went through a tough time in our relationship, and spent some time apart – though it wasn't really by choice – and learned that we truly did love each other."

"Sounds like you two have everything worked out," the raven-haired woman said with a smile. Then she noticed Kim's necklace. "Miss Possible-"

"Call me Kim."

"-Kim, what is that?" Amanda pointed to the necklace. Both Kim and Rebecca blushed.

"Rebecca bought it for me," the redhead said shyly. "It was-"

"It was a way to start working things out between us," Rebecca finished. "We were . . . kind of in a bad spot, and I wanted to get something that I thought would express how sorry I was and how much I love her."

"So you're feeling better, Miss Rebecca?" Rachel asked, looking imploringly at the ivory-toned teen.

"I am indeed, Munchkin," she said. She pulled Kim closer to her. "We both are."

"We certainly didn't expect to run into you again," Claire told Rebecca. "Although I'm glad we did, because we got to meet your girlfriend this time, too."

"You two are actually lucky, you know," Amanda told them.

"What do you mean?" Kim asked, her head tilting to one side (Rebecca always found that adorable).

"You both seem to have families that are very accepting and supportive of you, unless I'm guessing wrong?" the raven-haired woman said. Both Kim and Rebecca shook their heads. "Neither Claire nor I had that. My parents either believed I was 'just having a phase,' or that my blatant and obvious homosexuality didn't exist; Claire's parents kicked her out of the house and disowned her."

"And then my grandmother disowned them and altered her will to give everything to me," the blond added. "She didn't agree with my 'lifestyle choice,' but told me that it was my choice and my life so no one else had the right to tell me otherwise."

"Nana Possible is the same way," both girls replied simultaneously, making the other couple chuckle and their daughter giggle.

"Speaking of choices, would you two mind baby-sitting Rachel sometime?" Amanda asked. "Not this week, but in about a week and a half? We're going to be out of town for a few days, and right now no one we know is available to watch her for us."

"We'd be glad to," Rebecca told them. Kim was surprised by the acceptance, but easily agreed with her girlfriend. The redhead pulled out a small notebook and accepted a pen from Rebecca. She wrote something on a sheet of paper before tearing it out and handing it to Amanda.

"My kimmunicator number, and Rebecca's," the redhead said. "This way you can get in touch with us faster than by going through Team Possible's site."

"And it doesn't have to be just for baby-sitting," the ivory-toned girl added.

"Can they build a snowman with me, mama?" Rachel asked out of the blue. Everyone else chuckled about that announcement.

"When there's a lot more snow, and they're on their winter break, sweetie," Claire told the girl. "Right now we should be heading home so your cute little nose doesn't get too cold."

"I'm fine, mama," the little girl insisted.

"Actually, Munchkin, we've gotta be going ourselves," Rebecca told the little girl. "We're meeting our friends in a bit and we don't want to make them wait." After a few hugs and some goodbyes, the Teagues went on their way home while Kim and Rebecca continued to meander through the park.

"Can I still be shocked by what happened?" Bonnie asked Tara as they walked through the park.

"What do you mean?" the blond girl asked, a little confused.

"With Rebecca and Kim," the brunette replied. "I mean . . . I dunno what I mean. I just think that after what I did, after what I made happen, that they'd hate me. Or at least Rebecca would. But it's like they don't care that it happened."

"I don't think that's quite it, Bon-bon," her girlfriend told her.

"Huh?" came the confused response. "What do you mean?"

"It's not that they don't care," Tara explained, "it's that they've accepted that it happened and worked things out between themselves. They've moved past it. Sure, they'll never forget that it happened, and neither will you, but it doesn't have a hold on them anymore. If it did, I don't think they'd even be holding hands right now, much less stayed girlfriends. Rebecca is trying to get to know who you are now."

"But she never liked me," Bonnie replied, hope and despair warring within her.

