Ibuki was sitting in the front of the bus, practicing her guitar, when she decided to check on Harry. The cutie was still sleeping, curled up in the sheets. Giggling, Ibuki bent over and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. Then she happily walked back to the front and strummed her guitar. They were rapidly approaching their next concert.. And she was going to have her son watch her in her dressing room! So many people would scare him.

But...She REALLY wanted him to see it. So watching from a TV in the dressing room was the best they could do. She looked back to her bed and sighed. She SO didn't want to...But she would have to wake him soon. Again...his little sleeping face, and the fact he hadn't taken off her T-shirt, and how tightly he was tucked in...UGH! This was undoubtedly her toughest challenge. She was finding it difficult to even reach out to touch his shoulder! Steeling her resolve, she reached out and shook him. It pained her soul to see him start to stir. But then her heart melted as he yawned and rubbed his eyes with his tiny fists "Hmm? Mama...?" He spoke softly.

"Yes Hare-Bear! It's mama. C'mere baby, Mama has a surprise!" she cheered Harry smiled softly and reached up for her. She lifted him up under his armpits and skipped away to the front, the concert hall appearing in view. "This is where Mama Ibuki has her concerts!" She explained.

"It's pretty..." Harry said, looking at the large building

There were bright, colourful lights flashing from the roof, making Harry watch, entranced. "Mama I wanna go in the pretty building!" Harry said, excited.

Ibuki giggled. "Aw, you can TOTALLY come in with mama!"

"Yay!' Harry said happily, them pulling up to the back of the building, and stepping off. It was sundown, and the concert didn't happen for another two hours.

More than enough time to show Harry around the building. Though they had to make sure there was enough time for rehearsal and Make Up. Smiling cheerfully, she sashayed into the building. Security was walking all over, checking out the building. A few fans gasped as they saw her. They were extremely early... She stepped out into the auditorium, which was GIANT. "So this is where mama's gonna do her concert tonight!" She explained.

"It's so big!" Harry grinned

"Ibuki knows! And the bigger the better!"

She lead them back stage, through the equipment room and into the extravagant dressing room. "This is where you'll be watching Mama's concert!" She said with a grin.

"But...I can't see anything..." Harry replied.

"Well, whaddya think the big TV's for?" Ibuki said, gesturing to said item.

"I can watch you on TV?" Harry asked

"Yepper!" Ibuki picked up the remote and pressed the button, turning it on. "See? There's the stage!"

"Yay! I wanna see Mama play!" he cheered

Ibuki giggled and kissed his nose. "And you will! Let mama primp, then you can watch me play, mmkay?"

Harry nodded eagerly. "Okay, mama!"

Ibuki sauntered off, and Harry sat in a big comfy chair Ibuki snapped her fingers as she remembered he needed his supper. "Oh yeah! Harry, there's plenty of free food over in that mini fridge!"

Harry tilted his head. "It's...okay if I eat it...?"

"Of course it is!" She called back "Have some num-nums!"

Harry reached in and pulled out a yogurt packet Unsure, he unwrapped it and began to eat. It was...heavenly. Smiling, he continued to eat.

Meanwhile, Ibuki was having her make up artist perfect her make up She always hated this part of preparation. Sitting still sucked. But she wanted to look her best for her Harry! She was going to play as hard ass she could tonight! Then he'd see how awesome his mama was! Then he'd never want to leave ever! Ibuki let the corners of her mouth raise.

She loved him...a lot. He was polite, open to new things, liked her, was freaking adorable... She was proud to be his mama! As she finished with Make Up, her Agent, a man named John Flowers, entered the room. "Ah! Ibuki darling, there's something that the press wants you to do!" He said dramatically.

"What's that John?"

"Press conference!"

Ibuki's eyes widened. "What's the Press Conference about?" Ibuki asked.

"Well it's about your new little darling, darling!"

Ibuki smiled brightly. "Ooh, can he come too?!"

"To a press conference?" He asked, unclear

"Uh-huh!" Ibuki replied cheerfully.

"Isn't he just a shy little one?" He asked

"Yeah, but those are quiet. And I don't think he likes being away from me."

"Okay darling. It's tomorrow, tomorrow darling."

"Do you gotta say darling after every sentence?" Ibuki asked with a pout.

"It's just what I do darling!" He exclaimed

Ibuki rolled her eyes. "Ibuki thinks it's annoying."

"Yes yes, sorry darling..." He said, sauntering out

Ibuki facepalmed. "Ibuki, you have 10 minutes!" A worker called

"Ooh, almost showtime! Harry! Mama's going onstage soon!"

"Okay, mama!" Harry said happily with a wave.

Ibuki kissed his head, then walked off, grabbing her guitar and stepping towards the backstage area. "Wish mama luck, Ibuki-Baby!" She called back.

