Chapter 4: Last Minute Coulson Special

Bruce found himself in the middle of nowhere in Siberia, not knowing where the Hulk had taken him on his own temper tantrum. For Oni, however he could feel the Hulk's power had dramatically decreased since the last fight.

"I sense the Hulk is merely a human" laughed Oni, "time to show him a thing or two about what real power can do."

Oni marched off in search of the Hulk, for poor Bruce he was alone trying to find his way out of Siberia. A few hours of walking he finally made it to a village.

"About time" said Bruce, "people!"

Bruce knew no one likely spoke English, but he ran toward the village hoping to receive any sort of help he could get. Yet as he was running a streak of lightning came knocking Bruce down toward the ground.

"So this is who really the mighty Hulk is?" asked Oni as he came toward Bruce lying down on the ground.

"Uh, who the heck are you?!" cried Bruce.

"You do not recognize who I am, the warrior you have been fighting?" asked Oni.

"Fighting, you?!" cried Bruce.

Oni shoved Bruce aside.

"I sense the monster is still within you" continued Oni, "maybe I should wake him up."

"No please don't!" cried Bruce.

Oni began to fire some fireballs toward Bruce who just simply ran off trying to dodge each one of them. One of the fireballs managed to knock Bruce down. Suddenly Bruce started to get angry and become quite green and began to morph into the Hulk.

"Yes, that's it!" laughed Oni.

"Hulk no like to be fired upon!" roared the Hulk as he changed fully into the Hulk.

"I'll give you something to motivate yourself" laughed Oni as he was aiming for the village.

Hulk ran toward the village in the hopes of blocking the large fireball, for the Hulk he had managed to succeed as he put himself in harm's way, the fireball knocked the Hulk down quite hard to the ground. The villagers noticed a monster being the Hulk at their doorstep and began to run from the village.

"Hulk save people!" cried the Hulk.

"You won't save yourself" laughed Oni.

Oni blasted the Hulk again, and again with his fireballs, it was just then that Agent Coulson was arriving on scene with a few other SHIELD agents heading toward the area.

"I get the sense the fight is near that village" said Agent Coulson, "lower the helicopter there."

Agent Coulson got out his own special weapon named after him being the Coulson Special, he could see a dark figure firing upon the Hulk not knowing who it might be really Akuma in his Oni form. The arch SHIELD agent carefully aimed his weapon and fired one shot, the shot made a direct hit toward Oni with such energy, Oni screamed in pain as he began to change back into Akuma.

"Who is the fool who has done this?!" cried Akuma as he realized he was no longer in his Oni form.

"So now you are weakling, you tried to make Hulk weak" laughed the Hulk.

The Hulk gave Akuma quite a pummeling and began to literally knock Akuma out cold which was the right time until Agent Coulson and the other SHIELD agents arrived.

"Whoa slow down there big fella" said Agent Coulson, "we're taking him in for questioning."

"Hulk tired of being out here" said the Hulk.

"Calmed yourself down after your temper tantrum, I think you're cooled down for now" continued Agent Coulson.

Hulk ended up going back onto the helicopter with Agent Coulson and the other SHIELD agents with Akuma being apprehended. For their fight was over for the time being.