"That's because she first met you back when you were . . . well, back when you were a real bitch," her girlfriend said, somewhat reluctantly. "You were still putting down Kim, and I'm sure that she was told all about your behavior. So when you started being nice and friendly, even though it was sincere, Rebecca still didn't really trust you. But things have changed now. She knows that you're change for the better is real."

"She still shouldn't like me after what I did."

"No one was really to blame in that. You shouldn't have hit on Kim since she was in a relationship, and Kim shouldn't have responded to your advances," Tara said, pulling the slightly taller brunette close to her. "But it happened, and everyone's moved on. Can't change the past, remember? So just accept that it happened, and accept that Kim and Rebecca want to be friends with you now."

"Is it really that simple?" the brunette asked.

"Bonnie, you made a stand for yourself against your sisters and their desire to constantly demean you and put you down," her girlfriend answered. "Being a bitch took a lot of work, and never really made you happy. Now you can be yourself. And so far, it seems to be working since Rebecca and Kim have basically made themselves your friends. You have real friends now, Bon-bon. And you have me," she added, leaning in a bit to kiss the other girl on the lips.

As they had agreed, the two couples met at the same entrance to the park and proceeded to the mall where they just window shopped before heading to the food court for lunch and conversation. Bonnie was still nervous around Rebecca, but that slowly disappeared as they all talked. The ivory-toned girl actually told the other two girls the truth about what she was, and to say they were shocked would be like saying Antarctica is cold. It is true, but not accurate enough to convey the reality. Bonnie bit back an instinctive 'bitch response,' and thought about what she'd just been told; specifically, she thought about how she'd been told. Rebecca had been nervous and hesitant, but also determined to tell them the truth. Looking at her now, the brunette could see that she was afraid. Afraid of being rejected by me and Tara, Bonnie realized. Surprising herself, she reached across the small table they were all sitting at and grasped Rebecca's hand.

"It doesn't matter," she said, smiling. "So what if you're a clone of your sister? You two aren't the same person, even if she isn't a villain anymore. You are you. You're here, you're living the life you want . . . and you're my friend. So I don't care how you got here, just so long as you don't leave Kim." Kim smiled, feeling almost overwhelmed by Bonnie's declaration of support. Her former rival really had changed, and it looked like she was happy with who she was becoming.

Classified Location, The Crate

For the second time in his life, Agent Will Du of Global Justice found himself not liking his job. The first time had been about three weeks ago when he'd escorted Ron Stoppable to The Crate from the GJ maximum facility he'd been at once he'd recovered enough to be moved. He'd suffered quite a few severe injuries (and more moderate ones) at the hands of Rebecca Shaw. He had gone through interviews and interrogations – which had exempted himself from as he was the agent in charge of the case and needed to remain objective – for GJ to learn as much as possible about all that he'd done and why he'd done it. The core reasoning being that he had, quite simply, refused to accept the fact that the girl he loved didn't love him the same way and wanted to force her to do so. Teaming up with Monkey Fist elevated Ron to 'global threat' standards, since if the monkey-themed villain had succeeded in getting all of the Blessing of Sun Wukong nothing could have stopped him. After all of the interviews and interrogations, Will had studied the transcriptions as well as the reports by the agents conducting them. As the agent in charge of Ron Stoppable and his case, the final decision on the young man's fate was his and his alone. Doctor Director would overrule him if she needed to, but they both knew it wouldn't be necessary; even now, he was too by-the-book to not remain objective, though he did regret his natural inclination in this case.

