Ibuki woke up the same way she always did: her eyes snapping open and with a huge, manic grin on her face. She was always eager to start a new day, and she was about to leap out of her hotel bed to start this one...until she remembered that she had company. She looked down at her chest to see her adoptive child snugly resting against her, breathing softly. She grinned lovingly at him before setting him off to the side and regu king him in, before leaving to go get ready. She put on her favourite outfit: black t-shirt with a skull on it, black skirt, and two mismatched thigh-highs. After she was dressed, she went to look over the sleeping boy in the bed. He was so peaceful...so innocent! She sat on the bed, pulling the boy's head onto her lap and looking down at his smiling face. She couldn't wait to tell him ALL about her career...Buuut...for now, she was content to just stroke the top of his little head as he nestled his cute little head closer onto her lap, clearly enjoying the care immensely. It was so sad that he had to be so attention starved...but as his Mama, she was happy to fill his apetite! She kissed his head and went back to stroking it. Her stomach grumbled, and she pouted. She wanted him to stay asleep so she could keep petting him...But she also wanted him to wake up because she was hungry! But she didn't have to wait long to make a choice, as he began to stir, his eyes fluttering open to meet her grinning face. "Hello Hare Bare!"

Harry was surprised for a moment, before remembering everything and smiling widely at his caretaker. "Miss Ibuki!"

Ibuki pouted and lifted him into her lap, rocking him back and forth. "I thought I was Mama..." she mumbled, colliding noses and coddling the tiny child.

Harry blinked, and he tilted his head. "Y-You are...? You're...m-momma?" He asked, confused.

"Of course Ibuki-Baby!" She exclaimed, nuzzling his face and kissing his forehead. Harry was astonished...

"M-Momma..." He said softly. He mouthed the word a few times before looking up at Ibuki and slowly grinning. "You're momma!"

"And you're my son. Now hug mama."

The two embraced happily for a while before letting go and happily looking at each other. "A-Are you sure you wanna be my momma?" Harry asked softly. "I mean...why do you wanna?"

"Because Harry, Ibuki thinks you're adorable, and sweet, not to mention you NEED love and affection." Ibuki told him.

"But...I...can't have it... I really don't deserve to have you for a mommy..." Harry said softly, resting his head on her chest despite himself.

Ibuki shook her head violently, her hair whipping around. She took Harry's Chin in her hand and tilted his head up towards him. He looked so crestfallen... "Hare-Bare...If anything I don't deserve you..." Ibuki told him.

Harry stared at her in shock. "B-But-" Ibuki put a finger to his mouth. "Don't insult yourself. I don't like it." She said gently. Harry nodded before giggling and diving back into her chest, extremely happy that she loved him... Ibuki smiled and kissed his head. It was one of the few times she spoke First Person...But she'd do it for him. Still, she wouldn't do it TOO often...After all, third-person speech was her thing. She DID have an image to uphold after all! She rocked the tiny baby back and forth a little more before realizing the time. "OH! Harry, Ibuki needs to explain something to you."

Harry looked up at her sleepily. "Hmm? Oh...Okay. Wh-What is it, Miss Ibuki?" He asked softly. Ibuki giggled.

"Weeeeell...What would you say if I told you I was a super famous singer?"

Harry's head tilted to the side in confusion. "Mama's a...singer?" he asked, not clear.

Ibuki giggled. "Yep! A really famous one, too. Mama's got a lot of fans, and she gets paid a lot of money." She poked the little boy's nose. "That means lots of toys for Hare Bear~!"

Harry blushed and looked down sheepishly. "I-I don't get toys...I already have one..." Harry said, gesturing to his little plush toy he got from the Fast Food place.

Ibuki pouted. "Aw, Hare Bear, that's nowhere CLOSE to enough!" She protested. "You need lots and lots and lots of toys to REALLY be happy, and that's what Ibuki's gonna give ya!"

Harry looked back up at her and blushed. "I-I just need you m-mama..." he said sheepishly, hiding his tiny face in his tiny hands.

Ibuki clutched at her chest. "Oooooh, your cuteness and sweetness is KILLING Ibuki!" She said dramatically. "Ibuki's got diabetes again!"

Harry then looked apologetic. "s-sorry mama...I didn't-"

"Hare-bare! It's just an expression." she said gently, lifting him out of bed.

She giggled. "Ibuki was just giving you your daily reminder that you're the cutest, sweetest little thing in the history of forever!"

Harry blushed again and covered his face with an "EEP!" As he wasn't used to the attention.

"Aww...okay Hare-Bear, in a little while we have to go back on the road!"

Harry looked at her. "H-Huh? Y-You live on the road?" He asked, confused and not understanding what she meant.

