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"You did what!" Cora said almost yelling surprised at her own tone.

"I just had to tell you. I can't live with this secret anymore, and I'm terribly sorry!" There was some kind of apology in Roberts voice. Cora just stared blankly at him still processing his words. "And I hope one day you will be able to forgive me, but I ensure you that I do not love her. That was just a moment, a brief second of weakness!" Robert continued.

"You cheated on me with the MAID!" Cora yelled this time, fighting back tears.

"I did not cheat on you!" Robert defend himself.

"And how do you call it if it's not cheating!" Cora felt tears streaming down her face. "And you did that while I was deadly sick! I wish I died right there so I do not have to listen this!" She put both of her hands on her face as she tries to cover her tears. She is somehow ashamed. She does not want him to see her weak, especially not now, but those words just broke her heart into pieces.

"Cora, do not say that! I really am sorry! I would never hurt you!" Robert said and take a few steps towards trying to comfort her.

"But you did!" She said avoiding his gaze.

"I love you." He said just above a whisper.

Those words just hurt her even more. "But you didn't remember that when you were kissing her?" She finally looked at him searching for an answer. She is trying to find it, but just couldn't. His crystal blue eyes do not tell her anything. "And what kind of love it is when you have to remember you love somebody, so don't say you love me because you don't!"

"Do not be silly, Cora! Of course I love you, but just look how hard this is for me. I could just remain silent and don't tell you anything, but instead I told you because I don't want secrets between us. And I had a little, just a little hope that you'd understand and not yell at me." Robert looked at his feet.

"How dare you! What should I say! Congratulations Robert, I hardly could wait for you to cheat on me. And don't pretend you're a victim here because you're not! You're a coward!" Cora hardly managed her words. She doesn't know what she's talking. She lost control over herself, but she doesn't regret a thing. "You should be ashamed of yourself!"

"Please, don't make this any harder! I know you're angry and of course, you have every right to be. I don't expect you to forgive me because I can't even forgive myself, but I just want you to understand that I do not love her. I never did and I never will. It was just a moment of weakness. I never had anything serious with her and I immediately told her to leave because I realized my mistake." Robert now told everything that was on his soul. He feels really bad about what he did.

"Just go out! I don't want to see you anymore! Go to your mistress!" Cora shouted loud. "And don't come here, you're not welcomed!" She opened the door waiting for him to leave. Robert knew she needs some space and time to think. There won't be any benefit of talking about this tonight, so he just went out leaving her behind. Hearing door loud hitting behind him, Robert started walking down the hall knowing he's sleeping in guest room this night.

Locking the door behind Cora climbed on her bed. She curled into a fetal position crying her heart out. She was drowning in her own thoughts. I thought I am a good wife? Perhaps it happened because I could not give him a son and that maid has one. Maybe I am a horrible kisser or lover? Was he even ever truly satisfied with me? Maybe he did that because he isn't happy with me! She is crying even harder now. Cora hugged his pillow inhaling his scent what made her sad and happy at the same time. She knows she is going to sleep alone tonight and maybe for the rest of her life. After all these years of marriage this may tear them apart and that thought really scares her, but she can't forgive him what he did, well not yet.

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