This time, though, he didn't like his job because he now he had to conduct an interview with Ron and tell the young man precisely how long his sentence would be. He'd come to his decision, but had run it and his reasoning by Doctor Director before finalizing and filing it. His one-eyed boss had actually supported his decision, saying that it was the best option that would work with his conscience, his heart, and his sense of duty. Doctor Director had taken on the duty of informing the Stoppables about Ron's sentencing, not wanting to subject her top agent to such a thankless task. Now the young man was arriving at The Crate with a heavy heart. Any GJ aircraft that went to the facility had its communications equipment removed, as well as any externally-transmitting device. Whenever The Crate received a new prisoner, an initial schedule of authorized personnel and visiting periods was presented to the facility's warden. Any non-scheduled visit would be dealt with harshly; and ever since the incident that happened during Doctors Director and Shaw's visit months ago security had been heightened and every system now had quintuple redundancies as well as back-ups for those. It was also no secret to the staff at The Crate that Will Du had fallen for their newest prisoner – before he'd gone evil – and were actually sympathetic to the young agent. They knew that he wouldn't let his feelings interfere with his duty, and respected him for that.

Agent Miller was the warden of The Crate, and was waiting on the sole landing the facility possessed, along with four armed agents; those agents were a regulation requirement for escorting a VIP around The Crate. When Will stepped out of the V/STOL aircraft, Agent Miller stepped out to him and saluted.

"Welcome back to The Crate, sir," the white-haired young woman said with a pronounced lisp. The hair and the lisp, Will knew, came from an incident in the young woman's past involving bleach, a swimming pool, and (for reasons he didn't know) three D-cell batteries.

"I thank you for the welcome, Agent Miller," he said, shaking the woman's hand. "Although I'm sure you understand that I don't wish to be here."

"We all do, sir," Miller replied. "And not just because of the reason for your visit." Will nodded in response, though there was a barely perceptible slump to his shoulders. The escorting agents fell in front of and behind the two VIPs as Agent Miller led the way into the facility's hanger.

"Mister Stoppable has been taken to Briefing Room Seventeen, sir," she added.

"Why there?" he asked. "Would not one of the interrogation rooms have been standard procedure?"

"Considering the nature of your visit, procedure places the choice of a briefing room or interrogation room in the hands of the warden," she explained. "I believed that the briefing room would be psychologically more easing for this."

"You have another reason, of course," Will said.

"We all know of your relationship, such as it is, with Mister Stoppable," Miller said. "Some, of course, have questioned your position as his case officer because of that. However, your reputation as being entirely by-the-book as well as the integrity you possess reassures everyone that you won't allow your emotions to override your duty." She smiled at him, then. "Though it has baffled everyone how you could even have emotions in the first place."

Will smiled a little at the quip, as he's heard it often in his GJ career and was never offended by it. He asked, "You will, of course, be following standard procedure and record the meeting?"

"Of course," the woman agreed. "The microphone is built right into the table, and it is a regulation closed system so no one can alter the transcription in any way until it is printed out as a hard copy." Another GJ agent going the other way bumped into Will and seemed to dare him to do anything, but Will didn't react other than to raise an eyebrow at the man.

"Yeah, that guy's an asshole," Miller said to Will when he turned back around. "So's his cousin." She stopped as they reached BR-17. "He's right in here, and isn't restrained in any way. Surprisingly, in spite of being surrounded by assholes, he hasn't caused us any trouble."

"Do not underestimate him," Will reminded her. "He may be truly repenetant about his actions, and may not look like much, but he is one of only two people in the world that possesses the Mystical Monkey Power. I have not seen any evidence to contradict that, as he is able to fight in the Tai Sheng Pek Kwar style but has had no training in martial arts in any way." Receiving the warden's nod of acknowledgement, the black-haired agent entered into Briefing Room 17.

"Agent Du," the blond boy said.

"Ro-Mister Stoppable," Will said, catching himself. He set the folder he was carrying down on the table before sitting down himself. "If you would prefer, we could keep this informal."

"Must be bad news, then," Ron quipped, actually bringing a small smile to the agent's face.

"I wish it was better news, but you are correct," the other man replied, sighing. "Doctor Director has left all decisions regarding your final sentencing with me. That is, the exact length of your time here at The Crate."

"Aren't I supposed to be here forever?" the blond asked, but the agent shook his head.