Ibuki giggled at his lack of understanding. "No no! Ibuki lives in a Tour Bus that carries Ibuki to where she needs to go to play music!" she said, slipping on one of her shirts over Harry's old clothes so he looked like he was wearing a dress.

"Hmm...Ibuki REALLY needs to take you clothes shopping."

Harry tilted his head. "Huh? But...I have clothes already..." He said softly. "I don't need new clothes...Is there something really wrong with what I have?"

Ibuki tsked and set him on the bed again, patting his head before resuming her packing. "Yessiree! You're wearing Rags buddy. Rags that still have LOT'S of...well...Grime. Ibuki thinks you need lot's of clothes-"

She turned to see Harry smelling the shirt she'd put on him and smiling contedly. "Your shirt is warm...smells g-good.." he told her sincerely.

Ibuki giggled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Awww, thank you, sweetie." She cooed softly. "And you'll have all kinds of warm, good smelling clothes of your own soon!"

Harry gave her a pouty look that made her melt. "But I like your shirt...It smells like you and that helps me calm down..." he said, wrapping himself up in it like a tiny baby.

Ibuki giggled. "Awww, well in that case Ibuki'll have to find a way to make your new clothes smell like her!" Harry let himself be lifted up by Ibuki, who grabbed her bags and slung the over her shoulder. She realized that carrying Harry with her bags was a bad idea, so she set him down, despite his pouty look. "Sorry Hare-Bare, but the bus arrives soon and I can't carry you both. You can sit in my lap when we're on the bus!" Ibuki, after a ride down the elevator, arrived to see a Lobby, sadly, FILLED with fans. "Awww..." She moaned. "Go awaaaaaay..." She didn't want the people scaring her baby Hare-Bear. Her wishes were denied however, and the Ibuki fanatics suddenly let out screams of excitement and rushed toward the elevator, causing Harry to whimper in fear and hide inside her leg. Ibuki groaned. "NOT NOW!" She roared over the crowd. "I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS, GO AWAY!"

The crowd flinched as security as cleared a path and a bellhop took her bags, giving Ibuki a chance to lift up the whimpering child and carry him to the tour bus waiting outside, and she stepped in, unaware of the GIANT ammount of pictures that were going to be released on the internet so soon... Still, she didn't care if the world knew she had a son now. It wasn't as if she were ashamed of him or anything. Oh but the amount of papparazi swarming her concerts and trying to get pictures of Harry as she was away on stage...Oh well... She turned her attention to calming Harry down. The little boy in her lap was hiding his face in her stomach, clutching tightly to her shirt as he whimpered softly in fear. "So many people...It was so loud..."

"Shh...Hare-Bare i'm so sorry...I forgot they would be there.." she said sincerely, rocking him back and forth as the bus pulled out of the lot and drove away.

Harry sniffled. "Are...Are they gonna be around a lot...?" He asked softly, nervous around the large crowds.

Ibuki pursed her lips. "Um...yes sadly...but I can have arrangements to have them not there?" she offered, causing the little one to nod his head over and over. "Okay, Ibuki'll try to keep the big bad fans away from you, Harry beary. That's a promise." She cooed, kissing the top of his tiny head. 'Course that's easier said than done...' She mentally added. And so, the two sat in silence for a while, Ibuki rocking the child back and forth for a long while before turning on the built in TV to the news. It was pretty standard fare...until the news anchors received a new story... "This just in from international Rockstar Ibuki, has she dopted a child in secret? Pictures in Britain this morning show her carrying a child into her tour bus after yelling at the crowd to be quiet."

Ibuki's eyes widened and her shoulders sagged. "Ibuki has the worst fanbase ever..." She moaned. "WORST. EVER."

"Eyewitness reports state that she found the child a few previous nights, and saved him from torment from an abusive caretaker. The question on most fan's mind is, How will this Affect her career?"

Ibuki pouted. "Ibuki's career's gonna be fine, you jerks! So I have to take care of Hare Bear, big deal!"

"Here are a few comments on what her fans believe."

The TV flashed to a couple of her more fanatic fans. "Uh no, I think that, given the circumstances she's gonna do great as a Mom! She's caring to her fans, so what's to say she can't deal with a little kid?"

"Yeah same here! Did you see how cute they looked together?"

Ibuki blushed. "Aww, Ibuki feels bad for what she said about her fans now..." She said softly. Harry hadn't been listening to his mother's comments, focused on listening to her soft heartbeat. Suddenly, in Tandem, their stomach's growled. Ibuki pouted. "Aww...We didn't have time to eat breakfast..." She whined. She turned to the front of the bus. "Bus Driver! Can we stop for breakfast?" He nodded, searching the road for a place, before spotting one and pulling into the back. "Hmmm..." Ibuki said thoughtfully. "Hare Bear...We need disguises so we can sneak in without getting the fans' attention." Harry tilted his head and Ibuki grinned. Thirty minutes later, Harry was wearing her girlier shirts as a dress, and one of her wigs so he was disguised as a girl. Ibuki had on her hoodie and sunglasses, her hair piled up into a bun to avoid suspicion. "There we go, don't we look great?" She said cheerfully. "Your own mama barely recognizes you, Hare Bear! You look SO different!"