"Good luck mommy!" He grinned.

"Thanks, baby!" Ibuki called back with a wave. Harry then went back to eating. He now had a sandwhich, and was watching the screen intently He couldn't wait to see his mama on stage! He was rocking in his seat Then, the curtains were drawn... and Harry was met with a shrill beat of an Electric Guitar. He smiled widely. It sounded really really cool! After three minutes of playing, the song stopped. Harry had HUGE stars for eyes Mama was so good at playing her guitar! He watched with rapt attention, hardly blinking for the next HOUR. His mama's songs would NEVER leave his head! Finally his mother stopped, sweaty, exhausted, and waved to the crowd. "Good night everybody! I'm Ibuki, and I hoped you enjoyed the music!" And then she played one last solo. It was cheery, not as loud, and all around catchy! Harry loved it! And he was very excited to tell his mama how he felt! She left the stage, and Harry waited at the door to see his mama. Ten seconds later, the door slowly pushed open. Harry waited in anticipation...then Ibuki appeared! "Ibuki Baby~!" She sang. "Didja like mama's show? Huh? Didja?" Ibuki looked down to see Harry wrapped around her leg.

"Mama! Mama!" He cheered happily.

"Yay you did! Ibuki's so happy!" She grinned, picking him up and twirling him.

Harry giggled happily as she spun him. "Ibuki's so glad you liked it!" Giggling, she snatched him up. "Sooo, how awesome is mama?"

"Really awesome!" He cheered. "You're so cool with your guitar, mama!"

"Thank you baby!" She praised, sitting down. "Ibuki'll play it any time you want!"

"Now please?" Harry asked

Ibuki giggled. "How about when mama gets you back to the limo, huh?"

"Ok then!" Harry grinned. Ibuki packed up her stuff, handed them to workers, then went to leave

"Bye bye~!" She said cheerfully to her manager.

"Yes darling, see you tomorrow, bye darling." He waved. As they approached the back doors, the screaming of Fans filled their ears.

Ibuki flinched. "Awww, not noooow..."

"I-I'll be fine Mama..." He whispered

Ibuki smiled at him. "Aw, my baby's so brave." Harry blushed...then Ibuki walked out into the crowd. "Please don't swarm!" She requested loudly. They were still flashing pics and screaming.. Some people were cooing at how cute Harry was. Some were papparzzi. Either way it was terrifying Harry. Ibuki sighed and covered his ears. "Mama's here..." Harry wrapped his arms around her neck and hid. This was too much. "It's okay, baby, mama'll get you to the car..."

She picked up the pace, running now. 'Limo, limo, limo, limo, limo...' Was her mantra. She flung open the door and dove in when she arrived. "There. Mama got us to the limo, safe and sound." She cooed.

"T-They're so l-loud..." He whimpered

"Ibuki knows...But we're safe in here now, so it's okay."

"Can't they be quiet?" He asked again

Ibuki sighed. "Nope...They love mama too much..."

"Aww..." Harry pouted

Ibuki giggled and kissed his nose. Which brought his spirits back up, allowing for him to snuggle up happily "Awww, such a teddy-baby!" Ibuki cooed softly.

Harry blushed Crimson. "I'm not a baby..."

"You're Ibuki's baby!" She corrected, hugging him again "Mamas are allowed to call their little ones their baby, even if they're big boys."

"Am I a big boy?" He asked

"Yeppers!" Ibuki said, patting the child on the head. "The biggest boy!" Harry blushed. Ibuki set him in her lap, they stayed close to each other the entire way to the new hotel. Thankfully no one had followed... A good nights sleep sounded SO good.. Ibuki yawned loudly. "Ibuki's EXHAUSTED!" The limo stopped. The driver opened up their door and Ibuki rushed out.

"To the hotel...AWAY!" She exclaimed cheerfully.

She skipped in, then checked in, then stumbled her way over to the elevator. "Now we're gonna take a NIIIICE long sleepie, sound good?"

"Ok mommy..." he yawned, hiding in her hair.

Ibuki giggled softly and petted his head. She stepped out of the elevator, and moved down the hall to her room, which a swipe of the card unlocked. "Aaaaand, this is our room tonight, see cutie?"

"I wanna see...the bed.." He said, exhausted.

Ibuki smiled. "So does mama, actually..." So...they stumbled over to the large, memory foam bed, and flopped down, side by side. Ibuki had him pressed tightly against her bust. He eagerly snuggled into his adoptive mother, and she wrapped the heavy blanket around them Then, Ibuki began to sing, gently and softly, as opposed to her usual style. Harry shut his eyes, clutching at her clothes, then fell asleep himself. "Awww, cutie..." Ibuki cooed. Then she shut her eyes, effectively falling asleep. She dreamed happily of her little boy enjoying her performance.