"The only reason no one has left The Crate is because the only ones who are sent here are those that have threatened or are a threat to global safety, and usually have a variety of charges against them that result in multiple life sentences," Will explained. "To be honest, I am still surprised that I am still your case officer."

"This sounds weird coming from me after what I've done," Ron replied, "but I trust you, Will. I should've been like this with Kim, but your personal preferences don't matter to me. I still haven't made up my mind about myself, but I know that your desire to go by the book and to do what's fair according to the regulations will ensure that I get what I deserve."

"I appreciate that . . . Ron."

"So . . . how long will I be here?"

"It wasn't easy for me to arrive at this decision, both personally and professionally. While you were not planning for world conquest or anything similar, the . . . partner . . . you chose was been classed as a direct threat to the world itself, so at the very least you have been charged with an 'accessory to world endangerment' charge. In addition to the kidnapping and other charges." He looked Ron squarely in the eyes. "Your minimum time here will be five years. Five years of being around individuals who have been part of crime syndicates, terrorist organizations, and villainous plots to conquer or destroy the world. People who have had no qualms or hesitation about killing anyone. At this time, and for at least the first one to two years, you will not be granted a chance for a reduction of your sentence by whatever means the case officer – myself in your case – or the head of Global Justice decides."

"That's far better than what I deserve to get," Ron said. "And no contact with anyone outside, right?"

"Ron . . . The Crate was designed to be a black hole. As far as anyone outside of here or Global Justice is concerned, this facility doesn't exist," Will told him. "There are no external communications systems, no in-going/out-going devices of any sort, nothing that allows outside contact beyond the single hanger and landing platform. This information was explained, of course, when you first arrived here. As was the fact that only those individuals on a list of authorized personnel are allowed to come here, and only during scheduled times. The cell blocks are locked down during that time, as well."

"Do my parents know what happened to me?" he asked.

"They were only told, by Doctor Director, that your actions and who you allied with as necessitated your placement within a Global Justice 'super villain' prison facility," the black-haired man explained. "They were understandably furious about not being permitted contact with you, and are undoubtedly looking for ways to override Global Justice's authority in this matter. Unfortunately, our mandate is authorized by the United Nations Security Council, so unless the General Assembly passes a unanimous resolution nothing can be done."

"This seems really hard for you, Will," Ron said, a bit surprised.

"You know my feelings on this matter," Will replied. "I wish that I had better news for you, especially this close to the holiday season, but I don't."

"I appreciate that, Will," the blond said. "Just . . . let my parents know that I love them, okay? That's all I ask."

Middleton, Possible Residence (Christmas Eve)

The rest of the month seemed to pass in kind of a wondrous blur. Kim, Rebecca, Bonnie, and Tara had seemed to become good friends with each other, and Kim and Rebecca were almost as close as they'd been before school had started back up. The week before Christmas had been spent doing Christmas shopping, an activity that Rebecca had thoroughly enjoyed even as she'd panicked about what to get everyone. She and Kim had kept their promise to Rachel, and had built a snowman with the little girl in the park after the snow had fallen to a good depth. The trio had then gotten into a snowball fight with another group of kids, which had had Amanda and Claire laughing. Jim and Tim had set off a rocket in the house one day, and it had gotten plasma-blasted by Rebecca; naturally, they'd tried to get revenge by attempting to steal the ivory-toned girl's towel after she'd gotten out of the shower. They'd only tried it that one time, though; though she'd gotten onto Rebecca for that, Ann was thankful that they boys had only suffered mild burns equivalent to a bad sunburn. Christmas Eve, though, found Rebecca and Kim sitting in her room just laying against each other, relaxing. Thanks to Rebecca's forthrightness near the beginning of the month, the two girls had no trouble anymore about dressing or undressing around each other. Of course, neither had been quite ready for the next level of intimacy, though both were determined to change that tonight.