"W-Why am I dressed as a g-girl...?"

Ibuki giggled, "because NOBODY will be able to recognise you now! And you look so cute!" She exclaimed, giving him a hug then leaving the bus. Harry grabbed her hand and allowed her to lead him to the place they would get food. After obtaining the food they retreated to the bus, where Ibuki found Harry blushing. "Aw, what's wrong, Ibuki-baby?" She asked.

"I...I don't really like dressing like a girl..." Harry admitted sheepishly.

Ibuki realized this was probably because of all the compliments he got it the restaurant over how cute he was, even though he was, well, crossdressing. Ibuki laughed, entering the bathroom. "Let's go ahead and get it all off huh?"

Harry nodded eagerly. "Yes please..." Ibuki giggled.

"Aw, Hare Bear, it's not BAD to crossdress!" She cooed.

"I-It isn't...?" Harry asked, still confused.

"No no no! Harry, i'd support you in ANY personal decision you ever make, ever. You could NEVER disappoint me or anger me." she said gently. "Well, unless you start going on killing sprees...But eeeeeey, what are the chances of THAT ever happening?" Ibuki said with a giggle.

Harry shuddered at the thought, then bit his lip. "Can...I-I keep the shirt on...?" he asked the older woman, who smiled and nodded.

"Aw, of course, cuddle bug." Ibuki cooed, kneeling down and rubbing her nose against his.

Harry laughed as Ibuki stopped and took off the wig carefully. Afterwards, Harry was turning around in a circle, looking at himself in the mirror while wearing the shirt. "It looks like a dress, but it's so warm and comfy..." Harry said softly.

"Like wearing it Hare-Bare?" she asked, amused.

Harry blushed and looked at her,"I...I like the color..."

Ibuki giggled. "Yeah, black's my favourite too. I also like pink, purple, green and blue..."

Harry blushed and looked down sheepishly. "Mama..? Can I try on the pink one?" he asked, sounding a little ashamed. Ibuki suddenly had her trunk popped open and a huge supply of shirts were in his path.

The young woman giggled. "Y'know what? Even if I am giving you new clothes, you can use Ibuki's clothes for jammies!" She said excitedly. Harry clapped happily as Ibuki took off her black one and slipped on one of her pink ones, causing Harry to become VERY happy indeed. "I think I like bright colours more than dark ones..." He admitted softly. Ibuki smiled and gave him a gentle squeeze, making him happy. "That's good! When we go clothes shopping we'll find you some pretty bright ones okay?" She looked thoughtful. "Let's see...Green, bright blue, yellow..."

Harry mad a noise and pointed to her Red shirt, though the shirt was so bright that is was practically hot pink. She giggled and slipped it over his head, making him smile. "So we're playing dress up now, are we?" She giggled. "You're so cute, Hare Bear." She poked his nose. "Ibuki could just eat you riiiiight up."

"No no! Don't eat me!" Harry yelled, running away childishly, though he had low stamina, and quickly tired, allowing Ibuki to sweep in and tickle him relentlesly.

"It's too late! Ibuki's GOTCHA!" She put her mouth against his belly. "OMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM! IBUKI'LL EAT YOU UP! NOMNOMNOMNOM!" Harry laughed wildly as she tickled him so wildly, that he thrashed and kicked before she finally stopped and Harry's face was red with embarrassment and exhaustion. He looked up at his mother with an adorable pout. "Aw...somebody's sleepy!" Ibuki said knowingly, causing a protest.

"No mama! Mm not tired..." He mumbled, stifling a yawn against her chest.

"Ooooh, yes you aaaare!~" Ibuki sang teasingly. "If you wanna stay up so bad, let's play a game to see if I'll let you...If you can get through one of Ibuki's lullabies without falling asleep, you can stay up!" Harry nodded sleepily and Ibuki carried him to the bed positioned at the back setting him in it. Harry could've passed out right there, the bed smelled so much like his mama... He looked up to see him mother with a large electric guitar. Ibuki gave him a smirk. She knew exactly how to make an electric guitar sound soothing and calming...She wasn't the ultimate musician for nothing, after all. She was absolutely sure this would work. Harry was worn out from playing, and in a bed that calmed him greatly, she had unfair advantages on her side! Harry looked at his mother, struggling to keep his eyes open, and then, the lullaby began... It was so...perfect...like cotton candy to the ears...he felt his eyes shut and not open, and he was out like a light. Ibuki stopped playing, and sighed in approval. Mission accomplished!