Ibuki laughed with glee as she walked out the door of the concert hall. Performing always caused her such complete and utter joy, and she always had a good laugh afterwards...

Taking one last sip of her water, she strutted towards her hotel a grin on her face. She had to leave early tomorrow morning to head back so she had to get to bed! As the doors came into sight she caught some movement out of the corner of her eye.

'Hmm? What's that?' She thought, scrunching her face in confusion. 'Might just be a kitty...buuuut what if it's not? What if it's something important or cool?'

Shrugging, she entered the aleyway to pick up some faint whimpering and scuffling. she turned a corner and gasped.

Laying in the alleyway was a tiny, TINY figure, bleeding out of multiple places and covered in bruises.

Her eyes widened and she let out a loud, long, overexagerrated gasp before rushing to his side and kneeling beside him.

"Oh my gosh!" She exclaimed worriedly. "What the heck happened to you?!"

The tiny figure lolled up his head to look at her, then he whimpered in fear and began to pull away, trying to escape.

"Hey kiddo come on, I won't hurt you." She said gently, wrapping her arms around the kid and lifting him up. The kid was struggling and trying to escape but he was obviouslt weak, not making any headway.

Ibuki frowned. This kid was in really bad shape.

"Heeeey...Come on, don't be afraid of Ibuki!" She said with a grin. "Smile, come on, you can do it!"

Harry Potter was confused, hurt and scared. Why was he being held? What was smile?

"S-Smile?" he wheezed pathetically.

Ibuki tilted her head. "Yeah! Smile! Like this!" She grinned widely. "See? It's easy! Now you try!" He tried, but he was SO exhausted. He enjoyed being held... but it wouldn't last. He knew that the strange woman would throw him in a sewer somewhere. Eventually he fell asleep in her arms. Ibuki frowned. "Huh...No smile? Ibuki gets it...You just need a little rest." She giggled. "I know! Ibuki'll take you to the hospital! They have beds there, and you can even get those owies checked!"

Ibuki frowned a bit at the ammount of injuries on his body. Where did they come from? She pulled her hoodie over her face and approached the hospital, trying to avoid being seen. 'If the people see Ibuki, they might want an autograph. And Ibuki really doesn't have time for autographs right now...'

Ibuki finally entered the Hospital, happy to see a lack of people in the waiting room. She marched up to the secretary and pulled her hood down.

"Hi there! This little cutie needs to be checked in. Oh, and don't you dare ask Ibuki for an autograph! Get the cutie fixed first!" Ibuki said sternly, pointing her index finger in the secretary's face.

The secretary stuttered. "I-I don't know who you are..." she said.

Ibuki laughed, "Oh ha ha! Sorry! But check him in now please!"

The secretary stared weirdly at Ibuki, trying to decipher how crazy she was. "...Right...One moment please..."

A few moments later she was playing with Harry's hair subconsciously while waiting for the doctor. He was really cute... his shaggy hair and his peaceful little face. And look at his hands! So tiny... Ibuki squealed as she was overcome with his adorablness. She hugged him close and kissed his head.

"You're like a little teddy, all cuddly and tiny and stuff...Oooh! Ibuki should keep you! You'll live with Ibuki, and Ibuki'll feed you and hug you and everything you want, Ibuki'll do!"

A throat clearing noise interrupted her monologue. She looked up to see a very tall female doctor with brown hair.

"Hello Doctor!" she said with her head turned sideways, eyes closed and a smile on her face.

"Yes hello Ms. Ibuki. I'm here to take a look at the child you found?"

"Oh, good!" She hopped to her feet. "Well, let's go then!" She walked forward.

"Um...Miss? Where are you going?" Ibuki frowned.

"Ibuki's gonna go in too. Duh!"

"I'm afraid you'll have to stay out here. The examination might be a while and we can't have anyone watching." the doctor informed her, taking the child in her own arms and carrying him inside.

"Goodbye my little Ibuki-Baby!" she called out as he disappeared. The Doctor raised an eyebrow and went in for the exam. Ibuki pouted as she crossed her arms and sat back in her seat. "No faaaaaair!" She whined. "Ibuki wants to make sure he's okay toooooo!"

An hour later Ibuki had fallen asleep in her seat and she felt someone tap her shoulder. She shot up and looked around, only to see the doctor with a tear stained face and a grim expression that worried Ibuki.

