Chapter 4

"Please hold on please stay with me please dan please"

The paramedics bustled and moved, the floor was slippery as freezing water splashed around. Phil clutched Dan's hand, unable to let go of his friend. He kicked and fought as the paramedics prised him away, not thinking enough to realise that they were helping. He knew his face was wet, but couldn't tell if it was water from the bath or tears.

Phil found himself clutching his knees to his chest, rocking back and forth silently. Unstoppable tears streamed as he watched them carry his pale blue best friend away. Everything was blurry and out of focus as his brain attempted to process the situation.

A man was in front of him, talking, but the words were indecipherable as Phil heard the blood rush around his head. Phil looked down to see a hand on his knee and the concerned face of the paramedic talking to him. He was being helped up, a blanket around his shoulders and arms supporting his body as they moved him away from the bathroom and into the living room.

He sat on the sofa, silent and numb as they moved around the flat, watching as the ambulance lights flashed colours through the window.

He heard a bang and was snapped out of his daze, moving on autopilot to the sounds. The paramedics were in the hall, on the stairs, and Dan was…

The gurney was hard to maneuver down the narrow stairs and Phil watched as they tried to get Dan downstairs. Phil followed them as they moved and walked into the Ambulance, finding it strange to be at the source of the lights. Paramedics were talking to him again but Phil found that he couldn't prise his eyes away from Dan. They had covered him up in towels so he was decent, but his skin was wet and pale and so exposed. Phil's heart was breaking at the sight of his best friend, and he found himself clutching Dan's head again, and whispering, "please please please" like a mantra as they hurtled towards the hospital.