"Things certainly have changed between us, haven't they?" Kim asked, seemingly out of the blue. Both of them had been lost in thought, thinking over everything that had happened since the summer ended.

"For the better, I think," Rebecca replied, hugging her girlfriend closer to her.

"How do you mean?" the redhead wanted to know.

"Don't get me wrong; That Day certainly wasn't good for either of us," the ivory-toned girl said. "But after that, I think things got better. Obviously they did, I mean."

"I know what you're saying, Bombshell, and I agree. It seems like we're even closer now than we were before."

"I'm scared, you know," Rebecca admitted.

"About us having sex again?" Kim asked, surprising her girlfriend with the blunt question.

"Yeah," she agreed. "I don't think I was this nervous our very first time."

"I know exactly what you mean," the redhead concurred. "It's that first step that's always the hardest, especially now that we know where it will take us." They were silent for a while before Rebecca broke it.

"I'm tired of being scared," she said. Somewhat contradicting the words she used, she slowly and gently pulled Kim even closer to her and kissed the redhead on the lips. Kim moaned at the gentle contact, returning the kiss with equal passion and gentleness. They didn't rush things, though, knowing that for this they needed to take their time. This time, it wasn't about a need, a desire, to express their love for each other physically; this time, it was about showing that the trust and faith they had had in each other before was restored, that they were ready to be that close again. Tonight wouldn't be about passion and need, but about love. Breaking off the kiss, they looked into the other's eyes, communicating without words. Rebecca slipped out of her maroon camisole while Kim pulled her green tanktop off. As the top came over her head, the redhead let out a low moan as she felt her girlfriend capture one of her nipples in her mouth. After tossing her shirt aside, Kim reached out and caressed Rebecca's pale back, enjoying the taut smoothness of the muscles underneath. Rebecca switched the other breast so it wouldn't be neglected, and brought up a hand to ensure that the first wasn't forgotten. The ivory-toned girl then slowly kissed her way up her girlfriend's chest to her neck, sucking at one of Kim's sensitive spots. Letting out another moan, the redhead brought her hands up and began playing with Rebecca's breasts, making the red/black-haired girl to give out her own moans. Then they switched as Kim made sure that her girlfriend wasn't neglected. After a while – time no longer had any meaning to them – they found themselves naked and pressed up against each other, hands down between manipulating the other's sex. It wasn't a fast act, either; they were taking their time pleasuring each other, wanting to draw out and maximize the passion that was building within them. Their sweat-slick bodies moved and bumped together, heightening the rising sensations. The wave of their first orgasm broke over both girls simultaneously, but it was merely a precursor to what would follow as without a word Rebecca changed her positioning so that she and Kim could taste the other. It's been too long, they both thought as their tongues came into contact with the other's most intimate of places. The intensity of their first orgasm meant that it wasn't too long before the second (and then third) one hit. It wasn't easy, but Kim and Rebecca managed to keep their noise levels down; of course, that meant that they had to reduce the immediate intensity of their lovemaking but neither even thought of complaining as it served to prolong the experience.

And though it was Christmas Eve, both Rebecca and Kim felt that they had gotten the best Christmas gift ever: a return of the trust and deep love that they had had before.

E/N: Sorry for the delay with this chapter; it took longer than I was thinking to do it. I would've gone on further, but this seemed like a good place to stop it.

Looks like Bonnie is now friends with Kim and Rebecca. Rebecca ran into the Teagues again, and Kim got to meet them for the first time. Ron will be in The Crate for a 'short' while, and it seems like there's a 'something' between him and Will. And it looks like Rebecca and Kim have finally passed the last hurdle between them.

So what happens on Christmas Day? How will Samantha and Ellen spend their first Christmas together since the events in Go City all those years ago? What are Betty and Isabella going to do? And why is Hego in Middleton during Middleton High's spring break? Find out the answers in the next chapter of Red Flame, "Team Possible Rides Again."