"What's wrong with the little one?" she asked.

"He...He...He shouldn't even be alive!" Ibuki was suddenly still as the grave, unsure of how to react to this news. "The injuries I've seen...They should have killed him! His bones were very nearly irrepairably damaged all throughout hos body, he was suffering the worst internal bleeding I had ever seen, his entire body was covered in all sorts of horrible injuries..."

Ibuki felt hot tears begin to pour out her eyes.

"Is the little one okay? Can Ibuki see him?" she asked quickly and the doctor replied,

"Yes but be VERY careful. He's fragile right now?" she said and Ibuki was gone and in the room in under ten seconds. She screeched to a halt next to the child's bed and stood over the little boy, leaning down to look directly at his face, her nose practically touching his.

"You're cute... but you're in pain. It's settled. Ibuki adopt you." she said, slipping into the bed and pulling the little mummy close.

Harry began to stir in the arms of Ibuki. For the first time in years he felt warm and safe...

Suddenly, his eyes opened and he found himself staring into the concerned face of the woman from earlier.

Harry began to whimper in fear. He wasn't supposed to be seen! Uncle Vernon was gonna hit him! He tried to struggle but found himself too exhausted. Ibuki sighed.

"Little one don't be scared! Ibuki wants to help you!" Harry stopped struggling, as it was causing him too much pain. His wounds were on the brink of reopening, and if he moved another muscle, they most likely would. All he could do was lay in the woman's grasp and allow her to do what she pleased to him...

Ibuki hugged him and cooed.

"There you go! Ibuki's name's Ibuki! Why were ya all by yourself like that? Where are your mom and dad?"

"my parents died... my aunt and uncle take care of me miss Ibuki..." he said

Ibuki frowned. "Sorry to hear that little one. Can you tell me your name?"

"I...I'm Harry...But...I also go by...freak...and Stupid...and Boy...and Ugly..."

Ibuki 's mouth dropped open in shock.

"Harry why would you say that? You make Ibuki sad." she said gently, pulling him into a hug.

"Because I-I am one right?" he asked, confused as to why she was grabbing him.

"Noooooo Hare-Bare you're not a freak... You're sweet and cute." she said and started rocking him back and forth.

Harry was stunned. Last he knew, he had been in an alley all alone in the cold night, bleeding. Now here he was, all patched up, being cradled like a baby in a strange woman's arms, the soothing motions of being moved back and forth calming all of his nerves.

"But Uncle Ver-" Harry put his mouth shut quickly and tried not to mention him.

"Who's that?"

"N-no one miss Ibuki..."

She giggled and nuzzled him. "You're SO cute. Ibuki take care of you from now on."

Harry looked at her, stunned. "What...? But...I...I don't understand...Why?"

"Ibuki see's that you're hurt. Ibuki want to make your pain go away like a blowing leaf." she said, clutching him tightly in an embrace

'I'll have to cancel the tour. Mama's little Musician needs all the attention ever!' she thought.

"But i deserve to be hurt..." he told her sincerely.

"No Harry. You don't." She tightened her hold on him. "What you DESERVE is to loved and cuddled!" She giggled and poked his nose. "Boooooop!" Harry felt his mouth curl into a funny shape. He began to giggle.

"See now you got the smiling!" Ibuki said, kissing his head. "C'mon, gimme another!" She urged, grinning ear to ear. Harry obediently did so. "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! You did it! You're so happy!" Harry actually enjoyed the strange woman's prsence. He found it comforting. Leaning into her chest he listened to her heartbeat and promptly fell asleep with a smile on his face. Ibuki giggled softly. "Awww..." She cooed. "Ibuki's gonna take SUPER good care of you from now on, Hare-Bear...Don't worry about a thing."

Ibuki vowed to, and she pulled him closer than ever and relaxed.

"Mama Ibuki..." she whispered to herself "I like the sound of that." then she fell asleep.

It was an adorable sight to behold, Harry cuddling up with his future mother as they slept...and Ibuki drooling all over the pillow did little to diminsh the cuteness.

But it didn't matter. Not even the Doctor wanted to wake them up. Except SOMEONE or... Thing, was coming to the hospital to get the boy. And oh was this confrontation not gonna go well.

"Damn freak's gonna get a good beating for this..." Vernon said, stumbling out of the bar near the alley he had put the freak for safekeeping.