Hulk versus Oni

Chapter 1: Steaming Off from a Tantrum

The Hulk was hopping off away from his friends within the Avengers and the X-Men after fuming another temper tantrum with his comrades. This time, however his friends decided to give him some room. Months past, and it had almost been nearly a year as the Hulk was heading off, this time the Hulk found himself in Siberia which was rather cold for the Hulk. However, there was someone else there, a certain Oni who was meditating.

"I sense a powerful presense" smiled the demon as he realized who it might be.

The Hulk soon found a cave where he decided to spend the night. Not knowing a few caves down was where Oni was located meditating and training. The Hulk slumped down for the night and began to sleep. However as dawn was going to break, he could hear some foot steps.

"Who's there trying to scare Hulk, Hulk demands presense!" roared the Hulk.

Suddenly the Hulk soon found some two glowing red eyes glaring at him within the darkness.

"Hulk demands demon show itself!" roared the Hulk.

"You got that right about the demon part, I've heard of your paths of destruction and I want to have a good fight" laughed Oni.

"No demon tries to go up and sneak up on Hulk" said the Hulk.

"Very well then, smash me" laughed Oni as he gave an evil grin.

Hulk charged at Oni who was able to flip the Hulk right into the air where he ended up crashed right against the mountain that sent a few boulders down crashing on top of the Hulk.

"Tsk, tsk, I thought you were a fine warrior" said Oni as he continued to mock the Hulk.

"Hulk no like boulders falling on Hulk!" roared the Hulk as he got up.

Hulk then grabbed a few of the boulders and began to toss it at Oni who ended up shooting fireballs at the boulders destroying each one of them. Yet Oni attacked Hulk again as he raced toward him and delivered several good punches and one good uppercut that sent the Hulk flying in the air.

"Oh my you were so tough, I thought I was reading from some funny pages about them" laughed Oni in a sarcastic manner.

Hulk crashed onto the ground, yet he managed to get back up.

"Hulk no likes being mocked as a comic!" roared the Hulk.

Hulk charges at Oni and delivers several good punches himself. He delivers one slug of an attack on Oni sending Oni flying toward another pile of boulders.

"Now that's more like it!" laughed Oni as he got up.

Oni charged and channeled his powers he then fired up a bunch of fireballs at the Hulk who was doing his best to dodge the oncoming attacks.

"Hulk no like light show!" roared the Hulk.

Hulk then charged at Oni and grabbed Oni's face where the Hulk promptly planted Oni's face into the dirt and did it a few times.

"Time to show what Hulk tries to do to newbies!" laughed Hulk as he continued to smash Oni's face in the dirt.

Oni spat out the dirt and delivered an uppercut to the Hulk that sent him flying in the air again. The Hulk crashed again, this time against some trees. The Hulk then thought of a plan as he took a few trees and began to toss them like spears at Oni who was able to destroy each one of them that was coming right at him.

"I knew you were an amateur, playing that stupid little game with me" laughed Oni, "I shall enjoy tearing you up."

Oni charged up his power while the Hulk delivered a loud roar that could be heard quite far off within Siberia, even far off to where some agents of SHIELD were busy in Asia trying to stop HYDRA there which spooked the HYDRA operatives who were fighting SHIELD in a shootout.

"Did you hear that?" asked one of the HYDRA soldiers who was pinned down to his comrade.

"Uh, sounds like a loud roar from somewhere" said the other HYDRA soldier.

Yet the fight would continue between Oni and the Hulk.