It was late by the time Cammie managed to get home. Her body a little tense from the rough flight home, followed by an hour long car ride where no one talked and the three hour debrief she had to give. The past twenty four hours had been long and she'd not had the chance to grab a shower or change her clothes. To her annoyance the CIA had grounded her or rather put her on desk work until the pending investigation was clear. Normally she would have been suspended, but she wanted to work so she could keep a close eye on the investigation personally. They did allow her forty eight hours to herself.

Closing the door slowly behind her she double locked it and then turned around. She scanned the darkened room looking at things she barely scarcely remembered using. She'd bought the apartment two years ago and had spent less than a year in it, four months away on this trip and coming home everything looked brand new. Cammie rested her body against the door and didn't even attempt at turning on the light. She welcomed the silence that the dark brought. A full moon gave a pool of light that spread across the centre of her living room.

Cammie finally found some reserve energy in her legs to cross her apartment and very awkwardly head to her iPod as she undressed. When she managed to reach her iPod she was already naked and standing on her toes to select one of her playlists, she hit shuffle and closed her eyes. Letting herself immerse in the music. Slowly her body started to sway to Take My Breath Away by Berlin. It might have just been the song, but her thoughts were soon filled with memories of long nights. Nights of sweet kisses, of warm hands, cool air filling her lungs, of heated passion and green eyes.

By the time the chorus came she had danced her way into her bedroom and collapsed onto her bed. There she lay until the song finished, her hair spilled out wildly, her legs dangling over the edge, her smooth back feeling the cool Egyptian cotton embrace her. There was a few seconds of silence that felt long enough for her to quickly jump into her shower. The song repeated to play while Cammie basked in the hot steamy water.

The song had played several times by the time she got out and dried herself off. Wrapping her white robe around her she skipped into the living room to turn off repeat, but a knock on the door stopped her. It was a specific knock so she knew it was one of her friends. Dodging her furniture she unlocked her door and opened it wide just as the song restarted and a tall figure with green eyes stood on the opposite side.

Immediately her body flushed with a different heat and she smiled warmly at him. Zach returned the smile and took slow steps towards her. Cammie backed off, matching his steps until he entered her apartment. When he shut the door she took two steps towards him and Cammie let him pull her robe open. His hands dipped inside and wrapped around her lower back, gently pulling her up to her toes as he leaned down to kiss her lips.

The chorus boomed out as they held each other close and their lips forever kissing. With the palms of her hands she pushed his leather jacket off, which fell to a heap at their feet. Her robe fell off her left shoulder and one of his hands caressed her neck and face. Keeping her eyes closed an explosion of the song filled her head and her memories were becoming a reality. He was here now. He was here for her.

Somewhere amongst her longing for this he had carried her back to her room and she found herself back on her bed. Finally opening her eyes she saw he was topless. His body exposed to the bright moonlight and she leaned up. Her arms and body gracefully slipping out of her robe. Her hands glided up his torso and wrapped around his neck, pulling him down towards her lips once again, only this time he diverted to her neck and shoulders. Gasping out she felt his weight press onto her bed and with a single arm he pulled her further up towards the comfort of her pillows. Her legs voluntarily spread for him to press in-between and his green eyes enlightened.

Soon she found their movements in sync with the rhythm of the song. The chorus played through the darkened moonlit apartment, out into the hallway, across the floor, down the empty staircase and throughout the building. It slowly faded away only to replay once again.

This was my first attempt at inputting a song with the story. It took me a LOT of rewrites to do and it was a request from zachgoodet. There is some M themes, but nothing weird. If you don't like it or it's too much M then I apologise. M writing is something I try very hard to avoid.